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Thank you, guys for your love towards my os. I was very happy by reading the comments. Thanks.

Let’s start.
A boy is stepping the stairs one-by-one to come down. Everyone’s eyes r kept on him. He presents himself in front of everyone and then, his mom introduces him to everyone. She says he is Kunj Sarna, my son this party is organized for him. Everyone claps and says happy birthday.
On the other hand, a girl is shown who runs down the airport, and then gets a call of her mom. Her mom says where r u, come fast. The girl says mom just coming.
In party, Mahi and Yuvi come to greet Kunj.
Mahi – Kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjj…….. Happy birthday. 29 years haa. Thirties is not far.
Kunj – I know.
Yuvi – Happy birthday bro.
Kunj – Thanks.
On the other hand, the girl gets a taxi and asks the taxi driver to stop in front of Taneja house. (I think u got the name of the girl.) She goes in and comes out dressed in a blue and pink colour mixed salwar.

@ Party
Everyone asks Kunj to cut his birthday cake and make the day special for him. Kunj is almost cutting the cake, but the light goes off and then, a girl comes in and says what yaar Kunj? U r celebrating your 29th birthday without me. Bad boy.
Kunj recognizes the voice and says u. everyone is confused, still putting stress to recognizes her voice. The light falls on the girl and then the girl is revealed to be Twinkle Taneja. Twinkle runs and hugs Kunj. He hugs her back.
Kunj – Twinkle after so many years.
Twinkle – I had promised u that I will be present on your 29th birthday. Look your Twinkle is present in front of u.
Kunj – I’m really surprised. U know this is like a gift for me on my birthday. This gift has made my birthday.
Twinkle – this is not like a gift; this is a gift from usha aunty, Maa, Mahi, Yuvi and me.
Kunj – Best gift ever.
Twinkle – fine, now cut your cake. Kunj cuts the cake and feeds the first bite to Usha and then Twinkle.
They enjoy the party. The party comes on it last stage.
At, night Kunj comes to Taneja mansion. Twinkle opens the door and then, Kunj holds her hand and takes her out. She denies, but he takes her.
Twinkle all confused asks Kunj what happened.
Kunj – Twinkle u have come after so five years so I should meet u na and yes do u even know how much I have missed u. Twinkle smiles.
Kunj – u r smiling, unbelievable.
Twinkle – Yes, u know why I’m smiling because my best friend has missed me a lot for the first time.
Kunj – Ya, right for the first time. but there is a reason behind it, actually u used every time goes to Amritsar, but five years ago u went to US. Therefore I missed or I won’t.
Twinkle holds his cheeks and stretches them and then says it’s enough for me that my best friend misses me. Kunj shouts in pain and says Twinkle leave my cheeks, its pain. Twinkle leaves them.
Twinkle – Its late now, we should sleep.
Kunj – Right, good night.
Twinkle – Good night.
Next day, Twinkle calls Mahi, Yuvi and Kunj and asks them to come at Taneja mansion.
Everyone reaches there all confused, thinking if anything happened wrong. Then, twinkle comes running to them and tells them about sleepover.
Mahi, Yuvi and Kunj – sleepover.
Twinkle – Ya, sleepover, today, 10pm sharp okay.
Mahi – but, why?
Twinkle – Mahi do act like a dumb. Look I’m here after how many years.
Mahi, Yuvi and Kunj – Five years.
Twinkle – Exactly, I’m trying to say that I’m here after five years and I think that we did our sleepover five years before. So I want u all to come today to my house for a sleepover. My mom has no objection.
Kunj interrupts – Twinkle, first thing we have our jobs and if we come today, then we can’t go tomorrow for our jobs and secondly we r not kids anymore.
Twinkle in teasing way – Baba gayani bole. Kunj tell me?
Kunj – What?
Twinkle – Why r u so sadu still after five years. She drops her lower jaw. Kunj closes her jaw and says don’t question, answer my questions.
Twinkle – Okay, look first of all today is Saturday so we can do sleepover because tomorrow is Sunday and secondly there is no age limit for sleepover, I think so. Got it Mr. Sarna. Now tell who r coming.
Mahi – I’m ready.
Yuvi – I’m also. Twinkle looks at Kunj in questioning way.
Twinkle – Okay, guys let’s go to our home this person is not coming. Everyone moves to go, but Kunj is still standing there.
Then, Kunj shouts Twinkle; she smiles and signs Yuvi and Mahi to go. She looks back and Kunj says Twinkle please can I come.
Twinkle – Kunj my house doors r always open for u. Kunj smiles.

Everyone comes and Mahi asks Twinkle what will they do?
Yuvi suggests to play truth and dare. Everyone agrees. But Twinkle, disagrees. She says truth and dare in four play how boring. Just then, khushi and Rohan come. They say if not four, but six can manage. Twinkle smiles.
Everyone sits down and just leela comes.
Leela – kids have fun. I will get cold drinks for u. everyone nods.
Kunj spins the bottle. The first turn comes on Mahi.
Everyone – Truth or dare.
Mahi – Truth.
Kunj – I will ask who is your crush.
Mahi hesitates but says Salman Khan.
Everyone says liar.
Mahi – What liar. I really have I crush on Salman Khan. Then, she looks at Yuvi. Kunj spins the bottle. Turn comes on Twinkle.
Twinkle – Truth.
Yuvi – Who’s your crush or whom do u love?
Twinkle – Same ghesa pita question. U boys don’t have anything else to ask. Okay my crush (she looks at Kunj) and says Vaurn Dhawan.
Kunj – tum ladkiya humesha jhoot bolti ho.
Twinkle – What is your problem? Tum ladko ko na ladkiyo ke secrets jane rahte hai. All the boys present there become uncomfortable. Kunj again spins the bottle. Turn comes on Khushi.
Khushi – Dare.
Vivek – I will give, go and pull leela aunty’s hairs.
Twinkle – yaar, why r u getting my Maa in this. Kunj calms down Twinkle.
Khushi goes and signs leela that it is said to her to do it, please don’t mind. Leela smiles.
She pulls her hair and comes. After some time they watch movie and then everyone gets exhausted and go to sleep.
Next day, everyone goes to their respective homes and then they get fresh.

@Twinkle’s room.
Twinkle starts to write her dairy. Just then, Kunj comes and takes her diary from her. She starts to run behind him, Kunj takes the diary and tries to read it. Just then, Twinkle snatches it from him and keeps it in her book self.
Kunj – Twinkle.
Twinkle – Kunj how did u enter my room.
Kunj – U only said that your house doors r always for me.
Twinkle – Dumbo. I said house not my room. And Kunj I don’t like any one reading my diary.
Kunj – Twinkle I want to read your diary once.
Twinkle – Read it but after I ‘m dead. Kunj puts his hand on her mouth.
Kunj – Twinkle no. I can’t lose u after all I got u after five years. Twinkle nods, but goes in deep thought. Kunj snaps his fingers in front of her eyes.
Twinkle comes to senses and asks Kunj to leave. He leaves
Next day, Mahi comes to Twinkle and looks at a confused, sad, without any expression Twinkle.
Mahi – Twinkle what happened.
Twinkle – Nothing, but just thinking about something.
Mahi – Some thing or Kunj.
Twinkle – What?
Mahi – Yes, Twinkle u love Kunj. Twinkle denies.
Mahi – Look when we were playing that truth and dare game and u were asked who is your crush, I saw u looking at Kunj. I know u love Kunj.
On the other hand, Yuvi is near Kunj, Yuvi also reveals it to Kunj that he is in love with twinkle. Both of them deny, but accept it.
Twinkle and Kunj decide to call each other. they call each other, but get engaged message and then Twinkle keeps her phone aside and then, receives Kunj’s call. She attends it and then both say I want to meet u. they both blush.
They both decide to meet near a flower stall. Then, Twinkle is crossing the road, she is looking at Kunj and then a car dashes to Twinkle, shocking Kunj. Twinkle is badly injured. He runs to her rescue. He keeps her head on his lap.
Twinkle trying hard to speak – K….u…unj I will not go without completing m….yy love…stor…y. i w….a….n..t…e…d to say… I …..l….o…v…e… u…. Kunj. Kunj replies I love u too Twinkle, he rushes to hospital.

Twinkle is in tears and finding hard to speak – K…uu…nn…jj. p…le…..a…s…e…re….ad my d….i…a…r…y. she closes her eyes and then, leaves Kunj’s hand. The doctors take her in the operation theater. Kunj burst out.
Kunj In crying voice – I met u after five years and now when I wanted to confess my love for u, this happened to u. u won’t go without completing our love story. Then doctor comes out and tells Kunj in silence – we r very sorry to tell u that she is no more. Kunj bursts out.
Kunj – Twinkle u left me. U went away from me without completing our love story. Kunj gets a call of Yuvi.
Yuvi – Kunj how was your date.
Kunj crying – Yuvi Twinkle.
Yuvi – Twinkle what.
Kunj – Twinkle accident and she is dead now. Yuvi is surprised, he rushes to hospital. Kunj asks doctor can he see the dead body. Doctor nods and then, Kunj looks at Twinkle’s dead body, he cries and says u left me alone. Then, everyone comes and looks at Twinkle dead.
Leela – what happened, my daughter is dead. She came after five years and this accident. She leans her head on Kunj’s shoulder. Kunj consoles her. Then, he reminisces that Twinkle told him to read her diary. He rushes to twinkle’s home and looks for her diary.
He gets it and starts reading,
“Hi, Kunj. Would be thinking that why I’m telling u to read my diary that also after I’m dead. Turn to page no 2 for the answer.” Kunj turns to page 2.
He continues – “Actually, I’m narrating this story to u as I know that u r the person who is reading this diary. I think u r thinking why I did not give this diary to Maa, but if I would give this to Maa, then she would have then, very senti.” Kunj reads half of the diary and then reaches page 57.
“Kunj u know I missed u so much in US. I want to tell u my secret Kunj I have cancer. The doctor told me that I will not live for many years.” Kunj is shocked.
“Kunj I know u would be shocked, same when I knew it I was also shocked. My mama mami and my mom knew it. Kunj u know when I went to US after two years, I went for a medical checkup and the revealed that I have cancer in young age, how strange na. I want to also tell u that I love u a lot form my child hood I was going to confess before going to US, but I didn’t get time. I really love u.” Kunj – I love u too Twinkle.
He reads further and comes on the date of 26/4/16 —-
“I was too happy to come to India, to my home, my friends, my love Kunj. U know my aim was to live life freely with my family and my friends. I came to have fun with them, I really didn’t want to die soon I want to live life. As I promised I came on your birthday, really it is enjoyable with all my friends. U know why I did the sleepover because I wanted it once before I die, although I don’t know when I will die, but I wanted it once, but as always my bestie Kunj, u were denying it, but at last u got my point and then said yes. u know I was on cloud nine when I heard yes from your mouth, for the first u said yes for sleepover. Here’s a quote for all from me, invented by me, “Life, unpredictable, uncertain no one knows what will happen.” Same in my case.”
Kunj flips the page but found nothing.
Kunj – This is today’s page, Twinkle if once u would have said this to us, then we would have sorted out. But u did not die out of cancer; you died because of that stupid driver. I couldn’t do anything. He runs to hospital and tells everyone that Twinkle had cancer, leaving everyone shocked.
Kunj – Leela aunty if u knew that Twinkle has cancer then, why didn’t u tell us?
Leela – Kunj, Twinkle asked me not to tell anyone. But, my Twinkle did not die because of cancer she did because of that accident.
Kunj cries.

Kunj has a daughter, named Twinkle. Usha comes to Kunj.
Usha – Kunj, Twinkle has no mother, get married.
Kunj – Maa, I will only be her mom and dad. I will not get married because I love Twinkle and I will always love her. That’s why I named my adopted daughter Twinkle. Usha smiles. Kunj Looks at his daughter and then the screen freezes. Slowly the lights of theater come and then at the end of movie, it flashes THE END. The movie ends and in the last it flashes that
and other characters.
A couple coming out says the movie LOVE U FOREVER was really emotional. They move out of the theater.
I hope u like it. Sorry, for one more boring concept and for killing Twinkle in the os. Comment below.

Credit to: Mitali

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  1. Wow… Awsum yr…
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  2. it was very emotional yaar…bt i loved it..

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  3. Mind blowing yrrr…..u made me cryyy….awesome

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  4. omg mitali it was amazing wonderful superb brilliant yr maza aa gya 1st of all yah felt sad fr twinkle bt beautiful story i 2 want rite bt i m nt getting any ideas

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  5. it was beyond our expectation
    unbeliveable work
    loved it from core of heart
    it was very heart touching

    and why u stop writing your ff please continue it

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  6. Woooow…….Awesome…..You nailed it

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  9. wooooowwww…out of sight….loved it a lot yaar….
    it was very very emotional and heart touching yaar…

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