TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive & blind love)~Twinj ff-episode 3


Halloooo friends! how r u all? I hope u all r fine….well this time also I’m late…. hai na?? but ismein meri koi galti nahin hai sari galti aap logon ki hai….. nahin samjhe arrey yarrr aap log itne cute ff post karte ho ki mera sara time aapke ff ko padhne mein hi beet jata hai isliye apna ff kaise post karne ka time hi nahi milta hai…..waise mujhe miss kiya? nahi kiya na mujhe pata tha….well…. main aap sabse ek baat kahun?…. chalo keh hi deti hoon… wo … actually I’m thinking to stop my ff…. what say band kar doon ? arrey apna reaction dene se pehle meri puri baat to suno…. actually I’m regretting why I’ve started my ff bcz infront of u all writers I’m nothing…. I mean u all r great writers n ur ff r just mind blowing while mine is boring right? haan haan pata hai aap log kya kahoge “don’t u dare to call ur ff boring” hai na? but I don’t think I’m wrong infact I think u all r thinking same…. that’s why I’m thinking to stop my ff so that you’ll not have to read it forcefully…. hai na? arrey aap sabko isse chutti mil jayegi…. sachhi…
Well leave it n let’s start my thank u session…..

So firstly really very sorry for not replying back on ur cmnts but don’t be sad bcz here I’m replying to every ones cmnts…..so thank u so much Adya , Purnima, Sonal, Akriti, Sidvee, Twinjfan.Tamanna, Aksa Nikoria, Sohi, Ramya, Bulbul, Sameera, Chiku, Apurva, Mili, Zuha n Aamu for ur precious comments…. itna cute cmnt diya hai sabne ki main khushi se phuli nahi sama rahi hun…. par bade kanjoos ho sab… arrey maine kaha tha ki sare que ka ans dena par sabne kanjoosi ki hai…. pata hai bahot boring ff hai mera par kam se kam galtiya hi bata do… usmein to kanjoosi mat karo…

Waise ek important baat hai today I’ll give u my full introduction after this episode toh padhna na bhuliye ga
So now let’s start todays episode I hope it’s not too long n you’ll not get bore

*******************************************************************Recap- Twinj at chinki’s house n they decides for a candle light dinner to give surprise to Aman…. uv comes sarna mention n he shares some emotional talks with his love through moon n on the other side a girl is shown whose face is not reviled ,at chinki’s house twinj’s cute romance n some emotional moment, Aman’s entry , manohar n rt’s fight then twinj’s fake fight in gurudwara.

Episode starts with twinj’s fight,
K- Oh hallo miss twinkle taneja Panjabi fuss pataka beauty without brain mujhe tujhse panga bahot hi sasta padega samjhi aur waise bhi kya kar legi tu… haan??? n saying this he make a sorry face while twinkle gives him death glare….
T- Uuuuu… how dare u call me that ….haan Mr. khadus sarna…. n she was hell angry on kunj… just then leela n uv shouts at them toghether….
L-T & U-K- Stooooppppp it twinkle/kunj just stop it….. n both twinj stops looking each other n then leela n uv…
Uv- Kunj what is this haan?? why r u fighting like cat n dog in gurudwara..??
L- Yes twinkle now what happend that u did not thought at once that u r in gurudwara…. while twinkle looks at kunj with ‘what to say’ face but angry also…. n kunj thinks “offo kunj how can u forget that uv bhai is also here n he is not less than a CID officer now he’ll ask u so many questions about which u have not thought before this fake fight so what will u answer him?? think kunj sarna think else……. n just then something strikes in his mind n he again looks at twinkle with sorry face n before twinkle could understand anything kunj tell to uv…
K- Bhai wo…wo….wo haan actually me n aman both were talking with each other when this syapa queen came from other side like a blind person n bumped with me n we fell down n instead of saying sorry to me she is fighting me as it was my fault…… n he looks at twinkle n make ‘puppy’ face while twinkle tells to leela..
T- N….n…..n…no maa he is lying it was not my fault it was he who bumped with me intentionally n we fell down u can ask to chinki…… hai na chinki??? but chinki doesn’t speak anything……. then rt asks to twinkle

RT- N what is this twinkle haan … u r fighting here… in gurudwara?? where is ur manners??….. twinkle bowed down her head n thinks
“waah baba ji bol to aise rahe hain jaise ki khud band kamre mein fight kar rahe the” n then says “sorry”
On the other side manohar ask to kunj
M- “n kunj u…. atleast u should have saw that where r u…. but u r also fighting in public place…. u have grown up a young boy but u always use to fight like a kid…. ab to sudhar jao”…… listening this uv murmured
“aap ka hi beta hai aise kaise sudhar jayega” n look at kunj who was trying to control his smile… n both rt n manohar ask twinj “Now stop ur nonsense let’s go in for ardas (puja)” n left from there while kunj looks at twinkle who was still angry on him n she also left from there… then Aman n chinki comes to kunj n burst out in to laughter n aman pats kunj’s solder n says
A- Wow yaar kunj u both r such a great actor matalab kisi ko jara sa bhi doubt nahi hota hai that u both r lover not enemies… bechare thumhari families…. u know what u should get Oscar for this……right chinki??? while kunj gives him death glare n he too left from there following with chiman
Taneja’s n Khanna’s r family friends n business partners since 13 years n Sarna’s n Singh’s r also close friends n business partners since 5 years but kunj n aman both r best friends since their school time … while Khanna’s n Singh’s r would be relatives…..
After some time puja gets finished n all comes out gurudwara n starts to left from there when uv tells to usha
Uv- Maa u all go I’ll come later bcz now I’m going to orphanage…..
U- Ok but don’t irritate her….Uv nods his head in agreement while usha left from there with manohar then kunj ask
K- Bhai I’m also cmng with u

Uv- No kunj pls….. today I wanna go alone…n waise bhi u use to go there daily so aaj rahne de…
K- Ok fine u go…. aap bhi kya yaad rakhoge ki itna agyakari bhai mila hai aapko
U- Oh really? agar itni hi meri agya ka palan karta hai to phir twinkle se fight kyun karta rahta hai hamesha…?
K- Bhai firstly do tell me u r my brother or that syapa queen’s…..? bcz u always take her side instead of mine…..n he make a pupy face
Uv- Oh hallo dramebaaz! now don’t start ur drama again… ok? n why r u asking this to me only ..haan? go n ask from maa n papa also bcz they also use to scold u only not her……
K- U know what u… u… u all r very bad family
Uv- Ya I know that…. by the way u continue ur drama here I’m also going now….. n he slaps his face with a smile on his face n left
Kunj went to aman n talks with him for some time n also invite him at chinki’s form house at night for surprise from chinki …… n everyone left from gurudwara except kunj who noticed that twinkle has not gone with rt n leea so he understand that she is still there n start to search her after few min he founds her in the garden behind the gurudwara n went to her
K- ( in slow voice) Twinkle …..
T- (angrily) Oh so u came? why r u calling me twinkle …haan? I’m toh fuss pataka…. beauty without brain … right? toh call me that na… n.. n.. n what were u saying? ya I have a habit to shout without any reason…. hai na…??.so…u why r u here? go…. else again I’ll shout at u….. n she turn her face other side
K- “I’m sorry yarrr … I didn’t meant that u know na…. n I could not understand that time what to say to bhai so that he couldn’t doubt us… that’s why I told that…. pls yarr twinkle forgive me…. look if u wanna scold me then do that but pls don’t turn ur face from me plsssss u know na I can’t live without see ur face pls twinkle …” n he hold his both ears n says “ look twinkle if you’ll not forgive me then whole day I’ll stay here like this only”
T- (in attitude)As ur wish… I don’t care…. n she starts to go but stop as kunj hold her wrist n pulls her toward him due to which her one hand rest on his solder while other is still in kunj’s grip n his other is on her waist n they both look in eo eyes….
K- So what u told… u don’t care about me?
T- no I don’t care whatever you’ll do
K- Oh really…. u don’t care if I’ll stay here like that in sunlight…. u don’t care if I’ll get ill… if I’ll stay away from u?
T- Kaha na No means No…… n she turn her face other side
K- Really you don’t care….. n saying this he comes close to her cheek
T-(shocked) Kunj what r u doing?… leave me.
K- No….. while twikle struggles to free herself but kunj pulls here more close to him by his both arms around her waist.. SAJNA VE plays in bg which is continue with their cute talk
T- Kunj pls leave me someone will see us like this
K- So…? let them see I don’t care
T- Kunj pls leave me plssss
K- No mean no…… n he comes more close to her face
T- Kunj pls leave me else our family will get to know about us
K- Kaha na No means No…. n so what if our family will get know about us haan? Let them know that how much we love eo….. arreyyyy jab pyar kiya to darna kya , pyar kiya hai koi chori nahi ki hai chup chup ke aahen bharna kya n he winks at twinkle who was controlling her smile in shyness but couldn’t n smiles at him brightly n says
T- Shahjade saleem if ur buttering at me gets over can u please leave me?? bcz if our both Mughal-e-aazams will see us in this state then u know what will happen…. so please leave me….. n she tries to freed herself from his grip but this time she was blushing not angry on him
K- Abhi mood nahi hai but if u wanna go then free urself n go…. n he turns his face other side
T- Kunjjjj….. n she hits him on his chest playfully n then hugs him tightly n says “I’m sorry kunj for getting angry on u…. I’m so bad naa?… pls forgive me?
K-(hugs her back n caresses her hair) Shhhhh twinkle don’t say sorry to me…. actually I’m sorry I should haven’t call u like that…I’m really very sorry for that n u r not bad I’m bad boyfriend”
T- (break their hug n put her hand on his lips ) Kunj don’t say like this again else I’ll not talk to u…. u get that? while kunj like a obedient child nods his head in yes… then both smiles brightly
They sits on the bench in the garden
T- kunj till when we’ll cheat our family? I really don’t like to cheat them…
K- Twinkle don’t worry….. now bhai have came so very soon I’ll find out the reason of our families animity bcz Bebe told me that she’ll tell us whole truth together n this is the reason I wanted to go with bhai today to orphanage but he resist me bcz he wanted to spend some time with bebe alone but trust me twinkle as soon as I’ll find out the truth I promise I’ll set everything well…. then everything will be fine n we’ll not have to act like enemies
T- I know that kunj n I trust u completely …. n she puts her head on his solder while kunj wraps his one arm around her while with his other hand he hold twinkle’s other hand n plays with them
——————-Next scene—————
*Anita Orphanage*
Uv comes there n all the children comes n hugs to him….. he gives them many gifts n chocolate n play with them for some time n then walks in a room where a lady wearing patiyala suite, was siting on the bed with a book…. he calls out her name
Uv- Bebe……. n she look at him n gets teary eyed then uv comes to her n touch her feet n hugs her
B-Toh tujhe apni bebe ki yaad ab ayi hai….. n breaks the hug
Uv- I’m sorry bebe wo actually I went to gurudwara with everyone that’s why I’m late….
B-Chal leave it n tell me did u talk with her
Uv-(sadly) No bebe she is still angry….. I’m trying to call her since I came India but still she is not receiving my call…. ab itni bhi badi galti to maine nahi ki thi naa??
B-No puttar u have not done anything wrong…. u don’t feel guilty…. ya she is angry with u bcz she couldn’t sustained the pain of loosing u…. but she loves u so much …. so I’m sure once u both will meet with eo then she’ll again melt in ur love n forgive u…
Uv- But bebe when will this happen wo to mere ek bhi messages ka reply nahi de rahi hai…… n he lay down with his head on bebe’s lap n she caresses his hair..
B-Offo puttar rab ji nu bharosa rakh sab change ho jayega….. aur kab tak naraj rahegi?…. usse bhi pata hai bhale hi tere iss faisle se tum dono door ho but isse sarna industry ko bahot fayda hua hai….hai na?n somewhere we all r happy for u bcz of u only now sarna umpire is the one of the top business umpire in Canada also….. n it is the matter of proud……. n u know what she is also happy for ur success..
Uv- Bebe she still use to come here??
B-Yes puttar n u know what whenever she come here I always use to tell her everything about u since u went from here…N like this they spent some time together….
Screen freezes on uv’s emotional face n twinj’s hugging position

Precap- Twinj’s n chiman’s candle light dinner, their romantic dance n aman give challenge to twinj to confess their love infront of taneja’s n sarna’s

………………………………MY INTRODUCTION………………………..
As u know my name is Shalini (hayeee Apurva u r right yaar mine n Sidhant’s short form is same SG mean Sidhant gupta n Shalini Gupta n look coincidentally our surname is also same hai na? hayeeeeeee kash aise hi coincidentally kisi din main Siddhant se mil bhi jati.. oh sorry for disturbing) n I’m only daughter of my parents n only sister of my both brothers n both r yonger than me.
My first nick name is Neha which is called by my paternal relatives like chacha, chachi, bua n etc etc n my neighbours….
My second nick name is Gudiya which is called by my papa’s best friends n their families
N about my parents n brothers…. they never called me by my these names actually since my birth my parents called me only “Bahini” it is the common language of UP which means Beti, bitiya, daughter, kudi, dikri, chori n etc etc. my maternal relatives also called me that n my both brothers called me only “didi” sometime they called me Pagal n Moti jo ki main hoon nahi I mean haan kabhi kabhi paglon jaisi harkatein kar leti hoon par wo bhi sirf mere tv serials aur apke ff se relative hote hain n about fatti to wo main bilkul nahin hoon arrey I’m a slim girl yarrr …. waise kahin aap log bhi meri baton ko padhkar mujhe pagal to nahi samajhte hain?? Well now my TU family have gave me another name Shalu n I really love it
I’m 22 years old girl n my birthdate is 15 october (so miss Apurva I know now what will ur reaction… ab aap shalu se ‘shalu di’ aur ‘tu’ se ‘aap’par pahunch jayengi hai na ? so le t me clear one thing if u wanna call me ‘di’ u can but don’t call me ‘aap’ bcz I love ‘tu’ more from u )
I’m a college going girl n doing Post graduate (M.Sc.) with Zoology
My bad habits- I’m very talkative girl but only with my friends n family, I’m sleeping queen u can compare me with Kumbhkaran
My good qualities- apni jhoothi tareef karna buri baat hai … phir bhi kar deti hoon I’m a multitalented girl….. bas ab jyada nahi
Now I hope I’ve told u more about myself n ur all confusion about me has cleared now n ya one more thing I’m registered on TU with my brother’s email n Vipul is his name only not mine ….
Phewwww aaj bahot jyada bak bak kar liya I hope u’ll have not got bored n if yes then I’m really very sorry for that actually I love to share everything about myself with my friends that’s why I told u also…. so friends if u wanna tell me about urself then pls tell me…. n would u like to be my sister?? n if yes then u have to behave with me like u do with ur own sisters I mean fighting, arguing, scolding,told me my mistakes n everyething…
Any ways now cmng the epi…. so how was todays epi ? do u like it or get bored? how was the dialogs ? do u like twinj n uv’s scene ? would u like to read uv’s love story? n one more thing actually I wanna ask this question in my last epi but forgot…. do u like twinjs bond, their chemistry n their love n trust for eo n is the title of my ff matching with story?? aaj phir se bol rahi hu kanjoosi mat karna mere sare sawalon ke jawab dena… warna….. nahin bataungi
Aaj aap sabko bahot bore kar diya so ab mai chalti hu
Ba bye n tc ur self n keep smiling keep reading all ff’s
Love u all

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  1. Bach gaya . Meine to socha tha ki ab larke bhi sid ke piche pagal ?? Btw di aap to mujhse bhi jayda talkative ho . I m fail . 🙁 . Aur ha . Chote bhaio ko hamesha uski di moti hi dekhaie deti hain .

  2. Chiku

    Heya di,
    Plzzz dont end ur ff. I really love ur ff?????I really love the story. K want to know the reason behind der enimity. Plzzz dont end
    Episode was awesome lovely
    Phuss pataka , beauty without brains?????????? epic dialogues
    Loved it. Plzzzz post next soon
    Love u??

  3. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowww…. so cute… .I seriously loved it…. ur so good writer… nd. I m 14 years so can I call u neha di… lekin tu hi kahungi… mujhe bi aap nahi pasand…

    love you…

    1. Apurva

      Hey hi fi dear ✋✋ i m also 14 yrs…

    2. Adya

      Ohhhh my god ….tamanna di ..tamanna di bol bol kr bore ho gyi !!!!! Aur tu to mujhse choti nikli re…
      Unexpected !!!!!!!

  4. Hey Neha di ( u r elder than me that’s y 🙂 ).. and glad to know u r a libra also.. hehe.. coming to the epi it was damn amazing n awesome.. loved it.. now answers to ur qns..
    1. I liked?? I loved todays epi.. wasn’t boring at all
    2. Dialogues were awesome
    3. Loved twinj n uv scenes.. the bro bond is superb n how kunj was pacifying twinkle???
    4. Yup will definitely love to read uv’s love story
    5. Twinj’s bond n chemistry is??? n their love n trust for each other is ??..
    6. The title is matching with the story 🙂
    And please don’t end this ff.. its a request.. i love this ff??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  5. Apurva

    Tera ff itna boring tha na ki ki
    Mujhe bilkul bor NAHI hua. Samjhi na…
    And i ll always call u as shalu and not di because i dont respect my friends. so why should i do it to u. And ll not call u di also because i have a good bond with my friends more than sis.
    So do u wanna b my friend???
    Back to the episode….
    Tu samajti kya hai apne aapko?? Pagal to tu hai hi… matlab how can u decide urself that u ll b ending this ff??? with whose permissions r u ending this. Btw i m not giving u any kind of permission for ending this ff.. understand that..
    Ur answers to the questions…
    1. I loved this ff. I have 2 reasons for this. First it was super se uperrrr wala epi and the second is it was long and i love long epis…
    2.as i told u i loved it so no doubt in it.
    3. Dialogues r way better..
    4. Yesss i do love twinj and uv scenes…
    5. i would like to read uv’s love story too.
    6. The bonding is great between twinj and the trust love chemistry they share is amazing. The title suits the ff as best as it can.. dont worry abt that…
    phewwww….. finally ur questions finished. really u r a bak bak queen (Well i m that too??)
    And ya this time u took time to post but nxt time u post on Time..( not giving any suggestion but ordering u… mind it…??)
    Wanna know abt me than wait till the next episode comment… i will tell u when u ll be posting the next epi that is
    Ur ff’s 4th epi comment box….
    Post soon to know abt me dear…
    love u sweety…
    bear my hug…

    1. Apurva

      And ya this is the longest comment i have ever written… ???

  6. Sameera

    Omg ???? koi itna kaise bol sakta hai hahahah seriously shalini u r sooo cute yaar just loved ur talks soooooo much …
    Well shalini UMm I’ll call u shali is it okay with you agar nahi b hua tab bhi mein shali hi pukarungi well I like u sooo much yaar ab di pukaru ????I am 17 years old di pukaru hmm nahi pukarungi okay ???
    Ab baat aayi aaj k epi ki to bolne k liye kuch bacha hi nahi apne ff ko boring mat kehne bhul ke b ??? well I enjoyed today’s epi yaar soo much fuss pathaka hahaha just loved twinj chemistry waiting to know uv love story n last do cont soon
    Ba byeee shali ???????

  7. Adya

    Wooooww my darling shalu di !!!!!! Itni badi ho ap hayyeeeeeee !!!!! Shock laga …..mtlb how can u say this hnn that we don’t like ur ff….nd plss ..ans dene ka mood ni h….sry time ni h….Baad me de dungi ……

    Well the episode was superrrrrrrrrrr…..loved it…kya dialogues the…Kya scenes the …my god…..plsss post soon

    Ab sabse important Baat !!!!! Are u angry with me …gussa ho !!!! Q gussa ho ..??? Agar kuch glti h Meri to Baat do n…plzz gussa mt ho….sry di sooo sry…..shollllyyy…. Batana jaroor …..

    Acha now enough ….post soon
    Love u …..

  8. Ramya

    Hi shalini diii
    Aaj ka episode was superb yr dialogue were amazing TWINJ’S bond n their truest was also awesome n I want to know abt uv love story bt di ur thinking is wrong ur ff is amazing srsly I’m saying it frm heart I like it no no in fact I love it so don’t stop diii plsss apni behen iCha manke hi sahi plsss

  9. Zuha Fatima

    Hi Neha di,
    You know what I used to think that when your name is Shlini and pet name Neha so from where this Vipul comes ?? and look the confusion is solved today ??

    Anyway, coming to the episode it was Jhakkassssssssss ??? You portrayed everything well ☺ Each and every dialogue went perfect with the situation!! And the best part was Twinj’s fake fight ?? Fuss patakha ?? Beauty without brains ?? Wah! Maza aa gaya ?

    And I’m eager to know Yuvi’s past..Bechara kafi sad lagta hai 🙁

    And to be honest I love your story for 3 reasons, first is that the title is so damn interesting that it sounds as Tashan wala FF and the second reason is the way you portray the story and last but not the least the because I always crave for this FF ??

    Loads of love and support ❤❤❤

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  10. Sohi

    After aa long time you’re posting your ff I liked it but who is the girl whom yuvraj loves is she mahi twinkles sister well can I call you di as iam younger to you do continue and post soon

  11. Kritika14

    Hey di,
    Firstly, I am really sorry .. I couldn’t comment on the previous episode. Anyway, coming to the episode, it was amazing! Your ff is just so damn good.

    Moreover, that little introduction of yours was so cute! and mate, you do talk a lot! ? The introduction said it all ?

    Hope you post the next episode soon! Will be waiting!

    Lovess! xx

  12. Jisha

    Loved ff…Twinj n uv scenes were awesome…. commenting for first time I think…loved ur ff dear…it is beautiful… don’t end it…
    Nd such a big introduction… anyways i know u as u read my ff…but got to know more about u…

  13. Hey neha di(I am16 yrs n would luv to have a di like u)
    Superb plus awesome plus amazing epi.Luved twinj’s tasan n twinj’s moment.Di pls never ever dare to say ur ff boring.Aur aap ki writing bhi bahat aachi hai.Too gud.Luved it a lot.Love u n ur ff.

    Lots of luv,

  14. Shalu di… No no no… I’ll not call u this… I’ll call u my doll… Nd tu also bcoz i also don’t like aap… So doll awesome epi… Loved it… U’r ff is too good… Aur tujhe pata hey ham dono mey na bohat kuch ek jesa hey… Nd yeah u r talkative… Nd i loved it… Bcoz i’m also very talkative… Nd abt me i’m Atushi… U can call me atu or anything u like… Bcoz i’m u’r lil sis na… i also have many pet names and i love them… I’m 16 years old, read in class 10… I’m from Bangladesh… I’m also only daughter of my lovely parents bt i have no bros… I love sidhant like anything… I’m a fun loving, caring sweet, multitalented girl… Hehehe… Jeyada hogaya na… Bt mey kya karu mey apni cousine sisters se esehi bat karti hu… Aur ab iss list me tu bhi hey samjhi… Now bye… Post the next epi soon…

  15. Simiyy

    It was really good
    please post next one soon

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing cute emotional epi

  17. Baby

    ohhhooooooooo god neha di srsly m toh done bhot pad lia are episode mein toh maza aaya bt d bak bak u did naa dat was my……………………………………….favourite wont u ask why are di bcoz mere bhi 2 yonger bros hai n m nly daughter of my parents ofco mei ek hi toh hongi heeehee yeah ditto hv 2 brothers m in 11th one bro is in 6th n 1 bro is in 1st class n di u r really lucky SG hmmmmm…………but srsly i m mad about sid lyk any mad prsn wuld be aout a thing a fish for water a hungry lion and every example u can take a prsn for oxygen n plants for co2 i can give u wrse of examples dat how much m crazy for him i srsly mayb stalk him hehee n truly apurva ne shi kaha how can u how can u n who r u 2 say dat aapki ff boring hai voh oh hum batayenge naa u wont b telling n truly if mein khun toh aapki ff bilkul boring nhi hai di y u r nt understanding dis baar baar mat kheya kro naa aisa ab aapne ka sis smjhte ho scold me fyt wid me lo i m fting wid u m scolding u bas d rsn is dat mein ye nhi khungi dare u stop dis ff or watever bt di if u srsly repeat dis agn i wont talk to u i wont msg on ur ff i wont even read it or evn open it………………..n ab baat aayi episode ki toh it was osm as i said chemistry s sizzling ofco haan sch khun toh romance section is a bit going low n hope from u to give d nxt episode SPR LONG WALA n also romantic wala neha di osm cute n louved it n ur names r really cute haan as u r very cute hope u ll do bcm sister wid me love u lods di………. 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ m loving ur ff to infinity or end krne ka toh sochna bhi mat aisa kuch nhi hai or aako pta bhi nhi hai ki aap kitna acha likh rhe ho…………sooooooooo luv u..♥♥♥

  18. Wow this is really beautiful cute and nice keep writing and post soon..

  19. SidMin

    Loved it loved it loved it and Na I will call you Neha di only
    Twinj fight was so good UV’s dialogues were also good 🙂
    Mahi hai khya UV ke Love partner ??? My request can you put
    Annie Gill along with I seriously wanted them to pair up Like in the show when they showed her entry I wanted her to be paired with Uv its just a request bake its your choice 🙂
    Please please don’t end your ff I love it seriously boring tho mere ff hai Hai na so agar I can’t stop then why are you ????
    Chup chap continue karo okay (abhi apke behen hu tho itne rights tho hai na 😉 )
    Love you 🙂
    Take care 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

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