Its 6.45 pm. Suhani is in a dilemma whether to meet yuv or not. Yuv reaches the park with hope. But shez not there. Around 7.30, it begins to rain heavily all of a sudden. Suhani thinks if yuv is waiting for her then…

She calls sharad.
Sh- haan bhabhi, did u meet guru?
Su- is he still waiting for me? In the rains?
Sh- yes bhabhi. U didn’t meet him?
Su (tensed)- nope. But I will go now.

Suhani rushes to meet yuvraj. Shez running in the rains as no vehicle could be seen. And reaches the park.
S- yu….yuvraj….
Yuvraj turns back and gives a sigh of relief on seeing her.
S- y r u doing this when u knew I didnt want to meet u?
Y- coz I knew u will come to meet me.
Suhani looks at him. They have an eyelock.
Suddenly she breaks it and asks him to say fast whatever he had to say.
Y- suhani, y did u go like this? Whats going on in ur mind?
S (looking down)- I just want peace. Thats all.
Y- suhani look at me and speak.
Suhani doesn’t answer.
Y- ok fine. Let me say then. I wana apologise to u for…..
Suhani interrupts- for u won’t ever fall for me?
Yuvraj looks at her, confused.
Suhani continues- tell me something yuvraj, did I ever ask u to love me? Did I ever ask u to treat me as ur wife unwillingly?
Yuv- suhani why are u saying all these?
S- coz u have made fun of our relation. U dont even consider me as ur friend. U have contributed only ur sympathy towards me in our relation. This is my insult on face. U know very well that dadi has insulted me always, but I always ignored coz I had no expectations from her. But I had lil expectation from u. That u will always stand by me. Not once or twice, there had been many times when…i don’t know y I felt that tum…..tum bhi humse……
Yuvraj looks on with tears.
Suhani continues- and the very next moment, u brought me to reality, reminding me that we are friends. I was ok with it. But sympathy….i don’t need it. Thats y I left coz i felt suffocated.

Yuvraj feels blank. He can’t understand what had happened to her.
Y- u think I have such thoughts for u.
Suhani looks away.
Y- thats y u went to advocate kunj?
Suhani looks at him stunned.
After a short silence, suhani says- I’m leaving.
He holds her hand. She asks him to leave, but he doesn’t. She gets angry and manages to get rid of his hold, and is about to leave when she hears something. She turns back to see yuv hitting his hand hard against a tree, due to which it was bleeding badly.

Suhani comes to him and takes his hand on hers.
Y- leave my hand and go wherever u want to go.
S- yuv its bleeding so…..
Y- so what?? U must be getting late.
Suhani takes out a handkerchief and covers his wounds. Shez about to leave when yuv folds his hands and says- suhani, can u spend just a day more at birla house for me?
S- its not possible for me.
She turns.
Yuv falls on her feet with folded hands. Suhani is taken aback. He requests and she agrees.

YuvAni come back home. Pratima asks howz lata ji. They understand sharad must have lied. They say shez fine and proceed towards their room.

Suhani enters and yuvraj follows her. She turns on the light and finds the room decorated with balloons, flowers and their pics.

S- yuv…..yuvraj wats all these?
Yuv comes close to her, holds her hands, makes her sit on the bed and he himself sits on the floor on his knees, holding her hands. Suhani feels uneasy. She thinks y is he behaving this way.

Y- suhani, plz. I wana share something with u. And now u will have to listen to me.
S- ok but wait. M coming.

She brings the first aid box. She takes his hand and does the bandaging. She looks at him while doing so, and sees hez already looking at her. She looks down and says- yuv m sorry. U got hurt coz of me. I wanted to go far away from u so that u can be happy. I know I am a burden on u and……….
Yuv interrupts- suhani, its true that initially i used to feel pity for u and thats y i tried my best to keep u happy. But as time passed by, i got to know u better. I realised u’r an awesome person at heart. U have done a lot for me and my family. Suhani, not only a just friend, but u’r my best friend. I wanted to apologise for hurting u so much. Plz forgive

Suhani doesn’t know what to say. She says- first u get up. They get up.
S- yuv I have already forgiven u.
Both of them wipe their tears.
Y- so.. R we friends now?
Suhani nods with a smile.
Yuv gives her a yellow rose says- this is for my friend…my best friend….
Suhani accepts it and thanks him.
She turns to leave and yuv holds her hand. She looks at him.
S- ab kya hai?
Y- suhani wo…..actually…I….
S- do u wana say something more?
Y- yesss……no….I mean….
Suhani looks at him confused..

PRECAP: The most awaited confession. 🙂

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