Tera Hone Laga Hoon – Part 4 by ZuZu n Goldie


Recap of part #3 -” Swara Chats with Manik.. which is watched out by Sanskaar via his personal screen in his van.. Sanskaar gets a call and he gets angry.. Manik ask Swara to Thank Sanskaar.. Nandini spitting coffee on Manik cz she was getting jealous as others. Were admiring him specially girls.. Swara turn up to Sanskaar to thank him.. Where as he gets angry on her and hurts her with no reason. Swara runs from der to her van and cries her heart out.. MaNan shooting. Where they hug each other.. They were acting but thier Feelings somewhere turn out to be true.. Sahil the Womaniser casted opposite to Swara.. Swara dunno about him anything personally.. To take a chance he tries to close to her… But Sanskaar stops the scene shooting.. Swara roaming in studio while Sanskaar goes back to her.. And they were so near a inch apart !! ”


**Maheshwari Production House**

The breathing was the only sound.. They were so close.. His palms tightened the grip (hold) on her waist.. Resulting in Swara sucking a surprised breath.. Her hands Feeling his strong body.. She clutched his blazer..

Sanskaar was lost in her innocent yet beautiful eyes.. Her soft lips he was so close to it.. Just a half inch gap.. Her lips shivered when he slowly blew on lips.. His eyes were open still admiring her.. She was like a fright baby.. But more surprising to him was she wasn’t pushing him.. Instead she was holding him..

One thing he got cleared about was he has effect on her.. And even she knew it.. Though he was a rude, Arrogant Hitler but he owed control over her.. Her body was never hers when he was around.. It Automatically acted to his touch giving herself inn.. His one touch or closeness made her forget everything.. About him and her own too !!

Though it was strange but, True. She hated to admit That he hold authority on her like no one else this.. She wasn’t able to jerk him once. Though he ill treated her.. His touch was soothing to her.. Though it was not a sensuous.. one..

An known happy smile formed its way on his lips.. Which was unnoticed by her because her eyes were closed.. His gaze slowly made its own way from her eyes.. To her beautiful nose which was now a light shade of pink.. And finally his eyes found their destiny to her lips.. He slowly closed his eyes.. Moving further..pulling her closer by waist.. Their bodies were plastered as one.. A shiver ran down her body giving Infinite butterflies in stomach.. This feeling was unknown for her.. But she felt it Amazing..

His touch gave her this feeling which no one else could.. And she was loving this feeling.. Her knees getting week.. Making her go limp in his arms.. He loved the way she gave him the Authority..

His lips slightly brushed near her lips in a small peck bit not on her lips.. He made sure he didn’t kiss her..’Not Without her permission’ He said to himself, somewhere he had a wish to kiss her with her Permission..

The contact of his lips on her skin made her trembled in his hold.. Which made her body brush against his.. Arousing the foreign feeling in both of them.. Her eyes snap opened to meet his.. When she felt him his body moving a bit away from hers..

She looked confused.. His arms slowly undoing Thier hold on her waist.. But she was still holding him.. Looking in his eyes with her drowsy eyes..

He felt her bit sinking while he was unwrapping his arms from her wait.. He understood she is feeling uneasy to stand on her own anymore.. He immediately cocooned her in his arms.. Taking her in his embrace to support her.. Not letting her fall down..

She knew her condition and gave in.. She hugged him tightly burying her pretty face in his manly chest.. Her hands travelling long from his wait to back to hold him.. She closed her eyes as she felt happy and strangely safe in his arms.. A sigh of relief escaped from her mouth.. When she completely gave in to him.. Her body going limp in his safe steel strong arms..

When she finished adjusting herself In his embrace.. He held her firmly.. Closing his eyes he too felt the movement.. Swara’s Mind was trying to wake Swara from this foreign happiness.. But her heart was not ready to leave her newly found safest place.. Which made it beat hard.. Do happy dance..

Both were holding each other making a unspoken promise to not leave each other..

Slow BG just of one Line
? Key Darskaast Hai ye,
Jo aayi Raat Hai yeh.
TU meri Baahon me,
Duniya bhulaa dey.
Jo abb lamhaat Hai yeh
Bade hi khaas Hai Yeh
Tu meri baahon mein
Duniya bhula dey ?

Where as someone was getting jealous and fuming in pure jealousy.. -“She the Bit*h.. When I held her hand she was trying to escape and for that SK cut the shot in middle.. But here she isn’t a bit uncomfortable with SK kissing her.. ” his face turning to dark shade of red.. His veins budging out in his hand as his palms clenched in fists.. The anger running through his Nerves with blood.. He was angry Damn angry.. No girl till now refused his lusty touch.. But this new one did.. But in return she was welcoming Sanskaar’s touch.. And this was indigestible to him.. ‘sahil sen Gupta’ the famous hero who was a devil in bed.. No female dared to reject him and this Lil girl who joined today owned guts to do so made arouse the devil in him !!

-“There is something btwn them.. But no.. ” he smiled evilly chuckling under his breath and continued -” No No am gonna have her.. No Matter what relationship SK holds with her.. ” grinding his teeths -“Only one time but I will have her.. Its going to be fun ” he furrowed an eye brow with a smirk..

**Mittal Studios**

They gave a perfect shot.. While nandini was happy with no reason..

He glanced at her to look her smiling at him widely.. He thought she is Just a Egoistic girl.. ‘May b another plan she is plotting.. Be cautious’ he said to himself !!

Where as nandini was totally lost.. She forgot her revenge and everything.. Who knew that a star model nandini Murthy love interest come like this in her life in an unexpected way n unexpected man.. With she indulged in fight at very first !!

Unaware of her feeling she was happy n smiling.. She didn’t even realised that She have lost the most important game.. The Game of Hearts.. Called ‘Love’ .

But poor girl unaware of her own Feelings.. Some of the other strugglers who came to give Audition came to him.. Thier eyes shining.. Seeing Manik.. He was a perfect definition for H3 [Hot Handsome Hunk] any girl would love to be on his side.. And there were few honeybees trying their luck making someone fume in unknown fury..

-“Hii what’s ur Name” asked the blond.. He smiled -“Manik Malhotra “.. ” Awsm Haan ” said the girl -“Myself Nina Shergil” she continued while forwarding her hand for a handshake.. Manik smiled and shook the hand.. The girl held his hand more than necessary..

They were talking and Nandini was watching them keenly.. She just felt a urge to take the hand of girl and twist it in such a way that she forgets how to shake hand.. The jealousy which she named as anger were clearly reflected in her eyes and on her cute lil face.. Which was red by now..

She was drinking her daily energy drink.. She went towards them acting as she is just passing from there.. She intentionally threw it on her.. In process she tripped and was about to fall when Manik rescued her.. Not letting her fall down.. She looked in his eyes forgetting the world around.. He made her stand straight..

Where as she looked her sideway to find Nina glaring at her with blood shot eyes..as her dress was spoiled due to drink spilled on it.. But her glaring had no effect on her.. Instead she was smiling.. And smirked at her..

While Manik was staring at nandini.. Her gaze travelled to him who was slowly tugging her strand back of her ear..

-“What the hell” Nina roared..breaking their eyes lock.. Manik looked at Nina and shot a glare to her -“It was by mistake..” He said taking her side.. Nandini smiled wide as he took her side..

Nina fumed In anger seeing her.. While Manik didn’t care a bit for Nina instead he asked Nandini -“Are you OK ?? ” cupping her one cheek affectionately in a caring way.. She smiled and nodded.. He smiled.. Nina left from der stomping her feats on floor..

**Maheshwari Production House**

SwaSan were still lost in each others arms… For a long 20 minutes. Both were unaware of time.. They still weren’t ready to leave each other.. But suddenly his Phone beeped loud.. Throwing them to reality where time existed.?

She opened her eyes.. Still her face buried in his chest and realised that she was hugging him.. Her eyes getting wider when realisation hit her.. ‘Omg am I hugging monster.. ? now am gone again’ But next movement she remembered he was the one who hugged her.. And fear got replaced by embarrassment.. She slowly realised her hold and slowly tried to step back out of his body.. But his hold was tight that she bounced again on him.. Seemed like he wasn’t ready to leave her..

She didn’t said anything but just stayed der as his grip became a bruising one.. Pressing her in him.. Holding still..she moved a bit..but he held her to his chest and she stood as he wanted not even moving an inch.. After a few seconds he slowly unwrapped his arms and stood to stand straight..

His eyes containing an element of embarrassment.. Like hers..!! But later he smiled and Swara was just staring his beautiful smile.. Which was the rarest one.. Leaving her in only option to smile back.. Thier eyes gazing each other ‘Black to Brown’

He was totally different that movement.. ‘No one can say how strict man he is’ she is thought..she was looking her thinking deeply..

-“The reason for this was that Sahil was here..” She came back finally from her chain of thoughts when he finally spoke breaking the silence which prevailed more than necessary.. !!

‘He was saving me from him.. He is so caring’ her heart did a Summersault at the thought.. The monster was protecting her.. The fear in her towards him reduced a bit.. She bit her lips.. His gaze transfixed on her movements..

-“Thank u a lot.. I….” She shut her mouth when she remembered the van incident.. “vo..I..I..am ” she was interrupted -“Its OK ” he said his voice shockingly normal to her..

It was the movement when her phone rang stopping the mere normal conversation btwn them.. He wanted the movement but her phone interrupted..

Seeing her phone a bright smile appeared on her cute face.. She happily answered the call..

-“Ha Manik ” his all attention snapped towards her with a mere mention of name ‘Manik’

-“Shonu are u done ?? Am coming to pick u up.?? ” he asked..

-“Ya its done.. I’ll be waiting for you” she said excitedly glancing at her wrist watch..

Where as Sanskaar was Looking at her.. He wanted desperate to know who is Manik n y the hell she is so close to him that a mere call from him makes her smile wide, unknown of y he was thinking and desperate for it..

They disconnected the call..

Sanskaar not leaving a chance asked immediately -“Emm It’s quite late shall I drop u ?? ” with a hope that she says who is Manik to her.. He knew he was going to pick her from my their conversation.

-“No Thank you sir.. Someone is coming to pick me 🙂 ” she said smilingly.. Not mentioning the word ‘Friend’ or ‘Boyfriend’ !!

He thought to be quite -“OK Good night” he wished her..

-“Good Night” she smiled and marched out from der.. While he stood der Looking at her retreating form !!

But next movement he too marched from there thinking something in mind.. Swara was packing her stuff happily to leave.. And Sanskaar said to his PA to manage left off work he is leaving !!

**Mittal Studio**

-“Sir may I leave now ?? ” Manik asked.. While nandini was following his each and every move..

She listened him talking to phone with Swara ‘Who is this Shonu ? is she is GF.. He was talking so sweetly.. Definitely I’ll find her out’ she thought…

-“Ya its over.. Tomorrow at same time ” director said.. He smiled nodded to leave..

While nandini followed him silently.. He took his bike humming some melody.. And drove off.. While she followed him with her car..

**Maheshwari Production House**

Swara was finally out of studio waiting for Manik.. Unaware about someone following her keeping eye on her.. There was he ‘Sanskaar’ who was sitting in his car… Staring her.. Her hairs flowing with the blow of air.. Making her look like an Angel..

It was then when Manik came.. And Swara ran towards his bike.. He widened his arms to hug her and she did hug him..

-“Hii Manik..” She said excitedly.. Smiling broadly..

-“So ready for The ride and treat ” he asked..

They parted..-“Always ” she said.. Claiming on his back seat..

Nandini also saw them together and fumed, while Sanskaar kept himself in control as he wanted to find about their relationship.. So he just followed them in his car..he already sent his driver out so that he can go alone.. A famous successful producer.. And most happening bachelor of city was following a new girl which he casted in his new film just to find what relationship she had the guy named Manik..

While Nandini too followed then.. SwaNik were totally unaware of it lost in their own world.. And enjoying bike ride..

They finally stopped in front if a ice cream parlour.. Making Sanskaar and Nandini also stop there..

They went in.. ‘Now I’ve to go in.. Uff Sanskaar Maheshwari what are u doing.. ‘ he thought but jumped out of driving seat..

Nandini too came down SwaNik were already inn..

Sanskaar and Nandini both reached To the entrance.. And were shocked to each other..

-“U here ” both asked together..

-“Vo am here.. Here to eat ice cream.. ” Sanskaar said making a story..

-“me too ” she too lied..

-“OK sath khate h..”they Said unwillingly.. As they both wanna keep eye on SwaNik.. They went inside and both grabbed table at opposite side of SwaNik..

They sat but thier whole attention was manik n Swara.. They were laughing eating.. And making SaNan (Sanskaar n Nandini) Jealous..

Nandini once glanced at Sanskaar and saw him staring Swara… She understood that y he was angry.. While she was unaware of her own Feelings..

When Sanskaar placed a quick order he glanced Nandini who was staring at SwaNik.. Being her frnd he understood her Feelings.. They were listening SwaNik’s chatting..

-“You know This Sanskaar Maheshwari is such a monster ” Swara said to Manik.. -“He Always scolds me without any reason.. Dunno y he is always like this so sadu plus akdu..” She continued making manik laugh seeing her expressions..

Sanskaar listened what all she said about him ? Nandini was controlling her laugh with great difficulty when swara said him Monster, sadu, & Akdu.. Sanskaar hit her leg and glared.. Nandini tired to control herself..

But this words mention made Sanskaar realise that he really hurt her without any mistake.. And that’s the reason she was fearing from him.. But very next word made him smile wider..

-“But he is really very understanding.. He saved me today that too two times.. Without my saying he understood that I was uncomfortable with Sahil.. ” she admitted.. Her face glowing with a smile..

-“Achaaa” Manik said in a teasing tone..”Sweet n all Haan ” he winked.. While Swara hit him playfully… -“Tu b na Manik.. V se tell me about nakchadi u met today.. What’s her name.. ” Swara asked..

-“Hmm Ya Nandini Murthy.. ” he said.. Nandini got angry as swara said her nakchadi.. And this was Sanskaar’s time to laugh.. And he didn’t miss it.. Nandini sent him her most fierce glare.. But of no use..

-“But she is not that bad.. Haa ego h bandi me.. But she is quite cute.. ” Manik said smilingly.. Swara winked.. “cuteee.. ” when Manik tired to glare to her she changed -“Mujsy b jyada.. ” she made a pouty face.. -“No No darling tuj se jyada koi nahi.. ” he said pulling Swara’s cheeks..

Here SaNan were jealous again..

SwaNik paid the bill and left.. While SaNan still followed them to know about thier accommodation..

And to thier shock when they stopped behind thier bike.. They were walking to same Apartment parking area.. -“Kl Tu jldi uth Jana I’ll not wake u up all time” Swara said.. -“Acha meri maa kl breakfast I’ll prepare.. ” Manik said joining hand.. -“Arey let’s go we have to watch match today.. ” Saying this they rushed inn..

While Sanskaar and Nandini were shocked to see that they are living together.. They were standing der freezed On the place..

Precap -“What will SaNan do now ? knowing SwaNik lives together.. Omg will Sanskaar be a more bigger monster to her ??”

******To Be Continued******

? phew !! Done with one more chappy… Pls do comment how u feel.. Suggestion are always welcomed.. Pls do comment.. Feel free to criticise..

One more think I am not able to write properly about MaNan.. So to be frank I’ll not give more importance to them they will be.. But I can’t think other than SwaSan as am SwaSan Obsessed.. Sorry for that..


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