Tera Hone Laga Hoon ( SwaSan & MaNan SS ) By Goldie & ZuZu Prologue

Hey guys Its Us #Goldie n #ZuZu frm “SwaSan ‘ The World Of Fan Fictions” Page on FB..We r Here too wid Our New SS on SwaSan bt wid MaNan too in da Story..This is really a very unique love story that u guys will Love.. Pls support us agn like u ppl did in recent stories like “Heaven In Midst of Hell” n “Vange Of Feelings”!! ..

So Nw Here is da Prologue of Our New SS “Tera Hona Laga Hoon”..Hope U will Like it too :).


~ Scene 1 ~

-“Duh !! Shit yaar I lost last Audition also.. I’ve came here to make my career and my destiny.. (Resting forehead in palm) my destiny back fired me again.. If it continue to be so.. Then I’ve to get back to Home ” said the gal almost looking tired yet hopeless..

She got up again pacing up n down in room… Biting on her nails.. Her long black slightly curled hairs flowed all the way back to her hips.. Her eyes tightly closed in tension.. Her lips having perfect shape.. And cute lil nose which was slightly pointed.. Her long fingers looked so delicate..

She stopped in her tracks when she felt a hand on her shoulder..

-“Chillaxxx darling its OK.. It happens with everyone.. This industry is not a easy going.. We should have patience… And I know one day u will be definitely get ur chance.. That too a big break.. ” said the person..

She eyes opened slowly.. Her eyelashes fluttered…way to her beautiful glassy hazel doe eyes.. She turned and looked at person.. -“But when Manik am tired now.. I don’t want my dreams to get shattered.. I can’t I’ve came here all my way from Chandigarh.. For my only dream from childhood.. ”

She turned her face other side.. And slowly caressed her forehead trying to realise tension…

Manik sighed.. And caught her shoulders.. -“Swara its Bollywood industry.. Industry with full of glamour,Name,Fame der are cores of ppls working in it do we see every one shine as a star.. (She looked at him) no na ?? This all success and Everything won’t come easily.. Isn’t it ?? (Swara listened to him.. Her shoulder slowly began to fall as her tension began to realise slowly) We have to wait.. Der are many strugglers struggling for this.. Our struggle will not go in vein we will definitely blossom one day.. It will be the fruit of our hardwork.. (Swara smiled a bit ) hard work and time both are necessary.. So relax.. ”

Swara smiled -“Thanks a lot Manik if u wouldn’t be with me.. For sure I would had lost my small hope also… U always charge me with full courage, and hope.. Thanks for always being on my side.. ”

Manik -“Wow great Swara now Thank me for this great Haan.. Go am not talking to u.. ” he turned other side..

Swara smiled and walked around him to face him.. -“OK ok no Thank u.. ” holding her ears.. With a cute pout !!

Manik smiled wide -“That’s like my gal.. No thank you’s for what I do for u.. It’s my duty.. Understand? ”

Swara chuckled -“OK boss ” saluting him.. They burst out laughing..

Their movement was disturbed by a phone call on Maink’s phone..

Manik -“Hello.. ”

He continued to talk while Swara went near window drinking coffee.. Getting the view of beautiful city.. Where life is so busy.. And time runs like a bullet train..

When she was breathing cool air of evening.. Which soothed her skin.. Her lips tilted upwards stretching in a full smile.. Making her more beautiful !!

Her peace by disturbed as she heard her name.. She turned…

Manik smiled to her and said -“Swara its a news for u.. I said one of my friend to inform me if there is any audition around city for a female character.. ”

Swara furrowed.. While he continued..

Manik -“And today der is big audition going on In Andheri for a female lead role.. Its a big film.. Dey are looking for total new cast.. Try it Swara.. If u get it den definitely no one can stop u from Turing ur dreams to a beautiful reality ”

Swara happiness had no bounds.. She ran and engulfed manik in bone crushing hug.. -“I dunno manik what to tell u.. Am so lucky to have you.. ”

Manik hugged her back.. -“No problem Swara.. Now der is no time for all this.. ”

He freed him from hug -“Go fast its minimum 1 hour from here.. U have to go in time.. Fast !! Its already evening traffic will be more.. ”

Swara ran exited in her Room

Manik (a lil loudly) -“I’ll whatsapp u the address ”

Swara closing the door behind -“okie ”

5 minutes later Swara came wearing a black tight jeans and navy blue colour short.. Her hairs tied in a ponytail.. She was a perfect a example of Beauty in simplicity !!

She hugged manik before leaving..

~ Scene 2 ~

-“What the hell is wrong with u guys.. Is that how I work ?? One whole day.. (Hit fist on the wall) 12 hours damn.. And none of them is near to good for role.. Is that u brought useless stuff for audition.. If its going to be like this.. Then how the project will start.. This whole day unfruitful.. ” shouts the guy looking at wall.. His muscles coiled in tension.. His big broad shoulders.. Which where highly muscular were trembling cz of Anger..

He Ran his hand trough his hairs in frustration..

-“Sir we.. We are.. So…” A girl began to say.. But she was quickly shut down by him..

-“I Hate that word… Don’t ever use that.. Ur work is to do what I say.. If u can’t then just leave.. No need to work under me ” roared the man Turing to her ..

His eyes were chocolate brown.. They were shining with Anger.. Molten lava.. He had a Amazing Physique.. His broad shoulder.. Hard toned masculine chest.. Though he was wearing a black Lenin shirt.. His abs were popping out.. Making the shirt tight..

The girl immediately bend her head down..

-“Trisha u are fired.. ” he growled.

The girl looked up seeing him with unshed tears In her eyes..

-“But Sir.. ” she began to say but immediately got cut off by him..

-“Don’t dare u.. Maheshwari Productions don’t need any useless stuff under them…. ” he continued in the same ferocious voice.. But soon his Attention went to the entrance door.. Where she saw something going on..

He leaving the sentence incomplete marched towards entrance.. He stopped a feet away from there..

He saw his security members stopping something to come inside.. Or someone !!

He tried to see But wasn’t able to..

-“Security.. ”

A security guard came in.. Running to him -“Yes Sir ”

-“What’s going on there.. Who’s that ?? ” he asked in a cold voice..

Security-“Sir A girl is asking just to give her a chance to talk to director she was late for audition she is Saying ”

-“Let her in.. ” said he..

Security guard -” But Sir.. ”

-“I said let her in.. Don’t u get my words ” shouted he..

Security guard trembled in fear cz of his ferocious voice..

He ran..

Security guard to girl -“Sir is calling u.. Go ”

But the girl stayed rooted to place.. Her eyes showing fear element in them.. As she listened him shouting on guard and other ppl..

He got angry -“Hey miss I said u come here.. (He ran his Hand in his hairs) all are dumb here.. ” he groaned !!

The girl gathered courage it was her childhood dream she don’t want to loose a single chance to get closer to the dream.. She took in a deep breath and started towards him..

He looked irritated as she came in.. He glanced up in her direction.. He was literally mesmerised by her beauty but other second his eyes were blazing with anger.

-“Who are u ?? Y are u creating a scene here ?? ” he literally roared at her.

She gulped in fear.. And took a back step.. Closing her eyes tightly.. She took a deep breath and her eyes fluttered open.. He keenly watched her each action.

-“Sir am Swa…Swara.. I.. I ha..have.. ” she stammered..before she could complete he bursted on her again..

-“I don’t have whole night to listen to u.. Speak up fast.. This is Maheshwari production house.. And Me.. I am the owner of this Sanskaar Maheshwari.. Don’t hell waste my time ” he roared clenching her shoulders.. Crowding her space..

She stared at him.., Her eyes widened by his sudden move.. The hairs on her back prickled up under his heating gaze.. Her innocent yet fearful eyes staring at his angry eyes.. Thier eyes engaging in an different lock..

He realised his position and let his hands flow to downwards.. His fingers trailed till her wrist.. She closed her eyes when a shivered went though her body..

She quickly snapped towards him when she felt her skin is in no more contact with his.. His eyes on her.. She gulped.

-“My Name is Swara Mehra.. Am here to give a Audition.. ” she said in one breath .. Her voice loud yet shaky..

-“Is this the Time.. U are 15 minutes late.. Auditions are already over.. I work with punctual person.. Not with late one’s..get out !!” shouted he..

Though swara was nervous by his behaviour.. It was it for her.. Till now no one behaved so rudely with her.. And this new person kept insulting her without even thinking..

-“U may be the Owner of this production.. The Sanskaar Maheshwari.. It doesn’t mean u can shout on everyone like this.. And make others fear by ur rude behaviour.. I know am late.. Cz of traffic jam.. And am sorry for that.. I came here to give Audition not for insulting my respect ” she shouted marching towards him.. Crowding his space.. There was a mere a Inch gap between them.. Her black intense eyes gazing in his brown.. Which held both shock and angry expressions..

All his ppl was shocked to see Swara.. A second ago she was trembling but now she was shouting on Sanskaar.. That person on whom no one can speak with a high tone !!

Swara moved back..

-“Keep ur guts with u.. It will help u.. (Turing to Trisha) Set up for her Audition.. (Turning to swara) I’ve never given a chance to anyone.. The guts u have.. I wanna see how perfect u are.. ” he said In a furious cold tone as a challenge..

Swara began to get a bit nervous..

-“Action ” shouted Sanskaar.. Without giving her a proper time to get her self together..

Swara was nervous and began to fear under his penetrating gaze !!

She acted on given scene by Sanskaar but due Nervousness she stammered in between once And her shivered..

“Cut ” he shouted Angrily.. His eyes on fire due to anger..

Swara flinched she herself knew she hasn’t perform well…

She was twisting her fingers looking down.. But his.. His gaze was fixed on her.. He didn’t like time waste and she.. She wasted his time.. He walked towards her..

When he was so close to her Swara glanced upwards with a bit glassy eyes due to tears !!

Characters Sketch :-

Sanskaar’s Maheshwari :- A Handsome n Dashing Hunk of Film Industry..Rules Bollywood as A Spontaneous Director n A Successful Producer..Full of Attitude n A Reserved Guy..

Swara Mehra : A Bubbly,Beautiful Charming Yet s Cute Girl..Loves Fun n Has One n Only Dream to Achieving A Success in Bollywood..

Manik Malhotra : A Dashing Cool Dude…Flirty Yet Frndly Guy..Struggling In Bollywood…

Other characters will b introduced as story proceed !!


So here is the prologue !!

What u guys think
What will Sanskaar do now as Her Audition all went wrong way??
Will she able to face him ??
Will She be selected.. Will her dreams get fulfilled ??
What’s gonna happen in story..is destiny again going to play its own game ??

Well guys here the prologue of our new story.. Ua comments will support us to write.. So please do comment about us.. We can assure u the entertainment.. Its the Love story of Two couples both are awsm #SwaSan n #MaNan tribute from us to both fandoms.. It’s going to be sweet love story with less updowns.. So shower ur comments so that we can proceed.


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