It was getting 7. We were busy with the arrangements for the party. Ramesh came to me and said that a courier boy had come and he would give the parcel to me only. I went towards the door and took it. It was a packed gift, with a rose on it. I knew who had sent it. I was very happy. I went to my room to see it. It was a beautiful dress (as u can see in the pic I have uploaded). Suddenly my phone beeped. 7 msgs from my patidev.
“Go fast or the courier boy will leave…”
“A rose for my rose…”
“Did u like the gift?”
“Y r u not replying? Ignoring me? Let me come home..”
“Be ready by 8.30.. I will be there to see u in that…”
“U know na how punctual I’m, especially when it comes to u, I mean, to us…”
“U don’t have time for me.. Ok.. Just wait and watch..”

I was smiling all the while. I was about to reply when sharad bhaiya came and I had to leave. While we were busy with the arrangements, I was constantly looking at the time coz my Shah Rukh Khan would be back home soon. It was already getting 7.45..

I somehow managed to leave from there without anybody noticing that. I went to my room, freshened up and changed. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was blushing so hard that I couldn’t look into my own eyez. So I cupped my face. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I asked whoz it. There was no reply. I looked at the clock. It was 8.15..

I opened the door, and to my surprise, my SRK was there.


She looked stunning. I kept staring at her. She turned red with shy and looked down. I moved a step towards her. She looked at me and moved two steps back.
She said stammering- k…k….kya?
I replied smiling- kya? Y r u so nervous?
She smiled and turned back. I hugged her from behind and said- can I say something?
S- hmmm…
Me- U’r looking gorgeous.
She thanked me.
She was blushing. And to be honest, I was enjoying it. Watching her like that wasnt less than a treat for me.

Me- so madam has no time to reply to my texts also.
S- yes. Coz I have lots of work. I don’t sit idle all day like u.
I put my lips on her shoulder.
She got nervous and said- yuv…yuvraj… The door is open..
Me- so….? Now nobody will knock and disturb us.
She turned towards me and slapped me sweetly.
I locked my arms around her neck and said- u said that I don’t have work and sit idle? Now I will do my work. And don’t u dare disturb me.
I then held her by her waist and kissed on her neck. She closed her eyez, smiling.
S- arey pa bhaiya….
I immediately left her and moved an inch away from her.
She laughed at me and got rid of my hold. She tried to run away.


But he didn’t let me go. He held my hand and I felt something. He made me wear a beautiful bracelet that he had bought for me. And then he kissed my hand. I turned to him, looked at the bracelet and thanked him.
He raised his eyebrows and said- wherez my gift?
Me- what do u want?
Y- u know what I want.
Me- its very expensive.
Y- and the best u can give me.
We had an eyelock. Suddenly I broke the trance we were under, kissed him on his cheek and ran out of the room. I turned to see him, he was surprised and smiling, and touching his cheek.


I had some other plans too to spend time with my Queen, about which only maa knew. Not even sharad. Coz I knew he would tease me.
All of a sudden, I don’t know what happened to me. It seemed like something wrong was going to happen. I was feeling uneasy. It started thundering and our wedding pic fell and broke into 50 plus pieces. I picked it up.
Just then, ramesh came running and said- bhaiya, suhani bhabhi fell down from the stairs. I felt my heart out.
I immediately ran to her. She was unconscious and her head was bleeding. I sprinkled few drops of water on her face, but she didnt respond. I was worried. I took her in my arms and laid her on the bed. I told everyone to leave the room, I would manage.
Maa nodded and left with everyone and told me to tell her if I needed anything. I nodded. She left.

The first thing I did was bandaging her forehead where she had got hurt. I called our family doc, he said she will regain her consciousness in an hour or two. I was relieved. Then I waited for her to wake up. I was feeling suffocated. So I removed my coat. Still felt that something wrong would happen. I looked at her. She was lying unconscious. My eyes were teary. What if she doesn’t wake up????
I ran to her and sat beside her, holding her hand.
“U will have to wake up.. U had promised me and maa as well that u won’t ever leave me.. U can’t break ur promise like this.. Wake up Suhani, wake up!!” I said.
I thought she needed rest so I walked towards the window.
I recalled the romantic moments we had in the last 24 hours. Tears weren’t ready to leave my eyez.
After an hour, I heard “yuvraj”..
I turned back. She was getting conscious.
I walked to her as fast as I could. I helped her to sit and gave her water. She was looking at me. May be, she understood what I went through all the while.
I looked here and there. She held my hand and wiped my tears. I just couldn’t control my emotions and hugged her as tight as i could and began to cry. She tried to calm me down.
After sometime, I got up and took our wedding pic in my hand and hugged it. I kept it in the drawer.
I turned back, she was trying to walk. And was about to slip when I held her. We had an eyelock. I asked her to take rest. She wanted to cheer me up, so locked her arms around my neck and said- I wana enjoy the party with my SRK.
I couldn’t help smiling.
Me- no. U need rest. I can’t compromise with ur health.
S- plz sweetheart…plz..
She said so sweetly. Even I wanted that, but…..
Me- ok.. It’s 10 now. U rest for an hour, then we will enjoy the party.
She reluctantly agreed.

Somewhere deep inside me, I still hadn’t overcome the fear that something wrong or bad was still left to happen.. But what worse could happen than having the person u love the most lying unconscious in front of ur eyez for more than an hour?? I decided to cancel the secret part of my surprise that I had planned for her.
After an hour, her alarm rang and she woke up. I didn’t know about it. If I knew, I would have turned it off so that she could rest.
She freshened up and said cheerfully- let’s go.
She read my face and said- I’m alright, let’s go now. I knew u wouldn’t wake me up, that’s y I had turned the alarm on.
I smiled and thought- shez mad.. And I’m another mad who is mad over her..
Maa, sharad, n all came to ask about her. But seeing her alright, they felt relieved.
She was about to leave with them when I told her to wait. She stayed while others left.
She turned and asked me- do u need something?
Me (stammering)- ya….wo…
I just hugged her. She hugged me back.
We broke the hug when ramesh came and told us that dadi has come home with a friend of hers.

I heard dadi calling out my name.
I wore my coat and we went down hand in hand.
Me- here I am, dadi..
D- see, this ladki has…..
I interrupted- dadi, her name is Suhani.
Dadi was shocked by the way I replied.
D- suhani wants to give u divorce, so I have chosen another life partner for u. There she is, Mehek. I want both of u to get engaged today itself. Mehek came to her and she brought her near me, and gave her hand in mine.

I was stunned by whatever was happening. I looked at Suhani. She was a lil upset and looked down. She knew I love her. It was time to tell her everything.
Me- dadi, do u want me to be with the girl of my choice? The one I deserve?
D- yes beta.


I just stood there, not knowing what to do or how to react. But a tear fell from my eye. I knew he loves me and only me, then y?? Was I being too possessive that I couldn’t even see his hand on some other girl’s. All of a sudden, he appeared in front of me, wiped my tear, took me to the temple and filled my maang.

Dadi fumed.
She screamed- yuvraj….what the hell is this? Y did u fill her maang?
Yuv- coz I love her. I don’t want any other girl in my life but her.
Dadi looked her and there. She was embarrassed.
D- but she wants to leave u. See these papers.
He took the papers and tore them into pieces.
I was kinda happy, not coz he stood against dadi, but coz he stood for me.

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Credit to: NAPSHa J

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