tera andaz bhaa gya iss dil ko (2 shots) raglak part-2


Hi guys I know I m really late sorry wat to do study’s important too.but here I m .thank u all for ur comments.
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Laksh still holding her hand(in mind)-I have seen her sumwere……oh yeah the hostel girl…….wats her name.ragini….hmm so she was the one who helped me.i shud talk to her but y is she not luking into my eyes.i think she is not used to much attention.
Rags(in mind)-oh god,he’s a topper,and now I m holding his hand………I cant believe it,but y m I feeling shy??y I m not luking into his eyes??ragini u r really darpok.
They broke their handshake and rags silently went to her seat widout even luking above once.while laksh was trying to figure out wat she was thinking by luking into her eyes but alas she had her head bowed down lyk a nursery kid coming to skul 1st day.
****in canteen***********
Rags was sitting alone,she was not a person who socializes much so alone.she was sipping coffee lost in her thoughts wen she sensed sum1’s presence around and luked to her right and saw him,laksh was sitting cupping his face ,his eyes were sleepy,and he was luking continuously at rags.
Rags(startled)-wat……wat r u doing……..here?
Laksh(sleepy tone)-woaah thank god u noticed me I was sitting beside u lyk for 10 minutes but now I m really lucky to have ur attention(gives a sarcastic smile)
Rags(shocked)-u were sitting here for 10 mins??but y??
Laksh(cutely)-awww how iinnnocent u r?(pulling her cheeks)to talk to u buddhu.
Rags felt butterflies in her stomach wen laksh touched her cheeks and praised her but she maintained a stiff look on her face.
Rags-talk wid me?y?wat?
Laksh-hold on I thought to talk to u ,so do u remember me??(raising his 1 eyebrow)
Rags(in mind)-remember me??huh?i m not able to get him out of my head from that nyt.always thinking about him
Rahs(to L)-(CASUALLY)-yes u came to our hostel that day.hmm I remember.
Laksh-so u do ,ok I hope u have not told this to any1.
Rags(in mind)-y wud I share about u to any1.
Rags(to l)-no no not at all
Laksh-u know I usually don’t cry and wen I cry its wen sum1 special around lyk my mom but I cried in front of u ,so u r sum1 special.
Rags(in mind)-special.me .for him.(now her imagination ran into all directions possible,she was flying in air)
Rags(to l)-oh so I m really lucky to be present at that moment.
Lak-yes ,but u can be more lucky by doing frandship wid me………so frands?(forwarding his hand)
Rags(in mind)-frands.yes!!!………..no u remember na all ur frands r jst frands for benefit……see swara also left u for her marriage and didn’t even called.and hold ur horses wat’s this laksh,laksh,shut up u came here to study ,not to make frands.
Rags(to l)-no I m sorry I don’t even know u so I cant be ur frand so soon.sorry (left from there)
Laksh stood there shocked,a girl who he talked to that nyt,who was so sweet,consoling is now rejecting his frandship,but y?
He was too shocked to ask her the reason for her doing.

Sum days later in a wedding function.
Laksh-cant mom dad cum alone why me?in this boring function,I don’t even know any1.!!!
He then hears a girl giggling and turns towards her side and sees a girl’s back facing him ,the girl then bends down to help a kid wipe his mouth of ice cream.
He feels awwww such a sweet girl ,turn around I wanna see her face.she turns and is revealed to be rags.she was luking no less than an angel in her white kurti .
Laksh(in mind)-rags ,she here?y?and that too so happy and lyk a chatter box,she stays silent then?is she her look-a –alike?i shud see..
He followed her all around and kept an eye on her.he came to know she came wid children of orphanage.
Laksh(in mind)-charity!!nyc!she’s not that khadoos and see how she has becum a child wid those kids.i shud talk to her.
He was approaching her wen the bride’s father(bf) caught him and he had to unwillingly go to him and converse in polite manner.
Laksh-namaste uncle(fake smile)
Bf-god bless u.
Laksh-uncle……arrrr.i shud go my frand’s waiting(pointing towards rags)
Uncle-oh that girl,she’s ur frand,such sweet girl,I have invited her for the wedding.
Laksh whole attention now was on uncle’s words.
Laksh-u invited her??
Uncle-yes her group of orphan children really sing well and my daughter wanted them only for her marriage.wat u thought?
Laksh-no….i thought ……..they came for charity
Uncle-no no ragini doesn’t lyk it,we told her so but she said we the children have talent then y not utilize it and make them stand on their own feets.
Laksh-oh.ok uncle ,I gotta meet her ,bye!!!
He left towards rags and waved a hi to her.she turned around trying to avoid him.
Laksh came to her and said-ragini u here wat a pleasant surprise.
Laksh-so we met here too,y not be frands wen destiny is making our paths cross eo’s evrytym,in college,now in wedding.
Rags-sorry I m not interested.
Laksh-ragini if u wont agree then I will cry!!(emotional blackmail)
The kids around laughed and seeing them laughing a smile appeared on rags face.
Rags-ok I will accept ur frandship,jst coz u made the kids laugh.!!
Laksh-ok………but till then I will give u 1000’s of reasons to consider me as frand.
Both shook hands and then enjoyed a lot wid the kids by dancing ,he was mesmerized by her voice and her gestures of helping poor children touched his heart.she unknowingly was making her place stronger in his heart.ragini tried to resist him but he was destined to be in her destiny and that’s wat happened.
********in college********

Laksh(sweetly)-hi ragini (forwards his hand)
Rags forwards her hand giving a sweet smile and blushing lyk anything.he also gave a sweet smile and introduced himself formally.
Laksh went to his frand who called him
Adi-hey y do made her ur frand.?she’s a silent type girl?and not at all our standards.
Laksh(seriously)-don’t judge sum1 by their clothes and yes I frandshipped wid her bcoz I liked her character and also I want to make her a girl who lives her lyf………I don’t know y I feel she needs sum1 to fulfill those colours in her lyf.she’s hoping for sum1 who cud do that(he doesn’t tell them about marriage meet).(he luks towards her from distance and smiles)
Rohan(another frand)-woaah u didn’t even met her properly but u know this much about her.
Lak-yes I got to know this much about her …………u know y bcoz her eyes speak a lot.they speak her heart out.and the one whose real emotions r depicted in eyes they r really pure at heart.and she is one.i don’t want to let her go lyk this every1 needs to enjoy his/her lyf.(he’s continuously luking towards her)
Adi(chuckles)-lo ye chala kisi aur ki zindagi sawarne.(see now he’s going to fill colours in another lyf.)
Laksh smiles and leaves not knowing that this step will change his life too and bring the most precious thing to him.
There frandship started ,they waved hey.hello to eo everyday.and now rags started conversing openly wid laksh and our laksh smilingly listened to her all blabbering.he wanted to discover her,her nature that was unique for him.
******one day***********
Raglak were crossing a class wen they heard the painful moaning of a girl.they went carefully towards them and saw a guy manhandling a girl.laksh shouted on top of his voice-stop it!!
The guy turned and revealed to be karthik ,their classmate.he passed them a ‘go away or else’look and rags was scared seeing his bloodshot eyes and holded laksh’s arm.laksh luked at her and assured her through eyes and got out of her grip and went towards karthik.
Laksh-leave her if she’s not interested then y r u forcing her.
Karthik- who r u to tell me this??go away!!
Laksh-ok I wont say anything but if the princi sees this then he may do anything. rusticate u from college,get u in jail and seems that u r drunk so……….(and smirks)
Karthik leaves from there covering his mouth.the girl is in tears and says thank u to laksh
Laksh-I wont cum everytym to save u,u have to take a stand for urself,u cant let such man overpower u.so pls speak up for urself.
The girl nods teary eyed and goes from there.
Rags was amazed by his talks and looked at him admiringly.laksh snapped his fingers in front of her and she came to reality.
Lak-wat happened??
Rags-thank u
Laksh-for wat??
Rags-for supporting a woman.
Laksh-y u saying thanks
Rags(sincerely)-bcoz I m also one of them and there r rarely boys who take stand for a girl
Laksh-I have helped many but no girl around that scene ever came and thanked me.u r different.
Rags-that toh I m!!(and smiles)
***********in canteen*********
Raglak were sitting and seeing around wen a guy proposed a girl and she agreed.
Rags-laksh do u believe in relations??
Laksh-yes ragini y not?
Rags-wo…..actually wat happened after swara I thought…u …
Lak(smiling a bit)-no need to hesitate,actually in a relation u have to put ur faith and if it doesn’t work out then yes u will be discouraged but no it didn’t let my believe on relations go away.i still believe in realtions as u cant run away from a thing from much tym and u shud keep trying,the difficulties u face will only make u stronger.
Rags-wow I 1st tym saw a guy talking lyk this…….so u told ur frands about swara?
Laksh-no I didn’t,I said that she went to her hometown for forever and that we cant keep long distance relations.
Rags(amazed)-but y?
Laksh-if I wud have told them about her leaving me and marrying sum1 else then her name wud be sspoiled so that’s y.
Rags(dreamily)-laksh u r really a hero,I love u (she realized wat she said and bit her tongue)
Lak raised his eyebrow and rags composed-as a frand!!
Laksh-rags may I ask sumthing?
Rags-ya y not.
Laksh-y don’t u make much frands?
Rags-laksh actually the frands that I ever made were all selfish,u know frands for benefit,jst for name,so it made me believe that no one’s ur true frand………but
Rags(admiring him)-but now I believe that u can get true frands too,see lyk u.
Weeks passed and months too there bond grew stronger and stronger ,rags came to his lot of shades of nature and the more she got to know him she admired him more and loved him more.yes she started loving him ,she loved talking to him,smiling wen he smiles and she felt as a free bird around him.she liked his talks his thinking and wat not.!!!but she holded herself thinking dat laksh considers her only as a frand but does he??
They were now in 2nd yr wen a new guy took transfer in their class,sahil,he was a dashing guy but not mre than our laksh.all girls went flat over him and he became the hot topic of college.he was famous bcoz he gave girls the attention which lucky ran away from.he wasn’t at all jealous of him but one day he saw rags talking to him smilingly.he was enfuriated and grabbed rags hand and took her from there.
Laksh-ragini y were u wid him??
Rags(worriedly)-wat happened laksh?r u fyn?
Laksh(growled)-that’s not the answer to my ques .tell me wat were u doing there?
Rags(scared)-nothing jst he asked for sum notes,that’s it
Laksh left from there hurriedly-y did I felt bad wen she talked to him?y did I felt jealous?do I love her?
Laksh(happily)-yes I love her.yahooo!!!!!!!!!!yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i shud tell this to her.but she wud have got hurt by my behavour ,first I shud apologise to her.
He didn’t saw rags in college for sum days and decided to got to her hostel.
Rags was sleeping but was disturbed again by a sound of thrash.she got up and saw a paper and in it was written cum down-no name.she luked from window but found no one and decided to go down thinking it to be laksh only.she felt happy as she hadn’t talked to him from many days.
She went down and saw him smiling at her.she moved forward nervously seeing his charming smile which made her go mad all the tym.
Rags(slowly)-laksh u here?
Laksh-yes rags ,u didn’t came to college for days so thought to meet u.
Laksh(excitedly)-wat ok?u shud shout at me that how I behaved wid u lyk that but no u r so sweet my ragu.u don’t even say sumthing but I have to……….sorry(holding his ears)
Rags-laksh wat r u doing leave it.i m not angry on u at all
Laksh- I knew u wont be but I was…….angry on myself to behave lyk that wid u.
Rags-ok so I have forgiven u be happy and go(she turns to leave)
Laksh holds her hands and pulls her towards him .rags is shocked .
Rags(nervously)-laksh wat is this?
Laksh-shhhh(keeping finger on her lips)now I will speak………ragini u know wen I saw u 1st tym u came in my lyf as a healer who took my all pain away .and than u filled my lyf wid colours which I assumed I was doing in ur lyf.u made me experience the most beautiful feeling ……..love…………again.ragini I love u.
Rags was delighted wid happiness to know that he feels the same for her and hugged him tightly.
Laksh-so shud I consider a yes?
Rags-yes my buddhu.
Laksh(breaking the hug)-so rags wat u liked about me the most?
Rag-u attitude,ur nature,ur everything……in short tera andaz bhaa gya iss dil ko!!!!!!!
Laksh-awwwwwwww(and hugged her again more tightly and compassionately)
******the end*****************
Sorry guys for doing so late.but I hope u didn’t found it bad.i was too tired to write it but I had to complete it. I hope u liked it.
Do comment ur views and thanks for reading.

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