TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive & blind love)~Twinj ff-episode 6


Work pressure badha toh humne chutti le liya aur aapne socha humse mukti mil gayi?arrey hum jara sa busy kya huye aap ne toh maan liya chalo mukti mil gayi…. kuch din hum gayab kya huye sab bhool gaye, ye bhi nahin pucha kahan aur kaisi hun.. bade ajeeb friend ho sab..

Hallo friends how are you all? gussa ho? achha kyun ho.. main late hun.. ya maine few days se kisi ke ff and os par comment nahin kiya ya phir main phir se aa gayi isliye? well I’m really very sorry actually I was really very busy with my daily routine that is my whole hose holds, studies… and above all these my examination form submit karne mein main bahot busy thi and didn’t get time for my ff n your ffn os…. sorryyyyyyyyy….

by the the way I’m very upset bcz in last episodes I got very less comment… you guys don’t like my ff? should I discontinue it? please tell me I won’t continue it… sab long epi ki demand karte ho lekin comment mein kanjoosi…. very bad…pata hai kitni mushkil se likhti hun?well isbar agar comment nahin mile toh main… toh main….main…….. nahin bataungi….acha chalo bata deti hun…toh main kisi se baat nahi karungi aur maan lungi that you don’t like me and my bakwas baatein…

Well todays episode is specially for Apurva who ask me for upload this epi as she is waiting…. so thank you once again Appu for liking my ff and also very sorry for delay

And one more thing when I wrote this episode it became too long so I’ve divided it in two part and in todays episode is only yuhi’s and a lil bit twinj’s moment…. and it won’t match with last precap…. I hope you won’t mind…

Thanku session—–Thanku so much AAKRITI, SIDMIN23,APURVA,RIDDHI,SIMIYY, RAMYA, SOHI, MILI, ZUHA, CHIKU, AANYA, BABY, SAMEERA, ADYA for yor lovely n precious comment… n sorry for being late… waise last epi sach mein romantic tha?

Now no more bak bak… let’s start todays episode…..

Recap- Both sarnas n tanejas were in party…. uv and mahi’s meeting and their emotional moment…. twinj’s romantic moments.


Yuvi seen holding to mahi with her one hand on her back and both were very close to each other….
Mahi:- Uv leave my hand…. you are hurting me….
Uv:- Oh really! and what about me haan? what about my pain…. which you are giving me since last three years… by ignoring me, not talking with me even not listening me.. do you have any idea how much its hurt me when you do this with me? everyday even every second I was trying to talk with you, to heard your voice but you… you never care about my feelings… why mahi…why you are giving me this punishment? you are pretending that we are strangers? I haven’t done that big mistake that you can’t forgive me??

Mahi:- Seriously Mr. yuvraj sarna! you have not done a big mistake?… oh ya of course…. break you own promise, some ones heart n trust is a small thing for you right? but not for me uv…. bcz its matter for me most and I’d got very hurt when you, whom I considered my life, my everything … you left me, never fight for our love with this world even doesn’t care about my feelings, my pain…….. I always told you to don’t love me, don’t wake up my feelings for you because we can never be one, our family will never accept our love bcz of their enmity and hatred for each other…but you’d not listen me and promised me that you’ll never leave me whatever situation we’ve to face, you will fight with everyone for our relation…but what you did? you’ve break your own promise….. You left me that day uv.. you didn’t stop for me not even try to stop me…you broke me uv you broke my trust… always you’ve done what you want to do either love me or leave me…. you thought that run away from the situation is the best solution of all problems… right?? then you are wrong infact you are a looser bcz fighter never run away from the problems but fights with them, face them but yo……. but she cut by uv who left her hand and hold her by shoulder and speaks angrily with pain in his voice
Uv :- but what han… what do you think it was easy for me to take such a big decision of my life…. to stay away from my family, my brother,my love was easy for me?? if I’d to brock my promise I’d have never argue with my parents….. i had to do that bcz there was no other way for me.. papa was angry and didn’t want to listen me… he’d gave me two option only either I’ve to foget you n move on in my life or go away from here… how can I forget you han??… you are my life mahi and when I take that decision I was sure that my love my mahi will understand me you’ll support me n my decision… but you proved me wrong… you also haven’t support me…. you know what mahi papa’s word didn’t hurt me as your behavior hurt me.. your each word broke down me.. I’d not expected it from you… and which war you are talking about han?? he then cups her face n in calm voice “mahi this fight is not with this world but with our parents our own parents who gives us birth, who gives us their support, their selfless love.. how can we fight with them? mahi we need to make them understand, we’ve to end their enmity their hatred for each other… we’ve to find out solution with calm mind but not with argument and that’s why I found second option is better bcz I thought if I’ll go away from here everyone will get a space n will think about it calmly and also they won’t force us marry with someone else specially you with that….. you know it na then why are you angry with me.. why are you hurting youself along with me?….. mahi look at him with pain in her eyes she believes him trust him but was helpless bcz of her heart and mind who were not allowing her to think anything…… “ Mahi I’m sorry please forgive me…. please give me one chance I’ll…..”
Mahi :- Now it doesn’t matter uv… bcz everything is over… our love, our relation everything is over…. nothing is there to say or listen except pain… there is no need for your sorry or my forgiveness anymore…. bcz now everything has changed… I’m no more that old mahi who were madly in love with you….she is died that day only and the girl is standing in front of you is another mahi who doesn’t want to fall in love again, doesn’t want to go through that pain again….so please leave from here before someone see us specially twinkle and kunj… I don’t wanlt them to know about us so please uv just go…

Uv :- But mahi…… she didn’t listen to him and turn other side…. uv come to her but mahi starts pushing him with her both hand on his shoulder….. but when she doesn’t stop uv holds her hand and just hug her tightly… mahi struggles to free herself but after some time stops n she too hug him tightly….it was full of love, pain, anger, care n lot of things… both were lost in each other as they’ve got their life again and doesn’t want to leave….and as their pain anger everything was reducing with their passionate hug which was long n peaceful….TU JO MILA from Bajrangi bhaijan plays in bg

Aashiyana mera saath tere hai na, Dhoondte teri gali mujhko ghar mila
Aab-o-dana mera haath tere hai na, Dhoondhte tera khuda mujhko rab mila
Tu jo mila ho gaya main kabil, Tu jo mila ho gaya sab haasil haan!
Mushkil sahi aasaan hui manjil, Kyun ki tu..dha..dkan…main dil…
Rooth jana tera maan jana mera, Dhoondhte teri hasi mil gayi khushi
Raah hoon main teri rooh hai tu meri, Dhoondhte tere nishan mil gayi khudi
Tu jo mila ho gaya main kabil, Tu jo mila to ho gaya sab haasil
Mushkil sahi aasaan hui manjil, Kyun ki tu…dhadkan…main dil…
O….. Tu jo mila…………………………………………………………main dil…..

Mahi :-(still hugging) Uv.. why you came back? hardly I’d made understand my heart, I was trying to forget everything and move on but…. now again…..she paused for sometimes n says “I won’t be able to bear that pain again uv please leave from here….. uv breaks hug and make her sit on couch and he sits on his knees and cups her face
Uv :- Mahi I know that it was all my fault what happened with us but… but…. he was not able to say anything but somehow he manages n says…. “you know what mahi when I went from here then only I’d decided that I won’t return until our parents won’t accept our love but I’d to came back bcz of you and specially for Kunj when he lied me that maa n papa agreed with me and they won’t force me to marry with anyone…. then I was feeling guilty that bcz of me my brother is lying with me…. and I really don’t want him to become a bad son like me, a liar like me, a cheater like me… and I don’t want you to live a life like this… so I’d to return bcz I wanted to see you, apologize you for my deeds… please mahi give me a chance to make everything good pls…” mahi doesn’t say a word and just hold his hand in affirmation while uv continues “now I’ve decided that we’ll tell everything to twinkle n kunj about us”
Mahi :- But uv you know na if they will get to know this then they will unite us at any cost even if they’ve to go against our parents?
Uv :- I know that… but what if they will get to know this from somewhere else… then they will never forgive us…. n waise bhi kunj has doubt that I love some one and his mission is to find out that girl I mean you….saying this both them laugh
Mahi :- Han toh whose brother he is..
Uv :- Ofcourse yuvraj sarna ka…n he gives a proud smile to mahi…

***** Next scene******

Twinkle :- But kunj what is uv bhai is doing here?
Kunj :- I don’t know…. n both looks each other confused…
Twinkle :- Well now let me go to mahi di…. n she proceed to go but kunj again pulls her towards him and hold her by waist..
Twinkle :- Now what…?
Kunj :- Nothing…. just want to spend some more time with my love..
Twinkle :- Kunjjjj…. leave me if someone will see us like this then definitely hamari band baj jayegi aur ye chup chup kar milna bhi band ho jayega… waise bhi aman ne already humari band bajayi hui hai….
Kunj :- Offo yar no one will see us bcz everyone is busy in party…. such a great opportunity we’ve got….let enjoy this moment na…… then twinkle wraps her arm around his neck…
Twinkle :- so my Mr. Romio is in romantic mood… now tell me what you want to do?
Kunj :- (naughtily) twinkle….. look na… itna suhana mausam hai… romantic raat hai… thandi hawyein hain… aur hum do love birds… main bhi hot hun aur tu bhi hot lag rahi hai aaj.. main bhi akela.. tu bhi akeli….lets go….. let’s make out… what say?… and he winks at her while twinkle make “hawww” face
Twinkle :- Kunjjj …. you…
Kunj :- What me?… I’m serious yar…he says it controlling his laughter by pressing his both lips..

Twinkle :- Really you are serious?… kunj nods his head in yes while twinkle says “Ohk.. lets go”… kunj winded his eyes then raises his one eyebrow
Kunj :- Kya baat hai meri jhalli Panjabi pataka… I didn’t knew that my syapa queen is so bold..
Twinkle :-(runs her index finger on his face sensually n in sensual voice) now what to do when I’ve world’s hottest n s*xiest boy is in my life who is too romantic so I too become like this.. you know sangati ka asar…… she too winks at kunj who just smiles brightly turning his face other side then says “correction miss taneja not sangati ka asar this is bcz we are made for each other”… and they both touch their forehead with each other smiling…..
Twinkle :- Kunj when we’ll tell about us to our family and specially di and uv bhai…?
Kunj :- Just wait twinkle till the day when I’ll find out the girl who is bhai’s love… after that we’ll tell them everything… trust me.. well just I hope I would do it and make everything like before..

Twinkle :- I trust you kunj and I’m sure you’ll do it….. you know what kunj? uv bhai is really very lucky that he has a brother like you who always think about his happiness…..
Kunj :-(just smiles) And mahi di is too very lucky that my syapa queen is her sister who love her so much n always support her…
Twinkle :- This is bcz you are in my life….. I wish kunj she has too someone in her life who love her so much like you love me… but since she’s join office as her job is only her love…
Kunj :- Offo twinkle why are you so worry? may be there is already someone in her life…
Twinkle :- You mean love… and di? No kunj you know na her… she is not for love… and if there is someone then she’d have told me bcz she never hide anything from me…..well… now leave me and let me go and you too go to your bhai…..
Kunj :- No… not now..

Twinkle :- Kunj please….. but he doesn’t say anything
Twinkle :- Kunjjjjjj…… then she think somethink and gives a peak on kunj’s cheek who gets shock and looses his grip on her waist so twinkle freed herself…
Kunj :- Twinkle what is this?
Twinkle :- New formula to get rid from you…
Kunj :- twinkle this is not fair… you kissed one side.. what about other cheek?… it’ll feel bad…. now kiss on it also
Twinkle :- Sorry… not today… mood nahin hai… and she was about to run but kunj again hold her n pin her to the wall..
Kunj :- Now do what I’m asking else…
Twinkle :- Else what?….then kunj lean to her lips but again twinkle doesn’t protest herself nor pushed him away but just smiling….. so kunj faked anger and left her and was leaving when twinkle kissed his on other cheek and run from there while kunj smiles holding his cheek with his palm..

****YUHI scene****

Mahi :- Uv… will we be uinte?
Uv :- Ofcource mahi… you trust me na?.. mahi nodes her head in yes..
Mahi :- Uv now please leave else someone will come…bcz since a long time I’m here and I’m sure twinkle or maa would be coming here anytime and mwy be kunj as you know our parents eyes are only on us… so please go…… just then twinkle calls for mahi from outside of the room..
Uv :- Naam liya aur ek shaitan hazir… tell me onething mahi.. there is any magnet between you n twinkle? bcz whenever you use to spend your time with me she always disturb us…. listening this mahi give him death glare while he make a sorry face n went to the balcony while mahi open the door…
Twinkle :- Di what are you doing since a long time? apka kaam abhi nahin hua?
Mahi :- No.. no.. I mean yes its done now let’s go… and she tries to stop twinkle to inter in room so she proceed to go with her just then kunj come there…
Twinkle :- What are you doing here… then she notice mahi so she ask it again with attitude..
Kunj :- (talk in attitude bcz of mahi) Tujhse matlab?…
Twinkle :- yes bcz you’ve came to us..
Kunj :- oh hallo I’m here for searching my bhai not you.. listening this mahi gets nervous

Twinkle :- Han toh humare paas kyun aye ho?
Kunj :- main tere paas nahin aya hun… main bas check kar raha tha har jagah.. mujhe kya pata tha ki tu yahan bhi mere peeche pad jayegi..
Twinkle :- youuuuu….. but mahi stops her and drags her from there…. while twinkle turns to kunj and gives him a flying kiss and kunj catch it n put on his heart and both were just smiling….

Episode end here….

Recap- Same in previous episode……

So how was it? boring na? Do drop down your comment and let me know your opinion. ab agar padh liya hai toh comment kar dena… I’ll try to post next episode soon bcz it’s already written… just hope I’ll get time….
Sorry for grammatical and typing errors


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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Neha (di),
    Thank God, aap ki bak bak suna naseeb hui. Really, yaar missed you so much. And dare you think to stop talking or else I won’t talk to you (Hehe) now tell me kaise likh leti ho aap itne ache dialogues..
    Matlab jhakaas! Buhat maza aaya aur please ab gayab mat ho jana aur jaldi se post karna! Love u…Bye! Keep smiling 🙂

  2. Sameera

    Uwaaaaa?????? mujhe next episode b chahiye this is bad yaad shali mujhe twinj k challenge dekhna hai ha ha dekhna hai ????????well hello màdam hum SE peecha chodne k kabhi sochna b mat aur KYa KAHA tha starting me wait let me go up n check epi me itni lost hogayi ????ha I am back Chalo AB bata do kaisi ho yaar well missed u soooooooooooooooooo much Sachi ???and today epi to describe b NAHI KAR Sakti par chalo fir b bol hi deti hu it was soooooooooooooooooo amazing fab superb marvellous jhakas dhamaal ek dumm kadak epi tha haye ye siyappa queen aur uska sadu sarna is too cute n hope twinj ko yuhi k bare me jaldi lata chal jaaye well I am going bye bye post next one soon warna me an gussa hojaungi ???? love u missed u soooooooooooooooooo much n do contt soon …
    N ha aur Kya bolna tha right belated Merry Christmas n advance me happy new year

  3. Presha

    Hey salini a merry 127877 to u nd advance main happy new year
    The epi was awesome too good loved it
    It is a long one… ?

  4. Chiku

    Awww!! Di that sooo sweet❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I loved it…. its just lovely.
    Wish yuhi and twinj come to know each other ka reality soon
    Post soon
    LoDs of love❤️

  5. Aamna_2690

    Hey shalini di!!!
    Hope u remember me…….

    Di u left me spellbound with the episode……. the way u portrayed yuhi’s emotions……. n twinj romantic moments were beautiful…. it was so sweet….. hope twinj n yuhi came to know about each other soon……

    Plz post soon
    Loads of luv❤❤❤

  6. Aamna_2690

    Hey shalini di!!!
    Hope u remember me…….

    Di u left me spellbound with the episode……. the way u portrayed yuhi’s emotions……. n twinj romantic moments were beautiful…. it was so sweet….. hope twinj n yuhi came to know about each other soon…… n plz don’t stop writing the ff…. I really luved it plz di……

    Plz post soon
    Loads of luv❤❤❤

  7. SidMin

    Neha di ………..
    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂
    I am so glad you posted 🙂
    And who said your ff is boring it is the best I love it …. MILI LOVES IT (big deal 😉 )
    By the way di try posting soon 🙂
    Love you Infinity into 2 times 🙂

  8. Awesome episode dear loved it

  9. Thank God
    Finally u came after a long gap
    But the episode is superb n emotional

  10. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey neha di, sorry for not commenting on ur previous few episodes.. was busy with exams n then I needed time to cover up the pages which I didn’t read while preparing for exams.. and now I’ve read all ur episodes and All have been amazing.. I really love ur ff.. glad that yuhi have sorted out their differences 🙂 and twinj scenes were ?????.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤.

  11. Ramya

    Hiiii diiiii hw r u ?
    U r after long back I’m happy fr it
    N di frm where u will write dis much nice n lovely episode plsss do tell me
    It’s just amazing n fr ur kind info I’m not at all sad bcoz u r back instaed I’m happy as my di is back
    Awesome episode n prblm btwn yuhi have solved soon nice n twinj cute moment r soooooiii cuuutttteee
    Loads of love keep smiling

  12. Apurva

    Meri filmy pataka
    Kya likha hai??? I just loved todays part
    Both UHI and TWINJ ke scenes jabardast thee. No doubt in that. I just wish ke Twinj ko jaldi pata chal jaaye uhi ke baare me atleast they ll b little relaxed.
    And i m eagerly waiting to c the competition the challenge.
    Thanku for the long update also.
    And actually me comment nahi karne wali thi….. ?? Kya hamesha bolti raheti hai ki i ll stop the ff if u dont like it. Ya phir is it boring. AREE PAGLI agar bor ya story acchi mahi lagti to kya hum intezar karte tere ff ka???
    Aur hum comments me jhuth kyun likhenge ki v love ur ff ya phir it was amazing. Jo hai wahi likh te hai na…. Ab na agar agli baar se tune bola na ki ff boring hai ya accha nahi hai ya phir blah blah kasam se ff aage padhungi hi nahi aur comment bhi nahi karungi….
    Abhi ke liya itna ki
    Dusra part jaldi post kar i m waiting
    Till then bye
    My dear Shalu???

  13. Adya

    Shalu di…. Neha di.. meri cutie di..
    Pahle to katti !!! Pucho Kyu ??? I missed your.. sry I’m missing your comment like anything..
    Now .. Arre iss bakwas ko sunne ke liye to mere kaan taras gaye the… Ahaa ab dil ko sukoon mila…
    Woow yrr di… Wooowwww… Kya likte ho Matlab… Masssoom se bachelor ki jaan loge kya apne is damn amazing episode se.. hnn ???
    I’m your fan di… Obvio your fan..that made me extremely happy when I saw your post… Kisne kaha ki Maine apko yaad ni Kiya… Dil se yaad Kiya .. honey Singh ki kasam…
    Well I loved it di.. plss post soon if you can… Plzzz
    Love you di!

  14. Aanya_pandey

    That ws an amazing update yrr. Loved it

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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