TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-8)


I am really very very very sorry for not uploading it yesterday. I am out of town and i hope you all understand. I tried making this episode longer. Hope you all like it.



Twinkle and Kunj are in the car heading towards the office. Both are silent but are dying to hear from each other.
Kunj-(thinks) Twinkle i can’t tell you how much i love you. You’re a deadly combination of simplicity and elegance, innocence and craziness, hotness and cuteness.
Twinkle looks at Kunj who is busy in his own dream world.
Twinkle- Kunj! Kunj.
Kunj – (comes to his senses) H ha haan twinkle. Were you saying something?
Twinkle- Yes i was. Where are you lost haan?
Kunj – You
Twinkle-(blushes) What?
Kunj- (realizes what he said) I mean you..you…Europe! Have you ever been to europe?
Twinkle- Are you fine? What are you saying?
Kunj- It is a beautiful place you know?
Twinkle- Have you been there?
Kunj- No.
Twinkle- Then how do you know?
Kunj has no words.
Twinkle- Kunj we have a meeting right now and what are you thinking about? You are totally mad. I am too nervous about it and you are totally chilled. Wow! Oh babaji! That ugly duckling will get the hell out of me today.
Kunj- Why are you so tensed? Relax, everything will be fine. And wait what? Who is this ugly duckling?
Twinkle- That Sanaya.(looks at kunj) Oh! I am so sorry, i forgot she is your darling and you wouldn’t Want to hear such ill words about her. (gives an annoyed look)
Kunj starts laughing hard, really hard!
Twinkle- Now you also laugh at me. Laugh na. Laugh more. I am dying here, full of tension but you laugh.
Kunj stops laughing looking at her serious face. They reach the office and kunj stops the car. Twinkle is about to open the car door but kunj holds her hand and makes her face turn towards him.
Kunj- Twinkle look at me! I know you are very much tensed about this meeting but trust me everything will be fine and (thinks i will clear all the misunderstanding with Sanaya about the layout) everything will be sorted too. But for now calm down. Do you trust me?
Twinkle nods and lovingly looks at Kunj.
Kunj- If yes then please relax. I will handle everything.
They both get out of the car and enter the office.
Kunj looks at Twinkle’s tensed face.
Kunj- Oh by the way, Sanaya, ugly duckling? My darling? Haan? Someone is extremely jealous.
Twinkle-(starts blushing, grins) Kunj shut up.(hits Kunj’s shoulder)


Twinkle and Kunj are in Twinkle’s cabin discussing about their meeting with Mr. Grover. Twinkle is explaining the layout to Kunj while kunj is explaining the work done by him the previous night on behalf of twinkle.
Twinkle- (Pointing at the layout) Yes so kunj see this. Since, Mr. Grover wanted Red for his daughter, white for his study and blue for his room, i have accordingly planned the arrangements of other required things and this is how it looks. I think he will like it. Atleast i hope so.
Kunj- Twinkle relax, he surely will. Afterall, you have done so much hardwork. This is perfect.
Sanaya enters the cabin but kunj and twinkle are oblivious about her. Before Sanaya could say anything, kunj starts explaining about the work done by him.
Kunj-(in a teasing manner) Acha so, since tu toh daaru peeke kal full to crazy ho gayi thi and phir kumbh karan ke tarah so gayi, tera kaam bhi mujhe ki karna pada. Anyway, samjha toh tu tujhe mene kya kia. (Since you were drunk and last night and then you slept, i had to do your work as well. Anyway, i will explain it to you)
Twinkle- Haww Kunj! I mean thank you ao much for helping me out. But i wasn’t even aware about me being drunk. That was by mistake.
Kunj- Arre! Why are you getting so serious, i was just kidding. Acha leave that, listen to what i was saying or else you will be dead.
Kunj is about to start explaining the presentation done by him but is stopped by Sanaya’s voice.
Sanaya- Kunj! Twinkle!
Both, twinkle and kunj, turn to see Sanaya behind them and is shocked to see her in so much anger.
Sanaya-(comes towards them) Kunj how dare you do ther work on behalf of her? Isn’t it supposed to be done by her? Why do we pay her if you are the only one who works? The layout and now the presentation. (looks at twinkle) And You, oh my god, you are just unbelievable! I thought despite of the fact that everytime you came late to work and did few mistakes, you atleast have some self respect and dignity. I thought atleast you are independent enough to do your own work. The office has employed you to do it but you–
Kunj- Ma’am listen to me!
Sanaya-(interrupts him) Kunj just stop taking her side always. I am fed up of her. (again looks at twinkle) You and kunj were both appointed for this work so that you both can work together but you, the great Twinkle Taneja, pushed all the burden on his shoulder. How can you? Neither did you do the layout nor did you do the presentation. Do you even have any idea how big this client is? Luckily kunj did the work on behalf of you or else god knows what would have happened. I warn you Twinkle, if Mr. Grover rejects us, i will reject you. I swear i will fire you from this job.
Twinkle is full of tears by now. She is not able to respond. Kunj tries to explain everything to Sanaya but sanaya is unwilling to listen to him. Kunj tries once again.
Kunj- What you think is not even one percent true–
He is interrupted by a peon who comes there to inform them about the arrival of Mr. Grover.
Sanaya- Come to the cabin fast and you twinkle, will just sit there, mouth zipped up. Kunj you are the only one who will explain everything. And our head will also be there so please handle it.
Sanaya leaves. Twinkle is crying badly. She feels bad not because kunj got all the appreciation even though she made the layout but because she was questioned about her self respect, dignity, as to how independent she is and most importantly because of the fear to lose her job as this was the only source of income she used to help out her mom. She was obviously paid well for her to have a semi-high class life but if this job is not there, her mom will suffer alot.
Kunj holds twinkle by her shoulders and consoles her but twinkle without saying a word leaves to go towards meeting cabin.
Kunj who feels really hurt seeing twinkle in that condition blames himself for the situation. He cursed himself and held himself responsible for every fault twinkle was accused of.
Kunj as well heads towards Sanaya’s cabin.

Kunj, twinkle, Sanaya, Mr. Grover and the head are in the meeting room.
Sanaya- Kunj please start with your presentation and explain Mr. Grover about the designs.
Kunj hesitantly goes and explains the design and ideas for each and every room. After he finishes, Twinkle and kunj are standing side by side waiting for Mr. Grover’s reply.
Mr.Grover- I must say i am quite impressed by the designs. And especially the layout.
Twinkle feels delighted thinking even if i don’t get the credit atleast he liked my idea. It’s okay if Kunj gets the credit. Infact i will be the happiest. I just hope Sanaya gives one more chance so that i can prove myself.
Mr.Grover- If everything is done according to the layout. I will pay as much as you all demand. By the way, may i know who made the layout?
Sanaya- (Pointing at kunj)Kunj sarna.
Kunj – It is done by Twi–
Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand and signs him not to say a single word. Kunj looks at her with a confused expression.
The meeting ends and sanaya praises kunj for everything. She gives twinkle a last chance to prove herself or else she will be thrown out.
Twinkle leaves the room and since it was lunch time, was heading towards the cafeteria. However, kunj pulls her aside and takes her out if office.
Kunj- What was that twinkle? Why did you stop me from telling the truth?
Twinkle- It’s okay na kunj. You get the credit or me, it’s the same thing. Leave it. Sanaya has given me one more chance and i will surely prove myself.
Kunj- Twinkle how can you be so kind and easily ‘let go’ kind of person. She appreciated me for the work you did, she questioned your self respect, you were threatened about losing your job still you are here saying it doesn’t matter if it’s me who gets the credit. How and why?
Twinkle- (she has tears in her eyes again but controls) Look i know all this but i am not the one who backs off. If that’s what she thinks, even if you try explaining her she won’t listen to you so it’s better to let go of it. I knew one thing for sure, Sanaya was too convinced that it was you who did everything so it was anyway useless to explain her.I will surely prove myself in the next task.

Kunj is surprised as well as confused as to how a person can be so humble. How someone could give her share of appreciation to someone else, how she could let go of all the scoldings easily. And specially why she did it because as far as he knows twinkle was the one who could fight alot to get her share. He knew the reason twinkle gave about sanaya not getting convinced was half true. He knew there was some other reason why twinkle let everybody credit him for the layout.
Kunj is speechless. He doesn’t know how to respond. He hugs twinkle tightly, very tightly in a hope to get all his questions answered. Twinkle is taken aback a bit but she gives in. They both share a passionate hug.
Twinkle who was too weak by now to handle anything more that day needed somebody to be with her and that somebody was obviously kunj. She burries her face deep inside Kunj’s chest and clutches his shirt from back with her one hand, the other one caressing his hair. Kunj too caresses twinkle’s hair with one hand while his other hand holds twinkle by her waist. They both were too unwilling to leave each other. They stayed there in that position.
The screen freezes on them.

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