TERA HONE LAGA HOON (Epi-5: Love Confession)


TERA HONE LAGA HOON (Epi-5: the Confession)

Yuvraj- suhani, things didn’t end there. With time, I got used to u, so much that I couldn’t imagine my future without u. I often showed that ur too many talks irritate me, ur habits annoy me, etc etc. But u know what, I used to enjoy them silently. May be thats y I missed u so badly when I wasn’t here. Silence used to hurt me there, nobody was there to care for me. I don’t know suhani how u have been able to tolerate things since months. U’r really very strong and independent. U can survive without me, but I wont be able to live if u leave.

Suhani cant understand what has happened to him.
S- yuvraj….I….I can’t understand what exactly r u trying to say.
Y- suhani, those 20 days have opened my eyez. And I got to know what position u hold in my life. I thought I will tell u everything tomorrow, but I think that if I wait, I will lose u forever.

S- wat did u wana tell me?
Y- u had asked me a question yesterday.
Suhani looks away and says- yu….yuvraj…ignore it. I don’t wana talk about it.
Y- don’t u want an answer?
S- I already know it so plz……
Yuvraj takes her near their wedding pic. There were three red heart-shaped balloons. He asks her to burst the 3rd one and he bursts the 1st one.

After bursting the balloons, suhani sees that the letter ‘I’ is hanging on the 1st one and ‘U’ on the 3rd one. She smiles with tears of joy in her eyes.
She turns and finds him sitting on his knees. He looks up at her and takes out a beautiful ring from his pocket.
Y- I love u Suhani. I’m madly in love with u. U’r above everything for me.
Suhani cant control her feelings. Its like a dream come true for her.
Yuv continued- will u give up ur decision of leaving this house? Of leaving me? Would u like to spend the rest of ur life with me? Will u give me the right to make u wear this ring?
Suhani nods with a smile and forwards her hand.
Yuv makes her wear it and kisses on her hand. Suhani closes her eyes.
Y- open ur eyes suhani. Its not a dream.
She slowly opens her eyes and looks at him. He hugs her. She hugs him back and says- I love u too yuvraj.
Y- so.. Now u won’t leave me na?
S- never!
He smiles.
Y- suhani…thank u so much….
S- yuv therez nothing like that.
Y- not only for accepting me, but for making my life worth living also.
He takes out a red rose and gives it to her saying- this is for my wife, Mrs Suhani Yuvraj Birla.
Suhani blushes hard. She accepts it and says- thank you…
She feels shy and turns to the other side.
Yuvraj too smiles, not knowing what more to say.
Y- may I have the pleasure of a dance with u?
Suhani feels shy and turns to him smiling.
Yuv forwards his hand. She gives hers on his.
Yuv plays the song ‘itni si baat hai’. They dance romantically. His hands are on her waist and her hands are on his shoulders. They have an eye-lock. When the lines ‘chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon, itni si baat hai, mujhe tumse pyaar hai….’ play, yuvraj starts singing as well. Suhani feels shy. She tries to escape, but he pulls her closer. Their lips touch. Suhani blushes while he continues to sing and they dance.
Yuv- y r u blushing? Did I say anything to u? I m just singing.
Suhani- oh really? Don’t act smart. Waise since when did Mr Sadu Kumar become so romantic?
Yuvraj cups her face and says- since the day he fell in love with u without even realizing it.
He gets closer to her, closes his eyez and tries to kiss her on her lips.

Suddenly somebody knocks at the door. Yuv makes faces. Suhani laughs and yuv opens the door.
Pratima and sharad are there.
P- yuv…sharad told me everything. Is everything fine between both of u?
Then they looks at suhani, who looked very happy. They also sees the 2 roses and the ring and understand everything.

Sharad- suhani bhabhi who gave u these roses? Ur best friend?
All laugh.
P- don’t tease her. After so many days, I m seeing them so happy. She blesses them. And thanks God for uniting them.
P- I think we should tell everyone that both of u have accepted each other.
Y- no maa. Not now. I will tell myself in the new year party tomorrow. In front of everyone.

Pratima and sharad leave from there. Yuv closes the door. Suhani feels ackward and says- I think we should sleep now.
Yuv slowly walks towards her. She gets nervous and looks down smiling. Yuv also smiles, bends and keeps his wallet in the drawer beside which suhani was standing. She looks up. They have an eye-lock. Suhani says- good night Mr halki daadhi bikhre baal and escapes. He smiles and replies- as u wish sweetheart.
Suhani blushes.

Hope u like the epi. Should I continue this ff or end it here? Do comment. 🙂

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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