TEI- Ishq chupta nahi chupane se (A possessive & Blind love)~Twinj ff – Episod 15


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Anyways this is 15th episode of my ff (completed in one year ?? too early na?????? tu ki sabse slow writer ka award mujhe hi milna chahiye ????????)so as it’s 15th episode so today I’m thinking to give Link of all previous episodes of this ff ?? as a treat. If anyone wants to read previous episodes.. it’s for them..

Nd one more thing this episode is too long so read with patience. Happy Reading ??

Here is the link of all previous episodes??
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(Note – Today’s episode first half part contains Yuhi’s scenes nd second half part contains Twinj’s story. So if you don’t want read Yuhi’s part then do skip it nd read after the mark (▪▪▪). Actually I thought to end Yuhi’s confession as soon as possible so that there will be only Twinj’s scenes. Hope you won’t mind.)

Recap – Uv tried to ask mahi reason of rejection but she denied nd flash back shown. Twinj become possessive for each other nd don’t want eachother give their place to someone else though the place was Enmity. Bebe nd Uv’s moments nd she ask him not to lose hope nd try to woo Mahi. Twinj get jealous while seeing each other with someone else.
Episode 15

Time was passing nd Uv was trying his best to win mahi’s heart. Nd Mahi was getting jealous while seeing him with Riya. Riya has came Amritsar for her internship in Sarna Office bcz Manohar has asked her for that. So she used to spend time with Uv in his office. But since few days Uv was not paying attention to Mahi bcz of his busy schedule. As he has lots of pressure of studies as well as he has takeover the responsibilities of office due to which he was not getting time to talk to her.. he was spending more time with Riya for office work which was making Mahi uncomfortable.. she was trying avoid all this but was not able.. sometimes she thinks that she doesn’t matter for him anymore but Riya do nd in next moment she try to accept that it doesn’t affect her.. she only used to say to him not love her, forget her but now she wanted him very badly.. she only used to say to him don’t waste his time on her, don’t try to pacify her, don’t be around her all the time but now she wanted him to do that.. now she wanted him to impress her.. she was addicted to him.. habituated to him.. nd bcz of that she was unable to concentrate on anything else.. she was just thinking about him..

After few weeks she saw Uv in canteen with Riya nd she gets angry as well as jealous bcz of their closeness.. she was trying her best to hide her feelings but was unable so she left from there without having her lunch.. in these days Uv has understood that she doesn’t like him being with Riya, their bond.. nd he too didn’t like that but was helpless.. but onething he likes was her jealousy with Riya.. he knew that she was feeling insecure bcz Riya, she was scared of loosing him but not showing.. her behaviour was proving that she too love him like the way he do..

He too left the canteen excusing himself nd went to Mahi who was in library trying to concentrate in books.. as it was lunch time so no one was present there.. Uv came nd sat with her..

Uv :- Mahi.. why are you not having your lunch???..

Mahi :- I’m not feeling hungry..

Uv :- Nd why so??

Mahi :- What why.. I’m not feeling hungry means not.. why do you care?

Uv :- Gussa kyun ho rahi ho?..you know I care for you nd you know reason too..

Mahi :- But I don’t care about your stupid reasons.. so now leave me nd go to your Friend.. I’ve to study.. Uv knew what she was feeling right now nd was smiling.. he thinks to irritate her more, make her more jealous..

Uv :- I think someone is getting jealous…

Mahi (in angar) :- What do you mean.. I’m getting jealous??? Don’t you ever think that Mr Sarna.. I don’t care whatever you do or with whom you are.. get that… Uv knew that she will be angry listening this but he hasn’t expected her anger in this way…..

Uv :- Arrey why are you getting angry?.. nd by the way when I said about you?.. I didn’t even said reason of jealousy….. then Mahi remembered what she said just a while ago.. she was too embarrassed.. so without muttering a word she proceed to left but Uv holds her hand.. he was still sitting on chair while Mahi was behind him with Uv holding her one hand from back while both looking opposite direction..

Uv :- Mahi.. accept the fact that you don’t like Riya with me..

Mahi :- No.. I don’t care…. then Uv stands up nd came in front of Mahi still holding her hand..

Uv :- Then what was that?.. tumne wo sab kyun kaha??.. kyun tumne indirectly hi sahi but Riya ka naam liya?… he twisted her hand on her back nd pressed her to him due to which both were able to feel each other’s breath..

Mahi :- Uv leave me…

Uv :- No I won’t.. first answer me.. why you said that?..

Mahi :- Uv please leave me… now he tighten his grip more..

Mahi :- Uv leave me.. some one will see us….. now he was angry.. he was not in his sense.. was unaware what he was saying or doing…

Uv :- Let them see.. I don’t care.. bcz it’s enough Mahi.. thak gaya hun main apni feelings ko apne pyar ko chupate chupate.. thak gaya hun tumhara ek jhuth sunkar.. but now it’s ENOUGH.. today you’ve to admit that you get jealous seeing me with some other girl, you feel insecure seeing Riya or other girls closeness with me, you don’t want to lose me, you want me with you always.. you’ve to accept your feelings for me.. you’ve to accept that You too love me…

Mahi (interrupted him) :- Stop it Uv… why don’t you understand that I don’t love you??.. why are you behind me??.. why do you trouble me??.. she pushed him nd turns to other side to hide her tears..

Uv :- Now I’m troubling you??.. really Mahi..?? ok fine.. now I won’t come to you.. live your life the way you want.. I won’t force you to love me back but you also don’t have any right to stop me loving you or forget you.. I’ll love you till my last breath… from now I’ll never come in front of you…. saying this he turned to go but again stop nd turns towards her.. her eyes filled with tears.. she couldn’t control on her emotions.. but still she tried to stop her tears drop down.. she was hurt but didn’t speak a word.. Uv saw this nd left from there hurt broken leaving mahi shattered…

Days passed nd as he said not to face her again, so he did… he was rarely coming college.. he used to be busy in office only.. Mahi was missing him badly.. all the time she was thinking about him only.. but never tried to meet him… she used to be sad always.. one day RT noticed that..

RT :- Mahi.. what happened beta? I’m noticing you since few days you are looking like upset, not talking much with anyone not even going anywhere.. what happened.. any problem??…. leela too was worried for her she too asked.. but Mahi denied to be something like that.. she lied to having some study pressure… but Leela didn’t believe her she was sure that there is something troubling her.. in night she went in her room nd asked again but mahi didn’t told her.. but leela forced her to tell the truth so she had to tell her what was happening since last year..

Leela :- Mahi.. I’ve told you not do anything which will hurt you both as well as both families but still you did this mistake??

Mahi :- Mom.. believe me I’ve not break your trust.. I know I’ve done mistake I shouldn’t have love him but Ma I’ve not love him intentionally or by planning.. pyar hai bas ho gaya.. but trust me Ma I’ve not told him about my feelings.. infact I lied him that I don’t love him even I’ve break my friendship too with him.. but Mom I can’t do this anymore.. I can’t see him in pain.. he really love me.. he’ll never leave me.. he is doing everything which can make me commit but I don’t..

Leela :- But puttar.. you know na your papa will never agree with it not even Usha nd Manohar ji will accept your relation.. I know puttar there is not your fault or Uv’s.. nd I’m not angry.. infact I know that no one can love you he do.. he is perfect for my daughter.. but others will not understand this.. so koi fayda nahi hai is relationship ko aage badhane ka.. bcz you both will get just pain nd nothing else.. so it’s better stop it right now before its be too late.. don’t think about him he’ll also move on.. Ok??.. Mahi just nods her head in yes but she knew that it’s already too late nd she can do nothing.. but still she was trying avoid him..

One day there was a party at Uv’s friend home.. he was invited there.. he was son of RT’s business friend so he was also invited there.. but he has to go for an urgent meeting so he couldn’t go but asked Leela to attend the party with Mahi nd Twinkle.. Twinkle also couldn’t go bcz of her study as next day was her weekly test.. so just Leela nd Mahi went there.. first both Uv nd Mahi couldn’t see each other but after some time they met.. nd both start to exchange glances or try to avoid each other.. Leela was noticing all this but wasn’t saying anything.. she knew what both were feeling.. nd Uv was unaware of the fact that Leela knew everything.. both wanted to talk but then stop.. it was reception party of Uv’s newly married friend.. so there was lots of fun, cracking jocks nd leg pulling was going on.. then his friends started a musical game.. it was interesting nd all were enjoying.. all of his friends were singing nd dancing including the couple.. one of his friend insist him too for joining them.. first he was refusing but after a lot insistence he agreed.. he was not feeling good.. he was sad seeing Mahi there but not with him nd not talking to him..he didn’t even wanted to attend the party but bcz of his Friend’s sake he had to attempt.. plastering a fake smile on his face he joined them but all the time his gaze was upon Mahi which was not hidden from Leela.. but suddenly his one performance make Mahi as well as Leela shocked.. he was singing a song which was showing his possession, which was just a song for others but for him for Mahi it was a question, it was his pain..







Mahi’s eyes were moist.. she was hurt bcz of Uv’s word.. she was hurt thinking Uv not understanding her condition, not supporting her in her decision.. She wanted to cry heart out but she can’t even do that.. even Leela was feeling bad nd also a bit angry on him for behaving like that.. she comes to her to console her but Mahi was’t in condition to tolerate or understand anything.. so she thought it’s better to left from there without any issue..

Mahi :- Ma.. you stay here nd enjoy the party but I’m going back home bcz I’m not feeling well…. leela knew why she wanted to go.. what her daughter was going through.. but she was also helpless nd still trying to convince her..

Leela :- But puttar.. you’ll go alone??. Driver is also not with us.. stay some more time then we’ll go together..

Mahi :- I’m not kid ma.. I myself can drive.. I’ll go nd then send driver here.. she said a bit annoying..

Leela :- Ok fine.. I’m also coming with you.. no need of driver..

Mahi :- No.. you stay here otherwise they will feel bad..

Leela :- But you are not well…

Mahi :- I’m fine mom.. just a little headache.. but you don’t worry I’ll manage.. you enjoy the party.. saying this she took the car key nd left from there leaving Leela tensed for her..Uv was listening their whole conversation nd felt bad.. he was angry on himself for what he did nd even doing in his madness… Mahi drove off the car with teary eyed.. she was crying nd driving in speed.. then her phone range nd it was Leela’s call.. she received the call while driving.. she was asking to go carefully bcz she knew her condition.. suddenly Mahi felt something is wrong in car nd then realised that car’s break has failed.. she gets scared nd was trying to balance.. Leela was still on call who was listening Mahi’s crying voice..

Leela :- Mahi… what happened beta?.. why are you crying???.. mahi was not able to answer her.. she could just spoke “Ma.. car.. break.. failed” while panting.. Leela was also shocked nd tensed for her.. she didn’t knew what to do.. she was trying to make her calm.. she went to owner of the party nd told them everything nd for their help.. they gave her their car nd driver nd also called RT but he was out of reachable.. Uv saw leela tensed about something so he directly asked to her.. but she got angry on him..

Leela :- What would you do??.. what is happening with my daughter is just bcz of you Uv.. you are the reason of my daughter’s such conditions.. why are you behind her??.. why don’t you understand her???..

Uv :- But Aunty..

Leela :- Uv.. I don’t have time to listen your excuses.. I’ve to save my daughter..nd if something will happen with my daughter I won’t forgive you..

Uv :- But Aunty.. what happened to Mahi.. please do tell me… before he could ask further driver called her nd she left from there.. then Uv went to his friend nd ask about Mahi nd he told him making him shocked shattered.. he didn’t waste his time nd left from there nd took a bike of his friend nd drove off in as speed as he could.. he didn’t even care about himself or any rule.. even Leela saw him going there only.. after few minutes he spotted her.. she was just few meters distance from him.. luckily road was clean and just few vehicles were seen… Mahi was struggling hard to stop the car.. Somehow Uv reached to her.. he was trying to talk to her so that he can help her but was unable.. when both saw that she was just few meters away from the cliff top.. the scenario was completely dreadful.. he came over the car nd after lots of struggle he broke the glass nd by holding steering turns it to other side nd hit on a strong tree… both were injured but Uv was more hurt than Mahi.. she has just few scratches on her hand due to broken glass but his hand was bleeding.. he didn’t care about his pain nd help mahi to come out of car.. both were looking at each other with painful, guilty eyes.. Leela comes to Mahi who was watching everything since few minutes ago.. who was watching how he saved her daughter without caring about his life.. She hugged Mahi tightly who was still in shock.. after sometime she became normal.. they broke their hug nd Leela was about to Thanks to Uv but he apologies to them.. the fear of loosing Mahi forever was clearly visible in his eyes.. he was also in shock bcz of the dreadful incident.. he didn’t said anything else except Sorry nd left from there leaving Leela guilty for her behaviour.. she was feeling bad for throwing her anger on him, for scolding nd blaming him.. while Mahi was hurt seeing Uv hurt.. Some other people were also viewers of whole incident.. they were praising him for his bravery.. one of them asked him to go hospital nd do good treatment of his wounds but he didn’t listened him nd went from there..

He comes to a cliff while walking where no one was present.. it was lonely place.. his eyes were red with anger.. he was mad at himself for his behaviour with mahi.. he was cursing himself for this condition.. he was guilty for not understanding her situation.. he was angry for being selfish.. for his behaviour like a physco.. for making her upset.. his anger for himself was out of control.. on the other side Leela was scolding her for not listening her.. for going alone.. mahi apologies to her nd asked her to go home but she was still thinking about Uv.. her eyes were searching him.. she was worried for him but didn’t saying anything to Leela.. she understood what her daughter was feeling.. nd for that she was guilty nd also cursing herself for her behaviour with Uv..

Leela :- No mahi.. only I’ll go home.. you go to Uv.. he needs you…. finally she gave the permission to her what she should’ve done too before.. mahi was surprised on her statement..

Mahi :- Mom.. do you know what are you saying?..

Leela :- Yeah puttar.. I’m in my sense nd know what I’m saying.. it’s enough now.. I’ve hurt you both alot by separating you both.. I was scared bcz of your papa nd his parents enmity.. I thought he’ll left you in your hard times but I was wrong.. today he proved me wrong.. he’ll never leave you whatever situation you’ve to face he’ll always be there with you, for you.. till now I was thinking that no one can love you like he do but now I’m sure I’ve full faith on him that no one can love you more than him.. he is perfect for you.. he loves you more than himself.. nd no one can change this truth… Mahi till now whatever I was doing just bcz I was selfish, I was thinking just about my daughter but today I’m saying this bcz Uv too.. I was scared also but now I don’t need to worry bcz he’ll always be with you.. go Mahi.. I’m with you….. Mahi’s eyes were filled with tears…. her happiness has no bound…

Mahi :- but Ma.. how can I go??.. what if papa get to know??..

Leela :- Don’t worry about him when your mom is with you.. I’ll handle him.. but right now my daughter’s happiness matters me more than anything… I can’t see you like this.. I can’t even see him in pain.. you go to him.. he needs you, your support…. Mahi hugs leela tightly nd was just crying but this time in happiness.. now she can go to him without any lie or cheating.. she thanks to her nd break their hug.. Leela asked her to go nd she left for Taneja Mension…

Mahi was searching for Uv nd finally spotted him.. she went to him nd found him sitting on the ground on his knees cursing himself… she called his name nd he looked at her surprisingly…

Uv :- Mahi.. what are you doing here?. Go nd do first aid of your wounds…

Mahi :- Uv.. you also haven’t done your first aid??.. my wounds are not as big as your..

Uv :- I’ll do it later.. don’t worry.. now you go.. please… he was not making any eyes contacts with her.. the anger nd guilt has overcome his emotions his feelings.. Mahi knew it very well.. she holds his bleeding hands nd said she won’t go until he agree for his treatment… but he pushed her hand away..

Uv :- Why don’t you ever listen to me Mahi??.. when I was asking you to stay with me you never listened me nd now when I’m asking you to stay away from me then also you are not listening me…why??.. I said you na leave me alone.. nd from now I’ll never come to you..

Mahi :- Stop it Uv.. why don’t you ever listen to me???.. why are you so stubborn???.. look at your condition.. how badly you are injured??..

Uv :- So let it be Mahi.. this is the punishment of my deeds I’ve done with you.. nd I deserve it infact I deserve more than it.. today your life was in danger.. anything would’ve happened to you.. nd just bcz of me.. you were right Mahi I always troubled you.. I never tried to know what you want, what you feel bcz of my selfish behaviour.. now I’ve been understand that I don’t deserve you.. I’ll only create problems in your life..

Mahi :- Uv.. what are you saying?.. it was not your fault.. please don’t blame yourself..

Uv :- It was my fault only Mahi.. Leela Aunty was right this all happened just bcz of me.. Mahi I promise I’ll never trouble you anymore.. now you can live your life peacefully without me… I will never come in your way.. bcz I can’t put you in danger.. I can live my life without you, away from you but I can’t lose you forever, I can’t see you in trouble, I can’t put you in a dreadful dangers like sometimes before you were… I don’t deserve you.. please go away from me nd leave me alone..

Mahi :- But what if I say that my life will be peaceful nd beautiful with you only??.. but what if I want to face such dreadful problems again but with you not without you??.. but what if I say I want you as my life protector who never create problems in my life never trouble me but alwsys protect me from everything??.. but what Uv if I don’t wanna go away from you, I don’t wanna leave you alone??.. if I want to Live My Whole Life With You Till My Last Breath??… her statement made Uv surprised.. he was not believing on his ears what he heard just a while ago… but still he was saying her to go away..

Uv :- No Mahi… this can’t happen.. it shouldn’t be happen…. I’ll always hurt you.. so it’s better we stop it right now… she put her finger on his lips nd didn’t let him speak further but herself continue..

Mahi :- This is what you wanted to hear???… Uv I tried my best to stop you loving me but you are too stubborn to do so.. haar gayi main tumhare pyar se… couldn’t stop myself admitting it… both were teary eyed with a smile on their faces… it was the first time both smile together after Uv’s confession a year ago…

Mahi :- So look today I admit it.. I accept it… that… I LOVE YOU TOO… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. nd I Can’t Imagine My Life Without You.. I can’t live without you Uv…. I really love you.. Both of their’s tears were not going to stop falling down.. the happiness was clearly visible in their eyes.. both wanted the moment stop right then only…. Both hugged each other too tightly to pass air between them.. it seems there is no tomorrow…

Uv :- I love you so much Mahi.. I was too scared seeing you in that condition.. I can’t imagine my life without you.. please never ever leave me… mahi break the hug nd nods her head in no…

Uv :- Mahi I know there will be lots of difficulties nd complications in this journey but I promise I’ll never leave you.. I’ll always there with you, for our love, for our relation.. even I’ll fight this world for our love but never let anyone break our relation.. I promise you..

Mahi :- I trust you Uv… both joined their foreheads while smiling…

After that day both Uv nd Mahi used to be happy nd whenever they get chance to meet they never let it go waste.. leela was also happy seeing Mahi happy.. she knew that it will create only trouble in their lives but she has left everything on God..

(Phewww… finally both confessed their love… but kuch jyada hi over ho gaya na?????? sorry guys adat se mazboor hun I tried my best to make it as short as possible but couldn’t.. phir bhi bahot cut kiye hain ismein bhi ?? waise I’m thinking ki jab Yuhi ka confession aisa hai to TWINJ ka kaisa hoga??.. well uske liye you have to wait for atleast two or three episodes ????)


On the other side Twinj were also confused about their feelings.. both didn’t knew the reason of their jealousy, their possessiveness for each other.. with this confusion another year passed nd it was the time of their separation… Kunj was going to take admission in college for his graduation in Amritsar only.. while Aman has applied for his medical studies in Canada.. after few days Kunj got his admission in the top University of Amritsar.. after his admission he rarely meet Twinkle which always make him sad nd he couldn’t understand why he was missing her.. Even Twinkle was missing him badly.

Both were addicted to each other, both were habituated to their fights nd their useless arguments.. now both have no reason to talk, to fight.. since they’ve meet their days used to start by seeing each other nd with their fights.. their days end by cursing each other, blaming for all the bad things happened with them in whole day.. so now both were feeling like emptiness, loneliness in their lives without each other.. both were feeling like something missing without listening their voices, feeling incomplete their days… nd like this only their so called boring life passed…

One day both got the chance to speak to each other in Gurdwara bcz of both’s mistake… it starts with a small argument but turned in their fight.. they didn’t left a chance to show their tashan.. both didn’t wanted it to be end.. it was the first time when both of them fighting with each other intentionally.. nd were happy with it.. happy to hear Sadu Sarna nd Syapa Queen from their mouth after a long time.. nd after that whenever they get chance it has become their habit to do arguments nd fights with each other without any reason nd intentionally nd happily..

Like this two years passed nd now twinkle also take admission in college nd that too in Kunj’s college… it was first day of college nd as Kunj nd his classmates were senior so just for fun they thought to do a raging session with newcomers… so they sit on a bench in the group of six boys including kunj.. but Kunj didn’t wanted to do something like that but his friends insist him just to be with them nd enjoy the fun going to start.. then a entered in college nd kunj’s friends called them..

Kunj :- Ab girl ko toh chod de…

Sameer (kunj’s friend) :- Oye sarafat ki dukan.. at least ek din ke liye ye good boy ki image ko bhool ja nd join us..

Yash (kunj’s friend) :- Ofcourse.. nd we are also not bad boys.. it’s just for yaar.. so just chill..

Then girl come to them nd were asked their introduction by his friends.. she was Jiya student of commerce in new batch..

Jai (kunj’s friend) :- So Jiya.. as we are your seniors.. so you’ve to do whatever we’ll ask you for..

Rohan (kunj’s friend) :- Guys let her go na.. kunj knew why he was saying this so he thought to irritate him..

Kunj :- Why?.. just a while ago you all were forcing me to enjoy it nd now you only are refusing??…. others also support him… while he gives death glare to Kunj who was smirking at him..

Jiya :- nd why should I do that??.. if I’ll not do then??..

Kunj :- You’ve to bear our punishment.. she was not ready to do anything nd arguing with them.. but finally she agreed.. her task was Propose most handsome boy… she was shocked but didn’t said anything.. then Jiya looked at Rohan who has made a puppy face.. she went to Kunj making everyone shocked even Kunj.. he was going back while she was coming close to him..

Kunj :- Ji.. ji.. jiya.. jiya wha.. what are you doing???..

Jiya :- Completing my task.. why?.. won’t you support me??.. I don’t think here anyone else is more handsome than you… nd she winked at him while he smiled..

Jiya :- So.. what say.. will you be my boyfriend???.. kunj look at Rohan with a naughty smile..

Kunj :- What say dude???.. accept kar lun?

Rohan :- Kar ke dikha.. jaan na le lunga tere…

Jiya :- Oh really??.. Raging karne mein to bada maja aa raha hai fir ab kyun nahi??..

Rohan :- Sorry baby.. I didn’t knew that you are…

Jiya;:- Sorry my foot.. if I was not here you would do this with other girls??… all the time kunj was just trying to hide his laughter.. nd others were confused with the scenario..

Yash :- Wait.. what is going on??.. matter kya hai??..

Kunj :- abey duffer.. you still can’t understand??.. she is his gf.. nd ab bechare ki gf isi ke samne mujhe propose kargi to janab ka kya haal hoga??.. this made everyone shocked nd they looked at Rohan who was looking another side avoiding their gaze.. all were pretending to be angry bcz he never told this to anyone except Kunj.. he was his only school friend studying same course in same college.. suddenly all burst into laughter nd started teasing him… nd after few minutes there a boy comes nd they called him too nd his introduction nd then give him too a task to complete he was also not ready but couldn’t get rid of them so agreed..

Rahul :- You’ve to ask a girl for dance who will enter in college first..

Kunj :- Again girl??.. soch le bhai.. iss baar kahi teri gf na aa jaye… or someone like who can’t handle..

Rohan :- Tujhe kyun problem ho rahi hai??.. what do you think only you can handle girls??.. tu unse flirt kare to good else bad for others..

Kunj :- Why are you getting angry on me?.. I didn’t ask her to propose me.. ab use main hi most handsome lagta hun to what is my fault in this??.. he said teasing him… A girl entered in college wearing yellow t-shirt with parrot green lagging.. looking at her kunj gets shocked bcz she was none other than Twinkle… he was happy too seeing her in his college nd also bcz from now they will again be in front of each other.. but he didn’t knew why it is… then Sameer ask the boy to go nd complete the task.. this made him come in sense nd realised what is going to happen.. Rohan was also shocked.. he comes to kunj..

Rohan :- Kunj.. now here also you both’s Tom nd Jerry fight will start??.. two years passed too beautifully but now I don’t think it’s possible.. he said dramatically nd faking cry…

Kunj :- Guys.. let wait for some other girl.. bcz I don’t think she will bear it..

Yash :- Now don’t say she is your gf…. Kunj as well as Rohan both started coughing.. nd looks at each other..

Kunj (murmuring) :- Ye Syapa queen nd meri gf??.. itne bhi bure din nahi aye hain mere…

Rohan (murmuring) :- Jis din aisa ho gaya it would be eight wonder of this world…. kunj give him a serious look..

Jai :- What happened.. what are you both murmuring??… Both said nothing nd looks at the boy who went to Twinkle.. Kunj was feeling jealous seeing him talking to her…

Kunj :- Guys.. think once again… but no one listened to him… nd twinkle was shocked as well as surprised with the boy who asked for dance with her in very romantic way.. she was impressed by his proposal but also she was angry on him bcz of his sudden action.. she was about to say something but suddenly she saw Kunj nd his gang watching everything nd as she looks at them kunj turns other side.. she understood that it was his nd his friends plan.. she didn’t said anything to the boy nd come to kunj.. nd again his friends get surprised..

Yash :- Oye Rohan.. ye aaj in ladkiyon ko hua kya hai?.. jise dekho direct is kunj ke paas hi ja rahi hain??.. who is she??..

Rohan :- You just wait nd watch.. you’ll get your answer..

Twinkle :- So it was your idea Ms. Sadu Sarna??.. you are doing it intentionally??..

Kunj :- Oye Miss Syapa Queen.. it was not my idea nd about my intentions I didn’t Knew you are coming.. otherwise I would’ve stop him..

Twinkle :- You know what.. last two years were the best days of my life in your absence but now again I’ve to face you every day.. if I knew you are in this college I wouldn’t have taken my admission here..

Kunj :- Bol to to aise rahi hai as you really don’t know where I’m… you knew very well that I’m in this college only so don’t pretend to be unaware..

Twinkle :- Don’t give yourself so much importance Mr Sarna.. you are not a superstar that I’ll collect your all informations…

Kunj :- I Don’t need to be a superstar.. whatever I’m, I’m best in myself….. kunj’s friends were unable to understand what was happening between them..

Sameer :- Stop it guys.. just stop it.. ye ho kya raha hai??.. how do you both know each other? Nd why are fighting like this??…

Rahul :- Nd ye Sadu Sarna.. Syapa Queen??.. what is this??.. then twinj realised what both were doing nd where… then Rohan told them everything about them while Twinj were staring each other angrily nd twinkle left from there… now it was kunjs turn to get teased by his friends.. after listening there past all burst out into laughter nd looks at kunj..

Yash :- Thank God koi toh aya sorry ayi jo is Kunj Sarna ko Takkar de sakta hai..

Jai :- Abe Kunj Sarna nahi.. it’s Sadu Sarna… perfect name for him..

Sameer :- Yeah.. best name for Him.. now it’ll be fun to see his nd her fight… all were just laughing nd making his fun while he was getting irritate..

Kunj :- Now don’t you want to do your torture on your juniors??..

Rahul (laughing) :- No yaar.. ye hamare bas ki baat nahi hai.. phir se kisi ki gf ya Dushman aa gayi to??…

Kunj :- Ye bol na dar lag raha hai..

Sameer :- use kyun dar lagega??.. his gf is already in class waiting for us..

Yash :- Nd hum dono ki koi gf hi nahi hai… nd he hifi with Sameer..

Jai :- Meri bhi nahi…. nd all laughef nd then left for classes…. kunj’s friends teasing him, Twinj’s some arguments this continued for few days but their fights was no more serious.. they were also doing it just for fun as well as to spend some time with each other no matter how.. it’s all bcz of their addiction for each other.. Both were living in college hostels bcz their college was out of city nd a long distance from there homes.. both used to go their respective homes at weekends or holidays.. Twinkle had made lots of friends here also nd one of them Pihu was her bestie nd roommate.. but she was missing Chinki a lot bcz she was her only friend she used to share everything with.. but bcz of her medical studies she had to go out of city..

One day one of Twinkle’s friend, Ruhi was talking with Twinkle about kunj..

Ruhi :- I can’t understand Twinkle why you always fight with Kunj.. arrey yaar look na how handsome nd loyal he is.. main teri jagah hoti toh ab tak use friend bana liya hota… listening this she felt jealous.. she never wanted any girl closeness with him neither as a friend nor as a enemy..

Twinkle :- But you are not my place… you are you nd I’m, I’m… so don’t think such stupid things…

Ruhi :- Achha baba samajh gayi.. Waise ek baat bolun?.. you know kunj since your childhood so no doubt after his family you know most of the things about him more than anyone else.. right?.. dekh ab jhuth mat bolna…

Twinkle :- Haan..toh??..

Ruhi :- Do you know about his likes nd dislikes??.. actually I like him so much nd want to propose him but don’t know how to do.. but if I’ll be know his likes dislikes then it’ll be a bit easy… Twinkle was shocked.. she didn’t knew how to react.. she wanted to scold her for thinking like this about kunj.. she completely burning in jealousy..

Twinkle :- No.. no.. I don’t know.. nd.. nd.. waise bhi I think you shouldn’t think like this about him.. I.. I mean he is very complicate guy.. don’t know what is running in his mind.. nd about his opinion about girls.. he has rejected many girls proposal till now.. either he fights with girls or don’t care about them… that’s why I call him Sadu Sarna.. his bad habit is to challenge girls for everything.. one day in school he a girl fell down bcz him but instead of apologies he put all blame on her… nd like she told lots of things against him.. she tried her best to change her mind in every possible way.. even she doesn’t know the reason… nd finally she was successful in her motive.. this happened with many girls who wanted to be Kunj’s gf.. But she never let Kunj or any of his friend know about this nd their fights never ends..

One day kunj’s friend decided to unite Twinj as a friend so that their enmity can end.. nd they start to think ideas. On the other side kunj was noticing same boy he nd his friends have given task to dance with Twinkle on first day of college, following Twinkle since day first.. he was following her all the time, staring her wherever she used to go, admiring her whatever she used to do.. seeing this Kunj was feeling uncomfortable.. he didn’t like him following her.. One day when it was over for Him he finally decided to ask..

PRECAP- More Jealousy… “Will you be my FRIEND”… Fun unlimited… “I HATE You.. You are worst thing happened in my life.. nd I wish we would not have met that day.. I Hate You”……

So how was it??? Hope you like it. If you want next update ASAP then do comments otherwise wait for atleast one month or more than it again ?? bcz I don’t have time to write it but bcz of your comments may be I’ll try to steal some time for it from my busy schedule ??.

Do drop down your comments nd let me know your opinion.
Sorry for grammatical nd typing errors. No proof reading.
Lots of love ? ?

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