TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-4)

Sorry for the delay. Thankyou for all the support and i think this episode is boring but still leave your comments. Love you all.

Twinkle was with her friends but suddenly she felt her head spinning around. She excused herself and was walking towards the seat. Kunj, who was talking to yuvraj sees Twinkle in that condition. Twinkle was about to fall but Kunj reaches there on time and holds her. They share an eyelock.
Twinkle-(subconscious state) Kunj i knew you will come? You will never let me fall down.(Pulls his cheeks) You are SOO sweet and caring!
Kunj looks at her surprised and feels something suspicious.
Kunj- Twinkle are you drunk?
Twinkle- (totally high) NO! Chee i don’t drink. I am not like you. Huh.
Kunj- Since the party started, what have you eaten or drank?
Twinkle- Umm. Umm. Ummmm.
Kunj- Twinkle stop this umm and tell me.
Twinkle- OH YES! I have drank apple juice but i don’t know why it was bitter. (acts like she is vomiting) Aagh.
Kunj- (self talk) Uff. She must have drank beer. Now what do i do?
Kunj had held twinkle from her waist inorder to hold her in one place. He looks at twinkle who was playing with Kunj’s shirt’s buttons. He was mesmerized by her innocence. Twinkle suddenly speaks.
Twinkle-(emotionally) Kunj you know what i always wanted to tell you something but i never got the chance to.
Kunj- What?

Twinkle was about to say something but the host calls everybody on the floor to dance.
Twinkle- WOOHOO! Let’s dance!
Kunj tries to stop twinkle from going but fails. Twinkle runs towards the stage. Kunj keeps running behind her to stop her. Twinkle takes the mic and starts speaking.
Twinkle- (drunk state) Hello everybody. I am so glad my friend yuvraj is getting married but come on people this is his last party before his suicide marraige mission–
Chinki shouts- TWINKLE!
Yuvraj laughs at Twinkle’s state and says- Continue yaar
Twinkle- Yaa so what i was saying was why is this party so dull guys. LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! DJ START THE MUSIC.
Dj plays paani wala dance (An item song). Twinkle dances on the stage. She was looking extremely hot and stunning. Nobody had seen this side of twinkle in office or anywhere. Kunj looks at her and has a broad smile. Later, everybody joins her and they too start dancing.
Twinkle was dancing with some boys. Kunj was very jealous. He was about to go towards twinkle but stops, thinks- now she will come behind me, i won’t and smirks.
Kunj goes to some girls and starts flirting with few girls. Twinkle who was searching for kunj sees him flirting. She comes towards Kunj walking weirdly as she wasn’t able to walk straight in her drunk condition. She comes and holds Kunj’s hands. Kunj was shocked. He never thought she will do that.
Twinkle- (Sweetly) Excuse me girls. Can i tell you all something?
Girls- Yes what?
Kunj looks at twinkle with shock. He was more than happy to see twinkle caring for him and feeling jealous of other girls. The girls leave and twinkle too leaves Kunj’s hand and goes. Kunj follows her.

Kunj- I guess someone waa jealous out there.
Twinkle-(turns and says) I was not jealous.
Kunj- Did i say it was you?
Twinkle- But you meant that.
Kunj- But you were.
Twinkle- No.
Kunj- Yes.
Kunj- No
Twinkle- Yes. Okay fine i was.
Kunj- See you were. (comes close to twinkle, holds her by waist) But why?
Twinkle- Be Becau Because.
Kunj- Ya ya go on.
Twinkle- You are so irritating. She removes Kunj’s hand but again feels dizzy.
Kunj- (holds her) Twinkle you are drunk and telling me irritating? Do you know how difficult it is to handle you.
Twinkle-(making puppy face) I am not drunk.
Kunj- Ya ya totally. (self talk) Uff that puppy face makes me melt. She was jealous when she saw me with those girls. And it is said when you are drunk, you say the truth. I hope she also lo–
Twinkle is running around here and there and doing funny things. Slapping someone hard on his head and running away. Putting food on a seat before someone sits so that when someone sits their pant is all full of food. Imitating kunj and making fun. And meanwhile kunj is behind her trying to control her. He was unable to control his laughter and smile looking at Twinkle’s cuteness, madness, crazy baby side, most importantly her unusual hidden side.
The party gets over and only yuvraj, chinki, kunj, twinkle, Amaya and Sam (part of their gang) were left. Everybody were drunk and high by then except kunj. Kunj had texted from Twinkle’s phone informing leela about her stay at farmhouse. They all decide to play a game.
Sam- Guys lets play a game!
Amaya- Let’s play ‘If and then’.
All- What’s that?
Amaya- Wait i will explain.
Screen freezes on everybody’s confused face.

I hope you guys liked it. Please comment.

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  1. Amazing episode Joshika. Can’t wait for the next episode. You’re an amazing writer aha. Please do read my sixth episode of destiny vs love and comment!!! And I love TEI!~Nusz

    1. Thank you Nusz! I am reading it right away! I will post the next episode today itself. I love tei too.

  2. well done joshika…very good..

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  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Good and interesting episode.

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  6. plz post write now.i cannot control.this was owsume.plz plz there were mice in my stomach which were trying to come out because of pain of laughter.post write now

    1. Thank you Misha! Hahaha that’s so cute. I will post today itself. By the way, don’t hate me ff is yours right as far as i remember the name?

  7. Funny one…..if and then game sounds new to me

    1. Thank you Ritzi! I hope you all find the game interesting and not boring!

  8. It was realy awsome yar keep it up

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  9. Cute one……

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    awesome epi Joshika…..keep going

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