TEI- Ishq chupta nahi chupane se (A possessive & Blind love)~Twinj ff – Episode 14


I know you are angry with me nd no one will read this episode. But phir bhi I’m posting this just bcz of Baby, Nishu, Sohi nd Preshu. I’m sorry guys I couldn’t post this episode whenever you asked really very sorry. But what to do I’m helpless nd now I’m regretting for starting this ff.. I never be regular nd now I’m fed up.

I was too dispersed now a days.. actually last month my youngest brother was hospitalised for almost two weeks nd he was in very critical condition. He was suffering from some intestinal problem. Neither he was able to eat nor drink anything. Doctors said for operation but thank God that it didn’t happened. They are doing his treatment by medicines only nd now he out of danger but he is too weak now. Bcz of this I was not able to concentrate on anything. I told about this only two members of TU. I’m sorry for this late.

Well now I’m thinking to stop writing bcz I won’t be regular. Anyways this episode is birthday treat of Sohi, Aarti nd MSMahi. Nd also an advance birthday gift for Ramya.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMYA in advance ????. I don’t think I’ll be able to post next part on your B’day or may be kabhi nahin..bcz You know na your this late lateef Akka nd her problems very well??..

Well this episode is too long so read with patience. Nd one more thing if you guys don’t mind then imagine AvnIel instead of Yuhi bcz yuhi never did any romantic scenes. Even I too write their scenes while imaging AvnIel. Now enough my bak bak nd let proceed to next episode.

Recap – Twinj participate in competition nd did hard work to get the selection but bcz of Alisha nd Prakash they got eliminate in first round. Then both blame each other nd started their fight but their principal gave them another chance. On the other side Uv proposed to Mahi but she refused him by saying that she doesn’t love him nd run away. Twinj won the competition nd Yuhi emotional scene.
Episode 14

Mahi was ignoring Uv which was making him more sad.. one day he holds Mahi’s hand in college nd took her in basement room which was empty.. he pushed her to wall nd hold her by both soldier…

Mahi :- What are you doing Uv?.. leave me..

Uv :- What I’m doing??..first do tell me what are you doing?.. why are you ignoring me?.. why are you not talking to me not even listening me?..

Mahi :- Uv.. you know the reason very well..

Uv :- No.. I don’t know.. nd I don’t even want to know your stupid reason..

Mahi :- Uv.. don’t be mad…don’t hurt yourself… please move on.. don’t dream which can never be fulfilled… it’ll just break your heart…

Uv :- So??.. why do you care??.. Nd I already told you that I LOVE you nd I won’t forget you.. nd I know you too love me..

Mahi :- No… I don’t love you.. you get that? I don’t love you… nd will never do.. nd I don’t even care for you.. I’m saying this bcz I don’t want to be in trouble.. I don’t want you to disturb me… get that?..

Uv :- Ok fine… if you don’t wanna love me then don’t do.. but don’t forget we are friends.. nd you can’t break our friendship…

Mahi :- Oh really?.. you really think that I’m breaking up our friendship?.. Mr. Yuvraj sarna.. you are the one who broke our friendship… you’ve cross your limits..

Uv :- How many times I tell you that I didn’t do it intentionally.. it’s love which can happen with anyone anywhere nd anytime.. we don’t love someone by planning..

Mahi :- I’m sorry Uv.. but I can’t trust you anymore.. you shouldn’t have broke my trust.. I’m sorry.. our relationship can never be like before…

Uv :- Mahi.. please don’t say like this.. please forgive me.. I shouldn’t have do that but I couldn’t control on my emotions nd feelings… I’m really very sorry… please don’t do this to me.. don’t give me such a worst punishment.. I really can’t live without you.. please do..do… don’t ignore me…. he was saying this with tears in his eyes.. mahi was also hurt by hurting him but she didn’t shows him… Uv left her arms nd so Mahi without wasting her time left from there leaving Uv heart broken like always… she came in washroom nd closed the door behind her.. she was crying badly…

Mahi :- I’m sorry Uv… I hurt you alot.. but I don’t have any option… she recalls a flash back…

☆☆Flash back ☆☆

Mahi was talking about uv to Leela…

Mahi :- Ma… you know what… it’s the book for I was searching since a month but nowhere I got this but today I got it just bcz of UV.. he only brought this for me.. he is really a true friend..

Leela :- Mahi.. are you sure he is your friend?.. I mean just a friend nd nothing else??..

Mahi :- Haan Ma.. he is just my friend.. why are you asking this suddenly??..

Leela :- Bcz mujhe ye sirf friendship nahin lagta.. dekh puttar I trust you completely even I trust on Uv too.. I know he is a good boy nd will never hurt anyone but.. I don’t know why I’m feeling like there is something more than friendship.. dekh puttar life mein kabhi aisa kuch mat karna tum dono jisse ki sabki khushiyan chin jaye…

Mahi :- Ma aap kya kehna chahti ho??.. please tell me clearly…

Leela :- Yahi ki you both never go on the way of love.. iss pyar ne pehle hi do families ko enemy bana diya hai ab aur hatreds nd fights nahin dekhna chahti main… you know very well how much both families hate each other… nd I’ve already told you both when you started your friendship that no one should know about this.. his parents nd your papa will never accept your friendship then about love… impossible… so please never do anything which is not possible..

Mahi :- Ma.. what happened to you?.. you know I’ll do anything which will hurt everyone.. nd trust me Uv nd me are just a friend.. nd will be always.. I’ll never cross my limits..

Leela :- I hope so puttar…

Mahi :- kya hope so??.. main sach bol rahi hun… aur waise main pagal thodi hun ki usse pyar karne jaungi…. both leela nd Mahi laughed at this… nd after sometime leela left from there leaving mahi sad nd teary eyed…

Mahi :- You are right Ma.. it’s not only friendship.. it’s more than it… I’m sorry Ma but I’ve fallen for him.. I love him so much nd I know he too love me… but I promise you I’ll never let this relationship go ahead… I’ll never let him know about my feelings.. I promise Ma….. she was crying holding the book Uv has given her…


Mahi :- I’m sorry Uv.. I broke your heart.. but one day it have to break.. so if this happening now it’s good for both of us…

Time was passing nd their love was increasing… she used to talk to him like a stranger.. nd like this a year passed.

On the other side Twinj tashan was continue.. twinkle was in 9th standard while kunj was in 11th standard.. he was math student while Aman bio.. one day kunj find out that Aman love chinki since childhood but never shows it to anyone.. now he started to tease him everyday nd everywhere.. One day both were in Aman’s house.. nd Aman ask kunj’s help to find out what she feel about him.

Kunj :- But how?… she share everything with Twinkle only nd you know how she is?… aur tujhe us Syapa queen ki friend hi mili thi pyar karne ke liye?… I won’t help you.. khud ja ke pata kar le…

Aman :- Tu mere liye itna bhi nahi karega??.. bas itni hi dosti hai???

Kunj :- Ab ye ladkiyon ki tarah emotional blackmailing mat kar… ok fine I’ll try…

Aman :- Thank you so much yaar… you are my best buddy..

Kunj :- Chal chal jyada makkhan mat laga… maine kaha I’ll try.. sach mein karunga ye nahi bola…saying this he laugh at him nd Aman give him a deat glare…

Next day

Kunj spotted twinkle in library.. he went to her..

Kunj :- Twinkle….. listening this twinkle winded her eyes being shocked.. she turns to him still with winded eyes nd mouth as well… she was not blinking her eyelids.. while kunj was confused on her state

Kunj :- What happened to you? Why are you looking at me like this?

Twinkle :- What you called me just now?.. call once again….. kunj was about to say but he too realized what he called her so didn’t speak..

Twinkle :- OMG.. I can’t believe that Kunj Sarna sorry Sadu Sarna the great called me by my name… twinkle… wow…

Kunj :- Haan toh ismein itna shocked hone ki kya jarurat??.. jyada pressure na de apne mind ko warna phat jayega… thoda sa hi toh diya baba ji ne wo nahin bachega…..

Twinkle :- What do you mean Thoda sa??.. mere paas bahot dimag hai.. I’m Twinkle Taneja panjabi pataka beauty with brain…

Kunj :- Oh really?…

Twinkle :- Ofcourse… any doubt???

Kunj :- Haan bahot…

Twinkle :- Hehehe mujhe bhi..

Kunj :- What about??

Twinkle :- Yahi ki aap normal ho ya nahi… kunj give her a death glare while she was laughing…

Twinkle :- Anyways.. why you called me?

Kunj :- Actually I… I.. need… I need your help…

Twinkle :- Whattttt?… my help?.. nd Kunj Sarna??.. main sapna to nahi dekh rahi hun?… she again started her drama while kunj was getting irritate nd was murmuring..

Kunj :- Aman ke bachhe.. aaj teri wajah se is Syapa queen ko jhelna pad raha hai mujhe.. tujhe to main chhodunga nahi… he stop twinkle who was irritating him with her questions…

Kunj :- Oh madam… jyada udo mat… I need your help not for me but for your nd my friends… then he told her about Aman’s love for chinki… nd ask her to about chinki’s feeling.. she denied to accept that chinki has feeling for Aman but kunj insist her to find out.. first she shows some tashan but finally agreed… after that she used to observe chinki’s behaviour in front of Aman for few days but nothing find out like that.. So finally one day she asked her nd she said that he is like her friend… nd then kunj ask to Aman to propose her directly but he denied… nd after few months he finally proposed her nd she too accepted.. all this while twinj never did serious fight.. mostly they used to help their friends… but it doesn’t mean they have become friends… their tashan their ego was same…

One day Uv was with Bebe nd his mood was off.. bebe noticed that so she asked..

Bebe :- Uv… what happened.. why are you sad..

Uv :- Nothing bebe..

Bebe :- Ab tu apni bebe se jhuth bolega??.. apni problems chupayega??..

Uv :- No bebe… aisi koi baat nahi hai…

Bebe :- Mahi ke saath jhagda hua hai??.. waise main dekh rahi hun ki aajkal tum dono saath nahi hote.. baat kya hai??

Uv :- Bebe.. she is angry with me nd also she doesn’t consider me her friend anymore…

Bebe :- But why.. aisa kya hua?.. aur kab se chal raha hai ye sab??.

Uv :- Bebe.. it has been almost one year when she didn’t told me about that incident, I scold her for that.. from then she is not talking with me..

Bebe :- Uv.. why I’m feeling that it’s not the actual reason.. there is something else which you’re hiding from me.. bcz Mahi itni small thing par gussa nahi ho sakti…

Uv :- No bebe.. this is the only reason… he said avoiding his eye contact with her..

Bebe :- You love her??… listening this Uv gets shocked nd didn’t know what to say..

Uv :- Bebe… wha..tt..t are you saying?

Bebe :- Wahi jo tu sun raha hai..

Uv :- No.. no… bebe.. aapko misunderstanding hui hai.. nothing is like that..

Bebe :- Puttar.. I’m your father’s mother.. I’ve raised you all.. you’ve spend your childhoods mostly in front of me.. so no one can know you more than me.. nd the way you care for her, respect her, always protect her nd most important you get upset when she doesn’t talk to you or you guys fight but always you apologies to her.. this shows that you love her infinity…. am I right??….. Uv nods his head in yes with moist eyes…. nd finally he told her actual reason of his sadness…

Bebe :- Usne mana kiya aur tu maan gaya??… tujhse baat na karke she is doing good.. I’m with her…

Uv :- Bebe… ab maine kya kiya?

Bebe :- Wahi toh puttar.. tune kuch nahi kiya… arrey pagle.. she is a girl nd girls itni asani se nahi manti.. she want you to woo her, make her believe that you’ll always love her unconditionally nd can do anything for her happiness…but nahi janab haar maan kar baith gaye.. nd you know very well that in your nd her case there will be lots of difficulties nd complications in your way.. in your relationships.. so she is afraid.. she needs confident that you’ll never let her face those problems alone… she needs a hope that your future will be secure..

Uv :- Bebe.. maine haar nahi mani hai.. but I don’t want to force her to love me back.. I want her love me like I do..

Bebe :- Nd puttar.. if you want her love, you’ve to win her heart.. ye devdas banne se kuch nahi hoga..

Uv :- But how bebe?.. I don’t even know whether she loves me or not..

Bebe :- Tab tu rehne de.. kuch na kar… arrey jab tujhe hi trust nahi hai to use kahan se yakeen dilayega??… if you think she doesn’t love you then let it be…

Uv :- Bebe I know she loves me… I mean I’m sure… I mean I’m lil confused.. I mean…

Bebe :- Ye kya I mean.. I mean laga rakha hai??… look go nd try to woo her… don’t give up so easily.. it’ll take time but I’m sure she’ll confess her feelings nd accept your love…

Uv :- I promise you bebe.. I’ll try my best to get my friend back nd win her heart too…

Bebe :- That’s like my son….. Uv hugged her while she thinks in mind “vaaheguru ji is always with you my children.. nd you children can only end both families enmity.. you nd Kunj are my only hope.. nd I’m sure you’ll do this”… her eyes were also moist.. both talk for some more time… after this Uv was behaving with Mahi like nothing has happened… she was confused on his behaviour but never asked the reason… nd like this another year passed… he was supposed to complete his further studies out of country but Manohar was not well.. his health was not supporting him so he was instructed to take rest nd not give stress himself… so Uv cancelled to go to abroad nd decided he’ll stay with his family nd study in Amritsar only nd also join office to help Manohar in his business… Manohar Usha even Kunj, all were trying convince him not to cancel his plans but he didn’t listened to anyone so all give up.. nd now Uv has managed both his studies nd office as well… but his “Mahi ko manao” mission was still continue..

On the other side Twinj were also busy in their studies but whenever they get chance to fight with each other they never let it go… but as time was passing both have become possessive for each other.. they can’t bear each other talking with someone else, fighting with someone else.. both didn’t wanted eachother give their PLACE to someone else though the place was Enmity.. if they saw him /her arguing with someone else they used to do their arguments on that topic… like one day twinkle was returning from coaching.. she was talking with a boy of another school.. suddenly both started arguments for something.. kunj was also in same coaching centre nd he was watching this from his class.. when the boy left from there nd twinkle was also going kunj came to her…

Twinkle :- What?.. why are you looking at me like this?.. nd why you came in my way??..

Kunj :- Mann kar raha tha to aa gaya.. nd by the way how much you fight??.. I used to think that you fight with me only but no you do it with everyone…

Twinkle :- Oh hello.. firstly I was not fighting with him but he was doing.. he was not accepting that I’m right on the topic our teacher have teach us today… nd secondly why do you care?.. it’s our personal matters.. we fight, do arguments or do fun.. why are interfering??..

Kunj :- I’m not interfering in your matter.. I was just caring for that boy, who talk with you.. why he mess with you? He should agree whatever you say.. even on wrong.. bcz you are Ladaku Viman…

Twinkle :- Don’t call me that Sadu Sarna else I’ll..

Kunj :- Else you’ll fight with me too??.. it’s your daily job…. both continue their nok jhok… nd one day this happened with kunj too nd twinkle asked same question when a girl of his class walking in the field nd bumped with kunj.. both fell down nd blaming to each other.. no one was ready to apologise.. twinkle saw this.. she was also feeling uncomfortable with that.. so she came to him nd he gives “what are you doing here” look..

Twinkle :- What were you saying me last time??.. I’m Ladaku Viman??.. I use to fight with everyone??.. it’s my daily routine??.. so what about you Sadu Sarna??.. you are fighting too.. not apologising even though it’s your fault..

Kunj :- Now you also don’t start… you all girls are same.. who just want a chance to do arguments nd fights..

Twinkle :- Excuse me.. I’m not doing arguments.. I’m just saying that you are Super Ladaku Viman… you fight with me always, it’s not enough for you that you are doing this with others too??..

Kunj :- I didn’t started that but she did.. nd ofcourse you are enough.. you are equal to ten.. so I’m not that mad that I’ll mess with others… Syapa Queen

Twinkle :- What you said??.. I’m equal to ten??.. then you are equal to hundreds ladakus nd khadus… Sadu Sarna…. nd their fight continue… both use to be feel jealous too whenever they saw each other with someone else…

One day a girl of kunj’s class, playing basketball.. kunj saw this nd commenting on her each steps,on high nd all… so the girl challenges him play with her nd defeat her.. kunj accepted the challenge.. nd they begin to play.. twinkle who was passing from there saw this.. she was feeling bad watching them.. the way he was playing with her, touching her to snatch the ball from her, both pushing each other.. this all were making her jealous but she didn’t know about this.. she was just murmuring..

Twinkle :- This Sadu Sarna will never change.. always poke in everyone’s life… all the time he use to give challenges to everyone… khud koi Superman hai??.. now look how he is playing with her.. chipku girl chipku sarna… like favicol… huh….. saying this she left from there… she didn’t knew why she was feeling bad.. why she was angry..

One day twinkle was in gymnasium room.. it was sport day nd as it was raining so all the students were either in their classes, library or in gymnasium room.. there was not only her classmates but some other class students were also present including kunj’s… all were getting bored so twinkle’s classmates decided to play something… after thinking a lot they decided an interesting game.. they sat in a circle nd in the middle a vase filled with no of chit was placed… now everyone would ask any question to everyone one nd who would give wrong answer, has to take out one chit nd has to do whatever was written in it…

Game started nd all were enjoying.. seeing this some other students too joined them even kunj’s class too… but he didn’t joined he was just watching.. some get to do mimicry of their teachers, some gets to speak any dialogue of given movie, some for singing, dancing etc… finally it was twinkle’s turn nd she take out a chit nd her bet was couple dance on the song Kuch Kuch Hota Hai… she was confused how to do it nd with whom… she wanted it to do with any girl but everyone wanted her to do it with boy nd suggested her to dance with Shekhar, her classmate who was good in dance… she agreed nd they begin their dance.. kunj, who was watching this feeling very bad.. he didn’t want her to dance with any boy nd he himself didn’t know why… as there was no music system was available so all students were itself singing.. it was not a romantic dance… it was just fun nd all were enjoying this a lot.. but for kunj it was stupidity.. they were dancing while smiling actually laughing.. it didn’t seems a dance it was completely funny..

During their dance kunj was avoiding his gaze.. he was not able to see that nd looking here nd there.. both dance on just two lines of the beginning.. then they stopped… all were clapping for them like they did for others… but kunj didn’t.. Aman comes to him..

Aman :- It was good.. isn’t it??..

Kunj :- Good??.. ekdum bakwas tha… his jealousy was high..

Aman :- Tujhe to bakwas hi lagega bcz ye Twinkle ki performance thi na?.. tujhe uski kaun si quality achhi lagi hai??..

Kunj :- Aur tujhe bhi ye achha hi lagega bcz ye teri girlfriend ki friend ka performance tha na.. tujhe to uski har quality achhi lagegi…

Aman :- What’s your problem??.. tujhe achha nahi laga toh theek hai but mujh par kyun gussa ho raha hai??

Kunj :- Bcz…. kuch nahi…… saying this he left from there.. it was not just for once it has become their almost daily habit.. both never want eachother be with anyone else neither they want to be together… now mostly this was the reason of their fights… nd like this time was passing..

On the other side Uv nd Mahi’s cute story was on the way.. mahi neither accepting him nor wanted to leave him.. but she was trying her best to go away from him… but Uv didn’t let her do so.. One day Mahi saw a girl of her age, was talking with Twinkle nd after few minutes she left from there. Mahi comes to twinkle nd ask who was the girl..

Twinkle :- I don’t know Di.. she was asking Yuvraj Sarna’s address.. mahi was surprised nd was thinking that who was the girl that she doesn’t know about her.. she restless restless..

Mahi :- Why??.. why she was asking about him from you?? Did you told her..??

Twinkle :- I don’t know di.. nd don’t worry I didn’t told her anything bcz she was asking that Sadu Sarna’s address.. waise why are you so restless nd curious to know??..

Mahi :- Nahi… to… main kyun restless hungi bhala??..I was just asking…. Saying this she left to her room… Next day mahi spotted the same girl in college.. then she noticed that she was with a boy who was none other than Uv… she was feeling bad seeing him with a girl nd that too close.. then Uv too saw her so he comes to her leaving the girl there only.. Mahi saw this nd walk away from there while Uv was calling her.. nd she stops near a tree..

Uv :- Hey Mahi.. what is this yaar??.. I’m calling you but were not listening.. do you know I was waiting for you only..

Mahi :- Why??..

Uv :- Arrey.. what means why??.. I wanna do romance with you…. he said in a flirting voice..

Mahi :- Ohhh… but why are you coming to me??… you know I won’t allow you to do so… so better you don’t waste your time on me.. go to someone else… she said looking at the girl with jealous face but Uv couldn’t notice that…

Uv :- Attitude???… yaar kitni baar kaha hai don’t behave like that lil Mahi who used to show me attitudes nd also fights with me.. else…. he said coming close to her while she was walking backward..

Mahi :- Else what??…. she stopped bcz of tree… Uv comes too close to her…

Uv :- Else… I’ll also become like that only… who had more attitudes than you nd..

Mahi :- Nd who used to irritate me…. but I don’t care.. do whatever you want… but don’t trouble me.. nd let me go..

Uv :- Wo toh main kabhi nahi kar sakta.. I will never let you go… nd if you are saying then fine.. now you’ll see that old your so called irritating Yuvraj Sarna… but baad mein mujhe blame na karna…. he said winking at her…

Mahi :- Why will I??.. it’s your life do whatever you want but please Yuvraj Aap mera peecha chhor do…

Uv :- How many times I have told you.. don’t call me Yuvraj nd Aap…. he said being irritate nd leaving her..

Mahi :- But that old lil Uv used to like this only…. nd waise bhi you are no one to me that I’ll call you something else… she said while with moist eyes.. Uv too became emotional.. he knew what her mean.. for few minutes both were looking at each other sadly, emotionally nd painfully…. both come in senses when a girl called Uv… Uv turns to her… she was the same girl who was coming to there only..

Girl :- Uv.. what are you doing?.. kitni der se wait kar rahi hun tumhara…

Uv :- Oh I’m sorry.. I got busy in something.. he said looking at mahi…who turned her face to other side…

Girl :- It’s ok.. by the way who is she nd what are you doing with her???.. she asked pointing at mahi..

Uv :- Oh sorry I forgot to introduce you both… She is Mahi Taneja.. my FRI…… but he interrupted by Mahi..

Mahi :- I’m his Friend’s Friend.. nd he was asking about his friend… she said looking at Uv.. he was also looking at her painfully…

Girl :- Oh… nice to meet you.. well hi I’m Riya Mehta.. Uv’s best friend.. yesterday only I came Amritsar.. Uv nd me were in same class when he was in Delhi… mahi shakes her hand with her nd excuses herself nd left for her class leaving Uv sad…

Precap – Jealousy…. Fun…. Tashan…. Confession….

Hope you like it nd sorry for less twinj scene. Actually I thought first finish Yuhi confession then there will be only twinj scene. Hop you won’t mind but if you don’t want Yuhi’s lovestory then do tell me I’ll not show their scenes much. ??

Anyways How was the episode?? How was Yuhi scenes?? How was Bebe nd Uv scene?? How was Kunj nd Aman’s scenes?? How was Twinj scenes nd how was dialoges??… I know jyada question puch rahi hun but kya karun adat se mazboor ????? nd haan if you there is any mistake do tell me.

Achha ek last question do you have remember the story of this ff from beginning nd also promo I’ve given for the this track?? Bcz then only you can understand the current track. I know I use to post late so I’m sure you have forgotten this.. right?.. anyways no more bakwas ????

Sorry for grammatical nd typing errors. No proof reading. I’ll try to post next part asap.
Till then byee ? ? Take care ??
Lots of love ? ? ? ?


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    For this lovely gift
    I’m literally jumping you know.
    You made my day.
    It’s my favourite
    And one more thing I remember everything about this do including prono
    Ache so yaad hai
    And di uv and bebe talk was super Amazing
    Yuhi relationship was so lovely
    And twinj fight are too cute loved them
    You are the best.
    Kya mai aapse kuch puchu
    Aap doge
    Like my B-Day gift.
    I want a gift from you
    Aur vo yeh hai
    Aap yeh ff end nahi karengi
    At any cost
    Chahe show update hi sahi but aap end nahi karenge
    Promise me
    I want this gift from you at any cost
    Yeh mera zid hai
    Aap is pyari si choti si B-Day Girl ki wish puri karna please.
    Thank you so much for this sooo sooo lovely episode
    Love you sooooooooooooo much
    Bohat sara
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Cheena2001Cp

    Shalu dii!!! As gayin??!! Haan ….toh I remember everything , kaun bhool sakta Hai bhala woh ff Jo usse pasand ho? ?
    Beautiful Episode ???I loved everything…
    May your brother recover soon! Get him well soon?…..
    Bye ??

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      *Aa gayin

  15. Sameera

    Wow yaar shalini amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar too good ….
    Haayeeeeeeee yuhi love story ummahhhhhhh??????????????????????????????????????…..
    Loving their equation soooo much and twinj can’t even describe about them yaar …
    They are too good fab amazing stunning …
    Wanna see Thier love story soon ..
    Plzzzz if possible post soon ???????????? and your other story too …plzz plzz request ….
    And sorry I am late in commenting hell bzy yaar these days sooo sorry for that …
    Love you post soon ????????????????????

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