TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-7)


Hello! Iloveyou all. If you all don’t like it please tell me. I will then change the track or stop the ff.


Twinkle reaches home, goes to leela and hugs her.
Leela- Arre puttar, you came. How was the party? I am so happy for yuvraj puttar. He got such a nice girl. And chinki is also lucky to get yuvraj.
Twinkle – So true maa! They both are very lucky.
Leela- Bas puttar ek hi baat baaki hai.(Only one thing is left)
Twinkle – What Maa?
Leela- I have to find a nice, good looking and most importantly a caring boy for you. Then even you will settle like chinki and yuvraj.
Twinkle – Maa how many times i have told you this, i don’t want to marry now. I will find a guy for myself and then you will be the first to know about him.
Leela- But when?
Twinkle- Soon maa soon.
Twinkle turns to leave towards her room. She thinks about kunj and has a broad smile on her face. She reaches her room. Twinkle starts thinking about all her moments with kunj. Similarly, kunj was in his room and was thinking about twinkle. They remember the day when kunj held Twinkle’s hand while opening the door, when he hugged her, when he came close to her and many more. Both smile and go inside the washroom to take a bath and get ready for office.
Twinkle Comes out in her robe and goes towards the cupboard to select a dress. She chooses a black colour body fit one piece. She checks the timing and its 10pm. She goes to change her dress.
Kunj on the other side, selects a balck shirt and jeans. He dresses up and makes his hair. He remembers the drunk twinkle and how she made fun of him by trying to his advantage. He laughs. Bebe calls Kunj.

Bebe- Kunj! Come down! Have your breakfast!
Kunj- Ji bebe!
Kunj goes downstairs.
Usha- Kunj! See i have made your favourite breakfast. Come have it fast then you have to go to office.
Kunj- yes maa. Thank you so much.
Manohar- Kunj how is your office? And are you completing your assignments on time or not?
Kunj- Yes dad it is all good and i have completed all the assignments on time till now.
Kunj-(thinks) I guess i should ask Twinkle if she will come along with me to offic
Taneja Mansion:
Leela- Puttar fast come down.
Twinkle comes down. She is looking really good.
Twinkle- Maa fast. I will get late. I don’t even have car today.
She recieves a message.
Message: Kunj: Hi twinkle. Umm if you don’t mind and only if you want to, you can come along with me to office.
Twinkle was really very happy to see this message.
Message: Twinkle: Thank you so much Kunj. Umm okay i will come with you. Thanks once again.
Kunj reads the message and says- Oh yes!
Usha- What happened Kunj.
Kunj realizes and nods his head in a no.
Message: Kunj: No need to say Thank you. Okay? I will come in 15mins. Be ready.
Twinkle- Maa i will leave in 15mins. Bring food fast!
Leela- Yes bas aaegai mei. Le puttar khale le. (Looks at twinkle) Arre Waah puttar badi changi dikh rhi hai. (Ya ya i am coming. Here take your food. (looks at twinkle) you look sp pretty)
Twinkle- Thank you maa.

15mins later,
Twinkle- Bye maa i need to go.
Leela- OMG! Why are you running?
Twinkle- I will get late bye.
Kunj comes to Taneja Mansion. He waits for twinkle. Twinkle comes outside.
Twinkle- Sorry sorry kunj. I am late sorry.
Kunj- No no twinkle it’s okay.
He looks at twinkle and is really mesmerized. Twinkle is going towards the door. She is stopped by kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle–
Twinkle- Yes kunj?
Kunj- Twinkle, you look very beautiful today.
Twinkle- (delighted) Really? Thank you. But kunj only today? Hawww how Mean.
Kunj – That’s not what i meant.
Twinkle- So bad haan.
Kunj- Twinkle no yaar.
Twinkle-(laughs) I was just kidding. Let’s go or that Sanaya will kill me.
They both leave.
The screen freezes.

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Credit to: Joshika

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