TEI: Love beyond age limits OS – Part 2 (last part)


Hey guys…thanks to all for ur love and support…I am happy with the response of my first OS…which practically became two shots..but m very busy these days…so I had no option. And about my other ff..i promise a regular update after 13 of may..coz my vacation commences..but till then plzz bear with me. This is gonna be the last part…so plzzz read and comment.
The link of last epi is as follows:
Recap: twinkle a 21 yr girl is aspired to become an I.P.S officer. She joins the academy for training, where she meets kunj sarna , a senior officer..who is very strict and a bit rude. But later twinkle’s heart melt seeing his sensitive and caring side. She falls in love with him and confesses her love. Kunj also does the same. They are bound by the chain of love and shall never separate.

It was the last week in the academy. All the students would become a rank holding officers after the departure. During the last month twinj had spent a quality time with each other. They decide to spent the last week together as well. It was on Thursday (two days before departure) when twinkle was waiting in the courtyard for kunj. They had decided to meet there. But y was he late today?? Already 30 mins have passed. And he is supposed to be a punctual guy…twinkle was tensed. She called him bt he didn’t receive the call. She was furious. She straight away went to his room..without thinking what if anyone sees her. She knocked at the door. a voice said “come in”. She opened the door to find kunj is with his laptop. Twinkle was really very angry…
T: what are u doing here??
Kunj was surprised to see her there..
K: u here?? What if anybody saw u….now go ..
T: no one saw me..and i won’t go….first u answer me…y didn’t u come..i was waiting…
K: see twinkle two days left… u will become an IPS as u had wished..so I would suggest concentrate on that and forget what all happened….
T: WHAT??? What did u just say…. are u drunk?? How can u even think that….and what happened suddenly…everything was fine till yesterday….
Kunj kept quiet.
Twinkle went to him and held his shoulders. “what happened plzz tell me the truth”
K: u wanna hear the truth..fine, it hot and realised we r not compatible …u are still a kid..not mature enough…”
Twinkle stopped him and said “ what m a kid?? I M 21…”
K: yeah nd m 29…u see , much experienced..nd mature..
T: but what does love got a do with maturity?? I love u nd u love me right??
K: i don’t think so…i meant it might be ur infatuation nd my mistake..
T: mistake?? (she was in tears)
K: plzz understand..we can never be happy…
T: i can never be happy without u …
She left…. kunj was also in tears…
K: m sorry twinkle i know i have hurt u..bt i had no choice….
Flash back :
Twinkle and kunj hug each other and said “good night” kunj was returning to his room when he saw few students talking…
St1: u saw them…
St2: shit man..they were so close..
St1: i don’t like that twinkle..she is always in air…and if she becomes IPS m sure she s gonna boast more…
St2: what if we complain about their affair….m sure both will be fired…at least twinkle
St1: bt no will will believe us..
St2: don’t worry..we will make a video when they meet again….
Both of them smirk..kunj is tensed.
Fb ends.
Kunj to himself… “ twinkle i cant let u go down before the starting of ur career…so i had no choice..and its better”
The last day:
Everyone receives their batches and certificates…they take oath to transform the conditions of the country and to be lawful and honest. After the ceremony everyone gets into their room to pack their bags. The time has almost come. Twinkle was sad. She was in tears looking at kunj who seemed not even to bother. She hugged mahi and yuvi. They said bye to each other and left. After everyone had left kunj stood there alone. The sky was orange, with a pinch of azure….it was the most beautiful evening sky. Birds were returning to their nests. Standing there kunj said “ Mr. Sarna…time to ‘return’…”

After 5 years:
Kunj arrives at the given venue. He checks the address. Then he finds the house decorated and in front of the gate was a banner “ MAHI WEDS YUVRAJ” kunj stepped inside. He was nervous. (the reason is known to u all..twinkle would also be there”
Kunj had tried to give a lot of excuse to yuhi bt they wont listen. They forced him to come there. Kunj didn’t knew how to react if twinkle comes in front.
After getting inside he found yuvi…he congratulated him. All the preparations were going on. Kunj was looking around when he saw mahi…she greeted him. Yuvi again came their and said that kunj’s room is ready. Kunj went there and changed his clothes. He came down for some rituals. He was looking here and there. Suddenly he saw mahi coming (for haldi) and beside her was…twinkle. she had turns more beautiful…kunj was stunned. He was constantly staring at her. It appeared that she noticed him but ignored. After the haldi, photo session was going on. Yuvi demanded a friends picture. He called twinkle and kunj. Kunj was hesitating.
Twinkle said in a teasing tone “ yuvi..tell ur friend ek photo khichwane se maturity kam nehi ho jayegi” everyone laughed. Kunj was like “ she would never change”
After the photo session everyone was having their lunch. Kunj saw twinkle and decided to speak normally to her. He went up to her nd said “hi”
T: oh..mr. sarna…hello…
K: kaisi ho??
T: mein toh theek hu…
K: good..
T: toh biwi kyun nehi ayi..
K: what??
T: shaadi toh hogyi hogi aapki..
K: not yet…
T: oh..how can i forget u need a mature girl na..to be compatible…omg..how can i talk with u..may be m not even mature enough to talk with u…such an experience man… (in a sarcastic tone)
K: stop it twinkle…y are u dragging old issues??
T: the issues may be old mr. Kunj sarna..but the injuries my heart got are still not recovered….
K: twinkle….
T: no..i won’t listen anymore to u…have u ever thot how i lived for these five years..or should i say..i somehow survived….nd u must be enjoying…
Kunj couldn’t take anymore…
K: just shut up…(at the top of his voice)
Everyone looked at them.
Kunj saw that. He caught her hand and brought her to his room…
K: tum janna chahti ho ki meine is panch saalo mein kya kiya hain?? Toh suno…i have just regretted the last five years of my life…to have been parted from u…there wasn’t a single day when i didn’t miss u…i had always loved u twinkle..always…
Twinkle was again in tears….” then y did u do this??”
Kunj told her the whole incident….
T: at least u should have told me..then i wouldn’t have the feeling that we cant be together….
K: at that time whatever came to my mind i did…at least ur career was secure..
T: stupid…
K: i know m stupid..bt do u knw this stupid still loves u a lot…
T: (happily) aww my stupid …i love u too…
She rushes to him and hugged him tight…they break the hug..and end up kissing each other passionately…..
That is love..love beyond age limits…love beyond prejudices ..love beyond everything else. Love can happen anywhere at anytime and to anyone of any age…no matter what happens..in the end love wins. So keep falling in love as its a great feeling….

*****The end*****

I hope u all liked it.. plzz do let me know how was it….nd if possible which part u liked or what u liked about this ff..or something if u don’t like…so that i can plan my next stories accordingly…plzz comment guys….i have lot of expectations with this ff….plzzzzzzz comment….love u all

Credit to: TaraTwinjfan

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