TEI – A NEW TALE OF APSARA (Intro continues)



A man jumps from a aeroplane and opens a parachute thus lands safely on ground and turns back slowly he is non other then vikas gupta ( kunj of tashan-e-ishq or sidhant gupta )
A sun rises , vikas gets up from the sleep and gets ready then takes a car to go to office ,

a puppy runs towards the car Apsara is shown slowly from his leg then she saves the puppy by risking her life , driver comes down and scolds Apsara for the fearlessness act then Apsara thanks driver for stopping car but driver without responding goes away Apsara scolds him for not responding and goes with puppy .

A man takes bath and comes out gets ready and comes down who is shown from his feet who is non other than vivek ( parth samathaan )
Such a handsome hunk takes blessing from his mother and goes to the job .Vivek is a owner of a company which is successfully handled by him .

Characters name

Karan patel – negative role
Anita – female negative role
Prem and Simar of ssk – vikas’s dad and mom Abhi and pragya of KB – vikas’s uncle and aunt mohan and megha of NBTNMKK -Apsara’s dad and mom
Rithik and sivanya of Naagin – vivek’s dad and mom

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