TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-2)


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RECAP- Twinkle and Kunj enter the office together. Sanaya calls them to her cabin to discuss about the meeting. Kunj looks at Twinkle’s sad face.

Both Kunj and twinkle go towards Sanaya’s cabin. Twinkle holds the door handle in order to open it. Kunj was about to open the door but holds Twinkle’s hand. They both share an eyelock. They were lost in each other but suddenly kunj breaks the eyelock and twinkle opens the door.
As soon as they both enter the room, they collide with each other and bang their heads with each other. Twinkle shouts-‘ Ouchh!’. Kunj looks at her hurt face.
Kunj- I am–
Twinkle- (Twinkle interrupts) Huh kunj! Can’t you see and walk.
Kunj- But Twinkle i am–
Twinkle- What Twinkle? You should apologize and you toh don’t care only.
Kunj- What? I should apologize? You know what i was about to but now i won’t. Galti teri bhi toh thi. Even i got hurt.
Twinle- Hawww! First you do wrong and then–
Sanaya- (interrupts them) Stop it you guys! I have called you guys to discuss about the meeting and not fight like kids. (Pointing at a file)Twinkle pass that file to me. And what i was saying was, Kunj we have to be really careful about this meeting. (She holds Kunj’s hand) This is really important.
Twinkle turns to find Sanaya holding Kunj’s hand. She fumes seeing that. She is about to crush the papers in her hand but stops as sanaya asks her to hurry up.
Sanaya- Twinkle bring the file fast. The clients will be here any moment.
Twinkle-(brings the file and sits besides kunj as sanaya sits in her place)
Sanaya- Today’s client name is Mr. Grover. He is quite rich man and very well known for his business. I am sure you guys must have heard about him. He wants to design the interior of his house and has given this work to us. And not by any chance do i want this chance to go away from our hands. Today he’ll be coming and telling us about his likings and dislikings and by day after tomorrow i want you guys to prepare the designs for him to choose from.
Kunj- Okay sure ma’am. We will give our best.
Twinkle- Yes ma’am. The designs will be ready by day after tomorrow.
Sanaya- I hope so.

At that moment, Mr. Grover enters the cabin. Twinkle, kunj and Sanaya greet him.
Sanaya- Welcome Mr. Grover. How can we help you?
Mr. Grover- I have heard alot about you and so i am here. I want my house to be as perfect and beautiful as it can be. Just remember that the colors have to be red for my daughter’s room, blue for mine and my study should be as white as it can be. Others rooms can be managed the way you all like.
Sanaya- Sure sir. We will give you the designs by day after tomorrow. I hope you will like it. Once you approve them, we will start the work.
Mr.Grover- Thank you. And remember day after tomorrow. I am very punctual about timings.
Sanaya- Thank you sir. (Opens the door for him to leave)
Sanaya- Kunj and twinkle i hope you heard properly what Mr. Grover said, no late works. I want it as soon as possible.
Kunj and twinkle nod and leave.
Kunj- Twinkle we have to be very careful about the designs, colour and particularly the deadline. No delays okay?
Twinkle- You mean i delay everything? Haww that’s so rude of you kunj.
Kunj- Twinkle that’s not what i meant. Uff i am sorry if—
They were interrupted by their friend(Yuvraj). Yuvraj called them. They both went towards his cubical.
Yuvraj- Guys i need to tell you both something. I told others but you both were busy.
Twinkle and kunj- What?
Yuvraj- Umm guys umm–
Twinkle – What umm umm? Say na.
Yuvraj- (very fast) I am getting married to Chinki next week. I am sorry i was about to tell you both but you guys were so busy so i didn’t get time.
Twinkle and Kunj together- WHAT? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?
Yuvraj- It was all decided last week but i am sorry i didn’t tell you both.
Twinkle- Oh my god, how could you? Anyway, i am so happy for you yaar. Atlast you are getting married to chinki.(She hugs him)
Kunj looks at twinkle hugging yuvraj and thinks when will that day come when she will hug me but comes out of his dream world and says-
Kunj- Yuvraj bhai teri shaadi ho rahi. Congrats.(He hugs him) But party toh chahiye yaar. When will you give it?
Yuvraj- Yes yaar. Before i marry and go for a suicide mission, ek party toh banti hai.
Yuvraj and Kunj laugh and twinkle hits yuvraj’s hand and smiles.
Kunj- Okay so tomorrow 7pm, at My farmhouse, yuvraj’s last single party. Call everybody and (looks at twinkle, smiles) tu bhi aana zaroor.
Twinkle-(smiles) Pakka after all it is yuvraj’s maut ki party!
All laugh and the screen freezes.

PRECAP- Twinkle and Kunj decide about the designs. Yuvraj’s party. Drunk twinkle.

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Credit to: Joshika

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  1. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode.
    Translate the Hindi lines into English.
    I couldn’t get it.

    1. Thank you. Okay sure i will translate all hindi lines to english. You want the translation for this episode too?

  2. Loved it

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  6. Muskan{News reporter}

    Fab episode with a fab ending….

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  13. nice one yaar and thaank god uv getting married he will not interferein twinj life

    1. Thanks Sudha! Yuvraj as villian in Tei is enough. I can’t handle more enemity than that so i prefer him to be a positive character!

  14. awesome episode joshika…. loved it…. upload d nxt one asap

    1. Okay today itself and thank you Panchi!

  15. Thank you so much Joshika, your ff rocks!! I love it so much and thank you for saying you’re going to read my ff, it means a lot too. Can’t wait for the next episode. ~nus :>

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