TEI- Ishq chupta nahi chupane se (A possessive & Blind love)~Twinj ff – Episode 13


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Recap – Kunj couldn’t participate in debate competition nd was blaming twinkle for this. He was not well. Twinkle was worried for him. Twinj’s cute moments with their respective siblings. Uv,Mahi nd bebe’s emotional moment. Twinj’s arguments in school nd mall.

Episode 13

A year has passed nd twinj were in 8th nd 10th standard. Their arguments was still same infact more than before.. nothing has changed between them but sometimes both wanted it to change.. Now Mahi nd uv both were in same college.. nd their friendship bond has become more stronger. They used to share everything with each other. Uv was trying to propose her since a long time but never get courage bcz of the fear to lose her.. fear of Rejection, fear of Heartbreak. He didn’t know what to do.

On the other side as time passed twinj wanted to not fight with each other. They always try to not do arguments or irritate each other but it never happened bcz of their ego nd attitudes. Sometimes both feel that whatever bad happen with them is not bcz of him/her but maybe it’s their misunderstandings. Both have faith on each other that they can never stoop low to harm each other no matter how much they hate but then also without their wish all the time both blame each other only for whatever bad happen with them nd reason they too didn’t know. But onething has cleared that it’s become their daily routine.

On day their principal announced that there is a competition going to start after a month in Chandigarh in which lots of schools has selected from different cities nd from Amritsar 3 schools only has selected for that nd luckily one is their school. So whoever want to part in that can register their name to their respective class teacher. In competition nothing was related to their syllabus but other activities like sports, arts, music nd all.. nd each student was allowed in only category. All the students were happy that at least for sometime they’ll live their dreams nd go out of city with their school friends nd do lots of masti.. twinj were also happy. They check the list about the category of competition.. kunj wanted to participate in all but was not allowed so he thought to do something new nd selected Cycle Racing bcz he loves racing so much.. other side Twinkle was also confused that what to choose.. after thinking much she decided to participate in dance.

On the other side Prakash who didn’t want kunj to be selected for the competition, was just thinking how to stop him.. first he was not interested in the competition but when he saw kunj was participating so he also participate.. He was kunj’s neighbour nd his parents always compare him with kunj which make him angry nd that’s why he hates him nd never want him to be successful in anything.. to defeat kunj he also take part in cycle racing.. twinj were talking about competition to Aman nd Chinki nd got to know about each other’s participation..

Kunj :- Oh no.. Syapa Queen is also participating.. it’s mean there also she’ll go nd do syapas..

Twinkle :- Oye.. Sadu Sarna.. itna hi dar lag raha hai mujhse to don’t participate.. why are you blaming me?

Kunj :- Hehehe dar nd tujhse?.. Miss Syapa queen I’m not scared of you but I’m tensed that we have to face some problems bcz of you nd I’m sure about that.

Twinkle :- You again started your fights.. I never create problems but you do.. it’s better you back of the competition else bcz of you no one will win this competition from our school..

Kunj :- You back of the competition.. why should I?..

Twinkle :- Bcz you’ve problems with me.. you know what if I could, I would’ve reject you from this competition by any way..

Kunj :- Even I too have done that if I could..

Twinkle :- Look Mr. Sadu Sarna.. aap ko jo karna hai karo but please don’t irritate me..

Kunj :- You know what Syapa queen.. wheneveryou call me “aap” I feel so proud on myself for being two years elder than you.. at least bcz of that you give me respect..(I hope you all have noticed that since their past is showing twinkle never called kunj Tum… she always call him You)

Twinkle :- Hehehe joke tha? Respect nd that to you.. my foot.. I call you Aap bcz my parents have teach me this to call your elders by aap, not tum.. even a mental too… chinki nd Aman were just watching their fight like they were watching tom nd Jerry show…

Chinki :- Twinkle.. meri maa bas kar aur chal yahan se.. tujhe practice bhi start karni hai…

Aman :- Kunj.. tu bhi chal yaar… tum dono bore nahi hote kabhi aise jhagda karke??.. they both drag them to their respective classes.. both went to their respective homes nd were so happy.. they told this to their parents.. first they refused to give them permission to go but both requested so much that they agreed..

▪▪▪Taneja Mension▪▪▪

Twinkle :- Diiiiiiiii… I’m so happy.. first time I’ll participate in something out of our city as well as go with school friends.. di it’ll be too fun.. but di I’m also very nervous.. what if I get in school only?

Mahi :- Twinkle.. I’m also happy for you.. don’t worry you’ll not reject in final selection in school.. I’m sure about that.. just do your best nd keep practice nd I’ll help you.. nd trust me you’ll paas in everything..

Twinkle :- Thank you di… thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooooo much for your support… love you di.. you are the best… she hugged her.

Mahi :- But soch le.. Mahi Taneja ke saath practice karne ja rahi hai.. you’ve to do very hard.. that time I won’t be your di but your teacher.. understood?

Twinkle :- Ji gurudev (yes teacher).. I understood what you told nd I’ll obey you…. saying this both laughed nd again hugged each other.. after some time both gets ready for practice.. mahi was good dancer so she was helping her in her practice.

▪▪▪Sarna Mension▪▪▪

Kunj :- Bhaiya.. I’m very tensed nd nervous.. have I done good by choosing cycle racing for the competition or I should’ve choose something else..

Uv :- Kunj.. why are you nervous?.. racing is your one of favourite sport na?.. nd you always wished for a chance to participate in any racing competition?.. then what happened.. why are you afraid?.. don’t worry you’ll do best just trust on yourself.. you’ve done right by choosing your favourite sport.. keep practice..

Kunj :- But bhayia I can’t practice alone.. I mean I can but I actually.. I want someone help me so I can do my best.. are you understanding what I mean..

Uv :- Of course my brother.. I know what you want.. ok I’ll help you.. I’ll also do racing with you so that you can understand you are doing good or not.. so in evening we’ll start your practice..

Kunj :- Ok.. I’ll be ready nd win over you..

Uv :- Kunj.. mere bhai.. yuvraj sarna ko harana itna easy nahi hai.. you’ve to do hard work to defeat me..

Kunj :- Ohho… over confidence??.. but main bhi apka hi bhai hun.. ab toh apko harakar hi rahunga..

Uv :- Dekhenge…

Kunj :- Dekh lena… nd both laughed..

In evening both their practice with the help of their siblings.. in start both were doing just fun nd were taking it lightly but as time passed both become serious about their practice nd were doing their best… some time they practice in their homes nd sometimes in school with their friends.. Finally it was the day when the final selection was going on in which just four participate from each category were supposed to select for the competition. All the competition has began nd all participants were doing their best. Twinj were nervous..

Now it was twinkle’s turn.. it was not solo performance but a group nd whoever would do their best, will be only get select… all were dancing on the song Aaja Nachle…. they were dancing with full confident… suddenly some small ball roll down twinkle’s feet nd she stumbled due to which she couldn’t control her balance nd fell down.. all were shocked with her sudden action.. twinkle didn’t know how to react.. she knew very well that now she will be out.. she’llbe reject.. she was crying.. chinki nd mahi were also present there both were also shocked.. they knew that now twinkle will feel very bad nd curse herself.. they didn’t knew how she fell down.. chinki went to twinkle nd make her stand..

Chinki :- Twinkle.. please yaar don’t cry.. it’s just competition… one had to out from this.. may be it was you..

Twinkle :- Chinki.. it was not coincidence but someone’s plan.. who don’t want me to participate in competition..

Chinki :- What do you mean?… twinkle shows her the ball which she found on floor..

Twinkle :- Someone has thrown it to me so that I’ll fall… chinki was about to say something but interrupted by teacher..

Teacher :- Sorry twinkle.. you can’t go ahead it’s the rule.. but you’ve done good nd we all were hoping you to pass this round but unfortunately you couldn’t.. but don’t worry try for it next time…

Twinkle didn’t speak nd was silently crying.. chinki take her to Mahi who hugs her to console her.. she could feel her pain bcz she knew how much exited nd happy twinkle was for this nd how much hard work she has done… she told same to mahi too what she told to Chinki.. then one of her teacher also comes to her to console her..

Teacher :- Twinkle.. don’t say like this.. who will do this with you nd why??.. twinkle recalls her nd kunj’s fight when both were saying that they don’t want eachother to participate nd if they can they would’ve reject each other.. nd she thought it was kunj who did this..

Twinkle :- The one nd only.. Kunj Sarna..

Mahi :- Enough yaar Twinkle.. how can you blame him always for everything.. why will he do this with you? You performed very well but if you couldn’t handle it long time it doesn’t mean you’ll blame him.. her teacher also said same..

Twinkle :- Di.. I’m saying true.. he is one who doesn’t want my dreams to be fulfilled.. he only told me this.. you can ask to Chinki..

Mahi :- But how is this possible? Bcz he was not here.. he is doing his practice…

Twinkle :- I don’t know di.. but I’m sure he only do this..

Mahi :- Achha stop crying… I don’t know what is correct nd what is wrong.. ab jo hona tha ho gaya nd we can’t change it.. now let’s go..

Teacher :- Yeah twinkle.. don’t be upset.. you are best dancer as well as student.. try to next time nd I’m sure you will win next time… ok.. saying this she left from there nd mahi ask her to come but she refused..

Twinkle :- No di.. I won’t go home now.. I wanna see other performance too..

Mahi :- But twinkle…

Twinkle :- please di.. let me stay here for some more time..

Mahi :- Ok fine… but promise me you won’t cry…

Twinkle :- Promise..

Mahi :- Ok.. I’m going for some important work of my studies you come back with chinki.. take care..

She hugs her again nd left from there.. twinkle was still crying but she didn’t shows her tears to chinki.. Then someone shown behind the door who has a devilish smile on her face nd she was none other than Alisha..

Alisha :- Huhhh finally my plan works… now you can’t go to Chandigarh… how can think to go with Kunj in tour without me?.. I can’t participate in this competition nd go anywhere bcz my hand gets hurt in an accident nd now it’s plastered.. but it doesn’t mean I’ll let you go.. agar main nahin to tu bhi nahi Twinkle Taneja.. now cry here nd also blame him.. it will increase your fights more… saying this she went from there.. chinki take her to room where all were getting ready nd ask her to change nd went to bring water for her.. twinkle was alone in room she again started cry..

Twinkle :- Kunj Sarna.. I know you only done this.. nd for that I hate you.. you’ve broken my dream… I wish you also lose nd your dreams can’t fulfill…

On the other side kunj’s turn was going to come.. after some time all the students were stand in a line with their cycles nd were ready to start their race.. Uv nd usha with Aman were present there to cheer up him.. finally their race begins nd all were riding their cycles in speed suddenly kunj’s cycle started stumbling… he didn’t knew what happened suddenly.. he’s already checked his cycle.. but somehow he tried his best to continue his race.. till now he was in second position but after that he was getting each step back… again he tried hard nd ride his cycle in speed but his bad luck was that he bumped with another boy’s cycle.. all were thinking that he do this intentionally.. that boy didn’t said anything nd continued his running.. kunj was now losing the game nd his hope too to win.. but he didn’t stopped nd again he bumped with someone nd this time he couldn’t control nd fell down… Uv Usha nd Aman were shocked by that.. kunj was in the verge of crying but he controls his tear.. he knew that nothing can happen now bcz he is rejected.. but he checked his cycle to find out what happened nd what he saw left him more shocked.. their was something stuck in his cycle chain nd wheel which was stopping it to move on.. he gets angry nd was thinking who did this.. nd then he too recalls his nd twinkle’s arguments nd misunderstood her..

He was too angry.. he comes to Uv nd Usha who tried to console him.. he didn’t said anything nd after sometime the final participants were announced nd Prakash also couldn’t qualified.. but he was not sad..

Prakash :- I don’t care if I couldn’t go ahead but I’m happy that kunj also can’t go.. now no one will pamper him like before… nd looks at kunj with devilish smile..

Kunj left from there leaving Usha nd Uv surprised.. he was searching for Twinkle but he saw the teachers so he went to them to tell them about his problem… but before he could say anything one of teacher speak..

Teacher :- Kunj.. we’ve never expected it from you.. you’ll do such cheap act your profit??… kunj was confused what he was talking about..

Kunj :- But sir.. what I’ve done?.. what cheap act.. profit??

Teacher :- Kunj.. don’t pretend to be innocent.. you pushed those boys so that you can overcome them??.. kunj you are one of the best student of this school nd by doing such you ruined your own reputation in front of us…

Kunj :- But sir.. I didn’t do anything wrong.. I didn’t do it intentionally.. actually sir something has stuck in my cycle’s chain which causes this situation.. please sir believe me I really have not done any cheap act..

Teacher :- Are you sure?

Kunj :- Yes sir.. you can check it.. I can never do such thing..

Teacher :- Ohh.. we are really very sorry kunj.. we misunderstood you.. nd we are feeling bad for you.. but we can’t change it.. now you’re out from this.. but you can try next time nd I’m sure you’ll do best… saying this they left..

Kunj :- Miss Twinkle Taneja.. you’ve not done good by messing with me.. you ruined my dreams.. bcz of you my all efforts for it gets waste.. now you’ve to pay for this…

He was going back to Uv when he spots twinkle coming to his side only… now his anger was on peak nd twinkle also saw him nd no doubt she was also too angry.. so without wasting their time both walked to each other… (fight karva dun???????… rahne dun?????arrey yaar itna achha ladte hain dono to enjoy karo na kyun love ke peeche padi ho sab??????? Achha sorry bas thoda sa aur jhel lo dono ka jhagda bcz iske baad tashan e ishq hi milega????????)

Kunj/Twinkle :- Why did you do this to me?.. today bcz of you only my dreams couldn’t fulfilled… both said it together then gets shocked that both were saying something nd also blaming..

Kunj/Twinkle :- Wait.. what you told?.. I ruined your dreams?….. again both asked together.. then both decided to speak one by one..

Kunj :- Yes you did this.. you stuck something in my cycle so that it won’t run nd I’ll be reject..

Twinkle :- Oye hello Mr Sadu Sarna.. mujhe kya faltu ka samjh rakha hai..mere paas aur koi kaam nahi hai that I’ll damage your cycle?.. I was preparing for my performance nd then performing for the final but bcz of you I lost.. you throws that ball to me to hurt me nd to do me out of this…

Kunj :- Oye Syapa queen.. firstly stop talking this nonsense.. mujhe kya khud ke jaisa samah rakha hai?… bas syapas create karne wala??.. I’m also not interested to waste my time to hurt you.. I was also preparing for my performance…

Twinkle :- No you only did this.. you are lying..

Kunj :- I’ve not done it…. but you’ve done with me..

Twinkle :- Maine bola na maine kuch nahi kiya…

Kunj :- Maine bhi toh kuch nahi kiya.. then why are you blaming me?

Twinkle :- Oh toh ye sab khud se hua hai?..

Kunj :- May be.. waise bhi maine kaha tha na you are Syapa queen toh syape khud tere paas aa jaate hain..

Twinkle :- Like you are Sadu Sarna.. that’s why when you sit on your cycle toh ye kharab ho gaya bcz it couldn’t tolerate your Khaduspan…

Kunj :- You Syapa queen don’t change the topic.. I know you only done this…

Twinkle :- Hehehe as you will say nd I’ll admit that… nd I’m not changing the topic.. I’m saying what is true..

Kunj :- Haan haan kyun nahi.. tu toh sachhai ki devi hai na??..

Twinkle :- Look Sadu Sarna.. don’t irritate me.. nd admit it that you only did this…

Kunj :- Why I do… you admit it..

Twinkle :- Arrey jab maine kuch nahi kiya toh kaise maan lun??

Kunj :- Then why are you asking me to accept your blame??…

Both continue nd no one was ready to give in… then Uv comes there nd saw twinjs fight again nd gets irritate…

Uv :- Baba ji.. kuch toh kijiye in dono ka… ek duje se ladne ke siwa aur koi kaam nahi hai dono ke paas??… just then Usha nd Chinki also comes to him…

Chinki :- Oh God.. kaun kahega ki ye Twinkle abhi kuch der pehle bahot sad thi??

Uv :- Why was she sad??… chinki told him that twinkle couldn’t qualified final round…

Usha :- Even kunj was also sad nd couldn’t qualified…

Uv :- Kahin aisa to nahi ki both are blaming each other for this???.. chinki agreed him about twinkle…

Usha :- Hey vaaheguru.. do something to them…..

Uv asked Usha to stay there only nd he’ll handle them.. he went to twinj with chinki nd stop their fight nd took them with themselves… (Dekho aaj dangerous wala fight nahi dikhaya bcz of you all????????? now happy????????)

Uv nd usha tried to make him understand.. but all of no use.. nd finally after some time all were leaving when one of their teacher called Kunj nd Twinkle in principle office alone… so Both went there.. principal was concern for them.. he asked how this mistake happened with them.. twinj told them their incident but without blaming each other.. it was first time when both argue on that then also didn’t blamed each other in front of their teachers… after listening them Principal told them that he is them an other chance nd they’ll also participate in competition in Chandigarh bcz they have saw both’s hard work nd their dedication to their work.. nd that’s why he is giving them another chance… now twinj’s happiness has no bound.. both were so happy nd thanks to their Principal nd other teachers too… both left from there showing Tashan to each other..

Kunj shared it with Uv, Usha nd Aman nd all were happy for him.. they left for their home.. twinkle also shared it with chinki nd then left for Taneja Mension..

▪▪▪Taneja Mension▪▪▪

Twinkle entered the house making a sad face while chinki was giggling.. twinkle hold her hand to stop her doing so… Mahi, Leela nd RT were present there nd saw twinkle’s sad face..

RT :- Arrey Twinkle my angel.. come here.. look what I’ve brought for you… your favourite chocolates nd teddy bears…

Leela :- Arrey nahi puttar.. tu pehle mere paas aa tujhe bhook lagi hogi na? dekh maine specially tere liye tera favourite biryani banaya hai…

Mahi :- Haan twinkle.. after that we’ll go for shopping…. all were trying to cheer up her mood unaware of the fact that she is also selected..

Twinkle :- Ye Aap log aise kyun behave kar rahe ho??… I don’t want this…

Leela :- Twinkle puttar.. dekh aise sad nahi hote.. tune koshish ki na??..

Rt :- Haan ab nahi select ho payi toh aise muh phulake baithegi??.. Arrey you are my angel na?.. toh smile please bcz you don’t look good like this.. don’t worry next time again try..

Twinkle :- But what if I’ll try it now only??.. I told you na don’t behave like this bcz I’m selected…

Trio :- We can understand but…. wait… what you told just now???…

Twinkle :- Mumma, Papa nd Di… I’m selected for the competition nd I’m going Chandigarh.. I was just acting of being sad….saying this she laughed with chinki…

Leela :- Twinkle ki bachhi.. yahan hum pareshan the ki you must be feeling bad nd trying to cheer up your mood nd you were playing prank with us??…. saying this she went to her while she runs

Twinkle :- Arrey Mumma.. what are you saying?.. I’m your bachhi, not Twinkle’s..

Leela :- Tu ruk main abhi batati hun..

Mahi :- Haan Maa hold her ears tightly nd also don’t give her these chocolates nd teddy bears nd your biryani…

Twinkle :- No… aisa mat karna… I’m sorry… I won’t do it again.. promise.. but please give those…

Leela :- Kuchnahi milega tujhe..

Twinkle :- Papa.. please samjhaiye na mumma ko..

RT :- Sorry beta.. main kuch nahi kar.. waise bhi galti tumhari thi.. you should not have act like this.. do you know how sad we were feeling for you??..

Twinkle :- Sorry papa.. I won’t do this again.. saying this she holds her both ears… nd now trio laughed at her..

Leela :- What you thought.. only you can do acting.. we can’t??…

Twinkle :- Hawwww.. you are very bad…

They all spend some family moments with chinki… after some time she went to her home.. Then everyone gets busy in the preparation of twinkle’s packing.. on the other side in Sarna Mension also all were doing masti nd helping kunj in his parking.. In night kunj went to Bebe with Uv for her blessings.. Next day twinj went for the tour… nd Alisha nd Prakash both were shocked, speachless, expressionless nd what not with the unexpected thing.

In the evening Mahi nd Uv were with Bebe nd after sometime they left from there… mahi was going to her a friend Revti’s house.. So Uv asked her to go with him bcz it was evening nd also there was lonely place also in her way.. so she agreed.. they reached there nd mahi ask Uv to go back.. she’ll manage now.. Uv went from there.. after few hours near about 7pm Mahi was going back to her house.. as she reached few meters from her friend’s house suddenly some mischievous boys comes in between her way.. they start misbehave with her.. first mahi ignore them nd was waiting for taxi but then one boy comes nd tried to touch her due to which she gets angry nd slapped on his face.. nd then she runs from there but they catch her nd were trying to misbehave with her again but somehow she pushed them nd runs nd reached to Revti’s house again..

Revti :- Twinkle.. what happened to you?.. nd why are you panting?… she looked at her condition nd take her inside the house.. nd make her sit..

Revti :- Now tell me what happened?…. mahi told her everything while crying nd also she was scared…

Revti :- It’s my fault.. I shouldn’t have let you go alone.. I’m sorry for that mahi..

Mahi :- Why are you feeling guilty?.. I was the one who forced you to let me go alone.. please don’t say sorry…

Revti :- May I call uncle nd aunty nd tell them about this??

Mahi :- No… don’t tell them about this.. they will be upset.. I don’t want disturb them right now… after some time it starts raining so mahi called Leela nd tell her that she is stuck in rain so send driver to pick her..but driver was not at Taneja Mension so leela ask mahi to stay with Revti only bcz it’s safe for her… in night uv called her but she didn’t received.. she was sure that he will get to know about her pain nd if it happens then he’ll be angry on her for not telling him.. so she didn’t received his call.. nd ask Revti to not tell him about this..

On the other side Uv was surprised by Mahi’s behaviour bcz she never ignore his call.. but he ignore all his thoughts nd says may be she is sleeping..

Next day mahi came to Taneja Mension nd hugs leela tightly… leela asked what happened but she didn’t told but after few minutes she told her about incident.. leela was shocked.. first she scold her for hiding such big thing but then she understood the situation nd console her.. she warned her for not doing this again.. After few hours mahi went to college.. she was trying not to face Uv bcz of fear that he can do anything..

In lunch time Uv spots her nd went to her..

Uv :- Mahi… what happened?… why are you ignoring me??.. yesterday night also you didn’t received my call.. now here you are behaving wired?

Mahi :- It’s nothing like that Uv.. actually I’m busy in some college work so not getting time.. she said not meeting eyes with him..

Uv :- Which work??.. you never told me about that..

Mahi :- Is it necessary to tell you everything??…. why are you irritating me??

Uv :- I’m irritating you??… mahi you know I’m asking it bcz I care for you.. nd I gets upset when you ignore me…

Mahi :- Why… why you care for me so much.. why my ignorance hurt you?..

Uv :- Mahi.. what happened to you suddenly?..why are you getting angry on me?..

Mahi :- Uv.. can you please leave me alone??..

Uv :- But.. mahi…

Mahi :- Ok fine… main hi ja rahi hun….. saying this she left from there leaving Uv confused nd tensed as well.. he asked about it to Revti… she first lied to him but his lots of insistence she told him everything.. Uv was too angry on her as well as those boys.. he ask about them but Revti didn’t know.. only mahi knew them.. when college ends Uv stop mahi to ask why she hide it from him..

Uv :- Why you did this?.. why you hide this from me… mahi speak nothing while uv continue to asking… suddenly Mahi saw same boys were standing near gate nd she gets scared… Uv noticed her condition nd looks at the direction she was looking..

Uv :- Mahi.. they are the same who misbehaved with last night??.. Mahi was silent so he asks again but this time a bit louder nd angrily…so she nods yes.. nd that’s it.. Uv’s anger was on peak nd he didn’t waste his time in thinking about anything.. he went to them nd first he asks about their behaviour but when they again start their bad comments on Mahi nd misbehave with Uv too, he couldn’t handle it anymore nd start to beat them.. his anger was too high to enough for them alone.. he beats them so much while some other friends of his joined him.. suddenly one guy beats Uv too due to which he gets injured.. after some time all the guys run away to save their life from Uv nd Police…

Mahi comes to him nd hold his hand nd took him to a bench.. there was no one in college..

Mahi :- This is why I didn’t told you about the incident.. kya jarurat thi unsabse ladne ki??..

Uv :- How can they misbehave with a girl nd how can they say such cheap things about you??..

Mahi :- So what if they such thing about me?.. by saying them it won’t stick with me..

Uv :- Wow yaar mahi.. you are great.. how can you take it lightly?.. do you know it could’ve pu you in risk?

Mahi :- But kuch hua to nahi?… uv why are behaving like possessiv??.. it was just a bad dream..

Uv :- Oh ya.. that’s why you were upset nd ignoring me?.. but listen onething clearly mahi.. if someone will misbehave with you or say anything cheap nd bad about you I won’t leave him.. I’ll kill him..

Mahi :- Uv.. you are my friend nd it’s better you stay in your limits.. don’t interfare in my life.. please

Uv :- Sorry but I’ll do it always if it happens with you again..

Mahi :- Why are you behaving like a stubborn??.. why getting angry about my life..

Uv :- Bcz it affect me… your life matter me most.. you matter me.. nd I can’t see you in trouble.. I can’t tolerate your pain your tears…. this time Mahi was silent.. she knew what his means nd what he was going to say.. nd she didn’t want it to be happen… so without wasting her time she start to go but he holds her hand while mahi closed her eyes.. she didn’t turn to him

Mahi :- Uv.. leave my hand..

Uv :- No.. today you’ve to listen me… I can’t let go this opportunity..

Mahi :- Uv.. can’t you understand?.. I said leave me.. why are you hurting me?….. this time she asked pretending to be angry..

Uv :- I’m hurting you?.. okay let it be.. but today I won’t leave you.. I’ll tell you what I want to say, what I feel for you… he too said angrily while all the time mahi was saying No..

Uv :- Today I’ll tell you that.. I LOVE YOU dammit.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH nd I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU… finally he confessed his love.. Mahi again closed her eyes nd a loan of tear drop down her check.. then she composes herself nd turns to him who was now sitting on his knees.. she was feeling very bad nd guilty for what she was going to do…

Uv :- Mahi.. I really love you since our childhood.. since we separated.. since we met again.. nd I can’t live without you.. mahi will be my life partner?..

Mahi :- How can you think such stupid things about me?.. how can you love me Uv?.. we are friends na then why cross your limits?.. I trusted you most but you broke my trust nd my heart too.. I’ve never expected it from you..

Uv :- Mahi.. I didn’t loved you by planning..

Mahi :- I don’t care Uv.. nd yeah you must be waiting for my answer.. so I DON’T LOVE YOU Uv.. nd I’LL NEVER LOVE YOU..

Uv :- You are lying.. you too love me mahi.. nd I know that..

Mahi :- No I don’t love you… you get that? I don’t love you… saying this left from there leaving him shattered… after some she reached Taneja Mension nd for her good luck Leela has went to market.. she came in her room nd closed the door nd sit on the floor only.. she was crying hard..

Mahi :- Why you did this Uv?.. you you confessed your love?.. now it’ll give you only pain.. you shouldn’t have done this.. that’s why I didn’t want to come close to you.. I know I hurts you alot today but there was no other way in front of me.. I’d to do this bcz we can never be together.. our families never accept us.. I LOVE YOU TOO Uv.. but I can’t say it to you.. you’ve to forget me Uv..

On the other side Uv was in Sarna Mension.. he was also crying.. he was cursing himself for not controlling him emotions.. now he was afraid that what if mahi break their friendship bond too… two days have passed nd in between mahi neither went college nd nor received his calls.. she didn’t want to meet him.. nd by she was him along with herself..

Twinj also returned Amritsar with the trophies which was showing that both are winner of the competition… as both’s dreams have fulfilled so they didn’t fight with each other during competition time…Both were so happy… Yuhi were also happy for their brother/Sister.. both didn’t shows their pain to anyone.. nd twinj were also unaware of this…

PRECAP – Jealousy on the way of both couples…!!
So how was it? Hope it was not boring nd you like it.
Well thanks to everyone who has commented on previous episode. Thank you so much Maha, Sohi, Sameera, Cp, Sidmin23, Presha, Priya, Twinj fan, Maira, Shiza, Ramya, Nishfd, Qwert, Aaku, Baby nd Nishu for your precious comments.

Sohi – Sorry for giving you late Eidi but dekho compensation mein long episode diya hai nd Yuhi scene also bcz I know you want to see Yuhi lovestory too??

Sameera – Hayeeeee meri sweetness ki dukan yaar itna jhagda karwati hun dono ka phir bhi main tujhe Sweetness ka bhandar lagti hun?????? ab samjhi why I call you sweetness ki dukan?? Bitterness mein bhi sweetness khoj hi leti hai???? anyways about your wish to friendship ka to pata nahi but next episode se twinj ki jealousy dekhne ko jaroor milega.. may be???? nd about their romance.. to sabra karo balike wo bhi milega????

SidMin23 – I’ll fulfill your wish too about twinj support eachother nd care for eachother but you’ve to wait for that??

Aaku – Hawwww sach mein main best hun Tashan dikhane mein?? But real mein toh main sabse dumb hun is matter mein ???? well I’m glad that I was able to remind you TEI ????

Baby – ??????? itni jaldi thak gayi dono ke fight se?? Abhi to puri picture baki hai????? ye to bas shuruwat hai???? sorry just kidding now you will see less fight of them???? happy??

Well do drop down your comments nd let me know your opinion. Nd one more thing if you guys find any mistakes or confusion do tell me without any hesitation.. I hope I’ll get good comments ????

Sorry for grammatical nd typing errors. No proof reading. I’ll try to post next ASAP. ??

Till then byee ??
Take care ☺☺
Lots of love ??


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