TEI – The Love Birds ( Intro & Episode-1)


Hey guys……… I want to write a ff & I hope u all encourage me……… I’m just trying to write one as I am not that good in writing stories…….

My story is set in bangalore & has only few characters they are

Twinkle: a cute, bubbly, strong and brave girl. She is a partner in a Kapoor Industries & is married to Kunj Kapoor.

Kunj: a hot, handsome guy. He is really hard working & has raised industry to becoming one of the top industries. Married to twinkle.

Aadhya: a hot & cute girl. She is a top Model & even runs a highly famous boutique. Sister of kunj.

Naksh: a handsome guy. Partner of Kapoor Industries.

They all r orphans (Kunj & Aadhya’s parents died in a car accident & their relatives left them in an orphanage.) Now they all live in Kapoor Mansion which was built by their hard work.

Episode 1:
Two people are seen sleeping peacefully in each others arms. The boy wakes up & sees the girl sleeping he tries waking her.
Boy: Twinkle wake up & get ready fast today we have a meeting remember.
Twinkle: Kunj please let me sleep for a few minutes na please.
Kunj: tu aise nahi manegi na ab dekh mein kya karta hu.
He says that and lifts her in his arms. She wakes up.
Twinkle: put me down kunj please…… OK I’ll get ready please put me down.
Kunj:(smirks) No….. What will u do…..
T : I’ll…. I’ll…. Scream….
K:( raises his eyebrow) really…… and do you think anyone will save you….
T : please put me down
T: OK if u put me down I’ll give you something.
He puts her down.
K:ok so what will you give me
She closes his eyes & goes near to him & says SORRY and runs into the washroom.
After some time she comes out with a towel wrapped around her. Kunj comes near her.
She sees him coming and steps back. She slips and is about to fall when kunj holds her. Sajnave plus in the bg, they share a eyelock. After sometime he makes her stand. Kunj looks at her from top to bottom & holds her waist & pulls her close to him. Her hands on his chest.
K: Hmmm…… Mrs. Kapoor you r looking very hot like this, isi baat pe ek kiss hojaye too
Twinkle blushes.
T: Actually (she pushes him into the washroom) sorry Pati Dev but get ready fast we have a meeting. She closes the washroom door & goes.
After sometime kunj comes out wrapping a towel & his six pack abs are shown. He goes & sees twinkle is still in hear towel & deciding what to wear. He goes & hugs her from back.
T:good you came. Now tell me what to wear. K:Hmmm (he sees all the dresses) the black one piece. Yes that’ll be perfect on you.

Twinkle turns to him
T: Thank you Mr. Kapoor. Your choice is perfect.
K: My pleasure Mrs.Kapoor
Suddenly twinkle starts to scream.
K: what happened??? He turns behind to see what is there.
T: aaaaa….. Kunj lizard…… aaaaa……
K: o God (he turns front) tw… in… kle….

Twinkle looks at him confused & looks down & screams more loudly……


Why did twinkle scream???
Why was kunj shocked on seeing her???
To know please wait till the 2nd episode……

Hope u all liked it & please comment & tell me if I should continue or not & ha try to guess what happened & why twinkle was screaming……

Bye……. Have a nice day…..

Credit to: Sidhantian

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