TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive & blind love)~Twinj ff-episode 7 & 8


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Recap- Uv and mahi’s emotional scene where uv apologize to mahi who was angry with him and promised to her that he’ll make everything perfect like before n decides to tell everything to twinj, twinj’s romantic scene with romantic n emotional talk.


******Party venue*****

All were present in the venue then Mr. Rajveer Singh, Amans father thanks to every one for coming in the party nd tells everyone about his son’s achievement and thanks to aman for making their dream true n says that this welcome party is dedicated to him and there is two surprise for him, first is now he’ll be owner of Singh hospital which is his childhood dream…. aman get really very happy n thanks him n his mom…. then he tells him second surprise for him which is specially kunj’s idea n that is his engagement with chinki today n after two month marriage…..listening this he gets shocked cum really very surprised cum happy… he couldn’t understand how to react bcz he’d never expected that his both dream will come true so soon n that together… he then complain everyone for not informing him about this before so kunj starts teasing him that if he doesn’t like surprise or he’s found someone else in Abroad and don’t want to marry with Chinki then he can refuse it so that they’ll find out someone else for her.. aman gives death glare him but kunj continue teasing him along with other friends…. but after sometime he thanks to him

Aman :- thanks yaar kunj for this surprise… you are world’s best friend I’ve in my life… thank you so much….

Kunj :- Oye chal now don’t be formal… waise you are right you are lucky that kunj sarna the great is your friend so you should always be thanks to me…… n they again start their random fight…. after some time aman n chinki exchanges their rings and takes blessings from their elders…. all were busy in their talks when rohan comes to aman n chinki.. he started to tease them actually provoking them by saying boring, unromantic etc… Aman n chinki were getting irritate so aman ask to rohan

Aman :- Say clearly what you want us to do but don’t beat about the bush……….

Rohan :- Okay now I’m coming to the point…… so you’ve to do what you’d done in my engagement nd not only you but all my friends will do that who are present here…… then another friend of them Vikas to support him as it was happen with him too… listening this aman nd chinki gets tensed up nd looks at kunj with death glare who smirks at them bcz they knew now what they’ve to do as it was all kunjs plan to complete his bet.

Rohan (to aman nd chinki’s parents) :- Sorry uncle nd aunty ji please don’t be angry at me for what I’m going to do with your son nd daughter… but I think its favorable time to take revenge from them bcz I was waiting for this since a long time…. so now they have to do what I’ll say to them…… their parents just smiles nd say its you children’s day to do fun so don’t worry about we elders… nd that’s all he want…. so he continues with everyone nd gave them same challenge what they’d gave to him…. nd he continues with all his friend… then it was aman nd chinki’s turn nd their challenge was to dance with another couple nd they’ll not talk to each other till the end of party… listening this they denied to do that after all it was their special day but he doesn’t listen them by saying he too was requesting them not to trouble him at least his life’s special day but all were enjoying it so now pay it… nd he wink at kunj who gives him thumps up which no one noticed nd all the guest were enjoying their fun…. then one of their friend ask him to bet something to kunj bcz he was the leader of that game…

Rohan :- I know that nd that’s why for him I’ve planed something special I mean daring nd against his wish… also for twinkle as she was also with you all..

Kunj (pretends as he is innocent):- What do you mean by special? it was not my plan… so I won’t do anything….. twinkle too says same

Rohan :- Don’t act innocent bcz I know everything…….. nd twinj pretends as they’ve no other option…

Kunj & twinkle (together) :- Ok fine tell me what is that daring bet?………saying this both look each other with fake anger…

Rohan :- Wow both are asking together… very good… so your bet is……. you both have to propose each other nd confess your love for each other as you are really in love

Kunj & Twinkle :- Whatttt…? propose….? that to her/him….??? both pretends shocked but it was major shock for Taneja’s nd Sarna’s and also for their friends bcz their whole college knew that twinjs are biggest rival nd hate each other most and also their family….. so all of them just looked at twinj nd then their family to know their response as Rohan had taken biggest risk by giving a challenge like this…..

Kunj & Twinkle :- No way….. I won’t do anything like this with that syapa queen/sadu sarna….

Uv :-(murmured) At least here talk about her in proper manner…

Kunj :- Sorry bhai…. I’m sorry rohan but I won’t do this with her..

Twinkle :- Oh hallo… I’m also not interested in this and specialy with you… Mr. khadus sarna…. rohan you know na I don’t like him then why are you doing this? tell something else I’ll do that but not this… then kunj was also about to say something but rohan interrupt

Rohan :- Stop your useless fight bcz it’ll not affect me.. you’ve to do this nd that’s it…. else I’ll say that you are unromantic..

Kunj :- I’m not unromantic… you know it very well that I was even still I’m most romantic boy in whole college even whole Amritsar…. I’m just saying that I won’t do this with her

Rohan :- But I think a romantic person can propose any one right??? so prove it…….. this time twinj said nothing nd again pretend as they’ve no other way… so they agreed….. on the other side Manohar, Usha nd RT were hell angry. Rt was about to scold to twinkle for agreeing with Rohan but Leela holds his hand

Leela :- Please don’t say anything to her… it’s just a game… this is not she only doing but all her friends are there…. nd you know na that she can’t do that what mahi has done bcz she hate kunj…… please don’t destroy children’s fun…… so he stops nd give a death glare to manohar…… nd same happen with manohar nd usha…. nd he too give a death glare to RT…. both were fuming in anger… nd all were ready for complete their bet while Rohan said to kunj “Best of luck kunj” nd kunj smiles at him……. then Aman nd chinki comes to kunj following with twinkle but she was pretending like she was busy in her phone…. Aman faked angar to him nd kunj as well… they both argue for some time

Aman :- By the way tell me one thing why rohan has select only love confession as a bet for you both… I mean there is lots of things he could’ve choose for you nd agar select kiya hi hai toh tum dono ko hi ek dusre ko propose karne ko kyun kaha…? kisi aur ke saath bhi toh who aisa keh sakta tha?….. then kunj looks at twinkle nd both of them smiles naughtily

********Flash back********

When kunj tells his plan to rohan then before leaving he ask to kunj

Rohan :- Kunj everything is fine na? why I’m feeling like you are hiding something from me? look if you’ve any problem you can share it with me!…

Kunj :- No yaar I’m not hiding anything from you.. everything is fine… don’t worry..

Rohan :- Kunj you love twinkle???….. he asked in serious voice making kunj shocked actually fake shocked..

Kunj :- Are you mad..?? Me… nd love… nd that Twinkle??? I think you’ve drunk..

Rohan :- Sale you should have an actor.. kya acting karta hai… well leave it nd don’t lie to me bcz I’ve heard your nd Aman’s talk…

Kunj :- What do you mean..?

Rohan :- Now don’t be so innocent nd tell me what the matter.. may be I’ll help you… I’m your friend.. right??

Kunj :- Okay fine but promise me that you’ll not tell about it to anyone…

Rohan :- Ya promise now tell…. so kunj told him truth that he loves twinkle nd only chinki nd aman know about it… he then tell about challenge of Aman…

Kunj :- Nd that’s why I’m upset…

Rohan :- So this is the reason behind your plan..?? I thought you really want to irritate them… but how will you proposed twinkle bcz there was nothing like that in our plan that you’ll confess your love to her

Kunj :- I know nd that’s why I’m upset…….. nd he start his fake drama nd Rohan says that he’ll handle it by his way nd kunj thanks him for his support while rohan says that he’s also help him a lot so anything for him nd then told him what he’ll do nd went from there nd kunjs smiles nd says sorry to him

******Flashback ends******

Aman looks at kunj then twinkle

Aman :- It’s mean you told him your whole truth

Kunj :- Not whole but half truth

Chinki :- What do you mean???

Twinkle :- He mean to say that Rohan know that kunj loves me but he doesn’t know that me too love kunj bcz he told him that only he loves me but I still hate him nd don’t aware about his feeling nd that’s why you both challenge him to confess his love in front of our family nd make me too propose him……. nd she looks at kunj with proud smiles who gives aman nd chinki a naughty smile

Aman :- its mean you lied to him also….. I didn’t knew that to win over me you’ll become liar

Kunj :- Oh hallo I just hide the truth from him nd to hide truth is not lie…. nd they continue their argue

Twinkle :- Any ways leave it nd thank you so much both of you..

Chinki :- For what??…… but twinkle says nothing nd looks at kunj with moist eyes who nods her not to be emotional through his eyes….. they continue their talks nd other side all their friends had been start their fun after few minutes ChiMans left from there leaving twinj alone who were engrossed with other friends…

On the other side Mahi gets a call from her employ so she excused herself from RT nd Leela nd went aside to receive the call… after sometime she hangs the call nd was about to go but stop by Uv who too was talkin on phone nd after cut the call he came in front of her

Mahi :- Uv you?…. what are you doing here??

Uv :- I came here to talk to you, admire you, praise you…. after long time I meet you but couldn’t spend time with you like before..

Mahi (in attitude):- No need for that bcz I’m no more that old mahi.. now I’m Mahi taneja one of the famous Interior designer of Amritsar

Uv (with same attitude):- Oh really?? so for your kind information I’m also not that old Uv anymore… I’m also most eligible bachelor nd business tycon in Amritsar as well as Canada nd you know what girls are die on me

Mahi (jealousy nd angry):- Oh really.. so what are you doing here?? go to them nd enjoy your life… I’m also not interested in you atleast like those girl who die for you…… saying this she turns to go but Uv hold her wrist nd pulls towards him due to which she landed on him with her one hand on his shoulder nd other is on her back with his hand…

Mahi :- Uv leave me..

Uv :- Not so easily.. after a long time you are too close to me nd I’m watching your this attitude, jealousy, anger nd all…. (says naughtily) by the way you are right you are nomore that old mahi… now you are looking more hot nd s*xy than before nd bcz of that I’m not able to take away myself from you…

Mahi :- Ho gaya??.. now leave me else…

Uv :- Else what??…. nd he comes close to her face

Mahi :- Else I…… she was shivering bcz of his closeness

Uv :- Else you what??….. nd he comes more close to her face while mahi look into his eyes… she wanted to speak but not able… nd bcz of his closeness she couldn’t help but smiles while blushing… uv too smiles nd hold her cheeks with his one hand

Uv :- I missed you so much mahi… in these years I was living but my life was with you, I was breathing but my heart beats were in you… I really missed you so much..

Mahi (teary eyed):- I missed you too uv….. I missed you so much.. your touch, your presence around me, nd everything… I’ve tried a lot to forget you, live without you, move on in my life without you, forget our past but I couldn’t… uv why this happen with us? we’ll not be one uv???……

Uv :- Shhh mahi don’t cry pls… we’ll be one.. very soon nd I promised you I won’t leave you again… I won’t go anywhere leaving you alone……. nd he hugged her tightly to console her nd remove her pain which she has gone in these years…

On the other side twinj were busy with their friends but their attention was only on each other nd they were chatting on phone without anyone’s notice

Twinkle :- Kunj why didn’t you told to rohan whole truth??

Kunj :- Twinkle you know the reason…

Twinkle :- Ya I know but phir bhi you can told him…

Kunj :- No twinkle I can’t.. because I don’t want put you in trouble…. you are my strength twinkle nd if you’ll be upset then I won’t live in peace nd I’ll become weak…… reading this message twinkle smiles proudly looking at him

Kunj :- Now don’t smile like this.. you are already looking breathtaking tonight nd your this s*xy smile is making you more hot

Twinkle :- Kunj now don’t start your romance again atleast here…… she looks at kunj

Kunj :- Arrey what I do when you are looking hot… now look you are looking at me like this with your killer eyes nd it’s attacking directly on my heart…. he looks at her

Twinkle :- Kunjjjj…… she looks at him while blushing badly

Kunj :- What kunj? now don’t blush else I won’t be able to control myself from kissing you….. nd he looks at twinkle who makes “hawww” face

Twinkle :- Kunjjj… don’t you think that you are speaking much today??

Kunj :- Achha ji now I’m speaking much?? but it’s not fault… ab syapa queen se pyar kiya hai toh uske qualities toh ayenge hi mujhmein……….. nd he winks at her….. they continue their cute chat like this……

On the other side Yuhi were in hugging position just then Leela reached there nd calls their name which make them shocked nd they break the hug

Mahi :- Maa aap? main wo… wo….. but leela stops her through her hand nd look at uv… then she put her one hand on his cheek… first they think she’ll slap him but relieved when she asked

Leela (teary eyed):- Uv… how are you puttar?… then uv bend down nd touches her feet

Uv :- I’m fine maa… how are you??

Leela :- I’m too fine…. but puttar why are you doing this? you know na nothing can happen… pls puttar I’m requesting to you both stay away from each other.. I don’t want you to bear more pain..

Uv :- Maa don’t worry now nothing bad will happen… I promise you this time I won’t do any mistake like before…. trust me……

Leela :- I trust you all puttar but……. achha leave it… now you go from here if someone will see you with mahi then again it’ll become a big issue…..

In the party now it was twinjs turn to complete their bet… all were present there including leela nd yuhi… usha, manohar nd rt were getting angry bcz of that… twinj were nervous as well as excited bcz for the first time they were going to tell their feeling in front of their family… ya it was fake for their family but for them it was truth…. Kunj holds mike in his hand (Friends some dialogues of confession will be in Hindi.. i hope you won’t mind)

Kunj :- Life bhi kitni ajeeb hai na?.. hum jo nahi karna chatein humse wahi karwati hai ya jisse hum door bhagte hain utna hi humein uske kareeb lati hai… twinkle, the name I’ve hated most in this world, always wanted her stay away from me.. never thought that she’ll become my life’s most important part that I won’t be able to stay away from her. Bachpan se main jisse ladta raha, hurt karta raha, hamesha pareshan karta raha… pata hi nahi chala ki kab ye sab meri aadat ban gayi and ye aadat kab mera shouk ban gaya… ya shouk my passion.. before I used to fight with you,hurt you bcz I hated you so much but now I do this bcz I like to do this with you.. I like irritate you, fight with you… I didn’t knew why but when I got to know I realized it’s bcz of LOVE…. yes I realized that I like this bcz I LOVE YOU.. I LOVE YOU MISS TWINKLE TANEJA… I know you’ll be shocked nd may be angry at me but what to do… main apne iss dil se majboor hoon.. itna roka ise tujhse pyar karne se par isne meri ek na suni aur tujhse pyar kar baitha……… Then kunj sit on his knees and ask to her

Kunj :- Miss taneja world’s biggest syapa queen will you accept this handsome boy your so called Sadu sarna’s proposal??.. will you be my lady love for ever???

Twinkle :-Kabhi na socha tha jise maine itna dard diya wahi mera humdard banna chahega… jiske har safar ki rahon mein kaantein bichane ki koshish ki wahi meri rahon mein phool sajakar mera humsafar banna chahega… jiski har khushi ko gam mein badalna chaha wahi meri khushiyon ki wajah banna chahega… Never thought that the person I hated most will propose me… whom I always used to hurt, always tried my best to make him fail in everything , will himself sit on his knees in front of me… till now I was thinking why our fights,our arguments and all makes me happy I thought it’s bcz I hate you but today I got to know it’s bcz I LOVE YOU… yes Mr. KUNJ SARNA I LOVE YOU TOO… and I accept your proposal… I’ll be your lady love forever… but will you accept me with my all tantrums, attitude nd syapas???…. While kunj nods his head in yes nd smiles brightly while standing up..which no one was able to see bcz he was facing his back to everyone… twinkle too smiles but as kunj was in front of her so it’s also no one saw… all were shocked nd with mouth open with their confession.. their family too but YuHi were happy also… Twinj were lost in each other nd was about to hug but disturbed by chinki bcz she’d noticed it so bring them in reality she spokes

Chinki :- OMG twinkle I didn’t knew you are too romantic… yaar when you can propose your enemy too romantically then what will happen when you’ll really love someone?? maan gayi main aaj tujhe….. she gestured them through eyes toward their family to make them understand the situation….And same happens with kunj too as Rohan nd Aman asked to him same question…. And bcz of it every one’s attention was disturb and no one doubt on them bcz all were confuse whether it’s true nd or fake confession…. Manohar, Usha, RT didn’t speak a word

As twinj finished this every one clap for them present there… the environment was romantic nd all were enjoying it but for twinj it was full of guilt, sorry nd all.. bcz they were lying, cheating with their family…. they want to tell truth but can’t….. but somewhere they were happy bcz it was the first time when they didn’t faked fight in front of their parents as well as it was a surprise for all who were present there, that for the first time tanejas nd sarnas didn’t react on what their children’s have done… after some time party has over nd all the guest congratulate aman nd chinki again… while twinj teased them nd ChiMan reminds them their promise … nd after sometime they too left from there….

*****Sarna Mention*****

Manohar nd usha were angry bcz of what happened in party… they wanted to do something but also didn’t wanted uv to do something again so they were quite…. In uv’s room kunj came their nd sat next to him

Kunj :- Bhai, what happened to you??

Uv :- Nothing… why are you asking??

Kunj :- No.. nothing actually I’ve noticed since you’ve came from aman’s house you are loking relaxed nd happy… what’s the matter.. bhabhi se patch up ho gaya??

Uv (irritated):- kunj you’ve again started…. by the way I’ve a doubt on you it was a game only na or you really love her???… listening this kunj started coughing

Kunj :- Bhai you are doubting on me? you are doubting on your own brother?? I’ve not expected it from you… baba ji kya bhai diya hai apn mujhe… who doesn’t trust me…

Uv :- Oye dramebaaz band kar apni nautanki… I was just asking what I felt.

******Taneja Mention******

Rt (Angrily):- Now its enough… what happened today I don’t want it repeat again… after two month they are coming back India… nd now I’ve decided that then I’ll talk to them about marriage..
Leela :- But at least…..
Rt :- No leela.. not again bcz this time I won’t change my decision like before… its my final decision…

Twinkle’s room—-

Mahi :- Twinkle…. Chinki was right I too didn’t knew that you are too romantic… I mean you’ve proposed kunj?? your biggest enemy??… for a moment I thought it was your real confession… ek baat bata kahin tu sach mein kunj se pyar toh nahin karti??

Twinkle :- What??? pyar aur us khadus se?? are you mad di?? arrey I’ve proposed him bcz it was a challenge for me nd you know na twinkle taneja never runs from the callenges… nd by the way di aap meri chhodo apni batao I’ve noticed snce you came from guest room you are looking so happy nd it’s glowing more… what’s the matter?? you’ve any boyfriend nd today you met with him???

Mahi :- Twinkle you tu phir se shuru ho gayi na?

Twinkle :- di tell na if you are in love.. I’ll ask ma and papa to get you marry with him… arrey di if you’ll marry then only I will mary..

Mahi :- Hawwww twinkle…. besharm you’ll talk to me like this?

Twinkle :- Why only you have that right?? …. and they shared some sisterly moments…. like this one week has passed… twinj had not met in these day for a min also as well as yuhi…. uv had join office as a MD of Sarna Industries.. it was the day when Aman to join his hospital.. nd he’d gave a small party to his friends including twinj… after some time party ended all friends had been left except twinj… so chinki ask them to tell their love story…. twinj looks at each other nd just smiles.

Precap- Be ready to go in Twinj’s past to know why they hated each other nd how their enmity nd hatred changed into friendship nd love??……. so are you guys ready for it????

So how was it? I hope it was up to you expectations. I not then really very sorry for that. well how was their fun, how was yuhi scene, how was twinjs romance by chat, how was their confession??? batana jarror. So friends do comments nd let me know your opinion nd response.
Well I’m upset with last time response bcz I didn’t get much comment. Now a days I’m not well and if I won’t get good response as your comment toh main aur bimaar ho jaungi so it depends upon you ki aap mujhe aur bimaar karna chahte hain ya theek… By the way itna long episode diya hai toh jayada comments toh banta hai na?

Now I’m leaving…. Ba bye love you all..

Sorry for grammatical nd typing errors.


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