Hi everyone. This is me, NAPSHa J, n its my first ff. Hope u will like it. 🙂

It was the best business trip I ever had. I got to learn many new things n had new experiences. N the most important thing: I realised wat my life is without HER.
In the last 20 days, there wasn’t even a single day or a single moment wen I didn’t miss her. Her constant blabbering n senseless talks, which used to irritate me once, have now become a part of my life. In Mumbai, I stayed in a hotel room. I could not resist the silence there, especially at night. I often thought of calling her, but didn’t know wat to say. So I used to call her from a different PCO every night just to hear her voice. She used to say, “Hello. Hello. Who’s this? Hello. Y do u call wen u don’t wanna talk? Ufff…..” N disconnect the phone. N I used to smile n leave.
I really missed her a lot. Her smile used to make my day. I missed the way she cared for me. N the way she used to hug me or kiss me anytime n anywhere (wen she didn’t know about soumya n me). I even missed the food she cooked for me. I didn’t like the fooding provided there, so I used to skip my meals.
I don’t know wat has happened to me. Today I realize how much I have hurt her n made her cry. I wana apologize to her for everything. In spite of all that happened, she stayed back for maa. I often told her that we are good friends n will always remain, but I know that she loves me a lot even today, beyond everything. She never ever did complain.
God wats wrong with me? Y m I missing her so much? I got frustrated n closed my eyez. N saw her smiling face. I opened my eyes n thought, do I ……?? No.. I don’t love her. But if…. this is love then?? I recalled few moments spent with her n smiled. N finally confessed to myself, “Then yes, I love u Suhani”.
I felt so relieved after saying this, I just can’t explain. I decided that I won’t let her go n will tell her everything that she deserves to hear. After two days its new year, n I will begin my new life with Suhani, giving her all the happiness. I will take help from Sharad n maa to decide about a surprise for her.
Just an hour left n I will be back home. I am eager to see her.

PRECAP – Sharad tells Yuvraj that Suhani left home. Yuvraj is shocked.

Friends plz do comment so that I can decide whether to continue or stop it here itself.

Credit to: NAPSHa J

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  1. It is really nice dear…

  2. Wow..great dr..keep posting

  3. That’s was awesome dear.

  4. Superb dude!!! Pls update regularly….

  5. Aweeesooooomeee….

  6. This is perfection! Sooo imaginative ?❤️ I want to know about Yuvraaj and Soumya aswell ? but this ff will b amazing song give it up too early and update regularly ?✨

    1. Ff will be amazing song????
      I didn’t get u..

  7. I like your idea.Intro was different from others.suprb.

  8. Thank u soooo much friendzz.. I will continue for sure.. 🙂

  9. It was a unique start indeed!

  10. Indeed it’s an unique start soon gud

  11. amazing napsha..start is superb.waiting for nxt update

  12. Thanks a lot guyz..
    Next update will be posted tomorrow..

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