TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se (A possessive & blind love) ~ Twinj ff (episode 1)


Hallo friends how r u I hope all r fine. Well I’m so sorry for too late actually I was too much busy n thank u so much friends liking my previous part. Now lets starts the 1st epi of my ff I hope u’ll like it.
The episode start with a cabin where a Boy near about 23 years old who has dressed himself in white T-shirt with blue jeans n brown sport shoes , standing near window showing his back to the entrance, was talking with someone on his mobile

M-Yes papa main airport ke liye nikal raha hun n don’t worry I’ll be there at time n after pickup to Bhai I’ll directly comes there only along with Bhai.
Caller-Don’t tell him anything about this do you get that?

M-But papa yo..before he could tell anything caller cuts the call.
Then he gets angry n throws his mobile on the couch nearby him. He sits on the chair as a helpless person , still his face is not revealed. After some time he composes himself, look at the time n took his car key from the drawer n mobile from the couch n also his brown blazer n went out his cabin. He comes to the parking area , goes towards his car, opens the door of car n sits in n drives for the airport . On the way he was talking to himself,

M-God knowts s what will happen when bhai ko iske bare mein pata chalega bcz after that incident bhai went out of India n is coming after 3 years just bcz of me.
*Flash back*
A big hall is shown where a women is crying n requesting to a boy near about 25 years old
“beta please don’t go anywhere main tere aage hath jodti hoon dekh iss bare mein hum baith kar batein kartein hain itni jaldbazi mein koi faisla lena theek nahin hai, pls gussa chor de aur apni maa ki baat man le”

Then the boy speaks without turning towards his mother
B-“No maa now I can’t bear up this anymore aur vaise bhi papa ne mujhe option bhi de diya hai ya to main yahan rehkar unki baat manu ya phir yahan se door chala jaau so main wahi kar raha hun kyun ki aap bhi ye baat ache se janti hain na to main aap sabki baat ko maanunga aur na to aapke against jaunga so its better I should choose 2nd option .Isse main toh nahi par shayed aap jaroor khush rahenge.” n saying this he walks towards exit door but stop bcz of a voice,

Voice (crying)-“Bhai pls don’t go atleast mere liye ruk jao if u don’t want to marry with someone then don’t do but pls don’t go.”
But the boy doesn’t listen to anyone n without speaking anything he went out of the house.

*Flashback ends*
M-I don’t know akhir uss ek month mein kya hua tha ki bhai kisi se bhi shadi nahi karna chahtein… waise maa papa ne unse shadi karne ke liye hi to kaha tha kaun sa sooli par latakne ke liye kaha tha jo unhone ghar chor diya aur maa papa… inhe pata nahin kya hua jo haath dho kar bhai ke peeche pade huye hai ki shadi kar lo…. yrr iss zalim duniya ko hamari bachelor life se itni jalan kyun hai???? huuuuh some time I tries to find out that bhai kisi se pyar to nahi karten aur maa papa unke pyaar ke against ho that’s why he doesn’t want to marry with anyone but all is vain. Na toh maa kuch batatin hain naa hi papa aur jab bhai se kuch puchta hun to wo ye keh kar mana kar detein hai ki wo un baton ko yaad nahin karna chahtein .Ohh god how mysterious my family is.
He kept silent for sometimes then again speak up “But now enough if anyone of them will do this again I swear I’ll not talk to anyone kyun ki aaj phir se jo vahi drama hone wala hai .”
He reached airport n stop the car in parking aria n comes out the car n walk towards the airport.

*Next scene*
A flight lands on the airport.Then a man wearing black formal suite whit sky blue shirt n black shoes comes out. He walk out the airport n was searching for a cab. Just then the same boy comes and pats on his shoulder n call him “Bhai” now the man turns n he is reviled as YUVRAJ (waise how many of you guess him as Kunj haaan?)
Uv-(shocked, surprised n happy too) Hey…. KUNJ tu yahan ? (yes friends the boy is non other tha our handsome hero Kunj Sarna) wow yar what a pleasant surprise…. par tune to kaha tha ki tu mujhse gussa hai aur mujhe pickup karne nahi ayega ?
K-(act as he is angry n turn his face other side)Haan to ….main abhi bi gussa hun wo ..wo ….wo …..haan maa ne mujhse bahot request kiya tha that’s why I came here n nothing else .

Uv-Oh really tu maa ke hi kehne par aaya hai.
K- Haan (still looking other side).
Uv-Off ho kunj kam se kam mujhse to jhooth mat bol I know tu apni marzi se yahan aaya hai now stop your drama n look at me He turns him to himself n hugs him kunj too hugs him back.they both break the hug.
Uv- Ab ghar chalein sab wait kar rahe honge ?
K- Ya why not but promise me you’ll not go anywhere again.
Uv- Kunj ……? we can talk about this at home also.
K- No first promise me

Uv- Ok fine I promise I’ll not go anywhere . now happy?
K- Very happy.now lets go .
They both walks to the car n sit in. Kunj on the driver seat while Uv besides him n drives to home.

*Next scene*

A big mention is shown with the name of Taneja Mention.
A beautiful room is shown where a girl, sitting on study table near her balcony, was sketching something on drawing paper n ya she was designing some interiors of kitchen.Just then a lady comes there n asks her “arrey Mahi puttar have u seen Twinkle I’m searching her in whole house for last 5 min but she is nowhere , do u know where she’s gone …..hey Waheguru ye kudi bhi na ek jagah tik nahi sakti ab na jane kahan hai ? ” (yes gys the girl is Mahi n the lady is Lela)
M- Ofho maa aap itna tension kyun le rahi ho… haan…? usne mujhe bataya tha ki wo chinki ke ghar ja rahi hai so you don’t worry wo aa jayegi aur waise bhi ab wo bachchi nahi hai.
L- Thank god atleast wo ghar mein kisi ko to bata kar koi kaam karti hai. Well leave it n tell me is everything fine in office.

M- Yes maa evrething is ok bas ek client ke ghar ka interior design kar rahi hoon I hope he’ll like it.
L- Ofho puttar why r u getting so much tensed he’ll definitely like it after all tune itne dil se jo banaya hai .
M- Thank u maa.
L- Ur always welcome ….achha u concentrate on your work I’ll send coffie for you n she kissed her forhead n leave from there.

*Next scene* YuNj’s car
On the way they were talking about many things, then uv sees that kunj is going to another path instead of Sarna Mention n asks him
Uv- Kunj ye tu kahan chal raha hai ghar ka rasta to left side se hai to tu sidha kyun chal raha hai?
K- I know bhai but we r going Mr. Malhotra’s house, new business partner of Sarna industries . Today his 30s marriage anniversary n he’s invited us there as a special guest. So papa ne kaha hai ki hum airport se direct wahin pahuchen .
Uv- Kunj tujhe pata hai na that I’m tired then why r u going there aur waise bhi wahan badon ki party mein hum bachhon ka kya kaam…? so pls yrrr lets go home. I’m realy very tired n don’t want to do parties.

K- I know bhai but its papa’s strict instruction so what I can do n u know him very well that he doesn’t like any argument.
After that they were in silent mode n helplessness was clearly visible on their face. Suddenly something strict in uv’s mind n he gets shocked n looks at kunj who was trying to not make any eye connect with him. Kunj was silently driving the car looking at front but uv ..he was continuously starring at kunj . After some time kunj asked to uv without looking at him n in a dramatic way
K- Bhai aap mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho main aapka bhai hoon aapki koi girlfriend nahi n laughs.
Uv- Oh. sutup kunj n stop your drama n tell me what is going on ?

K- Sorry bhai…. but what r u talking about I can’t understand?(looking here n there in embarrassment)
Uv- Kunj don’t act as innocent bcz u know main kis bare mein baat kar raha hoon.
K- Bhai trust me main sach mein nahin janta ki aap kya keh rahe hain???
Uv- Ok fine main directly tujhse puchta hoon ab chal bata kahin papa phir se…….kunj don’t tell that papa phir se meri shadi ki baat karne wale hain????(looking at him with tensed face)

K- (makes I’m died face) Bhai wo..wo…actually….actually ya.. u r right papa chahtein hain ki u n Mr.Malhotra’s daughter meet with each other , talk about eo , know eo n like eo so that he’ll fix your marriage with her n he looks at uv with scared face.

Uv- (Angry) Kunj u cheater…… tune mujhse kaha tha ki maa n papa dono maan gaye hain aur phir kabhi mujhse shadi ki baat nahin karenge aur isi wajah se main India wapas aane ko taiyar hua lekin tune mujhse…. apne bhai se jhooth bola?? Ab mujhe samajh mein aaya ki tune airport per hi promise kyun liya….Sach yrrr kunj mujhe tujhse ye ummeed nahin thi.
K- Bhai I’m sorry par mere paas aur koi rasta nahin tha aapko wapas bulane ka but trust me I’d tries many time to convince to them but they always told me that they r doing this for ur betterment. I’m really very sorry bhai but I was missing u so much that’s why I did not tell u anything n he gets teary eyed.

Uv too gets emotional n says
Uv- I’m sorry kunj I also missed u so much but what to do yrr I really don’t want to marry with anyone.
K- (for cheer up his mood) Waise bhai aapke iss decision mein mera bahot fayda hai (n looks at uv who was looking him with confusing face) arrey I mean to say jab tak aap shadi nahin karoge tab tak maa papa meri shadi ke bare mein nahin sochenge n I’ll live my bachelor life with tension free mind n he winks at uv who was also smiling. Just then kunj’s phone rings n it flashes Chinki.

Kunj looks his phone n gets tensed n think “Oh god why is Chinki calling me this time bcz she know it very well that today bhai is coming n I’ll be with him only kahin wo….. oh no ab kya karun main bhai ke samne kuch baat bhi nahi kar paaunga …ohhh babaji pls help me” n he cuts the call but his phone rings again n he gets more tensed n looks at uv who asks him
Uv- Kunj who is calling n why r u not receiving kahi teri girlfriend ka phone to nahi hai aur tu mere samne baat nahin karna chahta haan…….?(he asks him for teasing him)

Kunj get surprised but manage the situation n tells “kya bhai aap phir shuru ho gaye” he feels embarrassment n hurriedly pickup the call
K- “Hallo chinki ?? what happened yrr n why r u calling me this time” n he listen to chinki n get shocked “what”……”but how”……..”How is she now”………”ok u take care her I’m coming after sometime” n he cuts the call n gets tensed.
Uv- What happened kunj n why r u so tensed???
Kunj doesn’t know what to say but he manages n tells

K- Wo bhai wo….. she is my friend Dr. Chinki Khanna. Actually yesterday a girl got hurts with my car n I’ve admitted her in chinki’s hospital n now her condition is critical. That’s why she called me.
Uv- To tu jaa na ….arrey tu meri tension mat le main chala jaunga aur waise bhi papa ne specially mujhe wahan bulaya hai …so u can go I’ll manage.
K- (stops the car) Bhai pakka aap jaoge na??? warna papa mujhe chodenge nahin.
Uv- Kunj tujhe apne bhai par bharosa nahi hai hai?

K- Aap par hai par aapke dimag par nahi hai n smils. after saying this he comes out of the car n uv sits on the driver seat n tell to kunj “trust me kunj main chala jaunga” n kunj nods his head in yes n goes from there while uv smirks n says
Uv- Sorry mere bhai par aaj to tujhe papa se dant suneni hi padegi kyun ki main to wahan jaane se raha aur waise bhi ab jab tune mujhe itna bada dhokha diya hai to main tujhe chota sa dhokha to de hi sakta hoon n smiles naughtily n went from there.

On the other side kunj was sitting in taxi n talks to himself with naughty smiles “I know my dear bade bhaiya aap kya karne wale ho par koi nahi aapke liye main dant to kya apni jaan bhi de sakta hoon …..no no no jaan kaise de sakta hai tu kunj ye to teri syapa queen ka hai n he smiles.
He reaches to a big mention n rings the doorbell. Just then a girl opens the door wearing grey top with white jeans n tied her hair in loose pony tail. She is reviled as chinki.She calls kunj in her house n tell him
C- Thank god kunj tum aa gaye now handle ur syapa queen bcz wo meri ek bhi nahi sun rahi.
K- Par chinki ye sab hua kaise???

C- Actually kunj we were going for shopping but I don’t know how she gets slip n falls down from the stair n due to which she get hurts. I asks her for calling aunti or mahi di but she refused it. Now I’m trying to give her medicines but she is not allowing me to do so that’s why I called u here.
K-Ye syapa queen bina syapa kiye nahi rah sakti. Now where is she use jyada chot to nahi ayi hai I mean wo jyada upper se to nahi giri hai.
C- No kunj wo jyada upper se nahi giri hai iss liye chot bhi jyada gehri nahi hai it’ll be fine in 3-4 days but for that she has to take medicines. Well…. she is in my room.

They went in chinki’s room where Twinkle, wearing peach colour crop top with blue jeans n her hair was open, was sitting on bed playing the game in her mobile. She looks at kunj n make a childish face.Kunj went to her n sits on the bed beside her n she hugs him n tells
T- Kunj dekho na ye chinki kabse mere peeche padi hai main isse keh rahi hoon mujhe medicines nahi khani hai ye bahot kadvi hai par ye maan hi nahi rahi hai pls tum mana karo na.

K- Haan chinki rehne do na waise bhi ye syapa queen jaldi theek ho jayegi to phir koi naya syapa karegi isse acha hai ki ye aise hi padi rahe.

T- Hawww kunj tum sach mein mujhe aise dekhna chahte ho u r so bad u sadu saran.
K- (look at ceiling) Wah babaji kya ladki banayi hai aapne matlab jab aap isse bana rahe the to dimag dalna bhool gaye the ya phir sogaye the(sleeped) matlab redio jaisi juban di hai ki bimari mein bhi chapar chapar kar rahi hai lekin dimag wo to kabhi kaam hi nahi karta .then he looks twinkle n tells

“ohhhh mery syapa queen pls stop ur drama n take the medicines as u know na that I can’t see u like this aur waise bhi if u’ll not eat medicines then u’ll not get well n u could not go to ur home bcz of that I’ve to stay with u n if u’ll not go home then aunti’ll be worry n will come here n she’ll see us together then u know what will happen” n he looks at her n smirks while twinkle staring him with tensed n puppy face.
Screen freezes on twinkles tensed face while kunjs smiling face.

Precap – Twinjs sweet moments n drama in saran mention n twinj fake fight infront of family.

Yuvraj sarna- Elder brother of kunj n loves him a lot, love his family ,positive character .
Mahi tanja- Elder sister of twinkle n loves everyone of her family a lot, interior designer.
Chinki khanna- Best friend of twinj n only person who knows about their affair, Doctor .
So frnds how was it. I know it was too long but if u don’t like long epi then next time I’ll post short epi .Well I know there was less scens of twinjs but in next epi there will be more twinj scene n ya …I know that it was not that good but then also pls tell ur opinion through ur cmnts that it was good or bad n how was the yunj n twinj scenes.
So today no more bak bak.
So bye…. take care …….n love u all.

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  1. Ranabulbul

    It was too cute and sho sweet epi…
    Pehle to kan pakad ke sorry for not cmnting on ur os maine padha tha wo…
    But mere test the next day isiliy can’t cmnt…
    Sorry plz di..sorry…
    And di ..ap itna aachaikhte ho ki..man karta aapko Joe ki jhapppi dun…

    Ye lo jhappi…
    Ab jaldi se post kro..
    Mujhse ruka nhi jara

    1. Vipul

      Hayeeeee meri bulbul how sweet u r I’m really very sorry for replying too late actually I was too busy n thank uuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooo much for liking the epi …u know what jab maine tumhara cmnt padha to main bahot bahot bahot bahot khush hui thi ki tumne sabse pahle cmnt kiya hai .

      Well ur sorry is not accepted …………. arey yrrrrrrr ek to di bolti ho aur uper se sorry bhi bolti ho ??? matlab main tumhein daant bhi nahi sakti ????? thik hai as ur wish…… ab main tumhein kabhi nahi daantungi ….happy ???aur haan main bhi tumhein roz sorry bolungi….so….I’m sorry for scolding u.

      Thank u once again for ur cute n lovely cmnt its really means a lot to me……keep cmnting like this.

      Ok bye …..love uuuuuuuu n take care.

      aur haan all the best for ur exams.


  2. Arre wah….. matlab kya likha hai….amazinggggggg☺☺☺☺ dil khush kr diya….. post next asap

    1. Vipul

      Hey……..Manvi thank u so much yrrrrr aur tumne bhi dil khush kar diya aisa cute sa cmnt de kar.
      Thank u so dear ……
      Love u….. n tc

  3. Yogs

    Epi was get I just love it
    But can u pls translate in eng pl pls

    1. Vipul

      Thank u so much yogs n ya I’ll try to give u english translation.
      Thanks once again dear.

  4. Apurva

    Hey Neha kya likha hai yaar…Matlab kaise?? Itne saare ideas woh bhi ek sath matlab tu to combo pack hui na…. Waise according to the description u gave abt u in the account v match so much. Like v like almost same pairs, sid and karan too and the 90’s songs ??.
    And about the FF.
    It was amazing wonderful superb outstanding. Just love it and also the story line… Ur name for the ff is also too lovely and little different. Love that too… And ya no problem in writing long epi’s because long epis r d best ones. Waiting eagerly to read ahead. Plz post soon. And asap.
    If u dont mind me asking then whats ur birthdate??? If u dont wanna tell no worries !!! ??

    1. Vipul

      Hey…….! Apurva thank u so much yrrrrr I’m really very happy to know that u like the idia’s its really means a lot for me n I’ll always try to give my best to entertain u.Thanks yrrrr n keep cmnting like this.

      Waise u told me that we match so much ..really ???? matlab sachchi mei…. hamari choise same-same hai?????wowww yrrrr I’m so happy bcz mujhe laga tha ki I’m the only member on this page who loves 90s songs n I really can’t believe that u also like karan-abha & karan v grover too…….thank u so much yrrr for giving me your company .

      N ya I’ve no problem to telling u about my birthdate or age so u don’t worry in my next update I’ll give some personal information about myself.
      Tab tak ke liye bye bye n take care.

      “Shalini /Neha”

  5. Adya

    Baaaaabaaaaaaa reeeeeee mtlb wooooooow Neha Diiiiiii………….Sahi me dil Khush kr Diya……mtlb itna Achha likhte kaise ho ap yrrr………..dil garden garden ho gya oo bhavra bagiyan me kho gya………..love u di……..jldi jldi jldi jldi jldi se post kr do…..varna……kuch ni……he he he……….love u soo much

  6. Ramya

    Vipul Kya kamal ki episode hai yr loved it aur Maine uv ko kunj mana tha srsly itni pyaari episode loved it aur itni achi intro di hai amazing loved it dear

  7. Chiku

    Awesome ???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Post sooon
    I am waiting
    Plz oost soon

  8. Sameera

    Wah wah wah yaar well firstly welcome to our tei tu family yaar sorry couldn’t able to comment on ff bzy with exams sorry ….
    Awesome awesome awesome epi yaar enjoyed it to much n the dialogue meri jaan to meri siyappa queen ki hai just loved it yaar ?????????

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  10. Sayeeda

    Hey !Neha di ( I guess I can call u with this name)…. see ur new frnd is reading ur ff nd commenting too ….u won’t believe but I was very excited to read ur next episode …when u replied back to my comment regarding my query to ur ff I searched for its intro ….nd sacchi that intro was fab….it ignited the fire of excitement in me to read the next episode….

    Nd see my excitement borne fruits….. episode is really a very cute one…..
    The way u depicted Yunj relation is really so cute nd adorable…… loved it?????……
    Awesome….. Amazing episode yrrr……. waiting for next one….

    Love you????????

    1. Vipul

      Hey….! Sayeeda my darling thank u so much yrrrrr I’m really happy that my new no no no not new my old friend (bcz for me jabse main iss page par aayi hun tabse u r my friend ) is reading my ff n cmnting also…. its really means alot for me.Sachhi mein yrrrr main bahot bahot khush hun that u likes my ffs intro, concept, episode etc.

      But u know what I’m very sad also bcz u r also calling me “di” I mean now don’t tell me that u r also younger than …….arey yrrrr I thaught that we r in same age so we’ll call eo by name not by “di” but…….mera dil tuuuuuut gaya.

      Par koi nahi as u r my bff(am I right) so u can call me what u want .

      Now no more bak bak n pls yrrrr mari baat ka bura mat manna .

      Ok bye n tc

      Love u soooooooooo much


  11. Joonakanksha

    Awesome amazing

  12. Fantabulous……..

  13. shalu….
    wud u mind calling by tht name….
    loved it yaar….really aage kuch aur aur peed ke piche aur…
    love their hidden love…
    n i guess uvs love was also mahi….
    but reallly i m hooked wid ur ff
    n plz post asap…???

  14. Amazing start neha ( can I call u that).. loved yunj’s bond and twinj’s scenes were awesome??.. I’m very sorry for commenting late.. busy with studies.. I love the way kunj says siyappa queen.. I so miss it??.. anyways, do cont soon ❤❤

  15. Fantastic plzzzz post nxt asap

  16. Kritika14

    It was amazing! I really loved it. Post soon. Lovess xx

  17. Payal...

    Omg soòoooooo cute epi

  18. SidMin

    Loved it too good The episode was awesome 🙂 I Loved the dialogues and Twinj are already in a relationship wow Great 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Neha Di can’t wait 🙂

  19. awesom…amazing…fab epi
    luved it a loads

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