TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive & blind love)~Twinj ff-episode 4


recap- twnjs fake fight in gurudwara continue in front of their families n they tries to stop them, twinkle gets angry on kunj…. aman teases kunj n yunjs brotherly moment…. kunj pacified twinkle in romantic way n their emotional talk….. uv went to bebe n his emotional talks with her.


bebe- same as serial but in my ff she is mother of manohar n grandmother of uv n kunj……. she doesn’t lives with her family but in an orphanage named “anita orphanage” bcz of some reason which caused by sarnas n tanejas…… n who is anita, what is her relation with bebe n where is she it’ll revealed latter……

episode- 4

————at taneja mention——-

*twinkles room

twinkle was busy in selecting dress for dinner party when mahi enters in her room with some papers
m- twinkle….
t- hmmm di …… without looking at her
m-actually i want help from u…
t- hmmm…….. still busy in her dresses

m- i’ve design some interiors of bedroom for my new clients daughter so can u pls help me to select best designs? bcz i’m too confuse…. n she gives her all the papers one by one
m- twinkle how is it? forwarding a paper to her looking to other papers
t-(without looking) ya it’s good….
m- n this one…… forwarding another design…
t- very good…
m- n this one…. forwarding another design but this time she looks at twinkle who was busy her own dream world
t- very good….
m- n this one?…. looking at her irritatingly with her one hand on her belly
t- good di….
m- twinkle…..

t- haan di… bola na very good….. n this time mahi gets more irritate n she snatches her dresses from her hand…
t- aaaah di what are you doing ? give me my dresses
m- twinkleeeee….. where r u lost..haan? i’m asking u something since a long time n you…. you are lost in ur own world…. chal kya raha hai?
t- offo di i’ve told u na that chinki has given a dinner party for aman n she has invited me also…. so i’m selecting dress for that…. but u disturbed me…..
b- oh… toh ab main apko disturb bhi karne lagi hoon..? aur jab tu mujhe disturb karti hai uska kya ….haan? n by the way….. why r u getting ready like as u r going on romantic date with ur boyfriend?
twinkle bits her tongue n murmured “tu syapa karke chodegi syapa queen” then put her both hands on mahis both solders from sides n says..
t- offo my detective mahi di…. aap hamesha meri jasoosi kyun karti rahti ho…? arrey apne would be jiju par saaliyon wala impression dalna hai toh ache se ready hona padega naa.. after all saali adhi ghar wali hoti hai…. n god knows when will u marry ?may be till then i’ll become old soooo……. n she looks mahi’s face who gives her death glare but ignores n says
m- waise maa told me that today again you were fighting with kunj in gurudwara…. seriously twinkle? tu nahin manegi naa….ab toh uss bechare ka peecha chor de…. kyun baat baat par usse panga leti rahti hai?
t- (not in her sense) sorry di… now i’ll not leave him till my last breath…… saying this she came back in to her senses n again bit her tongue n looks at maahi who also looks her surprisingly but she manage the situation somehow n says
t- i…m…i mean to say usne twinkle taneja se panga liya hai itni asani se peecha thode hi chor dungi chun chun kar badla lungi n by the way this rivalry had start bcz of him so he’ll only end it not me….. n what u say bechara? he is not any bechara di he is sadu, khadus sarna… u know na how much he’s troubled me since childhood n today also he only did his useless fight with me… it was not my fault as u know naa how much sweet cute n calm girl i am…..
m- ya i know that how r u…. twinkle u r not that 8 years old girl anymore… u r grown up now…. shadi karne ki umar ho gayi hai teri…. now leave your childish behavior….. saying this she turn her face towards twinkle who was staring her with emotional n smiling face but still holding her
m- what? why r u looking at me like this….. i’m looking mad or what ?….. n twinkle just node her head in yes while mahi make a ‘haww’ face when twinkle gives her side hug n says

t- yes my cute di u r looking mad crazy jhalli while scolding me teaching me like this as u were in childhood…. u know what di whenever u act like this i feels like i’ve got back my old mahi di back bcz since the time u have joined office u engrossed in ur work n have forgot everything, rarely talk with us or enjoy the moments….. i know u r a dedicated girl n u always used to tell me that whenever u will do job ur first priority will be ur work than anything else…. u’ll give ur full time in office so that taneja industry would become more n more powerful but…. this much? that u have changed ur self, ur real identity… some time i feels like you’ve exchanged with some one bcz my mahi di was not like this she was like me… we both sisters were same in everything….. hai na? and…..

m- basssss twinkle itni senti baatein? what happened with you now a days bcz you were also not like this….itni behki n understanding baatein… chakkar kya hai?… kisi se pyar vyar to nahin hua hai? teri harkatein dekhkar toh aisa hi lag raha hai….. twinkl leave her n act as innocent girl
t- hawww di you’ll talk with ur lil sis like this? u know naa if the people of this world will listen this then what will they say ‘leela ji rt ji ladkiyan haath se nikali ja rahi hain ab jaldi se inke haath peele(yellow) karva dijiye’ mahi n twinkle both says this together n loughs loudly…. then mahi says

m- so… let them tell….. let see who will come to marry with us arrey hamne bhi use laal peele na kar diya toh hum taneja sister nahin….. n both gives hifi while twinkle again hugs her from side
m- twinkle what happen to you? why i’m feeling like you want to share something with me since a long time but you are not able to do so….
t-(in her mind) “sorry di i can’t tell you anything bcz i don’t want to lose kunj as well as hurt our family but i promise when everything will be fine between both families… then i’ll tell you firstly about mine n kunjs relationship”
then she tells to mahi- offo di nothing like that…. don’t worry
m-(breaking hug)are you sure?….. while twinkle nods her head in yes
and both of them continue their talks n twinkle helps mahi in selecting best designs while mahi helps her in selecting dress for party

——————————next scene—————————

*****at night n chinki’s form house******

there was a big hall in form house which was fully decorated with white curtains n dim lights n in the middle of it’s a round shaped table which was decorated with white tablecloth n crystal bowl half filed with water in which beautiful floating candles were lighting , on its middle n it was filled with delicious foods n the table was surrounded with four chairs covered with white cloths n red ribbon on each chair….. the hall was giving a full romantic feel… it was not less than a five star hotel.. ((sorry friends if description is boring actually i’m very bad in all this so pls bear it with me))

kunj twinkle aman n chinki all were seated on their respective place n all were dressed very well…. kunj was dressed in white shirt with its three upper button open n blue jeans n twinkle was dressed in red gown with diamond earings n while aman was dressed in sky blue shirt n white jeans n chiki in purple gown…. every one looking hot and gorgeous …
a- oh wow chinki you’ve gave me very beautiful surprise… thank u so much jaan….
k- oh hallo mr. romeo we r also here…. so control yourself n by the way it was my idea…. so you should thanks me too….
a- saale… tu apni importance dene se kabhi nahi sudhrega…. well you both r here for this romantic date bcz of us n instead of thanks to me u r showing attitude…. waah kya jamana aa gaya hai

k- haan toh koi bahot bada ehssan nahi kiya hai n don’t forget if today u both r together so bcz of me…… warna tu bhi kahi devdas bana apni iss paro ke gam mein duba rehta aur ye kisi aur ki bahon mein…. it was me who unfortunately saw her photo in ur notebook in school n then convince you n help you to propose this chinki…. else u dared not say about ur feelings at her face….. so thanks to me for ur successful love story
t- ya he is right if he hadn’t catch you red handed then no one would’ve knew about ur crush on chinki bcz no one had thought that aman singh the most studious boy of the school whose heart, mind, soul, everything lives only in books can be fall for someone….. aur wo bhi first standard se
k- aur janab ko wo three words bolne mein pure one year lage the…. aise dar raha tha ye mano chinki iski jaan le legi…..

a- oh hallo main dar nahin raha tha ok…bas thoda sa nervous tha bcz for the first time i was going to propose someone….well leave about us, what happened with us was our past now tell us ur love story in detail….. bcz last time u promised me when i’ll back once for all you’ll tell us everything
t- what tell? u both know our love story very well..
c-ya you are right we know it…that u both were biggest enimies since ur childhood… always used to hurt each other…. but that one month tour changed both of ur life n god know what happen in those days that ur enimity, ur hatred turned into friendship n love…. right? but we don’t know the reason of all this….. you know what twinkle sometimes i feel as i’m not ur child hood best friend but we met yesterday only…. bcz you’ve shared with me everything about you but nothing about kunj
a-ya same here kunj…. so if i’m really ur best friend then fulfill ur promise else…
k- else what? haan ? n by the way we are here for dinner not for my love story so concentrate on it n enjoy n let us too…

c-what enjoy..? the main reason to invite you both too in our romantic date was to ask about your love story’s each moment….
k- are you both are mad or what? i mean… are we any celebrity or you are going to write a book on us?? that you both want to know our love story in detail…. sharm nahin aati kisi ki personal baton ko puchne mein
a-nahi aati aur waise bhi tune bhi aisa hi kiya tha hamare sath so pls don’t change the topic… you had promised me…. so now tell us else i’ll open your secret in front your families…
k- tu mujhe damki de raha hai…? kunj sarna ko…?
a-haan de raha hun dhamki a scared kunj sarna ko… toh?
k- huh scared n me? kunj sarna never scared…. ok fine you want to expose mine n twinkles relationship…go n tell them everything i don’t care bcz it’ll be good for us only… n he smirks at aman while aman gets disappointed bcz he had never expect this from him but just then he think something in his mind n smiles naughtily looking at twinj n says
a-so you’ll not tell us so easily and you really don’t scared? ok fine do one thing you yourself tell everything to you families….
k- what??? are you mad? you are challenging me?
a-kyun dar gaya
k- kaha na kunj sarna kisi se nahi darta…
a-toh eccept my challeng..
k- ok fine challenge accepted
a-so in tomorrow’s party you both will confess ur love in front of ur families…but confession should be directly i mean everyone should be know you that are proposing each other so don’t try to follow bollywood movies like mpk, ddlj etc. get it? n ya one more thing make sure after ur confession your relationship shouldn’t break…
t-are you mad aman? you know na anything can happen after our cofession?
a-i don’t care… tum dono ne dhokha diya hai toh saja bhi bhugto n waise bhi ur kunj never scare with challenges so i just want to see power of ur love… so… are u ready?
t-ok fine we are ready but what will you do if we’ll win…
a-i’ll not do anything but you’ll….
t- what do you mean?…. aman looks at chinki n they both smiles…
c-he mean to say that if you’ll success in this challenge then you’ve to tell us your love story but if you’ll lose then we’ll never ask you anything..
k-saale tu dost hai ki dushman? hath dhokar hamari life ke peeche pada hai …. utha le fayeda hamari majboori ka jitna uthana ho….. sab sut samet wapas na liya toh main bhi kunj sarna nahin…
a-so its done now rest talk after ur confession… till then enjoy ur life… waise abhi ye dinner party enjoy kartein hai……. n they continue their random talks with their dinner……. after sometime they finish their dinner n sits on the floor near swimming pool which was in formhous only and arranged with bed seats n pillows they spend some romantic as well as friendly moment….
c-guys now no more talks let’s dance…..what say?
t-oyehoye chinki aaj badi romantic ho rahi hai….
c-shut up twinkle…. n she play the song mera ishq from the movie saansein..

—- i’ll show only twinj’s dance—-
* when i hold you close my baby
*and you say you love me maybe
*i get a feeling life is gonna be alright
*i wanna be with you all my life —-(2)
(kunj sits on her knees n ask to twinkles hand n they share an eyelock)
*khamoshiyan dil ki, hothon pe hai chalki
*sun le zara ehsaas mera, main ho gai teri
(twinkle smiles n gives her hand to him n they proceed for dance)
*main sajda karun, hai khuda sa tu
*aankhon ki dua, tu ho rubaroo
(kunj held twinkle from her waist n look into her eyes)

*mujhko baahon se baandh le mit jaane de ye fasle
*rakh le mujhko tu saath maein sadaa
(twinkle wrap her arms arounds his neck looking into his eyes)
*mera ishq chala hai saat tere mera ishq chala saath
*tu ban gayi meri yaad toh rabb ko mangu aur kya—– (2)
(they moves on the beats n feels each word of song n rhythm as it’s made for them only)
*mahsoos kar rahi hai najar tere khwab ko mere kwab mein
(twinkle turns and hug him frm behind n rest her head on his back)
*dikhne laga hai ek jahan mere pyar ko tere pyar mein
(kunj holds her hands on his chest n smiles)
*manjil aur mere rastey bas hain tere hi vaastey
(twinkle leaves him n steps back while kunj turn to her with emotional face)
*ek tere bin toh hai safar sajaa
(then twinkle runs to him hus him tightly with teary eyed kunj too hug her tightly)
*mera ishq chala——————————mangu aur kya—(2)
(they break their hug looks in to each other’s eyes n he kisses her forehead)
*all i need is love and all we need is time
*running to you my baby
*give me all you want give me all you can
*take me to your heart my lady
(they moves on each rhythm slowly n passionately)

*jaane lagi hai lakeer yeh mere haath se tere haath mein
(he stretched her both hand with his on either sides)
*ab toh kategi yeh umar tere saath mein tere saath mein
(then he turns her facing her back to his front n kept his hand on her, resting on her tummy)
*main sajda karoon kyun parda karoon
*aankhon ki duaa tu ho rubaroo
(twinkle rest her head on his chest n both of them closed their eyes n feels each other’s embrace)
*mujhko bahon se baandh le mit jaane de yeh faasle
(he again turns her to face him from her waist n she put her hand on his solder)
*rakh le mujhko tu saath mein sadaa

(they looks into each other’s eyes with passion love care obsession n everything)
*mera ishq chala———————————–maangu aur kya—-(2)
(twinkle hugs him in order to rest her head on his chest and her both hand on his back while kunj hugs her with his one hand on her back solder and other is on her lower back as he is protecting her from everything and never want to leave her with their closed eyes n continue their movement) [sorry friends for this boring dance] screen freezes on their hugging position
precap- suspense one reveal ….. emotions ….. romance ….. fun……
hallo friends, how are you all? i hope all are fine…. i know all of you are angry with me bcz again i’m late…. right? par reason nahin puchoge ki main late kyun hoon? chalo mat pucho main bataungi bhi nahi….n don’t worry today i’ll not bore you with my unusual talks

****important question**** so friends today i’ll ask only one question are you all okay if i’ll add 90s song in my ff or you want only new song?… bcz my ff will be musical specially next some episodes….. so please guys if you really like my ff then give me ur answer n pls don’t tell me “as your wish” bcz i’m already very confuse n don’t confuse me more with your confusing answer so do tell me ur clear decision so that i’ll try to post next episode as soon as possible……

n thanks to everyone for your long n precious comment… i was really very happy to see your response n also i’m really very sorry to for not replying back individually…
n also sorry to all ff writers for not commenting on your ff or os since last few days actually i was not visiting tu these days bcz of my hectic schedule so pls don’t be mad at me n forgive me pleaseeee

well how was the episode… do you like it or get bored….do drop down ur comment n let know your response…. suggestion and criticisms are always welcome…. please comment silent readers to if anyone there

waise do you know that zain is back on same channel with same attitude n same personality but this time as a male lead n protagonist…. ya friend he is back as hero in“yeh vaada raha” opposite sonal who is playing khushi’s roll and zain is playing abeer’s roll…. so friend will you watch this show for zain?

well keep reading n commenting mine n every ones ff n os…
love you my all sisso n friends


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