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I was kinda happy, not coz he stood against dadi, but coz he stood for me and for himself as well. And most important, for our love.
Dadi’s friend- Chandrakala, did u call me here to insult my granddaughter??
Dadi- no rajeshree. U wait.
Dadi came to me and said- ladki, what the hell do u want? Money, property, or something else?
I replied- dadi, I don’t want any of these. U can keep them for ragsmen.
Dadi- shut up ladki. I know u must have done something to yuvraj that hez talking to me like this.
Yuvraj looked very angry.
He came face to face with dadi and said- dadi, she hasn’t done anything except loving, respecting and caring for me and this family. And I don’t need to remind u again that u should call her by name.
Dadi- yuv u have gone mad. U r arguing with ur dadi for this dark spot.
Yuv fumed- enough dadi. Y do u hate her so much? Shez my wife, my love, my life, my sunshine. And to be honest, shez above all for me now. Even above u.
Dadi- yuvraj how can u love her? She doesn’t meet our standards.
Yuv- dadi, no matter what standards we set for our ideal lover, the person we fall in love with will always be an exception!!

Dadi couldn’t believe her ears. She screamed- this is my house. And I will decide who will decide who will stay here.
She looked at me and said- ei ladki, pack ur stuff and leave from here before 12, so that we can begin our new year without u.
Yuv held my hand and said- if she can’t stay here, I will also leave this house.
I looked at him. After so much that happened the whole day, I could feel the depth of his love.
I said- yuv what r u saying?
Yuv- Suhani, u’r my responsibility now. I won’t leave u for anybody or anything. And don’t u dare even think of leaving me.
Saying this, he left from there and went towards the lawn.
Even in his scolding, I could see his love for me, plus something that was troubling him.
I told maa that I will talk to him.
I came in the lawn. He was sitting on the bench with his hands folded, and his mood was off. I knew I had to lit up his mood.
I walked towards him and put my hand on his shoulder.
Me- yuvraj…
He looked up at me and got up from there.
Me- what happened yuvraj?
He looked at me and asked- u’ r asking this? Y does dadi do this? Y can’t she accept u when that whole family has accepted u, when I have accepted u..
I cupped his face and turned it towards me and said- Look at me yuvraj. Let it be. We are together na. Forget about dadi. She will accept me some day or the other.
Yuv- do u really think she will ever accept u?
Me- yes of course. U’r more sadu than her, and if u can accept me than dadi will do that for sure. He pulled me towards him and said smiling- achha? Suhani madam’s observation is nice. I like it.
I turned towards him and said- ur nose is too long and when it turns red, it tells a lot about u.
I pinched his nose.
Then I had to run to save my life as he chased after me. Like he was the hunter and I was his prey.
I ran and ran, and he followed me. And I was happy that I could lit up his mood. I was running and looking back. Suddenly he stopped running and was smiling. Dnt know why. I continued to run and collided with maa.
Me- maa u…..u here? U needed something?
She couldn’t control and laughed.
I felt shy.
Maa- I got what I wanted. And I knew only u could give it to me.
Saying this, she left from there.

I wanted to beat Mr halki daadhi bikhre Baal. Now it was his turn. He ran to save his life. He ran out of the main gate and I followed him.


They were just having fun. But who knew that this game of running for life would change their lives forever. As they ran, a truck came and there was a major accident, and then complete silence.


Two years have passed. Every morning, I take his breakfast to his room, and he refuses to have it. Then she comes and convinces him and he agrees to have it with her. Same with his lunch and dinner. I leave the room quietly with tears in my eyez and turn back to see that hez too happy with his Suhani, who is now visible only to him!!
Yes.. he talks to her, plays with her, fights with her, eats with her and sleeps with her. Today he doesn’t even know anybody, except his beloved wife, whom he loves even today, beyond everything. Whenever I’m about to leave the room, he says like a child, “Aunty, plz close the door..”
It hurts me when I see my son in this state. I’m used to his calling me ‘aunty’, but I was ok with it coz he was happy.
That dreadful night, after she left us, yuvraj went into trauma. We went to so many specialists, but none succeeded in helping us.
I still remember he had planned to spend that night with her in a hotel room, after going for a long drive with her where they would have her favourites like samosa, kulfi, etc.
We do miss her a lot, even maaji. She just wanted suhani to leave the house, not the world. She felt guilty for yuvraj’s condition and never came in front of him.
Yuvraj has spent the last two years of his life in that room. He doesn’t meet anybody, nor do we let anybody meet him. He spends the whole day with her in their room, and in the evening, he plays with her in the garden. We keep the main gate locked that time.
I have no regrets that I had chosen her for my son. Even after leaving this world, she didn’t leave him. May be, shez fulfilling her promise!!

……..THE END……..

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Credit to: NAPSHa J

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  1. It is nice so emotional , but I wish it would have a happy ending anyway pls write ur next ff

  2. So good, my why finish it , i love it and plz do do be back… Its so emotional….the ending..

  3. The ending was emotional but nice ??….
    Nd u have chosen a very good name for ur next ff….
    I wanted to ask that when would you start the other ff….

  4. It was soooooo emotional.. Dude start your next ff as soon as possible…. Pls… Cant wait any longer…

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  6. Intro will be submitted today itself if possible…

  7. Plz NAPSHa J
    Am requesting u dont do this again
    I mean i ever hope that every love story may end with happiness but u make suh die only afer a happy day of her life and u also make yuv a living dead body means that he only lives with suh talks with suh and only knows her
    He even cant remember his mother
    I hope u will understand my emotions and never do this again in your any ff and even in your imagination
    Plz promise me…….

    1. In many movies we have seen pathetic ending.. So don’t get too sentii..

  8. This was an amazing ending I loved it will ur next ff b ssel related? Becos I only watch ssel Indian drama that’s it ? but I really love this ff soooo glad it ended like this Suhani left in his heart forever this is true love ❤️? ur a genius

    1. Yup.. I’m not interested in any jodi other than YuvAni..

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  11. Hey NAHSHaJ, i need advice on uploading FF’s how ill I do it? If im on the Laptop

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      1. Ah ty NAPSHaJ u have helped a lot x

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    The intro of my new ff was almost ready, but after watching yesterday’s epi my mood turned off.. I will complete it today and post it..

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