TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-6)


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Twinkle wakes up. She gets up but is feeling really dizzy and her head spinning around. She looks around but is shocked to find herself in the farmhouse.
Twinkle-(thinks) Oh babaji! How am i here? Why don’t i remember anything that happened yesterday? I just remember the last i was in party and i had the apple juice but uske baad mujhe kuch yaad kyu nahi aa rha. (But why can’t i remember anything after that) And why am i still here? Why not home? And where is kunj?
Twinkle- Kunj! Kunj! Where are you?
Kunj-(entering the room) Aye Twinkle even after so much drama of yesterday night, you miss me? (winks)
Twinkle-(surprised, stammers) k kunj w wh what do y you m me mean by yes yester yesterday nig night? What happened last night?
Kunj-(thinks) What happened to her? Why does she looks so tensed? Ohh i get it. She thinks that something happened between us. This girl na. But why not i tease her a bit?
Kunj- Hawww twinkle! You don’t remember anything? The way you drank beer. The way you came to close to me. The way you touched—
Twinkle- (still stammers) What? No no i am not like that. I can’t do this. Oh babaji! What did i do? Shit twinkle you are so cheap. Shame on you. How will i face maa?
Twinkle starts cursing herself and starts crying. Kunj was earlier laughing but seeing twinkle crying he feels really hurt. He unknowingly hugged her.
Kunj- shh! Twinkle shhh! I was just kidding. Nothing happened between us last night. Stop crying i can’t see you like this. Please i am sorry.
Twinkle breaks the hug and starts hitting kunj.
Twinkle – So you were kidding? All this was a joke? You think this is funny? Do you even know how i felt all this while. Now you are gone Kunj.
Kunj starts running and twinkle chases him. Twinkle slips and kunj holds her and both of them fall on the bed, twinkle above kunj. Kunj was holding twinkle by her waist and Twinkle’s hand was on Kunj’s chest.
Kunj-(thinks) Oh god! Why can’t the moment freeze like this? I can’t express how good it feels. When she touches me, it is a bliss. She is so innocent and cute. God i love her. And i want to tell this to her but i am not able to. Please babaji give me a way.
Twinkle-(thinks) Babaji i love him so much. When he hugged me and told me not to cry as it hurts him as well, i was so touched by his words. His feel is so good. It can calm me down even if i am really angry. Please god help me. I want to tell him how much i love him.
Kunj’s phone starts ringing and they both come out of their dream world. Both hesitantly remove their hands from each other and get up. Kunj goes towards his phone. Sanaya had called kunj. Kunj picks up the call.
Kunj- Good morning ma’am.
Twinkle gets to know it’s Sanaya’s call as soon as Kunj greets her saying ma’am.
Sanaya- Yes kunj. I have called to inform you that Mr. Grover will come at 1pm so you be here by 11.30am.
Kunj – Ya sure.

Sanaya- And yes if you can contact twinkle, inform her as well. That girl as usual is not picking up my call. And tell her that if she is late today, she is fired.
Sanaya cuts the call. Kunj looks at Twinkle glaring at him with suspicious looks.
Kunj- Why are you staring at me like this?
Twinkle- Oh sorry. You are talking to your darling na, i won’t disturb. Hmm.
Kunj- Darling? Who?
Twinkle- As if you don’t know. Your Sanaya.
Kunj- What are you saying Twinkle?
Twinkle- What am i saying? She is calling you at 7am and you telling me? I know how you both–
Kunj- Uff twinkle, you and your weird thoughts. She called to inform me that we have to reach office by 11.30am. Mr. Grover will come at 1pm.
Twinkle- Oh okay! But she could have called me as well. Wait what did you say, Mr. Grover? Shit! I haven’t completed my work. I am surely fired. Oh no! Maa! She will be so tensed. I am totally dead today. Siyappa!
Kunj- Chill! I had informed aunty that you are staying here but ye toh tune sahi bola, siyappa queen hai tu. (he laughs) (But one thing you said was true, you are seriously siyappa queen) And ya one more thing, i have completed your work. So no need to worry.
Twinkle- Thank God!
Kunj- Oh hello! Thank me!
Twinkle- Why should i?
Kunj- this is not fair yaar.
Kunj sits on the couch with sad face. Twinkle comes towards Kunj.
Twinkle- acha ok sorry baba and thank you for doing so much for me.
Kunj is delighted by Twinkle’s word and then slowly comes towards twinkle. Twinkle moves back.
Kunj- Acha bata! Why were you jealous?
Twinkle- jealous of whom?
Kunj- Of Sanaya.
Twinkle- i was not.

Kunj- so what was that darling, my sanaya and all haan?
Kunj comes really close to twinkle. But suddenly twinkle shouts- maa!
Twinkle- Maa wait kar rahi hogi mera! We have to go to office. I will leave bye. You also leave.
Twinkle picks her belongings and rushes towards the door. Kunj looks at her going and is upset. Twinkle turns.
Twinkle- Bye Kunj. Meet you soon.
Kunj is happy and nods. Twinkle turns again and leaves.
The screen freezes on their faces. They both have a very broad smile.

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Credit to: Joshika

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