Tera Hone Laga Hoon ( SwaSan & MaNan SS ) By Goldie & ZuZu (Episode 1)


Part 01

Glance at start intro -“SwaNik (Swara n Manik) intro.. Swara a cute gal came all way from Chandigarh to become a Bollywood diva her only dream.. Manik her friend.. They share same apartment.. Swara giving Audition for Maheshwari production house.. She was late.. Its owner Mr Arrogant Sanskaar Maheshwari who is breathing handsome..n hot.. He shouts on Swara.. Swara gives Audition.. Somehow due to fear it went all wrong with her.. ”


**SwaNik Apartment**

He turned when he heard the door opening sound..

-“What happened Swara ?? Y are u so pale is everything fine ?? ” next movement he ran towards entrance..seeing Swara who was really sad.. She was still facing ground while he lifted her chin..

-“Manik.. I.. There.. ” she stammered..

Suddenly he engulfed her in a bone crushing hug…

-“did Any one said u something.. Tell me Swara I’ll not leave that person.. ” he said in anger..

Swara hugged him back but didn’t speak up any thing..

-“Shona please speak up something ” he pleaded..

Swara took her self off from hug and smiled..

While he stared at her bewilderedly.. -“Haha Manik look at Ur self.. How much panicked u are..”

She said laughing..

-“Will u tell me what’s the exact matter ?? ” he demanded with a fake glare which dint help him out..as she laughed more..

-“Haha wait lemme laugh first ” Saying this she laughed.. And he stood acting being Nonchalant..

She stopped herself and continued -“U know I was almost late for Audi”
-“What ?? Definitely Sanskaar Maheshwari would have scolded u.. ” he said..

-“Hmm Khadoos.. (She murmured) but wait a sec ” she said taking out a DMS

She opened the rapper and made manik eat -“DMS ?? Kis khushi me ”

-“Khushi ki baat toh h hi bhuddu.. U know what ?? Am selected (she shouted jumping) ”

Manik’s eyes widened -“Pr tune kaha u were late ?? Then how.. ”

Swara stops jumping and recalls what happened der..

Flash back :

**Maheshwari production set**

Sanskaar came near her.. Almost killing her with his glares.. She was looking down.. And suddenly looked up.. Her eyes glassy with tears..

Sanskaar looked in them and was lost for a minute.. -“Damn is she crying ” he thought..

-“First u came late and now u wasted my time.. Enough of u get out ” his voice sounding harsh..

Swara was pleading with eyes.. -“Pls give me one more chance pls.. I know I was late.. But because u are so harsh and rude am getting nervous..”

Sanskaar gave her an unbelievable look -“What ?? Are u blaming me for Ur bad performance ?? ”

She suddenly licked her dry lips.. Still staring in his eyes.. His eyes followed her action.. But suddenly he jerked..

-“Am not blaming.. Am just saying am nervous so it became Like that pls give me one more chance.. If I fail u can give me any punishment u want.. ” Swara said in one breath..

Sanskaar was dazed by her answer.. The last line was so childish..

She was looking at him with hope.. While he was a man no hope.. He never gave anyone a second chance.. He thinks first impression is last there is no way to other.. Poor Swara begging for a chance which he had never given anyone not least in work..

-“Ok.. ” he said softly.. His own voice sounding foreign to his own ears.. While his team members stared at him with wide eyes.. Cz never he gave a chance to anyone..

-“A last chance.. And if lose it.. Then get Ur ass out of here.. ” his next words were harsh..

Swara trembled but gathered courage.. -“Focus Swara focus.. Now or never.. ” she mumbled under her breath to boost herself.. Which was heard by him..

-“What a childish gal ” he thought and smiled at the foreign feeling.. But next second he masked it with another glare.. Who were still staring him..

He very well understood.. Y are they staring like Monkees.. But they looked down when he sent them a fierce bossy glare !!

He kept his expressions soft while looking at Swara so that she won’t fear from him and give her best.. He himself got confused.. -“Y the hell am doing all this ” he scolded himself..

Swara got relief and started to act on plot given by him..

She without any fear.. Did every bit of it perfectly.. She was enjoying doing it.. And y won’t she its her only dream..

Her act completed.. She looked at Sanskaar tensely.. He came forward.. And with same cold voice he said -“U are selected..”

The movement she listened it she slightly jumped in excitement and without thinking she hugged him.. -“Thank u.. Thank u so much for selecting me.. ” she said enthusiastically jumping while hugging him..

His eyes widened in amazement.. All looked Swara.. Like she did a crime.. Well it wasn’t less than a crime to hug such a arrogant rude guy…

She saw thier faces and realised what she did.. He was about to hug her back.. Taking her hands to her waist.. But before he could she pulled away ..and mumbled a quick sorry..

He swiftly turned to Trisha -“Take her details.. Explain her.. ”

Turing to swara -“Don’t be late from tomorrow ” he said and walked to other side talking on a phone..

Swara was smiling happily..

Trisha called her.. She went to her.. Trisha being a good at heart girl smiled and congratulated her..

-“Congratulations.. ” she wished

-“Thank u ” she said smilingly..

-“Well u know u are really lucky.. ” she admitted

-“sorry dint get u ?? ” Swara asked confused !!

-” Sanskaar sir.. He never gives a second chance to anyone.. But for u he gave.. U are really lucky.. ” she smiled..

Swara replied Nothing but felt happy and looked at his side.. He was still talking.. Umm no barking someone on phone..

-“Moreover u hugged sir.. Omg.. I was so afraid that what will he do… ” she said in a slow tone..

Swara felt embarrassed for her own action.. No doubt he was egoistic yet Arrogant.. But a hot Arrogant :p

Trisha -“Well tell Ur bio.. Ur name where u live ?? ”

Swara -“Swara Mehra.. 23 years.. Basically am from Chandigarh.. For acting I came here my childhood dream.. I live alone here.. ” she said everything happily..

Trisha -“Come tomorrow on time.. ”
Swara nodded and left place glancing his back one last time..

When he was done.. He looked back but she was nowhere to be found !!

Flash back ends !!

**SwaNik Apartment**

Her chain of thoughts got disturbed by manik’s voice.. The reality hit her..

-“Bol na.. How I got this ” Manik questioned again eating the DMS..

Swara -“I asked for a chance.. I did what I was asked for and.. He selected me.. ”

-“That’s cool.. Lead role that to in Sanskaar Maheshwari’s film.. Congrats ” Manik said offering her slik..

She took a bite sitting beside him on couch.. -“Well sab Teri wajah se possible hua..” She smiled..

-“So now give me a treat.. Only DMS won’t work.. ” he said teasingly..

-“As u say Jahapanah ” they laughed..

They kept talking..

-“Let’s eat puchka (Pani puri) what’s say ?? ” Manik suggested !!

-“U stole my words ” she grinned..

-“Full on spicy.. And yes we will keep competition.. ” he announced excitedly..

-“Yup.. Will see who will win this time.. ” Swara smiled..

-“Like last time Of course me The Manik Malhotra ” he said proudly pulling the collar up..

-“Haha Very funny (she mocked) not this time ” Swara said..

-“Will see ” he said..

-“Definitely will see ” she replied..

-“Than what’s the wait for let’s go..” He said getting up from couch and pulling her..

She got up -“Lemme change Manik.. ” she said..

-“Ok OK don’t take much time.. I’ll be waiting ” he stated..

-“Just give me 5 ” she said running into her room..

||After 5 Minutes||

-“How’s me looking ” he turned at the voice came from behind..

His mouth falled open seeing her in a Royal blue off shoulder frock which came till her knees.. He snapped shut it.. Murmuring -“Beautiful ”

She muttered a quick ‘Thank you’

-“We are not going to page 3 party.. ” Manik said teasingly..

-“Haha very funny.. I felt to wear so I did.. Now let’s go yaar ” she dragged him out holding his hand..

Whole way they were chatting.. They finally reached on Manik’s bike..

**Puchka stall**

-“Uncle pls we want full spicy.. ” she said to d owner of stall which was on road side. Winking at Manik..

-“Jeetunga to me hi ” Manik said in full confidence..

The man gave them plates and they started eating fastly.. First plate Both munched it.. Loosing in its mouth watering taste..

**Maheshwari production Set**

-“Driver ” called Sanskaar…

driver came in -“Yes sir ”

-“Take out the car.. We need bro drive to Home its quite late ” he ordered..

Driver nodded and left..

Sanskaar checking his cell Sat in back seat..

He dialed a number..

-“Hello ” the voice came from opposite end.

-“Hello Dadi.. How are u ?? ” asked Sanskaar in a soft voice..

-“Am fine son how are u ?? ” the voice sounded so happy..

-“Like always Dadi fine… ” Sanskaar answered..

-“When will u come to see me.. All time engaged in those works ” scolded his grandmother with a complain..

-“Aah u know na.. It’s very difficult to Handle single handedly.. Will see u soon.. BTW did u had Ur dinner ” he diverted the topic..

-“Haa beta I did.. Did u ?? ” she asked with care..

-“Just going home only.. )Before he could continue) Dadi I’ll talk u later.. ” he ended the call..

-“Stop the car. ” he ordered..

The car stopped.. His eyes were gazing at something unflinchingly.. Something or someone..

He saw Swara eating puchka happily.. Not alone but with a guy… She was smiling jumping and feeding him… And guy was touching her shoulders.. As the dress was off shoulders. His hands made direct contact with her shoulder..

-“Shona eat.. Take this. ” he made her eat.. And she ate happily holding his hand..

A certain rage of foreign Feelings coursed through his heart..

-“What is she doing at this time here..?? ”
-“who is the guy with him. ?? ” as I know she lives alone in here !!
-“Y is she so much free with him..?”
The silent questions.. Clouded his mind.. He felt slightly uncomfortable with the view which was in front of his eyes..

The rage increased a bit when Swara pulled Manik’s cheeks..

They were enjoying eating puchka.. Long back they forgot they kept a competition.. And were enjoying eating with each others company.. Unaware of a pair of eyes watching them and getting fumed !!

Sanskaar looked like for few minutes.. Different different questions were asked to him by himself… Who’s answers he couldn’t tackle…

SwaNik were enjoying..

Manik -“Abb chale ?? ”

Swara -“Ha Calo.. ” she said tugging her hand to his.

Both sat on bike.. Swara hold him by waist as it was thier daily routine.. And they drove off !!

He felt his muscles getting tensed and tight at back.. He rubbed his forehead to realise anger !!

Suddenly he jerked.. And his face turned hard again -“Move on ” he demanded the driver..

Whole way he maintained silence in car but he heart wasn’t near to it !!

**SwaNik Apartment**

SwaNik reached home..

Swara -“My stomach is full.. Am going to sleep.. I’ve to go early tomorrow.. ” she yawned !

Manik smiled -“Good night.. ” he said giving her a side hug..

She went in her room.. After changing.. She snuggled deeper in comforter.. She recalled incidents again.. At thought of Sanskaar she sighed.. Sleep took over his mind and body next minute.. And she transformed to the world of dreams..!!

Manik slept happily..

**At Maheshwari Villa**

While Sanskaar reached at home..

-“So finally u are here.. ” listening he turned hastily… And next second she was engulfed in a hug..
A smile lit up on his friend -“You here ” he asked..

He took himself off hug -“Hmm.. Tomorrow I’ve a shoot so I came ” .

-“But Nandni Ur trip was supposed to be more na ? ” he asked walking with her in villa !!

-“Ya but I’ve here for shoot ” she said..

He didn’t replied..

-“aren’t u happy sanky seeing me here ?? ” nandini asked !!

-“Umm naah.. Y won’t I be ?? Am happy ” he smiled at her..

She glanced him again -“U look different today… Very different ” she said.

-“What different ” he asked !

-“You look lost.. Lost somewhere.. ” she said…

-“Where?? ” he furrowed..

Nandini smiled teasingly -“Somewhere or in someone ” she winked at him..
.-“What rubbish ” he said..

-“No its not just look urself.. U are so different today.. Neither u are that happy seeing me.. ” he complained !!

He hugged her -“Its not so nandini am happy.. ”

They shared a good time together.. Nandini left..

Sanskaar went to his room.. Taking his sweat pants he went to washroom.. He removed his jacket suit.. And then shirt.. Glancing in mirror at his perfect body.. While he noticed something different near his neck…

His gazed turned scrutinising in mirror.. He slowly touched.. It was mark of lips.. A pink glossy lip balm.. He kept staring it… It was his reflection in mirror but his eyes were displaying something else..

He remember how Swara hugged him when he selected her.. And definitely it was her lips mark which by mistake left der..

His lips tilted upwards touching it.. He sighed and took shower.. While staring the lips mark..

He walked off bathroom wearing sweatpants and slept in his soft cosy bed..

Precap -“Love Is in the Air :p ”

******To Be Continued******

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