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hi guys I m back wid another os on raglak.eid Mubarak to all my frands.here it is:
a girl was sleeping peacefully in her room wid moonshine increasing her beauty but she was disturbed by a sudden sound.she got up reluctantly and luked towards the source of the noise and found a paper wrapped on a stone which came from the window .she picked it up and opened it the letter said”come down swara”.she luked towards the window and saw a guy sitting on the hostel’s garden bench in deep thoughts.she luks at him for sumtym widout getting noticed by him and moves inside wid confused face.

Girl-I have seen him sumwhere,where???ummmmmmm..(thinking)
she immediately rushed to her study table and took an envelope which swara,her roomie gave to her before leaving.she opens it and finds the photo of same guy sitting in garden and exclaims-laksh,swara boyfriend.
Girl-swara told me to give this letter to him in college as I don’t know him .so I shud give him the letter now only.
She hasn’t seen laksh properly ,jst knows him by swara’s description so to recognize him swara gave her laksh’s photo.
She was rushing downstairs taking a glance of him from the window while he was sitting in garden tensed and biting his nails.she opened the door wid extreme silence or the lady hitler,their warden wud eat her alive if she sees her going out of room at 11 pm that too to meet a boy.the letter falls down in this process from the envelope and she bends down to pick it up hurriedly and the curiosity which she had suppressed now popped up.
Girl-no ragini no u shudnt see any1’s personal letter,its for laksh.u cant……………..but I m her bestie and her roomie ,wid whom she shares all her feelings,her experiences then I have little right to have a look on it.shud i???
Then listening to her jassos side she opened the letter which swara wrote for laksh before leaving.
Dear laksh
I know u must be sad because we have not talked from a week.but I had my own reasons.actually wen I went to my hometown they had fixed my alliance ,I resisted but they didn’t listened so I had to meet the guy.he is a very nice guy.he is also fed up of his orthodox family but he soon will leave them and shift to America for his job.i told him about us so he agreed to refuse for the relation as I cant after pulling stunts for objecting it.but his polite reply to me touched my heart.we talked casually for sumtym and I got to know more about him,he is jst lyk me,luves his family but fed up of their stereotype thinking.he wants to fly free jst lyk me.this wat made me fall for him wen I returned back my thoughts were filled wid him only so I agreed for the marriage wid sanskar choudhary.

I was in a mental turmoil how to tell u this so I stopped talking to u,I cudnt face u ,yes I m coward that I handed this letter to my frand to give it to u.i m sorry……….Wenever I talked to u about my family u changed the topic saying there’s much tym for it,I didn’t showed it but felt bad. I felt wid passing tym that u weren’t the guy wid whom I can spend my lyf.u always complied to ur family’s wishes might be because they r so open minded and I really lyk it about u ………….but my family wont let me go out of the social boundaries they have set up and I fear that I cud loose them forever,however they r but I luv them so I had taken this decision.pls don’t loose hope and it was me who cudnt stand in this relationship………
I m sorry laksh………if possible pls forgive me.
Have a gud lyf .
Swara thakur……..
The letter finished and ragini was now in tears that swara a girl who cared about every1 did this wid laksh who she luved for once but now she felt more badfor laksh,poor boy was waiting outside to talk to his lady love but wat will his reaction be wen he gets to know all this.she unknowingly developed compassion for him wid out even talking to him or even meeting him.she went downstairs scared wid a sacrf covering her mouth so that no one shud recognize her,only her eyes were visible.
She came down stairs and hearing her footsteps laksh started singing.
Yeh rat aur yeh duri, tera milana hai jaruri – (2)
Kee dil mera -2 dhak dhak bole, diwana liye jayey hichakole
Yeh rat aur yeh duri………(coming towards her,putting hand on his heart and moving the hand rhythmically.)(ragini was amazed to see him lyk this,he was dancing ans singing making cute faces and funny antics were cherry on the top)

Kahana chahu tumse mai kitni bate
Iss hasarat me kati, kati hain kitni raten
Too chhat par aa bhi ja, jhalak dikhala bhi ja – (2)(indicating through his hands making a heart wid puppy dog eyes and then indicating the terrace and then the moon)(he caught rags hand and rolled her around yery sofly asking a sorry holding his ears by his hands)
Hal hai jo tera wahi hal mera -2, piya hal wahi hai mera(ragini was enjoying all this and didn’t wanted to disturb him so she too went crazy)(she kept her hands on her chest and blinked her eyes cutely)
Karu pyar chori chori tauba itani majaburi – (2)
Kee dil mera -2 dhak dhak bole, diwana liye jayey hichakole
Yeh rat aur yeh duri………(ragini shied away ,then kept her hands on her heart and started grooving on the song mumbling the lyrics)(while laksh was there standing enjoying his assumed lady’s dance)

Sun le mere kwabo kee kwabo kee o shehzadi(he came towards rags who was sitting on the bench and kneeled before her)
Aawaze deta hai, deta hai kab se fariyadi(he joined his hands in a praying position and pleded before her)
Sitamgar aa bhi ja, karam farma bhi ja – (2)(he got up and started doing sum moves)
Dard hai jo tera wahi dard mera -2, piya dard wahi hai mera(rags mouthed this words getting up from the bench and twinkled her eyes)
Karu pyar chori chori tauba itani majaburi – (2)
Kee dil mera -2 dhak dhak bole, diwana liye jayey hichakole(they were now in eo’s embrace and were dancing while laksh was holding her waist and rags kept her hand on his shoulder)
Yeh rat aur yeh duri………(the song ends and wid this her scarf falls downs revealing her angelic face but laksh was shocked)
Laksh(shocked)-sorry…….actually I called swara but who r u???
Ragini(stammering)actually…….i…….i am…….uhh…….swara’s roommate…….she left early this morning..leaving this letter for u(forwarding the letter to him)
Ragini(to herself)-his mood was so gud but u r gonna spoil it u idiot.wat will he react????(she started biting her nails)
Laksh(laughing)-wat is dis???swara is playing a prank on me right!!!(showing the letter)
Rags-no laksh…….she left………..
Laksh-but……..wen………y……..???(and he breaks down and falls on ground crying silently)
Rags was shocked to see him crying.she luked at his bent head and heard his sobbing for sumtym not able to figure out wat to do.she then took a step forward and kept her hand on his shoulder assuring him that she’s wid him,unknowingly tears formed in her eyes too.
Laksh suddenly hugged her or say her waist was encircled by his hands ,he was crying saying-y she did it,atleast she shud have talked to me???she caressed his hairs giving him support.
Ragini breaks the hug and kneels down and cups his face.
Rag-laksh listen to me,see whatever happened it wasn’t ur mistake,ok??
Laksh luks at her and nods.
Rag-if it happened it was written in destiny,if swara left u it means u deserve sum1 better.u cant loose hope lyk this.come on cheer up,I herad hat u r a strong guy!!!(and smiles)
Laksh gets up followed by rags.
Laksh(wiping his tears)-yes everything happens for gud.i have to move on.thanks!!!!
And he left from there wid out asking even her name.
Ragini went to her room wid his thoughts and a smile creased on her lips.

**********2 months later*********
Rags was standing near the window,the same from which laksh threw the stone packed message,from where it all started ,she was now also thinking about the moments she spent wid laksh(their dance,her consoling him).
Rags pov
I have seen that boys always get angry or simply ignore wen they r dumped.no one shows wat they actually feel but laksh is different,he cried,really he did,its very hard for a boy to show his real feelings and he did.he is definitely different from others.no wonder y swara left him.but she was also not wrong,it was her lyf her decision but she was too clever that she left only after oue final exams…….now our result has cum and I m going to his college ,to study,wud he even recognize me?he doesn’t even know my name.!!!ragini leave that and jst concentrate on ur studies.
Wid this she went to sleep but was thinking only of his sweet,chirpy nature which turned extremely emotional wen he heard that news.she still feels bad for him.
******nxt day at college***
Ragini enters through the big gates to the college and behind her cumes a lavishing car.she cud her a lot of people shouting laksh,laksh!!!she was amazed by his popularity and turned towards him to get his sight.he came out of car moving hands in his hair showing his attitude.and waving a hi to evry1.ragini felt that she has cum to a filmset where these all r sum hero’s(laksh)fans and r dying to get his 1 luk.
Rags(in mind)-he has these much people around him so surely he wont remember me.and seems to be, he is full of attitude.
She went towards her MBA class and sat on 1st bench ,a girl sat besides her.and waved her hi.
She was lost in her thoughts wen the teacher came and introduced the toppers of the class ,ragini still had her head bent down.
Prof-the 1st position is as usual taken by laksh maheshwari.
This shocked rags as she thought he wud be a complete spoilt brat but he was a topper too.she luked at back where he was standing and smiling at the professor.
Prof-laksh cum down(laksh cums to the prof)
Prof-I m proud of u as always but this tym u have to share it wid sum1.
Evry1 was like ‘is it true’laksh can be competed by sum1 but laksh was eager to see his/her face.and then the professor announced-ragini gadodia ,new admission to our college!!
Ragini looked at them a bit shocked and passed a nervous smile while evry1 was staring at her.prof called her and she went taking baby steps playing wid her fingers.
Prof-laksh this is ragini and ragini this is laksh our college topper.
And they shook hand while laksh was staring at her ,she had her head down or luking here and there.
****the end***

Precap-their friendship and love

Guys I hope u liked it.

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