Yuv continued- but u know what? With time I realised that shez really different, but on a positive note.
Sh- I didn’t get u guru. Plz speak to the point.
Y- I love her.
Sh is stunned and asks- whom? Suhani bhabhi?
Y (smiling)- yes.
Sharad happily hugs him n says- kya baat hai guru. Its time for partyyy. Mausiiii.
Y- keep quiet. I hvnt told suhani yet. I will tell her on 1st at 12 am. And u have to keep ur promise.
They smile.

Suhani comes to pratima’s room and sees her asleep. So she leaves and goes towards her room. She sees yuv and sharad coming out of the room so she hides.
Y- sharad suhani asked me wat i feel for her. So I think I should tell her everything now only.
S- hmmm. That will be better.

Suhani comes to the lawn, recalling moments spent with yuv. “Was it all coz u felt pity for me? Don’t u consider me even as a friend? Is this the reason that u could stay for 20 days without missing me or talking to me? M I that bad? Yuv u have made fun of our relation, be it friendship or… Whatever.. I will leave tonight.”
She wipes her tears and turns to leave. She sees yuv standing in front of her. She recalls his words.
Y- Suhani I wana say something.
S- its too late yuvraj, good night.

She leaves. Yuv thinks something is definitely wrong. He goes after her, comes to their room and sees her packing her stuff.
Y- why are u packing now? R u going somewhere?
S- I wana meet my parents so I will be going tomorrow morning.
Y- ok. I will drop u. But plz don’t leave alone.
Suhani nods.
They go to sleep.

Next morning, yuv gets up. He sees the time, its 6 a.m. And suhani is not in the room. He gets worried and looks everywhere in the house. Shez nowhere. He gets worried and calls pankaj.
P- haan beta. How are you? And suhani? Haven’t seen her since so many days.
Y- uncle I will talk to u later.
P- ok beta. Is all ok?
Y- yes.


This is what I deserve. I have hurt her so much, I deserve the same. I kept her waiting for me but never bothered about what she wants. She’s also a human, with dreams, wishes….. But why did she leave without saying a word?
I called her twice to get no response. And then it was switched off.
I went to sharad in tears and told him everything. He was stunned. I told him not to say anything to anybody at home. We left to look for her.
We looked almost everywhere but couldn’t find her. It was getting 1 and we didn’t get a hint about her.
Me- sharad she must be in the park where she usually goes whenever shez upset.
We went to the park.
And she wasn’t there as well.

Now I felt my world was getting out of my hold. I couldn’t afford to lose her!!
She did confess her love so many times, but i .. I didn’t even get a single chance. Wat an unfortunate lover I am!!
My phone rang. Its dadi. I ignored. I was so tensed about suhani. Her phone was also switched off. Sharad consoled me and gave me hope that shez alright.

My phone rang again and again. I thought I must switch it off. But then I saw it was from a friend of mine, Kunj, who is an advocate.
Me- hello
K- hey yuvi. What’s wrong? All ok between u and suhani bhabhi?
I thought how did he get to know that suhani is missing.
Me- yes ofcourse. Y r u asking this?
K- no yuvi, something is wrong. Otherwise y would she come to me and ask me to prepare divorce papers for both of u?

I was taken aback on hearing this.
Me- what? Have u lost it? She must be somebody else. U haven’t ever met her before.
K- yes but she told me her name. And ur name too. And she has given me her number as well to call her when the papers are ready. She also told to get the papers ready by tomorrow.

I confirmed the number. It was hers. I was broken. Everything that was happening had only one interpretation- she wanted to leave me. If that’s true, I won’t stop her now!
I told sharad and he supported me. But he was upset too, as he always wanted to see us together.

Sharad- guru if bhabhi has given her number to kunj, then she must have switched on her phone. Try once.
I got hope. I called her. She didn’t pick up, so I dropped a msg for her, “Suhani I don’t know why are u behaving so weird. I wana meet u. I have lots of things to tell u. Plz meet me at the park where we often go. Around 7. I will be there and I won’t go back home without meeting u today, no matter what happens.”
Suhani reads the message.

PRECAP: Yuvraj gets hurt. Suhani ties the bandage and tells him that she will go far away from him so that he can be happy. He gets teary-eyed.

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