TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-5)


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Sam- Amaya tell na! What is this ‘if and then’?
Yuvraj- Exactly say na–
Twinkle- Amaya?
Amaya- Wait wait. I am telling you all but atleast let me make the paper chits.
Kunj- Chits for what?
Amaya- Okay so guys this game is somewhat like truth and dare but bit different. As you all can see there are so many if-chits. We will spin the bottle.(pointing at a beer bottle)umm chinki pass me that bottle. (chinki pases the bottle to her)Yes this bottle and whoever the cap of the bottle points at will pick up one if-chit. The person will read whatever is mention in the chit like ‘if…’. After reading it, the person will reply in then way like ‘if i get this then i will’ and also complete that as a dare. Okay i know this is confusing but as we play, you all will get it.

Chinki- Oh i know this game! Let’s start! I will spin the bottle.
Chinki spins the bottle and it lands on Amaya.
Amaya- Okay me first. Guys see me, you will get to know the game.
Amaya picks up a chit and reads it aloud- ‘IF THE PERSON OPPOSITE TO YOU IS A BOY AND HE IS UPSET WITH YOU.

Amaya reads it, thinks and replies – Then i will go towards him and ask him for a romantic dance.
Amaya goes towards sam, asks him for a dance and they dance romantically on Teri Meri Kahani.
All clap and again spin the bottle. It lands on Yuvraj. Yuvraj picks up the chit and reads it- ‘IF THE PERSON YOU LOVE THE MOST IS GOING AWAY FROM YOU’
Yuvraj without thinking says- Then i will just go to her and propose her and tell her how much i love her.
Yuvraj goes to Chinki and proposes her. Everybody hoots and whistles.
They again spin the bottle and now it lands on Twinkle. Twinkle who is extremely high, jumps and picks a chit.
Twinkle looks at kunj and smiles weirdly. She says- Then i will umm hug him tight and kiss him on his cheeks.

Twinkle gets up and hugs Kunj tightly. She then kisses him on his cheeks. Kunj is damn shocked. He was not able to respond. He was happy as well as unable to digest the truth. But he knew twinkle was drunk and she won’t remember a thing the next day.
All- (Shouts aloud) Wohoo! Yayy!
Kunj-(self talk) I know Twinkle you are drunk but atleast i got to know that even you love me. But wait what if she just did it because she was drunk and this is not true? I can’t say anything till i get to know the truth.
Chinki- Guys the game is getting too boring now and i am tired too. (too yuvraj) Baby i am very very very sleepy. Take me from here.
Yuvraj- Let’s go. (looking at others) Bye guys. We both are leaving.
Kunj- But how will you drive?
Yuvraj- We will take a cab.
Sam- Even me and Amaya will leave. I will drop her at the home and leave bye.
Amaya- Bye guys.
Now only Twinkle and Kunj are left. Twinkle says to kunj.

Twinkle- Kunj even we will go home.fKunj- You can’t go home in this condition. Leela aunty will get a big shock seeing you like this. Stay here tonight. I have informed aunty about it.
Twinkle-(looks at kunj lovingly but then thinks something, smirks) Kunj what is your plan huh? (acts) You will take advantage of this (pointing at herself) single alone girl? Kuni i am scared.
Kunj- (tensed) Twinkle what are you saying? I won’t do anything of that sort. I am not like that.
Twinkle- (laughs really hard) Haahhaa you got scared. I was just kidding. (takes a pause and says in a sensual way) But i can take advantage of you na?
Kunj is shocked listening to that.
Kunj-(stammers) T Twin Twinkle what a ar are you s say saying?
Twinkle moves towards Kunj and kunj steps backward. He reaches the end of the wall and twinkle says.

Twinkle- Now where will you go Sadu Sarna?
Twinkle laughs really hard looking at kunj scared and tensed. Kunj looks at her lovingly laughing.
Twinkle-(laughing) you think i will do something–
Twinkle suddenly feels like she is about to vomit and runs towards the washroom. Kunj follows her. Kunj finds twinkle fainted on the floor. He picks her up and puts her on bed.
Kunj looks at her sleeping peacefully. He was indeed really happy to see her like that. He remembered everything that happened in the party and ofcourse the after party. He sits beside twinkle and smiles but all of a sudden he realizes that their meeting with Mr. Grover is tomorrow. Kunj looks at Twinkle and says.

Kunj-(self talk) Oh god! Twinkle is in this condition. How will she complete the work for tomorrow. I think i should do it on her behalf as well or else Sanaya will blame her again. Yeah i can’t see her upset again. Already Sanaya thinks i have done the layout.
Kunj goes towards the table. He had luckily bought his laptop along with him and starts the work. He was keeping a check on Twinkle as well as doing the work. He sleeps on the table only.
The screen freezes on Kunj’s and Twinkle’s sleeping face.

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