TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive & blind love)~Twinj ff-episode 2


TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive & blind love)~Twinj ff-episode 2
Hallooooooo frnds! how r u???? gussa ho???achha kyun ho main late hu isliye ya main phir se aa gayi iss liye???? apne cmnt mein batana jaroor ok?? well I’m soooooo sorry for being late…. actually I’m very very very busy these days but look main late hu isliye super long epi post kar rahi hu….. so pls don’t be angry …….. n special sorry n thank u for my cute frnd APURVA…. I’m sorry yrrr for posting too late n thank u soooo much for make me feel so special…. when I read ur massage that u r waiting for my ff so much eagerly I was really very happy bcz I have never thaught some one will wait for my ff also…thank u so much for ur love… n thanks to all who cmnted on my last epi….well today I’ll not do more bak bak bcz todays epi is toooooooooo long so pls bear it…. I hope u’ll like it n not get bore……
So lets start the epi…

Recap- After 3 years Uv comes back India n Kunj receives him from airport then some cute n emotional moments of YuNj’s. Chinki calls kunj due to which kunj gets tensed n went to chinki’s house where twinkle was on drama queen mode.

The epi starts with kunj telling to twinkle
K- Twinkle if u’ll not go home then aunty will come here n will see us together n then u know that what will happen….soooo now decision is yours what u want…
T-(irritate) Kunjjj……. you started again ??? I’ve told u many times that never ever talk like this… but uuu…. n she gets angry.
K- Of ho syapa queen I was just joking yrrr ok fine…. he holds his ears n says “I’m sorry yrr… pls forgive me…..achha I promise I’ll never talk like this pls…..” n he make childish face while twinkle smiles at his cute expression n she also says sorry to him while kunj give her side hug n make her eat the medicins.
Then kunj asks to chinki,

K- (in teasing manner) But chinki…. what was the need to go for shopping again??… I mean two days before only you both have done your shopping ….then why????now don’t tell that u were not satisfied with ur shopping that day so today u were going for buy whole shopping mall n he giggles looking at twinkle who gives him death glare.
C- (gets irritate) Kunjjjjjj…Stop ur rubbish ok…!ya we went for shopping but a week ago not two day… n about todays shopping.. as u know that tomorrow Aman is coming from Canada so I wanna buy something special for him to give a surprise…but this twinkleeee… huuuh she failed my plan..
T- (make a childish face) I’m sorry chinki but what was my fault .. I’ve not done this intentionally u know na….
C- (gets more irritate) I know that twinkle u don’t need to say sorry actually I’m sorry for asking from a syapa queen for my help..
T- (gets angry) Chinki how many time I’ve told u to not call me syapa queen..… but uuuuu…n she holds a pillow n throws it on chinki
C- I’ll bcz u r syapa queen syapa queen syapa queen syapa queen
Kunj who was watching their fights gets irritate n says

K- Stop it gys…. u both started again???? why r u fighting like small girls haan??? pls stop it …..
both twinkle n chinki stops n says “sorry” to kunj who asks to chinki,
K- But chinki what was the need to go at this time I mean look at the time yar… its 7pm now n if u’ll go at this time then it’ll be late night so… u can go tomorow also right ???
C- I know that kunj but… as u know that he’s coming tomorrow morning only n after that I’ll be busy with him n his family n not get time to buy something…n u know also that day after tomorrow there is a party organized for him n also a surprise for him from our parents….. so I thought to do something special for him from my sides before that surprise but….all is vain……n she gets sad
K- Of ho chinki why r u taking so much tension for such a small thing ???? if ur one plan gets failed then plan something else like date, long drive or candle light dinner etc…
C- (gets happy) Wow kunj what an idea par ye sab mere dimag mein kyun nahi aaya?? thank u kunj thank u so much for helping me…so now its final that tomorrows night for candle light dinner for both couple ……n she smiles brightly

After listening “Both Couple” twinj gets confused n asks to chinki
T- What do u mean both couple I mean there is only couple You n Aman so who is the second couple ???
C- Of course both of u arrey mujhe pata hai tumhare man mein bhi laddoo fut rahe hain ek romantic se candle light dinner ke liye hai naaa…????? n she starts to tease them n again speak up “ofho yarrr we know that rarely u both meet eo n I think that it’s a good chance to spend some special moments with eo so take advantage of situation …what say…????” n she winks at them while they nods their head in affirmation.
And they continue their talks for some time when chinki asks to kunj
C- Well kunj now ur bhai has came so what will u do now I mean how will u find out the truth?????
K- Chinki as u know that till now i was unable to do anything bcz bhai was not here but now as he has came so I’ll find out everything very soon bcz I know my big bro very well that if I’ll stay with him every time then he can’t be able to hide anything from me for so long n I think he also know it very well that’s why he went away from me that time….. n he smiles naughtily n again says “waise today one thing has cleared that he really loves someone bcz after our meeting it was clearly visible on his face due to his behavior n his expression so…. now I’ve to find out about that special girl oh sorry my “bhabhi” who has stolen my bhai’s heart….he smiles looking at chinkle when chinki ask him
C- Oh really?? are u doctor or jyotish that u find out it from his expression only… haan?? aur agar aisa hai to phir uss din kyun nahi jan paye the….haan??
K- No chinki I’m not doc or jyotish…I’m toh ashiq(lover) n a lover can easily understand to another love….hai naa twinkle???n he winks at hu5e5 while she smiles “n about that day so that time I was new born lover u know naa???? n he smiles naughtily then he became serious n says “Bcz that day only I came from our one month tour n saw that papa n bhai was arguing with eo n I was unable to understand the situation… I could understand just one thing that maa n papa were forcing bhai for agree to marry with a girl of their choice n bhai ……he was not ready to accept their proposal so he decides to leave us that’s why I couldn’t find out anything bcz I couldn’t spend time with him……” saying this he gets sad n for the some time there was silence in room when twinkle tells him

T- kunj I think now u should go
K- No twinkle not now bcz as I know bhai party mein to gaye nahin the aur ghar par bhi ab gaye honge aur kuch hi der mein maa papa bhi pahunch jayenge jinka gussa satvein aasman par hoga to thoda drama to hoga hi isliye main… climax mein jaaunga ….. n he again smiles naughtily
C- Well gys I’ve some work so I’m going in study room for some time ok…????? n ya twinkle can u pls stay with me tonight bcz u know my parent r out of city n will come tomorrow so pls yarr ruk jaa na…… don’t u worry main aunty ji se bata dungi…pls……
Twinkle look at kunj who tell her to stay with her through his eyes so she also says yes while chinki thanks her n walk out of room n kunj walks to the balcony.
*Next scene* Sarna Mention
Uv come to the sarna mention n walk in….he looks around his house n says “I missed my house so much yar apne ghar ka maja hi kuch aur hai ………….”n he smiles n went to his room…he went to washroom for change n after some time he comes in room . He walks to the balcony n look at the moon n talks….. on the other side a girl is shown who is also looking at the moon…. it seems like she is there for listen his talks only , as she know it very well that he is talking with her only….her face is not showing …only her lips n eyes r shown
Uv-So…. finally I’m back….after three years I’m back to my family… my brother…. my love my life…yes I’m back to u.. but still I’m far from u….the distance between us is still same like three years before when we got separated. I know u r angry on me bcz of that day’s action done by me…but trust me that day I thought if I’ll stay away from them they’ll understand my feeling my pain n may be accept my love for u but….all is vain….they’ve still not change their decision…. n u also did not talk to me at once…. no phone calls no massages…. u also did not care about me my feelings????? do u have any idea how much I missed u??? Every day I used to talk with u like this only……” saying this he as well as that girl on the other side gets teary eyed n “DARD DILON KE KAM HO JAATE MAIN AUR TUM GAR HUM HO JAATE” plays in bg which continue with his convo “now I have only wish to meet u for once so that I can say sorry for that mistake….i wish I were agreed with u that day so that noon can be able to know about us till now.. well… galti ki hai to saja to bhugatni hi padegi..hai na.???” n saying this a fake smiles appears on his face n he continue his talk “waise u know what I was still not ready to come back here but bcz of ur drama king “devar” kunj… I’d to come ye jante hue that he is lying n look now he has forced me to do promise that I’ll not go anywhere….”. he smiles brightly n again speaks up “now I have only tension that very soon he’ll find out about u which I don’t want bcz if he’ll get know about u then I don’t know what he’ll do” n he closed his eyes for feel her presence to the other side where she also does the same….n song also end… just then he heard that someone is shouting for kunj’s name … he open his eyes n gets sad but then smiles n says “look now ur MIL n FIL has arrived so I’ve to go bear up their angry mood …so bye n ya I love u I know u also love me but not more than me hai na” then that girl smiles with teary eyed… he composes himself n walk out of room. he comes down in the hall n look at the persons infront of him who is none other than Manohar n Usha n bend down to touch their feet for blessings but Manohar step back so that he can’t do that n agrilly asks to him
M- So janab yahin hain I thought u’ll have went to US. Well when u r here so tell me why did not u came in party?? Uv doesn’t speak any thing n bowed his hed down then Usha asks
U- Uv! ur papa is asking something?? give the answer….
Uv – Maa u know the reason very well….
M- Ohhh to aapne jawab dena bhi sikh liya hai ?? well why I’m waisting my time with u?? I should talk to kunj bcz this is all his fault only I’d warned him not to tell u anything about this but he did not. listen me …
Uv- This was not kunj’s fault…I had forced him to tell me the truth ….so pls papa don’t say anything to him this is wrong…pls
M- Oh now u’ll teach me what is wrong n what is right haan?? now tell me where is he???
Uv- He is in hospital for…
U- Whattt hospital??? what happened to him ??? tell me uv….
Uv- Nothing has happened to him maa…. n what do u think if something would have happened with my brother I’ll stay here to leave him alone????? actually a girl, who had got hurt with his car yesterday ,is admitted in hospital so he has went to see her only n nothing else….
M- Ok fine now call him right now…
Uv- But papa….
M- I said call him… saying this went from there following with usha…..n uv calls to kunj
*Next Scene* Chinki’s house
Kunj walks to the balcony n stands near the railing n look at the sky Twinkle also comes to him n look at the sky…. then kunj asks to her still looking at the sky
K- Twinkle do you’ve remember tomorrow’s date???
T- (smiles brightly) Ya kunj how can I forget that tomorrow is the date when we kissed each other for the first time against our wish three years ago n after that kiss our hatred changes into love n now we love eo blindly……… n she looks at kunj who also looks at her n says
K-(act as he is sad) Ya n it was our first kiss as well as las….n before he could complete his sentence twinkle puts her fore finger on his lips n nods her head in No
T- No kunj….. don’t say like this pls…..u know na that I don’t like the word “last” n I’ve given u all rights then why r u saying this again haan…??
K- (smriks n does his one eyebrow look) u mean to say if I’ll kiss u right now u’ll not mind…. right????
T- ………….
K- Soooooooo……he holds her arms n pulls towards himself due to which her one hand rest on his solder n other is on his chest while his one hand on her back n other is on her waist…..he tightens his grips n comes close to her face while twinkle smiles brightly…. now their faces are very close to eo so they can feels eo breaths…. n they looks into eo eyes while SAJNA VE plays in bg…….kunj comes close to her lips without breaking eye locks….. now due to their one movement their lips can meet with eo…. twinkle still smiling brightly now kunj also smiles n he kisses on her both cheeks n her forehead n says with fake angry voice but still in same position
K- This is not fair twinkle… why u always do this haan??? why did not u protest ur self from me ???? always u use to behave like this as u know my intentions very well….. arrey yrr kabhi to nakhre dikha diya kar…
T- (gets sad n teary eyed) I’m sorry kunj but I cant do this bcz I trust u more than myself more than anything n whenever u use to do this with me…. my heart always asks to me that u will not do anything wrong….. bcz u love me more than urself n if u’ll do this then also I’ll behave like this only bcz…… I’m only urs n u’ve full rights on me….. u can do anything with me kunj….. I’ll never ever mind……. I love u most in this whole universe kunj…… listening this from twinkles kunj also gets teary eyed n freed her from his grip n hold her face with his both hand n says
K- Why twinkle why..why u trust me this much haaan??? I don’t deserve this yar I’m a looser lover…. who can’t even accept his love in front of his family ur family n this world… who can’t give a respect to u n our love front of our parents….who always use to escape our relationship from this world so that they can’t find our love for eo….. who never tries to end the hatred between our family….. who always use to meet u like a thief …… u trust on this type of person haan?? why twinkle why ?? no twinkle no pls don’t trust me blindly.… twinkle !what if one day I’ll break ur trust or for some reason leave u or choose my family instead of u or by mistak or intentionally I’ll cross my limits??? ur trust will break n u cant be able to trust anyone …….n he freed her with tears in his eyes
T-(hold his one hand in her both palm n says) No kunj nothing will happen like this bcz I know u’ll never cheat me never leave me.. u were, u are n u will always with me no matter what situation occurs in our life…n about my trust upon u sooo no one can break it…… not our parents… not this world… even not god n u also n what were u saying ….ya looser lover right ???? so don’t u dare to call my kunj a looser ….u get that???? n she smiles kunj also smiles force fully ..
T- Kunj if u r thinking that u r a looser then I’m also a looser bcz in ur all decision ur all condition my partnership is equal…hai na ??? while kunj nods his head in yes n she continue “n what u told u’ll cross ur limits…..right???so do na who has stoped u haan ??? arrey main bhi to dekhun ki kis had tak mera sadu sarna apni limit cross karta hai” n she winks at kunj who smiles brightly n this time it was full of happiness, full of pride n full of relief that his lady love’s trust upon him will never break n “TU HI MERI YE SARI ZAMEEN CHAHE JAHAN SE CHALUN TUJHPE HI AAKE RUKU” plays in bg which continue with their talk while kunj again holds twinkle from her waist n twinkle continue “ n kunj u r feeling bad that we use to meet eo like a thief so that no one will be able to know about our love…right ???? so don’t worry nothing will happen aur agar hota hai to hone do… waie bhi kaha jata hai na “Ishq chupta nahi chupane se ..lekin use chupane ki koshish karne mein bada maja aata hai …. u have not heard that song HUM LAKH CHUPAYE PYAR MAGAR DUNIYA KO PATA CHAL JAYEGA” while kunj complete the line with smiling face “LEKIN CHUP CHUP KE MILNE SE MILNE KA MAJA TO AYEGA” n they hug eo tightly as much as they can n says together “I LOVE U KUNJ/TWINKLE I LOVE U SO MUCH” while song continue “TUM MILE TO LAMHEIN THAM GAYE TUM MILE TO SARE GAM GAYE TUM MILE” n they were in same position for 5 min
T-(still hugging) Kunj pls don’t say this again that my trust for u will break or my love for u will end bcz if that will happen then twinkles breath also will break as well as life will end….twinkle is nothing without her kunj…..I’m incomplete without u……… kunj breaks the hug n say to her holding his ears “Sorry” n song end… just then his phone rings n it flashes “Bhai” n he smiles n says “ Sooo finally climax time has came….” n he looks at twinkle who hit on his solder “ kunj u’ll never change naa??” he nods his head in No n receives the the call
K- Ya bhai tell.. how was the prty ??? have u enjoyed that?? achha leave it n tell me do u like my would be bhabhi??? how is she??? she likes u??? arrey what type of que I’m asking ofcource she will… right bhai ???arrey bhai why r u quite??? speak something……. n he controls his laughter
Uv- Ohhh bhabhi ke devar tu mujhe yahan phasa kar wahan mera majak uda raha hai??? ghar aakar khud hi pata kar le that how is ur would be bhabhi….. dramebaaz ..I know u r not in hospital but somewhere else…so stop ur drama n come to the home…… climax time has come….. this is papa’s special invitation for u…..samjhe now come fast…
K- Hawww bhai u know me very well naa??? he says it naughtily n cuts the call
T- Why r u playing prank with ur family haan??? at least leave them…
then kunj teases her “ Arrey wah abhi se apne in-laws ki itni chinta ..not bad twinkle….” she again hit on his arms play fully n exclaims “kunjjjj” n smiles while kunj says “ok twinkle now I have to go so bye n take care urself” n he kisses on her forehead n starts to go when twinkle stops him so he stop n smiles without turning to her while twinkle comes to face him n looks him smiling on her she also smiles n says
T- Kunj u also know my intentions that now what I’ll do n also trust me like me…right??? then why were u asking me that questions haan??? but kunj doesn’t speak anything only smiles looking into her eyes…..then twinkle comes close to him n ……gives a peak on his both cheeks n says now “now go…will meet tomorrow night” while kunj completes the sentence “ to celebrate our 3rd kiss anniversary for the first time”………. “n its credit goes to chinki” both say it together n smiles…kunj left from there…
*Next Scene* Sarna mention
Kunj enters in sarna mention n make an innocent face as he did nothing… he come to manohar n usaha where uv is already present
M- (angrily)kunj I’d told u to come in party with uv n not tell him anything…but u disobeyed me haan??? u told him as well as not came in party…… why kunj???
K-(looks at uv with fake angry face n then says to manoher in fake crying tone) Papa I’ve not don this intentionally…….wo … bhai was forcing me so that I couldn’t stop myself telling truth to him ..but trust me papa I was coming in party only but….he stops as manohar cuts him
M- Kunj stops ur childish drama I’m serious…..
K- Oh sorry papa I did not knew it n giggles uv also smiles at him..
U- Kunj kabhi to serious ho jaya kar
K- What maa ??? I’m also saying same that be serious…… arrey yrrr after a long time ur son has returned to u ..n u again started ur shadi karlo mantras….. instead of his welcome u both r scolding him….. ohh my mother u should be happy that ur son is not ready for marriage bcz if he’ll get marry once then ur DIL will make u dance on her own finger….. right bhai???? while uv smiles proudly that he has a world’s best brother who always support him…. “arrey if u can’t ask about his health atleast ask for dinner or something else.….. ur parent have not teach u manners haan???” he looks at usha n manohar who gives him death glare
K- Sorry….. wo…actually our parents have teach us na that’s why I was asking… hai na bhai??? he answered in childish manner n look at uv who was trying to control his laughter but in next moment all of them burst into laughter including usha n manohar…. after that they spend some family moment….. every one was happy there but… who was most happy b/w them was none other than uv bcz after a long time he was with his full family…. he was talking with his parents….. he was fighting with his brother b/w their dinner…..after sometime they went in their respective rooms…..*In uv’s room*
Kunj n uv both were laying on the bed in order to their legs are down of bed n touched the ground n upper part of their body o bed n they talks..
K- Bhai u r very bad….. I’d requested u for attend the party but u…. u cheated me… u r really very bad…..I….I….I hate u……..n he act as he is angry….
Uv- Oh halo drama queen u also have cheated me…. so now hisab barabar…. samjhe ???
K- Of ho bhai don’t call me drama “queen”… call me drama “king”…ok bcz I’m king….
U- Its mean u r accepting that u use to do dramas right???
K- Wo…wo….ya I accepted that I’m drama king but not more than u……
U- I know that…. n they burst into laughter n spend some brotherly moment…
*Next day* Airport
A flight land on airport….then a boy near about 23 years old, wearing white T-shirt with blue jeans n red jacket n white sports shoes , shown to coming out the flight n walk out the airport…… there he saw chinki with his parents n walks to them n calls “ mom dad” n they turn to him n says happily “Aman” ( u can imagine Karan Wahi for this role or as ur choice)….. he takes their blessings n ask to chinki “where is uncle n aunty”
C- They r out of city n will reach directly Gurudwara only……. n they left airport
*Sarna mention*
All the family members shown on dining table for break fast
U- Kunj, Uv be ready as we have to go gurudwara … Mr. singh has invited us for puja as their son aman has returned from Canada after 5 years…..
Uv- Sorry maa but I’ll not come…..actually I want to go to orphanage today….
K- Bhai u can go later also….so pls come with us afterall u also have came back after three years..pls n u can meet my best frnd Aman…..
Uv- Ok fine I’m coming….
*Taneja mention*
Twinkle comes there from chinki’s house while other r shown on dining table….then leala asks to twinkle “oh twinkle puttar u came??? how’s ur body pain??? u r ok naa???
T- Maa chinki has told u everything??? iss chinki ke pet kuchh nahi pachta pahle usne kunj ko bataya aur ab maa ko bhi…..well ya now I’m feeling good….
L- So u’ll coming gurudwara with us or not???? as chinki’s parent has invited us for puja….
T- Yes maa I’ll come…
L- Ok fine go to ur room n get ready n have breakfast…ok??……while twinkle nods n went to her room
L- Mahi puttar u r also coming with us naa???
M- No maa… I’ve told u yesterday only that today there is very important meeting in office with our new client so I’ve to go there only….pls don’t force me….i promise I’ll come tomorrow’s party…. but not today pls…
L- No problem puttar… u go…. work is more important…. n I’m so proud of u that u r concentrating on ur career…. so don’t worry n go to ur office ok???
M- Thank u maa….n she leaves
Aman n chinki r already present in gurudwara with their respective family n waiting for sarna’s n taneja’s….. just then a car arrives there n three people comes out from the car they r twinkle wearing white patiyala suite, rt n leela n they starts to go when twinkle says “maa papa u go I’m going to meet chinki near holy water” they nods n went in gurudwara……. in next moment sarna’s also arrived there n walks to the gurudwara when kunj wearing white kurta n blue jeans spoted aman near holy water so he also excuses himself n left for that place……
Rt n lela both were going when a man bumped with rt n gets fall down….. rt helps him to get up n says to him “Sorry” while the man says “Oh its ok…. it was my fault not ur…..actually I was talking on phone that’s why I couldn’t saw u so no u need to say sorry” then a voice heard from behind “Of ho bhaisahab u should accept his sorry …. after all Raminder taneja who never accepts his mistakes, asking forgiveness from u… I can’t believe this….look usha he is saying sorry RT is saying sorry….. arrey bhaisahab u r really very lucky…” rt turns angrily following with leela n found manohar with usha saying all this with a sarcastic smile on his face… while rt gets more angry after seeing him n says “ Oye manohar just sut up …. n what r u doing here??? oh understand u r following me right??? or may be u r here to do any mischief rhght???? after all u sarnas r expert in this … hai na leela” while leela looks every one sadly
M- Oye rt just shut up
RT- Why u r feeling bad???

*Next scene*
Kunj comes to aman “ hey ! aman what’s up yrr…..how r u …”
A- oh kunj hii yrr … after a long time….well I’m fine…tell about u…how is ur lovestory going on haan??..just then he saw twinkle coming with chinki n says teasingly “wow yrr pyar ka naam liya aur pyar hazir ..wah what a love..” n he giggles while kunj look at twinkle n gets shocked …twinkle also saw him shockingly n both asks together “twinkle/kunj u here…how…why… u did not told me about this” then both smile to eo n gave their answer…
K- Its means both of our parents r present here?? .. n both gets tensed…
just then they heard that rt n manohar r fighting n they both again say together “ohh nooo… they started again…. oh babaji pls help us” then twinkle asks to kunj with tensed face “now what to do kunj” n kunj tells irritating n helplessly “same thing which we use to do always” ….
here rt n manohar’s fight continue but suddenly they stop after listening some noise n went to that direction giving death glare to eo n saw that twinj r fighting with eo
K- oye syapa queen u just shut up
T- why… u r feeling bad haan… sadu sarna…
K- oh syapa queen I’m not feeling bad…it was not my fault it was urs …that’s why u r shouting….oh sorry actually its ur habit to shout without any reason… right..????
T- Oye sadu sarna tumhein twinkle taneja panjabi pataka beauty with brain se panga bahot mahenga padega…samjhe??
K- Oh hallo miss twinkle taneja Panjabi fuss pataka beauty without brain mujhe tujhse pnga bahot hi sasta padega samjhi aur waise bhi kya karegi tu…. haan??? saying this he makes a sorry face while twinkle gives him death glare…… on the other side chinki n aman was trying to controle their laughter n rt,leela n usha, manohar was trying to stop their fight to know the reason….
N screen freezes on twinkles angry face, kunj’s sorry face n ChiMan’s smiling face
Precap – Aman gives a challenge to twinj to confess their love in front of taneja’s n sarna’s
*Manohar sarna- father of yunj, one of the best business man of Amritsar, hate taneja’s n love his family but a little arrogant
*Usha sarna- mother of yunj, love her husband n sons a lot n hate tanaja’s, kind hearted caring supporting women
*Ramindar taneja- father of twihi,same as manohar
*Leela taneja- mother of twihi, love her husband n daughter a lot, doesn’t hate sarna’s, kind hearted, caring, supporting women
*Aman singh- boyfriend of chinki, best friend of kunj, doctor n has returned from Canada after his research

So frnds how was it?? do u like it ?? I know it was too long n u all gets bored… right??? but next time I’ll try to post a short epi….promise
Well how was the twinj scenes n their dialogs??
how was the uv scenes n his dialogs??
how was twinj fight?? n do u like the song??it was matching the situation or not??
N friends I’m very bad to express the emotions, romance n dialogs n to show the expression so pls yrr do tell me u like it or not
Ab dekho maine itna long epi diya hai isliye cmnt mein canjusi mat karna …. mere sare sawalon ke jawab dena….. samjhe????
N ya pls fargive me for grammatical error …..

Achha ab main chalti hun byeeeeeee n love u all


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