TEI:our hot favourite show is ending

omg!!…yaaa frnds tei our hot favourite show is going to end…..i m sooo much sad…
i know many of us means sidmin fans dint watch it….as our sid had left but den also feeling very much bad to know dat it is going to end…i had watched only one or two epi after sid left…
now only got d news so thought to share with u alll….
according to sources….16 SEPTEMBER 2016 our tei is going to end donno….which will b d jodi atlast…TWINJ OR TWIRAJ::: n afterall if twiraj will b d jodi …i will not mind…s i cant imagine tw with naman……..
i read n come to know dat dey dont wanto drag dis story anymore….after sid left…its Trps r going down…
dan also m very sad…
wat u all think…
our tei will end?
give ur views..
is its good news or bad?
i m feeling like crying i dont like d news….i know it no morre our sidmin…but in dis show our memories of sidmin r der
dont forget to giv ur view

ur dearest sweetest….bakbak queen

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    i will miss tei a lot

  2. SidMin

    Its better they don’t drag the story line though i will miss TEI but still after Sid’s exit I don’t feel like watching TEI
    Every good thing comes to an end so is TEI will miss it 🙂

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    U guys r somewhere right but still , still after the exit of sid I never ended watching this show coz somewhere I was watching it for jasmin zain n whole tei team n with hope that one day our sid will also be back with a bang
    I never wanted this show to come to an end
    That Sajna ve song
    Bas itna si tamanna song
    N background music
    The best ever song composed by any daily soap
    The Destiny have played such joke that it really made us so joke
    Guys u remember few days back we were protesting as we want our sid back N having a hope that he will come back but what to say it’s over
    Hope someone bring our sidmin together soon on another show
    Or after sometime tei only could come back with a season 2
    No one realises the value of sidmin but it valued only after sid exit
    Only one project destroyed another project
    Ones exit made everyone to exit
    Hope to see sidmin soon again together on new show

  4. I had mixed feeling regarding tei ending.. Cuz it’s because of tei tht we got sidmin as twinj.. it’s cuz of tei we got sidhant whom we all love.. there are many memories of sidmin as twinj in tei which we will always cherish forever.. they will always remain in our heart.. though I left watching tei after sid left but I still watch previous episodes of tei cuz I can’t live without watching sidmin.. and in a way it’s good that they are ending the show instead of dragging.. and I read in an article that Tei will end with twinj.. but will miss it though ?

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