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The story revolves around twinkle; a bubbly, cute, behaviour that of a child yet mature, loving, western and modern by looks and dressing but traditional, simple and pure by heart and culture who belongs to the Taneja family. For her, her mother Leela was the only person in the family who was her mother,father,sister, brother everything.
Opposite to taneja’s are the sarna’s. While taneja family consisted only of twinkle and her mother, sarna family was completely different who had all the members including bebe,Usha(Mother),Manohar(Father), and ofcourse the son Kunj sarna, who is a calm amd composed man. He is completely familiar with all the indian sanskriti and aware of all his duties.
Being neighbours and colleagues, Both Twinkle and Kunj knew each other quite well and had feelings for one another but never had the guts to reveal it. Their friends used to say them-‘kitna bhaav khaoge yaar’ but it was surely not ego which stopped them. It was something different,kind of a fear,fear to lose,fear to stay away from each other,fear to regret situations if it turned the wrong way, fear that they will never talk again. They barely used to have any conversation between them but a minute or two even for that matter fighting with each other were enough for them to pass the whole day.
In this fanfiction, Twinkle and Kunj are colleagues working in the same office and same post. They have known each other for past 3 years. The story will show how the two of them living a simple and ordinary life of a common man will overcome different obstacles together and how they will confess their love to each other.

Hello people! I have seen how you all are so encouraging. Please do comment if i should start this fanfiction or not. I am one of the silent readers who just completed boards and has alot of time so please give me your valuable views. And oh btw, i never comment that except in one two i guess i have but i really appreciate all your fan fictions. I read each and every and they are just so amazing. Thanks alot and please don’t be a silent reader like me xD.

Credit to: Joshika

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  1. I like it ….i think u shld continue it n i am also in 10

    1. Thank you rupam! How was your 10th?

  2. oh i read ur name b4 smwhere bt dnt remember…cmng to ur ff…umm tei in office world nt bad…I see ppl r cmng up wid new ideas..so u plzz continue…waiting 4 it..
    btw which board did u cmplte? 10 or 12…??

    1. Thank you tara! 10th boards.

      1. oh..same here ..hi5

  3. ya dear it plz start ur ff…it sounds interesting..

    1. Thank you Loveleen!

  4. A very good start yaar

    1. Thank you Aarti!

  5. Amazingg start!!!! Keep writing

    1. Thank you Sunaina!

  6. Nice starting plz do continue

    1. Thank you Lama!

  7. Sounds amazing please start it waiting for it

    1. Sure today itself i will post. Thank you.

  8. Fabulous start joshika…plzzz do continue and if possible plzzz change the pic of ur ff coz this 1 is very common and it creates confusion…. Lots of luv

    1. Thank you Aakanksha! Ya sure i’ll change it. Love.

  9. U hv no other option joshika but to continue

    1. Hahaha that is so sweet of you Ritzi. Thank you.

  10. Muskan{News reporter}

    Awesome dear….hmmmm…loks a intresting episode so i m looking forward with ur ff.

    1. Thank you Muskan!

  11. ossum dear… sounds intrstng … looking forward fr ur ff….

    1. Thank you Panchi!

  12. ♥twinj- forever♥

    its interesting….plz continue…..

    1. Yes sure. Thanks.

  13. Very nice !! Plz start it sooonnn 😀

    1. Thank you Sanam! Sure.

  14. Awesome joshika continue ur ff Dear It sounds interesting ….

    1. Thank you Sanu!

  15. Awesome joshika continue ur ff Dear It sounds interesting ………=D>=D>

  16. soo nice…continue yaar…

    1. Thank you gopika! Soon.

  17. joshika dear humne kya paap kiya hai…no reply to our comments…just kidding…..hav fun

    1. No no. I am so sorry. I was replying to all the comments from the last but I had to go in between. I am so sorry. It is nothing like that. I have done it but not yet posted I guess. Sorry.

    2. haha for a moment i also thought the same akku…

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