TEI : gud news

Hey hii
I m zzakiii
I m with a gud news
The gud news is ……
Have u seen promo
The new promo

In promo all r thinking Kunj is dead but twinkle says no …she calls at Kunj no …….but uv comes with the phone and says police found the phone …he says to twinkle Kunj is dead……
Twinkle says noooooo
……….. ……… ………….

On the other side a patient is shown in
hospital he is bandaged ……….

…………..he is Kunj
Kunj is alive this is the gud news but. I

think not sid
…………Waiting for Nxt track hope Kunj Sarna no memory loss or anything that happens in every drama

And don’t stop watching tei
I was also thinking to stop tei ….but till new Kunj comes I will watch tei
And if new Kunj is gud then I will not stop …if that drama happens memory loss and all that…. Then I will stop watching
If u will stop watching don’t leave TU

Hope there will be gud track in tei
Ok till then bye

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  1. I heard that twinkle will have a baby (KUNJ’s) and uv will help to take care of them and when kunj sees that he would misunderstand hher and will think tat twinkle betrayed him…I hope that is no true!!but I already quit because I don’t want to see new kunj????????????????

  2. I don’t understand these writers …I mean kunj KO chest pe goli lagi hai na…..then how did d face changed???????

  3. Yes i agree with rose becoz now they have to forward the show…so this can happen
    but now it really doesnt matters becoz he is not our sid…so nevermind

  4. while falling from the boat his face must have hit on the Rock. something like that. in serials anything can happen right

  5. Umm.. seems like after the leap twiraj will be married and kunj will think twinkle betrayed him and will decide to make her life hell.

  6. i cant see someone else as kunj.. its better to see twiraj… anyway m not watching it either….

  7. Same here I’m not going watch tei further….. yah it’s true that kunj is not dead he will come back with a new face …
    Since Sid’s entry I had deeply loved him as kunj nd giving his place to someone else is not worthful. The place he has affirmed in my heart can’t be replaced by any new one though the new one is good or whatever.
    Already I have stopped watching tei so there leaves no sense to continue with new kunj…..

  8. Tara …..how was ur board result….
    Same I don’t have time to watch episodes so I just read the written update.

    1. it was good rashi

  9. Well I m also gonna continue watching the show but will miss Sid a lot

  10. hey i got a news dat kunj is alive but sid is no more in tei dat RAFI MALIK is going to role s a kunji
    hate him justt hate
    i will not watch tei any more

  11. thnk god sid left d shw …atleast i wud nt hav to see kunj as villian….i cnt see sid as villian….i dnt underdtnd dis serial at frst they shwd uv as hero den he became d villian n kunj as hero den nw again uv wl b hero n kunj villian….wtf is dis…its so so so crap…

    1. no no loveleen its not lyk tht if sid would hv not left the show then kunj’s character wiuld not hv turned -ve….. its jst tht zain imam is far way better than tht rafi malik so they must hv planned tht…… bt as long as i knw its jst a rumor

    2. i agree… its really stupid.. it would have been beter if it was twiraj from the begining only.. atleast i loved their pair.. kunj ko lane ki zarurat kya thi..

  12. iam definitely gonna see this show

  13. I love you yuvi
    I’ll never stop seeing this show until yuvi is there
    If kunj becomea negative then he is the worst character since he loved twinkle and wanted to destroy her
    On contrast yuvi always loved twinke and will never harmed her but just want to get her
    I lpve yuvi

  14. oh no. I truly won’t able to see jasmin with any other actor but only with sid sidmin jodi is best no one can take sid place not even in my dream. plzzz sid return back.

  15. i think it will show memory loss or something like dat….becz dey had to drag the story na….
    but i wish it turns kunj negative i wish till the time kunj returns twinkle get married to uv n kunj thinks dat twinkle betrayed him n he start to take revenge….but truth of twiraj marriaige will be something else…like twinkle be pregnant and yuvi marries her just for supporting her..

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