Tera Hone Laga Hoon – Part 3 by ZuZu n Goldie

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Recap of part 2 -“Manik Encouraging swara.. Swara colliding with Sanskaar on the entrance.. Sanskaar saving her from hiting badly to ground.. Swara afraid of his cold behaviour.. Crew members insulting Swara.. Sanskaar defending.. As he is chosen her lead role.. Manik getting a new work of acting.. Nandini getting pissed off by him.. While manik makes her more angry.. Sanskaar comfort Swara when she uneasy in giving shot.. Lunch break.. Manik call Swara..SwaNik video chat.. Sanskaar getting angry but dunno Y ? ”


Swara And Manik were lost in der own world.. Unaware of someone getting angry on them.. They were still chatting… Two Besties really don’t care about anything when they are together.. They share a unique and unbreakable bond..

-“What to tell u Shona.. I got a very nakchari co star ” he says it with a pouty face..

-“U are so cute..” She laughs..

-“Am saying something and u are laughing..” His face gets more funny by fake anger which he was trying to make..

-“OK OK bol KYA hua ??” Swara said getting herself together..

Manik shares whole incident on her..

Swara laughs more.. Adding a crimson red color to her cheeks which made her look like a cherry.. No doubt she looked like a angel.. Whereas Manik continued staring her.. He smiles seeing her laugh..his best friend was happy n so was he..

Where as Sanskaar entered his van and sat on his couch.. Next movement his eyes falls on the screen which was showing the CCTV photage of Studio.. His eyes were captured by 6th cam Where Swara was laughing her face darkest shade of red.. He just kept staring her… His eyes got mesmerised by Her laughter.. His lips tilted upwards in a small Smile..

His smile which made him look more hotter was not a long lived… It soon faded.. Making his heart feel void..

-“Bs kr Shona.. Now say me what happened with u from morning “Manik said..

Here Sanskaar was still gazing at screen.. His gaze unflinching.. Though their voices weren’t audible to him.. His hands clenching In fists..

Swara narrated Manik what ever Happened how she collide with him.. He saving her.. His words to crew member..encouraging her.. A cute yet different happy smile was playing on her lips.. Which was never seen before.. In all this things one thing was common and focused on it..and it was ‘Sanskaar’
She was just telling not even knowing she was lost in that movements thinking something.. Damn she was afraid of her.. But something about this Monster made him Smile while talking about him..

He was just looking at screen with Blood shot eyes.. Like if it wasn’t a screen he would have beaten up.. He saw Swara non stop narrating to the other end.. Unknown of it was he whom she is talking about..
-“I think u must thank him for this ” Manik said after when she completed narrating whole story in excitement..

-“Yeah u are right ” she agreed -“But he is so strict how?? ” she continued biting her nails…

Her cute actions made play a smile on his face though he was going through a foreign Rage.. Which was Emitting through his eyes.. Enlightening his face with Fury.. His lips played a smile but eyes were still making him look a furious as a tiger who is waiting for right movement to bounce on his prey.. Unaware of what it is..!!

-“Shona U are brave.. See now he helped u a lot isn’t it ?? So he is not that bad u agree na ?? ” Manik said..

Swara noded -“OK I will ” she Answered..

They were talking like..

His phone rang.. His sight fall on his phone from screen.. He lifted the call..

-“What you can’t do so ” he replied.

-“See SK am busy here I’ll come one hour late ..” Came voice from other end..

-“Y the hell u ppl never value of time.. ” he roared..

-“It will be late ” the voice was same as cool as before from other side.

The other end disconnected the call

Which made him grew more anger.. He was frustrated all at a time..

**Mittal Studios**

Nandini dressed in the given costume and came out.. She was looking a stunning princess.. A perfect smile on her face.. Determined look.. Her hairs were down in loose curls which came down all the way to her lower back..

The attitude in her eyes faded as soon as he saw Manik looking Beyond Handsome in his attire.. His hairs hot n s*xy.. She smiled a bit and later realised what was she thinking..

Manik glanced her and she shifted her gaze to other side.. He sighed and began to rehears his dialogues..

While she was still thinking to show his place for insulting her -“Nandu think something.. How the hell this idiot insult u ”

She was biting her nails..

-“Its a bad habit to eat nails.. If u are hungry eat something.. ” her head snapped to her sideways looking Manik.. He gave a killed smile to her.. Which she returned with a glare..

She murmured something under her breath..

Few minutes later.. She was taking sips of Cool Drink.. When she saw Manik passing.. And other girls staring him.. She felt angry.. She just wanted to spoil his cool look so no one should stare him..

In real she was jealous of it..and she named as revenge.. She Wantedly spit on him..

Manik eyes widened and looked her.. She winked with a smile.. Which only he saw..

-“am ..am..so..sorry ” she said controlling her laugh..

He didn’t say anything and went from there..

She somewhere felt bad.. As she saw around she saw others laughing.. Instead of being happy.. She felt like punching them.. She stayed quite..

**Maheshwari Production House**

Few minutes later.. She knocked his van door with a smile her heart beating wildly in her ribcage.. She gulped..

-“Comin ” She opened the door and peeped in when she heard the permission.. She saw his back facing him..

She slowly walked in closing the door behind her.. She walked to stand behind him..

-“Actually sir.. Am here to.. to..” She stammered cz of nervous and was playing with the hem of her dress..

His full concentration was on what was she Saying.. Though he was at his back she gained his full Attention…

-“Am here to Thank you for today morning you saved me.. Thanks a lot..” She said in one breath and was taking a deep breath.. But her action was halted when she felt herself getting pinned to the wall of van.. Her face covered with sudden fear.. Her smile fading away.. She gulped the lump forming in her throat.. Looking in his eyes… Which were emitting fire from them..

She looked down when she Wasn’t able to look in his heated eyes.. He was holding her arms they were so close mere inches separated thier heated bodies.. She was so tiny in his arms.. Her head came lil down to his shoulders.. His furious eyes were fixated on her..

-“Look Up Damn ” she snapped her head and tilted upwards to meet his heating gaze.. Her eyes reflecting the fear content in them with innocence.. For a second he felt a urge to hold her to him but next movement it vanished..

-“For what you were here?? ” he asked again in same cold tone.. Though he already listened her..

-“To say Thank you ” she said gathering some courage.. His eyes a bit softed listening to her soft sweet voice coated with fear..

-“Listen You, Don’t try to close to me.. And don’t waste my Time with stupid sorries and Thankings.. None of you have value of it ” He said in furious voice.. Grinding his teeths.. While his hold on her hands became more tight..

-“Aah ” she closed her eyes and Winced.. When a pain passed through her nerve.. But he remained like a heartless person..

His actions were some a result of hero coming late and some were What he saw just few minutes ago in studio and then in screen.. He himself didn’t knew y was he hurting her.. What was the main reason behind it..

He bend still on her till his lips were next to her right ear -“Now move ” he said. His hot breath made a Tickling sensation on her skin over there..

He stepped away and turned.. As soon as he left her.. She touched her one shoulder with other hand.. Which was red due to his death tight grip over there few seconds ago..

She looked at his back with teary eyes ‘What a devil he is’ she thought..

She took a deep breath -“I was just here to say Thank you.. Am not trying to close to u.. Nor am interested to waste anyone’s time.. ” she said.. -“Manik told …” Before she can continue -“LEAVE ” He roared..

Tears were a never ending flow from her eyes.. She sobbed and ran closing the door behind her with a loud ‘THUD’ !!

He Ran his hand in his hair in frustration.. He sat on couch sitting on couch though he dunno the guy she was interacting few minutes ago was Manik or not but he got it.. Without even asking.. His anger boiled in a level.. Which resulted him in shouting on her..

Swara directly ran to her van.. She closed the door and sat there itself.. Brining her knees to her stomach .. She hugged her knees cryingly.. Thinking what were her mistake.. Why he always behave like this with her.. Hurting her.. With no reason..

Her cry turned to sobs… And with pace of time they took stage of hiccups .. She was silent after few minutes.. She washed her face.. And came back.. When she was crying Trisha already messaged her that Next shoot is an hour late..
She took rest.. Still thinking about him… He was a Two sided man one side cold.,Aggressive.,and Arrogant !! And other was caring coated with coldness.. !!

Slowly sleep took over her body.. Due to stress.. And crying.. !!

**Mittal studios**

-“Nandini Hold his hand ” said director guiding her in shot..

She did as she was said to do.. Manik turned and looked in her eyes.. They were Holding an unknown softness this time..

-“Are you leaving me ” nandini asked Innocently with puppy eyes.. As per scene..

He continued with his dialogue.. And they landed the scene in to a bone crushing hug.. Which was as per shot.. But she felt immense happiness in his strong arms.. She tightened her grip more.. A sweet curve took its own place on his lips..

Where as she closed her eyes..

**Maheshwari Production House**

-“Start It ” He ordered grabbing his seat.. His right leg ankle resting on left knee.. Crossing his legs..

Swara came.. She was dressed in attire which was designed for her for that particular scene.. ‘Sahil Sen Gupta’ who is the main male lead protagonist opposite to her her was already present der..

His (sahil) eyes caught the new comer.. He got fascinated in her instantly on the first sight.. But in other way !! He was a famous hero.. With many girlfriends just for fun.. He was a ‘characterless Womaniser’ !!

Sanskaar who was looking at sahil saw his sight fixated somewhere.. He looked in same direction and found her behind him.. Revising her dialogues..

His gaze turned to sahil.. His gaze this time ‘Furious’ he was well known about sahil.. He did many films with him.. Though he wasn’t a good person.. He had demand in market.. And his film role was he who can do it perfectly.. So he signed him !!

In matter of few minutes SwaHil talked before scene and the shooting started..

In the scene Sahil was supposed to hold her hand.. She didn’t hesitated.. Cz she thought it was matter of scene and there was much more to come its just the start..

While Sanskaar had a over scrutinising gaze on them.. He knew it this bastard will not leave a single chance.. Sahil was told to hold her hand according to scene but his thumb was caressing the back of her hand.. With a small dirty smirk playing on his lips..

She understood his touch and began to feel uneasy.. She gulped her expression changed a bit.. But she didn’t dare to complain.. And he took the advantage..

But Sanskaar was Sanskaar.. He looked at them in blood shot eyes.. Without thinking about the ppl and scene going on..

-“CUT” he ordered..

The camera man looked at him furrowing.. But he didn’t had courage to question SK.. He passed a glare and he looked down..

-“Sahil rehears the dialogues once again.. ” he ordered.. His eyes showing clear fury in them.. Which he didn’t felt to mask !!

Sahil looked him back.. He got that SK was protecting this lil girl.. He smiled in return to him.. ‘So u are Protecting this Girl.. Looks like a special case she is.. Well it will be more fun !! ‘ he thought..

While Swara was looking back n fro btwn Sahil n Sanskaar.. She understood her that y he did so.. She sighed in relief.. And thanked God !!

After five minutes !!

Swara was roaming in studio.. Sanskaar was explaining about further scene to others.. He saw Swara going to a isolated place in studio..

-“Make ready till here..” He ordered and moved to her direction..

He once glanced at Sahil who was also keeping an eye on her..

When Swara found no one there he stood over there.. Seeing the wall having mirrors over it.. Sanskaar came back .. She wasn’t aware of it.. Soon he came in front of her and made Swara jump a bit in fear..
But this time his eyes were soft which she never seen.. His face different than usual.. He came more closer crowding her space.. She gulped and stared in his eyes..

He gave her his one of best smile.. Which made her more shock.. The man she always saw shouting and roaring..was now smiling at her.. Was it true or she was day dreaming she thought..

He went more closer.. Looking deep in her eyes.. He was lost in big doe like eyes for a second.. His hands travelled to her waist.. Pulling her more closer.

Swara gulped -“What are u doing sir.. ” she stammered..

Sanskaar shushed her.. -“Shhh ”

Swara stood like that as she was ordered.. Thinking how this man in one second took control over her!!

Sanskaar slowly leaned forward.. Close.. More close to her.. While his hands were on her waist.. His breath fanning her.. Her lips parted a bit..

His cologne made her close her eyes and without thinking her hands found thier way to his wait.. She hold him tight.. Her knees weakening.. Due to his close proximity.. Her held back.. Her eyes still close.. She could feel his strong under her soft palms.. While he was looking at her.. And leaned more.. Smelling her strawberry Fragrance..

He moved until his lips were half inch away from hers.. He closed his eyes.. His hands making a tight grip on her waist.. Holding her up.. Preventing her from falling..

She has no control over herself when he was so close to him.. Her body never was her own when he was near him.. His proximity effected her a lot in an unknown way.. Her heart did a Summersault.. At the thought of his rough lips on her soft once.. Moving against each other in a Rhythm !!

Precap -“Not Yet Decided.. Depends upon response ”

******To Be Continued******

Here done with a another chappy.. Hope u will like.. Bashers and lovers both are welcomed.. Silent readers.. If u can’t comment then be sincere there is no need to read.

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