TEI- Twinkle’s life was a mystery (OS)

Hi guys iam tanishaa and this is my second os and no more buk buk
Characters involved

A girl is shown crying in her room
And its non other than twinkle she sobs while crying
T kyun babaji kyun aap no toh paata hai meri identity Kya hai toh phone kyun even I love kunj but because of my fate I can’t spoil his life(guys I forgot mention kunj proposed twinkle and she denied and ran and came to her house)she sleeps crying

Next morning

Twinkle goes somewhere kunj is standing near her house and watching twinkle going and follows her and he gets his lifes biggest shock he sees twinkle going into place where they get physically relaxed
He goes near a person who is standing near there
K bhaiya what is twinkle doing here (pointing his fingers towards twinkle)
M she us not twinkle her name is priyanka why do you need appointment with her
K (with tears in his eyes)yes I want (sobbing)
That men instructs him towards one room
Location : room
KUNJ enters the room
Twinkle is sitting facing her back towards kunj
T yes come and sit

K start first I don’t have time
Twinkle gets shocked hearing kunj voice
Twinkle turns
T kunj tum why did you come here pls go from here
K are you starting or else I will go to someo
Before he could continue one chatak yes guys twinkle gave slap to kunj
T kunj how can you think like I want you stay away from all this because I don’t wanted spoil your life by you marrying me
K if I marry you my life wont t spoil because I love you mad
T I love you to kunj

K twinkle first say why are you doing all this
T kunj when I ws 19 my mom was suffering from leukemia she wanted bone marrow for that my dad forced me to sleep with a guy who can donate bone marrow for my mom after that my dad started forcing me to sleep with his staff’s friends and all that to for so called money and a I fully came into this field after that what can i do kunj
KUNJ gets up from th re and brokers the water jar and takes a glass piece and cuts his thum and and puts the blood in twinkles forehead liike sindoor they both hugs
After five years a girl’s us shown working in a office in her cabin its non other than twinkle a boy comes hugs her from back that us non other than kunj
T kunj you here where I is PARI and purvi(PARI and purvi are twinjs twin daughters )from back
Maa (yes guys that’s PARI and purvi )

PARI n purvi comes and hugs twinkle and kunj (yes guys twinkle left all the work which she did before and now works on a office as vice president)

******the end*********

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  1. hey tanishaa its exactly like ridhima’s os….. the only difference is there was kunj in twinkle’s place nd he named himself as rocky nd rest all is same!!! wht a coincidence

    1. hehe nd pari nd purvi r same names as in sweetie’s ff….. but nice try girl

      1. please tell that os name i want to read

      2. i also read that ritzi it was same but anyways nice try
        hey ritzi ! it was u with pink icons in other ffs
        are u taking care of aunt
        and please post your ff i am dying to read it and already dead by reading today’s epi of TEI

    2. Ritzi yaar ab toh maaf krdo please apna ff post kro yrr …we all r waiting u know na we all love u so much… wapas ana yrr plzzz
      Just so say CHALO JANE DO AB CHODE BHI ; ITNA BHI KYA GUSSA KRNA AB MUSKURAO BHI….love u nd waiting for ff too

  2. Hey Tanishaa sharma ( Tanya), I think I have read this story earlier also that too in tashan e ishq page. But their the characters were swapped as in kunj was doing all this but by name rocky and Twinkle caught him and made him realize…. Have u copied it from net or from that person or u wrote it earlier also
    Waiting for ur reply

  3. hey tanya….. its exactly like ridhima’s os…. the difference is kunj was in twinkle’s space… nd the rest is same…. hehe wht a coincidence…. how can u both think this much same… including the dialouges….. nd pari nd purvi rbsame name as in sweetie’s ff… funny!

  4. Tanya osum, superb

  5. Firstly an awesome os
    N then more shocking was u used my edit tq that u isd it

  6. This is the same as ridhima os but just character have interchanged . And pari and purvi name of the daughters of twinj in sweetie ff .

  7. Hey I have read it earlier.. I think it was written by ridhima….

  8. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Guys iam really very sry actually thus is not written by me instead by my cousin sis write as she also watches TEI when I read ridimas OS I talked to my cousin sis about ridhi’s OSwhen I was not at home she used that time and wrote this OS in my name iam really very sry guys in behalf of my cousin sis specially ridhima pls forgive me guys pls pls pls once again sry guys after this ill be attentive that my c sis won’t do any ridiculous things like this uam sry guys ho saake toh màaf kardijiye mujhe

    1. it’s ok dear

    2. hey tanya…. its srsly no problem yaar…. hota hai…. nd ya hii fiona m glad tht u r waiting fr my ff….. i hv posted it…. but u will get to see it tomorrow as i posted it late

  9. Don’t be sorry Tanya ….it’s not ur mistake so don’t get sad …we all know u r too good at writing OS . I read ur first os it was really good …waiting to see ur os very soon….

  10. Ritzi I m missing u ritzi where are u…………..miss u tooo much????

  11. Nice Tanya di and u don’t need to say sorry. It was not ur mistake

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