TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-3)


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Twinkle and Kunj are in Kunj’s cabin discussing about the designs. Kunj is on laptop searching for some ideas while twinkle is going through some files and drawing a rough layout. They both are sitting facing one another.
Kunj- (still facing the laptop) What I was thinking was, let’s go for a modern look for Mr. Grover’s house. It will just be perfect and he will surely like it a lot.
Kunj-(looks at twinkle) Twinkle I am talking to you. What are you doing? I am saying something na? then listen to me.
Twinkle-(looks at kunj) Yes sorry sorry, what were you saying?
Kunj- That means you were not listening to me?
Twinkle- No I was just-
Kunj-(Kunj interrupts) You were what? I am telling you something about Mr. Grover and you—
Twinkle- What do you mean? Even I was doing some work regarding to it only but you will blame me now. That’s all you know.
Kunj- What work regarding this? Show me. (Snatches the rough layout from Twinkle’s hand)
Kunj while snatching the layout touches Twinkle’s hand and they share an eyelock. Twinkle breaks the eyelock and says-
Twinkle- Yes see then. Such a wonderful design na? I know I am the best after all I am Miss. Twinkle Taneja.
Kunj-(looks at the layout, it was a semi-modern layout) Hahhahah! Oh my god! Twinkle Taneja just cracked a joke. Hahhah! First, you are not the best. Second, this design is semi modern yaar and we are planning for a modern one, didn’t I tell you? Oh I did but you were busy huh.
Twinkle- But Kunj this looks so good—
Kunj- Hahha! One more joke!
Twinkle feels hurt seeing Kunj making fun of her. He gets up goes near Twinkle along with the design. He is about to speak when Sanaya enters.
Sanaya- I have come to see how much you all have completed.
Sanaya sees the layout in Kunj’s hand. She finds it really amazing.
Sanaya- Oh my god Kunj, this is just so amazing. This is exactly what I wanted and I knew it only Kunj, you can do it.
Twinkle feels really bad when Sanaya praises Kunj for the design she made.
Kunj-But Ma’am I didn’t—
Sanaya-(interrupts kunj) Kunj I know you won’t take the credit and give it to twinkle but it’s enough now. Every time you do the work and give the credit of all your hard work to her. It’s unfair for you. (looks at Twinkle) And you Twinkle, you should learn something from Kunj. He never delays his work and does everything so properly. I am sure you must not have even started.
Twinkle looks on with teary eyes.
Kunj- But Ma’am atleast listen to what I have to say.
Sanaya- Kunj—
Sanaya’s phone starts ringing. She answers the call and leaves the room. Twinkle is almost on the verge of Crying. Kunj starts to speak.
Kunj- Twinkle look I am sorry. I will surely talk to Sanaya and clear the misunderstanding.
Twinkle doesn’t reply and runs out of the room. Kunj tries to stop her but in vain. Kunj has tears in his eyes too. He bangs his fist on the table and says.
Kunj- Shit Kunj! How could you do this? How could you make Twinkle cry? How could you take the credit of her work? How could you hurt Twinkle? How could you?

On the other hand,
Twinkle comes out of the room running and Yuvraj sees her. He goes to her. He stops her.
Yuvraj- Twinkle, you are coming for the party na? You have to. You don’t have any other option.
Twinkle doesn’t reply and yuvraj sees tears in her eyes.
Yuvraj- You were crying? What happened tell me.
Twinkle goes away and yuvraj comes to kunj to enquire about twinkle’s condition.
Yuvraj- Bhai what happened here? I mean why was Twinkle crying outside?
Kunj has no words. He Is still teary eyed and full of anger.
Yuvraj- Now atleast you don’t stay quiet, speak up.
Kunj narrates everything to Yuvraj and blames himself.
Yuvraj- It was not your fault and I am sure Twinkle is not upset with you. I have one idea through which everything can be sorted.
Kunj- How?
Yuvraj- About the misunderstanding with Sanaya, you can clear it with her Infront of everybody including Mr.Grover tomorrow. Because even if you talk to Sanaya now, she won’t believe you. Tomorrow when you will give the credit to Twinkle, everybody will know the real person as well sanaya will have to accept it.
Kunj- And what about Twinkle’s mood?
Yuvraj- That you leave on me. Tonight’s party she will become all normal.
Kunj- I don’t think she will come.
Yuvraj- She will and you will only get her.
Kunj- Me?

Screen shifts to Twinkle.
Twinkle is upset thinking about what happened in office and is lying on the bed. She gets yuvraj’s call.
Yuvraj- Twinkle it’s 6.30pm. You are ready na?
Twinkle- Yuvraj I am sorry but I am not in any mood to come. Sorry.
Yuvraj- Common yaar this is our last party before my marriage and you won’t come? You will leave your friend like this. I will not talk to you then—
Twinkle- Ok Ok , stop this emotional blackmail. I will come but just for you.
Yuvraj- Thanks yaar. Now get ready fast Kunj will pick you up bye.
Twinkle-Kunj? But why kunj?
Yuvraj without answering cuts the call.
Twinkle- Babaji why with Kunj? I mean I love him and to spend time with him, I am happy but what happened today, after that will he be okay? I left the room without even replying him. I hope he is not upset with me.
Yuvraj calls Kunj and says- Go and pick twinkle from her house. She agreed to come and now you handle the rest. Yuvraj cuts the call.
Kunj- Yayyy! She agreed. Now Kunj Sarna get ready fast because girls don’t like late boys. (Self talk) Twinkle I am sorry. I can’t see you upset. I love you.
Twinkle gets ready. She is wearing a beautiful red gown. On the other hand, Kunj is wearing a White shirt, Black jacket and Jeans. Both are looking very hot. Kunj goes to pick Twinkle. Twinkle comes down and looks at Kunj. Both share an awkward eyelock. Both were feeling guilty for their behavior. Kunj thought it was his fault and Twinkle thought she overreacted.
Kunj is mesmerized by Twinkle’s beauty but is unable to express it to her.
Kunj- Twinkle you look. Umm. Umm.
Twinkle feels awkward.

Kunj- Let’s go.
They both sit in the car. Kunj tries to speak but both share a lot of eyelocks but were not able to talk. They reach the farmhouse.
Yuvraj-You guys are late yaar. (naughtily) What were you both doing haa?
Twinkle and kunj look at each other but then turn their face.
Yuvraj- Anyway, let’s start the party guys.
Twinkle walks forward while Yuvraj and Kunj walk behind her.
Yuvraj-(to kunj, softly) Bhai everything sorted?
Kunj- yuvraj actually—
Yuvraj- Actually what?
Kunj- We did not talk at all.
Twinkle-(turns) You planned what?
Kunj-Umm umm Yuvraj means he planned so much for this party.
Twinkle passes an awkward smile and leaves towards her friend. Kunj in order to ignore yuvraj’s anger went to his friend as well.
Yuvraj-(self talk) They both are just mad. I need to do something so that they can confess their love to each other and atleast talk.
Yuvraj thinks something, smirks and calls the waiter. He mixes beer with apple juice and asks the waiter to give that glass only to (pointing at Twinkle) her. The waiter goes to Twinkle. Twinkle Takes the juice and drinks it.

Yuvraj smirks and thinks- I am sorry Twinkle but you both are very close to me and I had to this.Now twinkle how will you resist to not confess your love to Kunj.
The screen freezes on Twinkle, Yuvraj and Kunj’s face.

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