I rang the door bell. Ramesh opened the door.
All were happy to see me back. I touched the feet of the elders, took their blessings, hugged my bros, n looked around everywhere for Suhani as she was not there. Sharad noticed this. He understood I was looking for suhani and smiled.

S- what happened guru? Whom are u looking for when all are here?
Me- no nothing.

I went to my room and felt so relieved on seeing her. She was standing near the window, deeply lost in thoughts. She looked upset. I wanted to make her smile and hug her. But……

Me- Suhani….
Suhani turned and saw me. Her eyez were teary. She ran to me and was about to hug me but stopped. She again turned and asked when did I come.
Me- Just now.
I came in front of her and asked her y was she crying. She replied “nothing”.
Me- Suhani u can share anything with me.
S- are we friends? Good friends?
Me- yes of course
S- how long can I stay at a friend’s home? Some day or the other I will have to leave.

I was shattered on hearing this. How could I stop her when I never accepted her as my wife? My eyez got teary.

Me- y r u saying all this?
She didn’t answer. I just hugged her. I felt my whole world was within my arms. She didn’t hug me back; may be she was feeling awkward. So I broke the hug then and said, “so u’r planning to leave ur friend and go?”

S (looking away)- actually yuv…
I wanted to change the topic, so I congratulated her.
S- for what?
Y- u hv lost weight that’s y.
S- o really? Thanx for noticing.

She finally smiled. I too smiled. But then she again seemed to be upset. I couldn’t understand what was troubling her. And she wouldn’t say anything. I left from there.


Y yuvraj? Y? There had been many times when u made me feel that therez something more than friendship between us, that u have developed feelings for me, but then u reminded me that we are friends. Is that what we will always be? Was dadi right?

D- ei ladki. Y don’t u leave this house? Don’t u know that yuvraj doesn’t love u? And who knows whether he really considers u as a friend or its his sympathy for u.
S- dadi we r friends. And I have felt that he too has started liking me.
D- every unfortunate lover feels this way. Don’t u have any self-respect or wat? Staying at a friend’s place since months.
S- let yuvraj come. U will get to know the truth.
D- challenge accepted. And if I’m proved right then?
S- I will leave this house forever.
FB ends.

The way u hugged me today, it was not that friendly hug; there was something more than that and I could feel it!
I can’t stay with any misconceptions now. I will make things clear today itself.

Yuvraj and sharad are with pratima in her room.
Y- maa u should take care of ur health.
P- y? So that suhani leaves asap?
Yuvraj looks on.
P continues- r u so eager to send her out?
Sharad and pratima observe yuvraj.
Yuvraj looks here and there and thinks he can tell them the truth.
Y- I wana share something with both of u.
S and P become hopeful.
Just then ramesh enters and says- yuvraj bhaiya suhani bhabhi is calling u. He nods. S and P tell him to meet her first. He leaves.

P- don’t know sharad wat’s this boy upto. I thought he loves suhani.
S- he does, its just that he hasn’t realized this yet. But now I know wat to do.

Y- suhani…
S- yuv today I wana ask u something. And i’m expecting an honest answer from u.
Y- yes ask.
S- i love u yuv.
Y looks on.
S continued- and I will always do. Do u too love me?
Y feels he has got his answer and he shouldn’t wait for two more days as she deserves to hear it now.
S waits for an answer.
Y- suhani I wana share something with u.
S looks on.
Y- suhani… actually… First of all I wana apologise to u.
S- for what?
Just then sharad comes there. He sees them and is about to leave.
Su- pa bhaiya, do u need something?
Sh- no bhabhi. I wanted to talk to guru but I will talk later.
Su- no bhaiya. U can talk. Our convo is over and I think (looking at yuvi) that I have got my answer. She leaves.

Su steps out of the room and stops. “I know yuv u wanted to make me understand that u can’t love me . I am ok with it. U don’t need to give any explanation. U dont have to apologise. I don’t want u to love me forcefully. I should leave this house tomorrow itself. I should meet maa now.”

Shez about to leave when she hears sharad- guru, plz tell me honestly what do u feel about suhani bhabhi?
She waits to hear his answer.
Yuv- first u have to promise me that u will not say anything that I will say now to anybody and especially suhani.
Sh- I promise.
Y- u know sharad, suhani is not at all my type. Shez not that kind of a girl I dreamt of spending my life with.
Hearing this, tears start flowing from her eyez.
Yuv continued- she doesn’t care about her looks, she doesn’t want expensive clothes, jewellery, etc. She doesn’t even put make-up and is happy the way she is. U know I used to feel pity for her and that’s y I tried to keep her happy coz she was cheated by the ppl she trusted the most and dadi, rags bhabhi, etc used to insult her always.
Su couldn’t bear it now and leaves from there.

PRECAP: Sharad tells Yuvraj that Suhani has left Birla House. Yuvraj is shocked.

Hope u all liked it. 🙂

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