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Hello guys! Okay so i tried to take out time and since it was sunday, i wrote one epsiode. I think it is a boring episode. So i am really sorry about it. Thanks for the support. Please keep commenting.
Btw, i am so so so happy. I texted sidhant on instagram and he replied-‘lots of love’. OMG OMG OMG. I was on cloud 9.


Twinkle and Kunj leave the room and are going downstairs. Their fingers are entwined. Leela, Yuki, Usha, bebe and anita look at them as they travel down the stairs together, holding hands.
Leela is extremely joyous to see her daughter happy with Kunj. She prays for their togetherness and happiness.
Yuvraj- Chinki, maa they look so good together, don’t they?
Chinki- Exactly. I hope they always stay together.
Anita- I always knew they loved each other. Thank god they confessed it on right time.
Usha and bebe are bit shocked to see them in that state.
Usha- Bebe, kunj and twinkle? Look at them.
Bebe- Hmm. I saw. But look at Kunj’s face. He is so happy.
Usha- Yes bebe.
Usha and bebe look at twinj and then at each other.
Bebe- Usha rani are we both thinking the same?
Usha and bebe-(together) Kunj loves twinkle? Is she the girl?
Bebe- Oh my god! Kunj loves twinkle. I should have understood.
Usha- Yes bebe, twinkle is such a good girl. Kunj always used to be happy when with her.
Bebe- They look so good too. I am so happy for them.
Usha- May god bless them. But kunj puttar you see now, you didn’t tell your maa and bebe about this.
Bebe- Now toh he is gone. (Usha and bebe grin)

As twinkle and kunj reach downstairs, twinkle leaves towards Leela and kunj goes towards usha and bebe unaware that they know about them.
Usha- Oho puttar! Hamari yaad aa gayi?(atlast you remembered us?)
Kunj- What are you saying maa?
Bebe- Your mom is saying the right thing. I thought now that you have found your girl, you will forget us.
Kunj is embarrassed and shocked.
Kunj- What do you mean bebe? I am not getting anything.
Both usha and bebe hold Kunj’s one one ear and pull it.
Bebe- Acha puttar! You don’t know anything!
Kunj- Aaa!
Usha- You think we won’t get to know anything? You will hide from your bebe and maa?
Kunj- Ouch maa bebe leave me! It is hurting!
Bebe- You and twinkle love each other and will hide from us?
Kunj- Okay bebe i am telling you everything wait wait but first leave me, it’s hurting!
Both usha and bebe leave kunj and he starts speaking.
Kunj- Okay so yes i love twinkle. I have loved her for a long time but i didn’t tell you all because it was always one sided. I didn’t know if she did too. But today–
Usha and bebe- (excited) today?!
Kunj- (sighs) today she said yes to me.
Usha and bebe- Oh my god! Yayyy! We are so happy for you both.
They both hug kunj one by one. Kunj smiles.

Twinkle meets Leela and hugs her really tight.
Twinkle- Maaaa! I am so so so happy! Yayayy!
Leela- Arre arre puttar! Relax! You are really lucky to have kunj. Always be happy puttar!
Twinkle- Thank you maa!
Leela- (teasing)Acha now when you want to marry say?
Twinkle- Maaa!
Leela grins and twinkle gives an annoyed look.

Screen shifts to twinkle and kunj standing together near the food counter. Twinkle stuffs butter chicken inside her mouth while kunj speaks.
Kunj- Oye twinkle, how much will you stuff inside your mouth? Bas yaar moti ho jaegi. (you will become fat)
Twinkle-(with food inside her mouth) haww kunj! So rude. You think i am fat?
Kunj- First have your food and then speak. Kya bol rahi hai? (what are you saying?)
Twinkle-(finishes her food) You think i am fat kunj? You are calling your girlfriend fat? So bad. (kunj tries to speak but twinkle doesn’t let him speak) Why do you love me if you think i am fat? Why would anyone date a fat girl? Go naa date sanaya. She is extremely thin and hot na go go.
Kunj keeps his hand on twinkle’s mouth and says- Bas yaar! How much do you speak. And sorry maaf kar de nahi hai tu fat. Khaa tu apna khana, meri jaaan kyu le rahi. Galti ho gayi. I am sorry.(Stop yaar! How much do you speak? And sorry, forgive me. You are not fat. It was a mistake, okay sorry.)
Twinkle- (harshly)You better be.

Yuki look at their cute nok-jhok and smile. They both come near twinj.
Yuvraj- (holds Kunj’s shoulder)Girlfriend kya mili, bhai ko bhul gaya? Kind of ‘mil gaya pyaar, bhul gaya yaar’? (Now that you found a girlfriend, you forgot your brother?)
Yuki laughs, twinj joins them.
Kunj- (laugh) Shut up! What nonsense! How can i forget you?
Chinki- Don’t lie! And Twinkle you should have told me but tune toh bataya bhi nahi kab propose kia. Jaa dekh li dosti. ( You didn’t tell me about the proposal.)
Twinkle- You both are behaving as if you both don’t know anything. Yuvi, you toh know everything na.
Yuvraj laughs and says- Yes yes we know everything. We were just trying to pull your leg but-
Kunj- but failed miserably.
They all laugh.
Yuvraj- Now we have so many functions coming up, you know why?
Twinj and chinki- Why?
Yuvraj- Because they will also get married soon.
Yuki laugh and twinj blush.
Twinkle- First prepare for your haldi day after tomorrow. Then think about our marriage.

Engagement ceremony gets over. All guests leave. Sarna’s and taneja’s too leave except kunj and twinkle. Kunj has taken permission from them to drop twinkle to her house.

Anita- Thank you so much Twinkle and kunj for the help. It was because of you both that this function go over smoothly. Everybody liked the arrangements alot.
Twinkle- Uff aunty! Don’t thank us. We are your kids na?
Kunj- Exactly aunty.
Aunty- Hahah okay.
Kunj- So aunty and yuvi, we will leave. Bye.
Anita- Bye beta. And day after tomorrow kunj come on time for yuvi’s haldi and twinkle you for chinki’s haldi.
Twinj- Yes aunty. Bye.
Yuki- Bye.

Twinj leave and are in Kunj’s car.
Twinkle- (stares at kunj)Kunj–
Kunj- Hmmm
Twinkle- I love you.
Kunj- Arre, what happened to you suddenly?
Twinkle-I don’t know, i have loved you since a long time but never confessed because i was scared to lose you. But now that i have you, i want to keep repeating and saying how much i love you.
Kunj- Twinkle always remember, i will be there for you no matter what. I love you too.
Twinkle holds Kunj’s arm and keeps her head on his shoulder. Kunj smiles and drives the car.
They reach taneja house. Twinkle was asleep by then. Kunj kisses her forehead. Twinkle wakes up by his touch. She smiles.
Kunj- Your house-
Twinkle looks around and says- Oh yes.
She was about to Leave. Kunj pulls her back. Twinkle turns and gives a questioning look. Kunj comes close to her. Twinkle first protests but then gives in. Kunj comes really close to her. Twinkle closes her eyes. She hugs kunj and laughs.
Kunj- What yaar Twinkle. Romance bigaad dia tune. (You disturbed all the romance)
Twinkle- I am hugging you and you saying i disturbed the romance?
Kunj- But i want to kiss you na!
Twinkle- Hahah that was so direct! But no, no more kiss today. Done for today.
Kunj breaks the hug and gives an annoyed look. Twinkle gives a quick peck on his lips and runs. Kunj is shocked but then happy. He shouts- Bye twinkle. Take care. And wait! Twinkle turns and reaches the window of the car.
Kunj- Tomorrow at 10am be ready.
Twinkle- Why?
Kunj- For that you have to wait. Now bye. (gives a flying kiss)
Twinkle smiles and goes inside the house. Kunj drives to his home.
Twinkle and kunj think about each other and sleep.

Next day,
Twinkle is sleeping while kunj is getting ready. It is 9am and kunj calls twinkle. Twinkle was sleepy still she picks the call.
Twinkle- (sleepy voice) Hello. Who’s there?
Kunj- Twinkle your mother
Twinkle- Maa? Why are you calling me? And why is your voice like kunj?
Kunj-(laughs) Oyehoye my idiot cutie pie, i am Kunj.
Twinkle checks the name is hits her head.
Kunj- I knew you will be still sleeping. You forgot? We have to meet at 10am. Go get ready fast.
Twinkle- Why kunj so early? Let me sleep na.
Kunj- Okay i will also come. (naughty way) Then we will sleep together.
Twinkle- KUNJ!
Kunj- Hahah now go and get ready fast.
Twinkle- (cry baby) Okay.

10am, Kunj reaches taneja mansion on time. Twinkle is still sleeping. Kunj greets leela.
Leela- Arre kunj puttar! You here?
Kunj- Namaste aunty! I came to take twinkle along with me. I hope you don’t mind?
Leela- No No now she is your property. How can i say no? Ofcourse you can take her.
Kunj- Where is she?
Leela- She is upstairs but-
Kunj- But?
Leela- But she is still sleeping.
Kunj- What? Don’t worry aunty. I will wake her up.
Leela-(teasing) ya ya go.

Kunj goes upstairs. He enters twinkle’s room. He finds twinkle peacefully and smiles. He sits beside her. Kunj touches twinkle’s forehead and kisses it. Twinkle feels his touch. She gets up suddenly to find him.
Twinkle- Kunj! You here? What are you doing? Maa will come.
Kunj- shhshshs! Leela aunty is downstair and i have come up with her permission. And you, i called you but you slept.
Twinkle- Sorry sorry i will get ready fast.
Twinkle is going towards washroom but kunj pulls her back and they both fall on bed, Twinkle over kunj. They both share eyelock.
Kunj tucks her hair behind her ears. He moves his hand on twinkle’s cheeks and then on her lips. Twinkle blushes. Kunj comes close to her. They are few inches apart. Kunj moves forward for a kiss but twinkle pushes him and gets up. She sticks her tongue out towards kunj.
Kunj- This is cheating.
Twinkle- Everything is fair in love and war. Awwww.
Twinkle runs and kunj chases her. Twinkle is tired and stops.
Kunj- (inbetween breathes) Twinkle. Already. Tired. Haan?
Twinkle- Look. At. Yourself. Then. Tell. Me.
They both laugh and sit on the couch.
Twinkle hugs kunj and says- How much ever i try to stay away from you but i am not at all able to.
Kunj breaks the hug and cups her face- You should not stay away from me. I can’t stay without you. You are my everything.
They hug again. Kunj caresses twinkle’s hair and back while twinkle clutches his shirt with one hand and caresses his hair with other. They break the hug.
Kunj bents forwards and kisses twinkle on lips. Twinkle reciprocates. Kunj deepens the kiss. His hand shifts from her hair to her waist.They kiss till the time they are out of breathe.
Kunj- I love you.
Twinkle- I love you too.
Kunj- Now move your body and shake your booty–
Twinkle- Kunj!
Kunj- (grins)Acha i mean to say get up and go for a bath beacuse i am waiting.
Twinkle gives a peck on his cheeks and goes to washroom.
Kunj-(self talk)Haye! (one eyebrow up, naughty way) Iske looks,Maar hi dalenge! (Her looks, they will kill me)

The screen freezes.


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Credit to: Joshika

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