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The epsiode starts with twinkle and kunj hugging each other, holding one another tightly, scared to lose their loved one. Twinkle breaks the hug while kunj too realizes what they were doing. They both are feeling awkward but were,at that time, the happiest person alive.
Kunj eyes twinkle lovingly while Twinkle’s gaze doesn’t meets his.
Twinkle- K k kunj let’s have some food.
Kunj-yaa okay. I am hungry too.
They both head towards the cafeteria. They find yuvraj sitting there along with chinki. Yuvraj waves his hand towards twinkle and kunj. They both go and sit with yuvraj and chinki.
Yuvraj-Hello guys! How was the meeting? Did Mr. Grover agree?
Twinkle becomes upset. Her facial expression changes. Kunj notices this. He is hurt too. He tries to change the topic.
Kunj- Yes he did but tu bhi na yaar. We keep working all day long atleast now don’t talk about work.
Chinki- Exactly kunj! This yuvi is such a mad person.
Yuvraj- Haww! Now my to be wife is blaming me. Kunj you are so dead.
Kunj, yuvraj and chinki laugh but twinkle’s expression is still the same.
Kunj-(looks at twinkle) Arre twinkle! Listen na. (hitting yuvraj) This yuvraj is totally mad. His engagement is day after tomorrow, sangeet and mehendi after three days and then marraige after five days but he still has not invited us properly.
Yuvraj- What do you mean by properly?
Kunj-(again looks at twinkle and this time finds her looking at him as well but still with a dull face) Properly as in where is the invite dude?
Chinki- What yaar kunj? You need an invite? You both are like our family. Like? No wait, you are our family and family don’t need invites.
Yuvraj- Exactly! Muh utha ke bin bulaye bhi aa jao, koi rokega nahi tumhe. Aur koi rok bhi nahi sakta jab tak mei hu. (Even if you come uninvited, nobody will stop you. And nobody can even try to stop you till i am there)
Kunj- What do you mean by ‘jab tak mei hu’? Don’t forget this is your marriage. Rehna toh tujhe padega aur bhaagna chahe toh bhi nahi bhaag sakta. Bura phasa hai tu shaadi ka decision leke. ( What do you mean by ’till i am here’? Don’t forget this is your marraige. You will have to stay even if you want to run away. You are stuck badly by taking this decision of marriage)
Kunj and Yuvraj laugh hard. Chinki gives them a death glare. Even though kunj was laughing, he was hurt from inside seeing twinkle’s upset face.
Twinkle looks at kunj and thinks- I know kunj you are trying to make me smile. You are so caring. And i can’t make him upset. I will smile and forget what happened for kunj. To not hurt him. Yes twinkle smile. And anyway, yuvi is actually stuck badly by taking this decision of marriage.
Twinkle laughs and kunj eyes her lovingly. Kunj heaves a sigh of relief. Kunj feels good to see twinkle happy and vice versa. Twinkle continues.
Twinkle- Yes now you can’t runaway, awww! Poor baby.
They order food as they continue their conversation.
Yuvraj- Okay so guys you both have to come along with us today for shopping and help us in selecting our dresses. After 5pm, we leave the office and go directly to mall.
Chinki- Yes and twinkle no excuses please. You know i always need your help in this. Kunj please choose a good dress for yuvi. His taste is so bad. (sticks out tongue)
Yuvraj gives an annoyed look. The waiter comes with the food and all leave the cafeteria as they finish their meals.
Everybody worked in office till 5pm. Twinkle’s mood used to fluctuate but kunj was always there on time to make her smile. As they leave the office, they head towards the mall.

Twinkle and kunj are coming by Kunj’s car while yuvraj and chinki are coming together. They reach the mall and twinkle excuses herself to make a call to leela.
Twinkle- Maa hello, listen i will be late today. I have come to mall to help chinki and yuvraj in selecting their dress.
Leela- Okay puttar. Be careful and wait how will you come back then?
Twinkle – I will come along with Ku- ( thinks- i haven’t yet asked him. What if he has some work)
Kunj who was standing behind her says- I will drop you home. You won’t go alone anywhere. Promise me okay?
Twinkle was touched.
Leela- With whom?
Twinkle-(to leela) With kunj.
She cuts the call. She looks at kunj.
Twinkle- What are you doing here. I mean you were with yuvraj and chinki na?
Kunj – I came here to see you. I can’t leave you alone like this. Okay? Be with me only. (realizes what he said, inorder to cover up)Otherwise after that party i don’t know what all you can do.
Twinkle- That’s so mean kunj. (gives him a slight push by his chest)
Yuvraj and chinki call them and ask to hurry up. Kunj quickly holds twinkle’s hand and rushes inside the mall. Twinkle looks at their hand and thinks- Till the time kunj is here, i am always safe)
Kunj, twinkle, yuvraj and chinki are shopping. They first decide to shop for girls. Chinki with the help of twinkle selects few dresses and goes for trial. Meanwhile, twinkle too finds a dress really pretty. It was a orange and Dark pink colour lehenga.She holds it when suddenly kunj comes from behind.
Kunj- Why don’t you try it if you like it so much?
Twinkle was startled. She turns around to find kunj.
Twinkle- You scared me. And should i try it? I mean leave it na, we are here to shop for them.
Yuvraj- Twinkle so what? You can shop too. (sarcastically) Only till the time you pay your own bill. Already i am bakrupt by paying all the bills for chinki.
They all laugh.
Twinkle goes to take a trial. Chinki tried few dresses and selects her dresses for the respective ceremonies. By then, kunj and yuvraj had left for their shopping. Twinkle comes out wearing the dress and shows it to chinki. She searches for kunj but it not able to.
Chinki- Wow twinkle! You look amazing. Please wear this on my engagement. Please?
Twinkle- But where is ku-? I mean the boys?
Chinki-(coughs) Ahem! Kunj haan? Anyway, they left for their shopping. And you buy this dress. And for kunj, he will see you in engagement directly and will be totally stunned. What say?
Twinkle blushes but agrees. Twinkle and chinki pay the bill and wait in the food court for boys to return.
Twinkle- Why don’t you go and select dress for yuvi?
Chinki- I want to but it is yuvi’s strict order not to interfere in his shopping. We have a bet and he wants to prove me that his selection is not bad. So by no chance can i help him. I hope he selects good dresses.
Boys finish their shopping and meet the girls in the food court. Twinkle who was as usual hungry, demands for food. They all have food and leave for their home.

Twinkle and kunj were together in car.
Twinkle- Kunj thank you so much.
Kunj- For?
Twinkle- For everything. From pick up and drop to making me smile even when i was upset. Thanks for all the care. You are really a sweetheart.(Thinks- Oh shit what did I say)
Kunj was surprised. He stops the car and looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle- I mean you are really sweet.
Kunj- No need to thank me twinkle. I consider all this my duty. You should know one thing that i can’t see you hurt, especially when i am the reason for your pain. Your pain is my pain twinkle.
Twinkle- You were not the reason for my pain. Please don’t blame yourself.
Kunj- Even you know it clearly that it was my fault. Sanaya blamed you because she thought i made the layout. She held you guilty for not completing your work which was already done by you thinking i did the work, everywhere it was me who was responsible. I am really sorry twinkle. I didn’t even tell the truth. I should have, i should have–
Kunj is interrupted as twinkle keeps her hand on his mouth.
Twinkle- Shshshh! It was not at all your mistake. Please atleast for my sake stop blaming yourself. And you didn’t tell the truth because i stopped you so it’s okay.
Twinkle hugs kunj tightly. They both had tears in their eyes.
Kunj-(still hugging twinkle) Why did you stop me? I know the reason you gave was half true.
Twinkle- Because i– You will get the answer when the time comes.
They break the hug and kunj starts driving.
They reach taneja mansion. Before twinkle was about to leave she says something to kunj.
Twinkle- Bye and thank you kunj and don’t you ever blame yourself again okay? You swear on me you won’t.
Kunj- But–
Twinkle- No but. Promise me you won’t feel guilty about this at all.
Kunj – Okay fine i promise me.
Twinkle kisses on Kunj’s cheek and rushes out of the car. Kunj who was totally amazed had a broad smile on his face. Twinkle too enters the house with a smile and little blush.

The screen freezes.

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