I couldnt sleep that night. For the 1st time in life, reality was better than dreamz. There was a smile on my face whole night which wasnt ready to leave my lips. Its coz of Mr. Sadu Kumar. Oops.. Now hez no more that Sadu. Bt his long nose…i pinched his nose.
He seemed to be sleeping peacefully after a long time.
In the morning, after having a shower, as i was drying my hair, few drops of water fell on his face. I thought he would wake up and start his lecture on cleanliness. Just then, somebody knocked at the door. I opened the door. It was maa.
Me- maa, u here at this time?
Maa- yes beta, just wanted to tell u that since both of u had a new beginning of ur life yesterday, u should go to temple today, so that ur relation lasts forever.
Me- sure maa.
Maa left.

I turned to dry my hair. Suddenly i heard the sound of the door being closed. I smiled but didnt look back.


I walked towards her and she seemed too shy, she didnt even look at me. I hugged her from behind and whispered into her ear- good morning jaan.
S- gu….good morning… Yuv somebody will come..
Me- that’s y I have locked the door.
S- if sharad bhaiya will see and tease u then dont blame me.
Me- say directly that u’r nervous. I don’t care what sharad would say.
I knew her cheeks had turned pink.
Me- is this the way a pativrata patni behaves? U r not even looking at me. Huhh..

She tried to escape but i pulled her closer. Her hair fell on her face. I was completely mesmerized by her. I slowly removed her hair from her face. She looked nervous as her eyez were closed. I felt like drowning in her.
S- maa told we should go to temple now, so go and take bath.
Me- ok. Did u take bath? If not, we can have together.
She beated me and said- dont u have any shame or what?
I could see the smile on her face that she was trying hard to suppress.
I replied locking her in my arms- y should i feel ashamed? Cant i have a shower with my wife?
She said- no.
And pushed me inside the bathroom.


After returning home from the temple, we joined the family for breakfast on the table. My patidev was sitting to my right. He was holding my hand undrr the table coz of which i couldnt start.
Saurabh bhaiya- arey suhani, y r u not eating?
Yuv too started asking the same.
I looked at him grinning. He smirked. I tried to get rid of his hold but couldnt. So i tried eating with my left hand.
Maa questioned about that.
I lied that i have got hurt thats y.
She came near me and took my hand to see, and she saw him holding my hand.
She couldnt control and burst out laughing. Sharad bh, saurabh bh, anuj bh.. All asked her what happened. I felt shy, so i left from there saying i have some work.

I went to our room. Maa came to me.
She said- thanks a lot beta, for whatever u have done for my family, and especially for my son.
I interrupted- maa..what r u saying? U don’t have to say thanks.
Maa- no beta. U dont know, i havent seen yuvraj so happy ever. Promise me that u will never leave him, no matter what.
Me- i promise.
Just then i saw in the mirror that he was standing near the door and smiling. I thought of pulling his leg.
Me- maa, but i have a condition. U have to tell ur son to either shorten his nose or change it coz i cant bear his long nose.
We burst out laughing. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. His expressions were worth-watching.
Maa left and snoopy entered. I told snoopy that its a bad habit to listen to others’ talks like this. He got it and said- arey waah snoopy, ur bhabhi became very smart in my company.
I replied- snoopy, either husband or wife has to be smart, otherwise their relation doesnt last long.
Hearing this, he put his finger on my lips. He looked serious. He hugged me as tight as he could.
I said- sorry, i was just joking.
He didnt reply. I thought he became Sadu again.
After a few seconds, i felt he was crying. I broke the hug to see. Tears flowed from his eyes non-stop.
He left from there and went towards the window wiping his tears. I went to him and apologised. He kept mum. I cupped his face and said- i didnt mean to hurt u; ok i wont say that again. He didnt respond. I thought he needs some time alone. I turned to leave and he held my hand.
I looked at him. He said in a very romantic tone- now u cant go anywhere as u have promised maa.
Me- so what? I had a condition too. 1st fulfill it.
Saying this, i managed to escape and ran away leaving a smile on his face.


I was in office, but only physically. I was completely taken by her. I couldn’t get her off my mind; and there was a constant smile on my face. I wanted to do something special for her this new year. I rang sharad.
Me- sharad I wana do something for her. We have just a few hours left. Plz suggest something.
Sharad teased me- for whom guru? What’s her name?
Me- I will come home and tell u.
Sh- ok ok.. U can give her a diamond necklace.
I replied- sharad I am not asking for rags bhabhi or menka. But for suhani, that suhani who gets happy even with just a rose. I wana do something unique.
Sh- u r right guru. Wait, I have an idea.
I liked his idea. Plus I thought something on my own as well.


Dadi plans to get yuvraj and suhani divorced so that they can move ahead in life without her. She calls Kunj and gets to know that Suhani has already asked him to prepare the papers. She gets glad and thinks of getting Yuvraj engaged with her friend’s granddaughter in the new year party. She celebrates with rags-men.

PRECAP- Dadi insults Suhani and Yuvraj answers her back in a harsh tone.

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