Tera Hone Laga Hoon – Part 2 by ZuZu n Goldie


Recap of part #1 -“SwaNik musti.. Swara’s flashback.. Sanskaar giving her chance.. He selected her.. Swara hugging sanky.. Sanky feeling different.. SwaNik eating pani puri.. Sanskaar talks with his Dadi Annapurna on phone.. He watched SwaNik and stops his car.. His mind gets cloudy with numerable questions.. For which he dint have any answer.. Seeing SwaNik so close and being so happy with him.. Anger course out of him.. He controls and goes home.. He finds nandini der who was teasing her for being lost :p.. They share a good time talking.. She leaves.. He goes to room n finds lips mark on his neck.. A unknown curved appeared on his face soon he dozed off and der SwaNik too ”


**SwaNik Apartment**

The Sun Raised getting up from dark night.. Lightening the world.. In early morning with Its orange light.. The sky looked breathing view… A new day raised with new obstacles.. With new challenges.. Adventurs.. Yet more to bring in life..

Swara was lazily sleeping in her duvet.. The sun rays hit her Angelic face via window.. The alarm on her side table began to rang.. She took out her hand and patted the alarm without opening her eyes.. She was Still in sleep.. She changed her position to sleep again..

But before sleep over take her again she snapped opened her eyes remembering about Sanskaar and her strict warning -‘Don’t be Late’ his words rang as a fire alarm in her head.. -“Koi Insaan itna puntual k se ho sakta h ” she sat on bed.. Taking rest on head board..

-“Don’t he ever smile in his life ?? ” she thinks -“I guess no.. He is such a khadus ” she answer her own questions..

She closed her eyes for two minutes.. And then opened again -“Chl Swara.. Vrna aaj first day he he will Hit u with his angry looks ” Saying this she swept her ass of bed and went to washroom to take bath..

She cooked food for herself and Manik.. And went to get ready..

After getting ready in 3/4th black shinny pant and Royal blue strap top.. She looked like a cute doll..

Without combing she went out and knocked Manik’s door -“Manik get up Break fast is ready.. ”

She sat and started eating.. While Manik opened the door.. Still rubbing his eyes in sleep..

He came and sit beside her -“Itna jldi q ? ” he asked opening his eyes from sleep..

-“Aaj muje jldi Jana h ” she said munching butter n bread..

Manik took a bread but next movement Swara hit his hand -“First brush ur teeth’s go ” she said..

-“Ek din me kya hoga ” he said like a lazy child..

-“Chi Manik how can u say that go now.. ” Swara said and pushed him to washbason.

Manik came after brushing teeth and began to take his Brk fast… He noticed Swara was silent than usual days..

As soon as she was done with it.. She got up and cleared the table.. While he was still eating.. She gave him his coffee mug and he took her juice.. Before leaving to her room…

Swara glanced in mirror combing her hairs.. In front of dresser.. Lost in thoughts..

She suddenly jerked when she felt pair of palms on her shoulders.. She looked at mirror and found Manik’s reflection in it..

-“Don’t worry u can do that.. ” he encouraged her..

-“Hmm ” she hummed.. Smiling at him..

-“Just be confident on urself ” he said giving her his wide smile ..

She got up and took her bag.. -“I’ve to go Manik Bye.. ”

She said giving him a side hug and left..

-“All the best ” he shouted from back..

She turned and smiled.. N left..

**Maheshwari production House**

Swara gave the charged amount to taxi driver and checking her phone she was going towards the gate.. She was looking in phone while walking.. And she collided in something very hard.. She was about to fall backwards Cz she really bumped hard..

She closed her eyes in fear of falling.. He was looking at her closed eyes.. And innocent face.. Covered with tension and a bit fear of falling on floor.. She was so close to him.. Her face backwards.. Mere few inches apart.. When she felt she didn’t fall and inseated felt a strong grip on her waist.. Thier bodies were plastered half from thier stomach Cz he was holding her..

He was mesmerised looking at her seemed like more interested to hold her to him than make her stand.. She looked like a cute doll in that pair of jeans n top.. Her cheeks chubby and pink.. She looked so small in his strong arms.. His strong arm around her pity waist..

She slowly opened her one eye.. Like a winning emotion.. And to his utter shock.. The hard pillar he thought she bumped in was none other than Sanskaar chest.. And more scared her was she was staring at her… She gulped.. A smile escaped from his lips seeing her scared but it was unnoticed by Sanskaar !!

She closed her one eye again and murmured something under her breath though it was hard to hear he heard her -“Oh no fir se syappa.. God pls save me ”

He thought to scare her more..

But when Swara dint open her eyes he pulled her lil close.. Swara eyes snapped open at his gesture !!

She quickly licked her suddenly dried lips.. Looking at him with wide eyes holding fear n panic in them..poor girl unaware of what her act of licking lips can make her fall in :p .. His eyes followed her action and he looked at her pink rosy lips.. And remembered about last night where he saw the mark..

She didn’t dare to move feeling afraid.. They were so close.. She gulped the lump form in her throat.. She bit down her lower lip.. His gaze Unflinching from her face.. They were only an inch apart.. He gulped to suppress the feeling that aroused in him when she bit her lips :p ..

He could feel her Breathing heavily.. Where as she shivered When she felt his hot breath on her soft skin.. He felt her small figure.. Trembling against his gigantic body..

He slowly held her waist from other hand.. And made her stand straight.. In prosses his hand travelled all long on her waist length.. Sending numerous sparks down her spine..

When she was all set in her legs.. He looked at her.. She was too looking him.. He dint say anything and waited..

-“Voh a..am..so..sorry.. I didn’t look.. My mistake.. I.. I was seeing I mean.. B.. But not seeing (oh no what am Saying she mumbled under breath) vo.. Vo I mean to say Is.. ” she stammered..

He was still looking at her with same penetrating gaze.. -“How much she fears from me ” A taught pass through his heart.. He felt her innocence n cuteness.. His lips tilted upwards in s smile.. Which he soon masked Before her notice..

She took a deep breath -“Am sorry I was looking in my phone and dint saw u coming.. Am sorry ” she said in one go..

Sanskaar smirked which feared her more.. -“Don’t repeat the word sorry again.. I hate that ” he said in a furiously cold voice..

She gulped ..

-“And yes go and get ready for shoot I hate time waste.. ” he said in same tone.. Her face covered with layers of fears n Tension..

She began to walk.. He looked at her retreating back.. He smiled making her again confuse yet scared.. But next movement he pursued his lips as she turn and came to him..

He furrowed.. She mumbled a quick thank u and ran straight in..

-“Kitten ” he mumbled..

As soon as Swara was in.. She saw all the new members..

-“Who are u ” a person asked.

-“She is our main lead sir selected her ” Trisha answered before Swara can..

The man laughed -“Did SK selected a lil girl for his brand new movie.. Seriously ” he said.

-“Is SK making a kids film ?? ” other men joined too.. Without knowing Sanskaar was present der..

Swara was near to cry..

-“What The Hell Is going on ” all looked at the direction from where the furious voice came.. And shocked to See SK (Sanskaar)

-“Vo sanky nothing ” the man tried to cover up.. But it was to late..

He took the long steps and stood beside Swara..

-“Do u think am A dumb ” he said in a cold tone grinding his teeth’s..

The man flinched.

-“Am Sanskaar and I know what will give me how much benefit.. Never a single film of mine went flop.. ” he announced proudly.. All looked down..

A lone tear escaped down her cheek.. He saw and had a urge to catch it before it hit the ground.. But he controled the unwanted urge.. And the tear slipped down !!

He looked at others -“If u have any doubts on me then just leave ur job.. I don’t want ppl who dont have faith in Me ” he roared..

Everyone bow down der heads.. Swara looked his from her eye lashes.. Scared to look at his fierce eyes directly..

-“Go and get ready ” he said rather ordered her.. She ran from der..

He left to his own personal van for sometime.. While others got back to thier respective works silently !!

Swara wasn’t crying anymore.. No doubt he was a monster but the monster took her side.. And what she thought was -“He helped me… No (looking to her reflection in mirror) He just wanted his ppl to believe in him.. Cz they doubted his selection.. Nt me ” she said sadly to herself.. -“Get ready Swara or else the Dinosaur will come and kill u with his fierce glares ” she mumbled..

**SwaNik Apartment**

Manik was sitting lazily as he dint had any work for today.. He thought to call Swara but later dropped the idea cz he knew how tough it will be to work with Maheshwaris ..

He was lazily eating popcorns and watching TV.. But the sudden ring on his phone derived his attention..

He took up the phone lazily and answered -“Hello ”

The other end person said something.

-“Yes Am only Manik Malhotra ” he replied..

Listening to der reply he was so happy.. The best of his smile took over his lips.. Making The Handsome Manik more Handsome..

-“OK am coming in half n hour ” Saying he disconnected…

He jumped off the couch and next second he was in his room for getting ready..

He put himself in Black denim jeans and red Tee with a black super stylish leather jacket.. No doubt any girl will fall for him instantly on his charm..

Taking the keys from key rack he stepped out with same Ravishing smile..


-“What time its gonna start ??” Asked the girl sitting on chair..

-“Just few minutes mam he will be coming here anytime.. ” answered a girl..

-“This new comers hell won’t have any importance of….” She stopped middle in her words and kept staring the direction she was looking..

She watched him from top to bottom.. His fascinating looks.. Made her jaw drop in shock.. She kept looking at him.. While he came in with his delightful smile..

She snap shut her mouth when reality struck her.. He was not the first Handsome hunk he saw.. But he was different from all Definitely he was..

-“Who is he ” asked the girl slowly..to other..

-“He is only our new hero for this episode .. He is paired up with u.. New model he is.. ” answered the girl.

She was again lost in his charm.. But again a thing punched in her mind ‘He Is A Struggler’

-“Mam he came ” said the other girl..

She got up.. His eyes instantly followed her direction..

-“strugglers dont have any value of time.. ” She mumbled.. It was Audible to him..

But he didn’t say anything.. But just furrowed..which made her ask ‘What’

-“Did I said anything ” he Answered..

She got irked as he was back answering her.. She was a star.. She was proud of herself.. And working with a new Struggler.. Though he was beyond Handsome.. Yet he was ‘Struggler’ for him..

By the time the director came..

-“Hello both of u ” he said.. And shared a handshake..

-“Ms Murthy meet our new episode Hero Mr Manik Malhotra.. ” said director..

Nandini looked in his direction..who was already staring her..

-“And Manik As u may know she is top Model Ms Nandini Murthy ” he said..

Manik furrowed still looking at nandini.. Who just shifted her gaze to director..

-“Am sorry but I Dunno ” his reply made nandini shock.. She snapped towards him.. And looked at him with a death shot glare.. She was a top most beautiful yet successful model and he refused that he didn’t even know her ??

Manik being a cool dude maintained his posture not flinching or even letting a shock expression occupy his face !!

-“This is one episode love story so 10 minutes shoot will be starting.. Get ready ” director Walked away Saying..

Manik and nandini both were going to shoot for one episode one story programme.. Which were under mittal’s productions.. Normally this show air on Youth channel..

In changing room

-“What the hell he thinks of himself Haan ?, (she was hell angry) he dint recognise me “The Nandini Murthy” being a struggler he didn’t recognised me.. I’ll show u Mr Manik Malhotra ” she said getting red in anger..

Where as Manik thought -“Seriously a proudish one.. Hogi Model so.. So what.. Respect naam ki cheez NAI h huh ” he started to change..

**Maheshwari production House**

Swara was ready she came out and directly walked to shooting area..

Sanskaar was already present thier instructing others.. She looked at his back.. He had devilshly masculine body.. Though he was wearing black blazer .. It fitted to body.. Showing his manly Muscular figure.. His back muscles were moving in like rhythm.. Swara jerked her thoughts and walked further..

She stood beside him.. His eyes instantly caught hers.. Intense brown bored in cute black ones..

She looked her side ways when she couldn’t look to thier intensity and depth ..

There were lots of crew members present over der.. She could feel her skin burning under his penetrating gaze.. She looked up and again found his eyes..

He turned and ordered something to the camera man.. While her gaze was fixated on him.. He was so much dedicated to his work.. Infact he was monster when it comes to work.. He won’t spare anyone who tries to ruin his work !!

She gazed down and remembered Manik’s words to be confident..

It was all set for shot..

“Roll Camera Action !! :p ”

Swara was a bit nervous.. No doubt it was her only dream but it wasn’t a easy job.. Infact anything in this world is not easy.. Least it requires lil effort..don’t it ?? Of course it does.. !!

Same thing happened with swara seeing so many persons just seeing her she was finding difficult.. In Audition der were only few then also she was a bit scared.. Scared of what if she misses it.. She gulped looking around.. Everyones eyes were on her.. Her gaze instantly shifted to Sanskaar.. Who read her expressions easily..

He was a person can read everything what’s the person wanna say or hold from thier eyes.. No one can cheat over.. Not over him..

He understood her problem n hesitation..

-“You guys go n chk is everything ready over der.. For other shot ” he said..

-“But sir that shoot is in noon section.. ” a boy Began to said..

-“Only.do.what.I.Said.. Don’t use ur brain unnecessarily.. Go..NOW ” he roared in his most furious tone.. !!

Swara just kept staring at the man in front of her.. Thinking.. What he is one movement so calm and at other so much angry.. One movement he bursts out n next He is so understanding..

His gaze shifted to her.. To whom he was already a centre of Attraction.. Her gaze unflinching..

Sanskaar Blinked his eyes.. Trying to giving her courage.. And gave her a lil of his smile..

Her eyes widened.. In morning she was wondering do this person Even know how to smile.. N now he.. He was giving her a smile.. Tough it was a small and formal.. But it suited him making him take a shade of Cute Hot Arrogant Handsome .. This is what she thought of..

But next movement her lips automatically gave him the most Enchanting smile of hers.. Getting her bigger smile his heart Flipped.. But he concentrated on work.. Pushing the Foreign feel away..

Swara felt confident seeing her mere small smile.. And gave the perfect shot.. In all that time his face maintained a cold face.. His eyes blank.. Not reflecting any emotion..

She was giving Shots back to back.. Finally it was a lunch break..

Trisha came to her..

-“Oh god swara u are so pretty.. Perfect Yaar.. U know Muje Laga hi Nai this is ur first shoot.. ” Said Trisha with a Wide smile..

Swara returned her smile.. They were talking having lunch.. While Sanskaar was in his van having lunch..

Suddenly swara got a call.. Seeing the number flashing on screen she jumped on chair a lil in excitement..
She picked up without giving it chance to ring again..

-“So Akhir phone kr hi lia tune ? ” she asked with a wide smile..

-“Ha tuje na karu toh kise karunga ” he replied..

-“Acha bata kyu call kia ” she asked taking a big of chapatti..

Trisha was listening calmly.. Seeing swara so happy she smiled.. It was first time she saw her so happy..

-“Ese nai Darling Video chat pr aa I wanna show something.. ” he said.

She furrowed -“Manik bata na.. Y so suspence ”

-“U come that’s it.. ” he ordered and disconnected.. !!

Swara sighed.. But she was so exited..

Soon Manik was calling her.. On Skype.. !!

-“I’ll come in 5 minutes ” she said to Trisha.

-“Sure ” Trisha nodded in agreement..

Swara got up and went to other side..

-“Ha bata ” she said on Video chat..

Fortunately :p Sanskaar was passing from der and looked at swara who was standing facing her back to him..

Her eyes caught his new avtar -“Oowoww.. Is that u.. U are looking so Handsome.. ” she said almost jumping..

He listened and was about to go but he stopped at last word and stopped in his tracks.. And looked in her phone which she was holding.. He saw the same person who was with swara yesterday..

-“Of course baby its me.. ” he Answered with a big smile..

BABY he listened.. But didn’t moved much.. He can easily look at Him but Manik could not.. He thought to go as it was her personal.. And he was a person giving the other person thier space.. As he expects the same.. But something made him stop and listen.. While his other side was forcing him to move away..

-“But Where are you ?? ” she asked in excitement.. ”

-“TU Khud hi dekh le ” he said moving his device a lil.. She saw Mittal studios and jumped more in excitement..

-“U are der.. Omg!! Awsm.. ” she said happily.. -“Tune bataya nahi ” she said in a cute childish voice with a pout..

Sanskaar smiled at her tone but next movement it vanished.. -“Aaww meri Shona Darling.. I’ve called u to show na.. ”

He again looked again in screen .. A sudden rage coursed through him..

-“Muje treat chiye.. ” swara demanded..!!

-“Of course yesterday we ate pani puri na today.. Umm ” thinking..

-“Dark Chocolate ice cream with choco chips.. ” she said happily..

Sanskaar stood der with unknown rage increasing in him..

-“OK on ur fave place ” Manik said..

-“Wow.. Love you ” she said in excitement..

This did the work of fuel to a lil spark raising in him.. Which turned into a bright fire.. Which reflected in his eyes..

His hands instantly bond in fists.. Unknowingly he grinded his teeth’s.. His chest suddenly feeling tight..

He left from there with blood shot eyes.. Seemed Like the things which were he doing were not in his control.. And he was trying hard to dictate himself.. But rage took over him..

Precap -“Swara gulped -“What are u doing sir.. ” she stammered..
Sanskaar shushed her.. -“Shhh ”
Swara stood like that as she was ordered.. Sanskaar slowly leaned forward.. Close.. More close to her.. While his hands were on her waist……
Swara’s hero Entry..
MaNan nok jhok.. And closeness ”

******To Be Continued******

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