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Let’s start.
“Dr Sarna, my is duty is over so I should leave.” Dr Twinkle Taneja said.
Dr Sarna – ya, sure Dr Taneja. Dr Taneja stepped out of the cabin, then, Dr Taneja stopped and said Dr Sarna, u have a task to complete, u have to make the diet chart for Mr. Luthra.
Dr Sarna – I remember this Dr Sarna. I will surely do that. Dr Taneja nodded.
Next day, Dr Sarna came inside Mr. Luthra’s cabin.
Dr Sarna – Mr. Luthra your diet chart will start from today. U have to continue till one month. Just then, Dr Taneja comes inside.
Dr Taneja – Dr Sarna the diet chart is ready. Shall we start from today? Dr Sarna nodded.
Dr Sarna – Dr Taneja u r the in charge, u have to look after Mr. Luthra and I will only test him and remove the conclusion. I hope u do above my expectations.
Dr Taneja – I will Dr Sarna.

Dr Sarna does the tests and results r well. He appreciates Dr Taneja.
Dr Sarna – Dr Taneja the results r really very good.
Dr Taneja – thanks Dr Sarna. Really happy that u appreciated me. Mr. Luthra comes.
Mr. Luthra – but I’m not happy with the Dr Taneja’s treatment. This statement shocked Dr Sarna and Dr Taneja.
Dr Sarna – but, the results r not showing this.
Mr. Luthra – actually, I did not like the service given by her. Dr Sarna looks at Dr Taneja.
Dr Taneja – I did my best Mr. Luthra.
Mr. Luthra – I don’t think so. Dr Sarna gets Dr Taneja aside.
Dr Sarna – what am I listening, u didn’t do it well.
Dr Taneja – Doctor I did whatever I could do. Just then, Mahi, Mr. Luthra’s sister enters.
Mahi – thank god I met u here Dr Sarna, actually I was coming to u tell that.
Dr Sarna interrupted – I know Dr Taneja didn’t do a fine work. Mr. Luthra told me.
Mahi – no doctor. Dr Twinkle Taneja did a fab work. She always looked after the needs of my brother. Dr Sarna looked at Dr Taneja. Dr Taneja turned her face to other side.
Mahi – Doctor can I take my brother from here. I have done all the formalities. Dr Sarna nodded.
Dr Taneja moved from there. Dr Sarna followed her.
Dr Sarna – I’m really sorry Dr Taneja.
Dr Taneja – Please sir there is no need for your sorry. Dr Sarna u know that how Mr. Luthra is. He is a big liar.
Dr Sarna – I know Dr Taneja. I’m really sorry. Please accept my sorry.
Dr Taneja – Ok. But make sure that u don’t do this again.
Dr Sarna is happy.

@Twinkle’s house
Leela – Twinkle how was your day.
Twinkle – uncertain and bad.
Leela – What happened? Twinkle tells her the whole plot.
RT – its ok Twinkle, he is your boss.
Twinkle – Dad.
RT – By the way tell our boss Dr Sarna to come for dinner tomorrow. This shocked Twinkle.
Twinkle – Dad, what’s the need.
Leela – Look Twinkle, u both work together from 1 year and in this 1 year we have not talked to your boss so deeply. Therefore we planned that u should get your boss for dinner.
RT – Twinkle call your boss and tell him to come tomorrow. Twinkle left with no option calls him.
Kunj – what happen Dr Taneja?
Twinkle – Dr Sarna actually my family wants u to come on dinner tomorrow.
Kunj – Wow! That’s good I would like to meet your family. When I have to come.
Twinkle – great. U have to come tomorrow, 8pm.
Kunj – Ok, my duty gets over at 7:30pm so it’s ok for me. he cuts the call.
Twinkle thinks – always shows attitude. She tells her parents that Dr Sarna is coming. They r happy. Just then, Twinkle’s brother, Varun comes.
Varun – Di, I want to see your boss, if he is handsome then, I will ask him if likes my sister.
Twinkle – Shut up Varun, I don’t mix my personal and professional life.
Varun – di, stop your nautanki. Twinkle runs behind him.

Next day.
Dr Sarna – Dr Taneja thanks for inviting me.
Dr Taneja – your welcome Dr Sarna.
@Twinkle’s house
RT – Dr Sarna we r really happy that u came to our house for dinner.
Kunj – Sir no Dr Sarna, u should call me Kunj.
RT – Ok Kunj.
Leela- The dinner is ready and yes our nutritionist Twinkle has told us to serve healthy food only. Kunj smiles. They all have to dinner. Leela and RT ask Kunj about his family, his career and much more.
Kunj – Uncle aunty, I think I should go, it’s late. RT nods.
Twinkle – I will leave him till his car. Leela nods.
They both go out.
Dr Sarna – Dr Taneja your family is very nice.
Dr Taneja – I know.
Dr Sarna – I know this is a personal question but I wanted to ask that do u have a boyfriend. Twinkle is surprised.
Dr Taneja – Dr Sarna don’t u think it is personal question but yet I will answer it for u, I don’t have any boyfriend till now. Soo sad na. love has not yet been discovered in my life. True love has no knocked my heart door. Dr Sarna laughs.
Dr Taneja – why r u laughing.
Dr Sarna – just like this only. No intention to hurt u Dr Taneja.
Dr Taneja – I’m not hurt, actually I’m happy that u r not serious some times. I’m glad seeing u laughing, but do u have a girlfriend.
Dr Sarna got serious and said no.
Dr Taneja – Oh! u know I’m still waiting for someone who is made for me.
Dr Sarna – what r the qualities u want in your Mr. perfect.
Dr Taneja – why u asking me these questions, do u want to propose me.
Dr Sarna – No not at all. But just asking u.
Dr Taneja – I want my Mr. perfect to love me a lot but not with my face, with my heart. I don’t want him to get moon and stars for me; I want him to support me in my very sorrow. Never let injustice happen with me or nay one else. Just support justice.
Dr Sarna – U r nutritionist and not lawyer.
Dr Taneja – I know that. Don’t u thing u r late.
Dr Sarna – ya. Bye.
Dr Taneja – bye. Kunj sits in his car and goes. Vaurn comes behind and asks Twinkle di I liked him.
Twinkle – Shut up, Varun. Craziness ki height ho gayi.
Varun goes inside and twinkle thinks Dr Sarna is not that khadoos. He is sweet sometimes.
Next day, Kunj is going to office and then looks at a crowd in front of the car and this has blocked the road. He goes and looks at the person who is bleeding; he is shocked to see the person.
He rushes to hospital. The doctor tells him that it’s good that he got the person earlier or….. Dr Sarna calls Dr Taneja and tells her to come near the operation theater. Twinkle is tensed. She goes and then Kunj tells her that her father is in the operation theater. Twinkle cries.
Kunj – Twinkle don’t cry. Twinkle is shocked to hear her name Twinkle instead of Dr Taneja.
Kunj – Sorry to call u Twinkle.
Twinkle – No problem.
The doctor comes out and tells Kunj that we need blood for the patient. What is your blood group?
Kunj – O+.
The doctor – the patients’ blood group is B+. please come with us.
After some time Kunj is lying on the bed and Twinkle is sitting beside him.
The doctor comes and tells them that the patient is out of danger. Twinkle and Kunj smile.
Twinkle – Dr Sarna I don’t know how to thank u but u have done a lot for me. Thanks.
Kunj – I’m happy that I came in use.
Twinkle – Thanks a lot.
Kunj – stop it. But wait I wanted to know what is your blood group? your blood group does not match your father’s?
Twinkle – No, my blood group is A+, so I can’t give my blood to dad.
After 2 days, RT is fine, still resting on his bed and having hot cup of tea.

Twinkle enters the cabin and looks at the decorations. The room was decorated with heart shaped balloons, candles and flowers. Twinkle is surprised to look at the decorations.
Kunj comes in front of her.
Dr Taneja – Dr Sarna what is this. Is there your plan to propose someone then, I will go from here? She steps out but Kunj holds her and then, closes the door and says I want to propose u. this left Twinkle shocked.
Kunj sits on his knees in romantic style and says I love u Dr Twinkle Taneja. I don’t know what has happened to me. i don’t know how I fell for u. I had never think that I will fall for u. Dr Taneja even if I’m a dietitian, but now I’m a heart patient, love disease has affected my heart and I can’t it cured by a doctor, it is only u who can get it cured by saying yes to me if u love me to. Twinkle said yes. she too had fallen for him.
Kunj – Dr Taneja will u become Mrs Sarna. Will u marry me? u know true love has knocked my heart door. u r my life Dr Taneja.
Twinkle – yes, I will marry u as I too love u Dr Sarna.
They hugged each other. they told their parents for their marriage who accepted it.
Kunj and Twinkle r sitting in the mandap and waiting for their marriage to get over.
Kunj – So, Dr Taneja to be Mrs Sarna did u find your true love.
Twinkle – Dr Sarna, my true love is sitting beside me. Kunj smiles.
The marriage ends and everyone asks for a family photo.
All of them stand for a family photo, Kunj and Twinkle r sitting in the middle. The photographer tells them to cheese. They all do cheese and then, the photographer takes their photo.

Guys I hope u like it. I know boring concept. But bare it. Comment down.

Credit to: Mitali

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