TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-12)


OKAY guys! I AM REALLY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SORRY! I have alot to say but before that first you all read the episode and tell me if you all like the confession or not?

Precap: Yuvraj and chinki’s engagement. Twinkle jealous of Sanaya. Kunj calls twinkle his darling and kisses on her cheeks, twinkle astonished.


Twinkle is astonished, surprised, shocked, happy, delighted, confused and all possible emotions. She is unable to respond. Kunj cups twinkle’s face and continues to speak.
Kunj- Yes twinkle, you are my darling. I thought i will confess it to you once yuvi’s wedding is over but i couldn’t resist myself.
Twinkle is hell surprised, she keeps staring kunj.
Kunj- I know maybe you don’t have the same feelings for me. Maybe you think of me only as a friend. Or not even a friend but twinkle, (closes his eyes for a second) You are my everything. Right from your cuteness to craziness, i admire each and everything about you!
Twinkle eyes him lovingly. Kunj’s hand moves from Twinkle’s face to her hand other than the one with which she is holding the ice cream. His one hand on her face, the other holding her hand.
Kunj- You are the prettiest girl i have ever known. Beautiful not only by looks but by heart as well. You care about your self respect and still be the most selfless person. How can one not adore you when you are the perfect girl every guy needs?
Kunj takes a deep breathe. Twinkle still lost in his gaze.
Kunj- I know i may not be the prince charming you have desired for since childhood but i assure you i will treat you no less than a queen. Yes twinkle, I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I love you more than i love anybody. I love you the most.
As soon as Kunj says this, twinkle has tears in her eyes. Tears of happiness. Tears of joy. Tears of excitement. She had no words to respond.
Kunj -(nervous and tensed) Am i speaking too much? I will just keep quiet then. But atleast reply twinkle even if it’s a no.
Twinkle was about to speak but was interrupted by a voice. The voice was of leela.
Leela- Twinkle! Puttar! Where are you? Twinkle–
She comes near the staircase and finds twinkle there along with kunj.
Leela- Puttar, you both are having ice cream here?
Kunj and twinkle both look at the ice cream on twinkle’s other hand. Kunj leaves twinkle’s hand hurriedly.
Leela- I have been looking for you since such a long time twinkle. Come fast.
Twinkle- But maa–
Leela- Fast, i want you to meet someone.
Twinkle protests but leela holds twinkle’s wrist and pulls twinkle along with her.
Kunj-(self talk) Oh god she didn’t say anything. What if she says no? Oh god! What did i do? Shit i shouldn’t have said all that. God save me. What she must be thinking about me? I hope she doesn’t break the friendship as well. I can stay without being close to her but without talking to her, i will die. I am such a idiot. She almost had tears because of me.

Leela is talking about something to twinkle but she is lost in her own dream world. She remembers how kunj proposed her. She has a broad smile on her face.
Twinkle-(thinks) Oh my god kunj! I never thought this day will come and that too this sudden. I can’t wait to hug you. I want to shout out aloud and confess how much i love you. Can’t wait to tell you. Just few more minutes then we will be together.
Leela-(looks at twinkle who is not responding and finds her smiling) Oye hoye puttar! Inni badi smile? Changa hai ji par tenu pata hai teri ye smile aur bhi badi ho jaegi jab tujhe koi pakka wala jeevan saathi milega. And that’s why i want you to meet Harshal. (such a big smile? Very good but this happiness will increase once you get married)
Twinkle- Harshal? Who is harshal? And why should i meet him?
Leela- Harshal kapoor. Remember he was your batch mate too. I like him alot, i want you to marry him.
Twinkle-(shocked) What? Maa i had told you, i don’t want to marry now!
Leela- But puttar atleast talk to him once–
Twinkle pulls leela and takes her aside.
Twinkle- Okay maa, if you remember i had promised you that i will find a guy for myself and you will be the first to know. So, yes atlast your daughter has found a guy for herself.
Leela- What? Who? I mean is he good? Do i know him? He loves you? Will he keep you happy?
Twinkle- (blushes)Oho maa! Shh shh shh calm down. Okay so yes you know that person. He is kunj.
Leela- What? Kunj puttar?
Twinkle- Yes maa kunj. I know him for the past three years. Infact, even you know him so well. I truly love him maa.
Leela-(happy) That’s so good. Why did you not tell me before? Kunj is a really good and caring boy. But wait does he love you too?
Twinkle- That’s why i didn’t tell you before. I wasn’t sure if he did or not but–
Leela- But what?
Twinkle- But now i am totally sure. Yes maa yes he loves me too. When you came near the stairs, that time he proposed me. It was too cute.
Leela-(grins) Oh wow! And what did you reply?
Twinkle-(upset) I couldn’t reply because you pulled me from there.
Leela-Oh shit i am such an idiot. I should have understood, the way he was holding your hand and you both alone behind the stairs. (teasing manner) Such a duffer mom i am, disturbed all the romance of her own daughter and to be son in law.
Twinkle- (blushes alot and turns red) Maa! (runs away from there)
Leela-(thinks) Babaji thank you so much, Twinkle found an excellent guy for herself. Hope they both remain happy forever. And about Harshal, kunj is much much much better guy for my twinkle than him.

Kunj is in the drinks area. He is continously drinking water. He is extremely tensed. Yuvraj comes there and finds kunj in that state.
Yuvraj- What are you doing here? And that too like this?
Kunj- (nervous)Yuvi! Oh my god. What will happen now?
Yuvraj- (confused)What? How will i tell you till the time you don’t tell me what happened?
Kunj explains yuvraj everything that happened. Yuvraj laughs real hard.
Kunj- I am all so tensed up and you are laughing. Wow dekh li dosti.
Yuvraj- (tries to control his laughter) Okay sorry yaar. (unable to control it)
Kunj- Has le! Tu bhi has le! (laugh! You also laugh)
Yuvraj- (since he knew twinkle too loves kunj) Chill bhai! Everything will be fine. I assure you. Just go and find twinkle and talk to her.
Kunj- Nooo no no no! I don’t have the guts to face her again. Shit! What she must be thinking of me? No i can’t face her anymore.
Yuvraj- Shut up! Don’t act like a loser. Twinkle surely doesn’t like losers. Be bold and talk to her come on.
Kunj- What if she says no?
Yuvraj- That you should have thought before proposing her na? Now that you did, you should also have the courage to accept the truth.
Kunj- (thinks) I think yuvraj is right. Even if she says no, i will accept it happily because my happiness lies in her happiness.
Kunj- Yes you are right. I will go talk to her.
Yuvraj- That’s like my bro.

Twinkle is searching for kunj while kunj is searching for twinkle. Sanaya stops kunj and tries to flirt with him but kunj who was in a rush to find twinkle, ignores her and continues his search. Twinkle goes upstairs towards yuvraj’s room to find kunj. Kunj too goes there for the same.

Twinkle enters yuvraj’s room.
Twinkle- Kunj! Kunj! Are you here?
Kunj enters the room and finds twinkle calling out his name. As there was no response, she turns to leave. She finds kunj standing near the door. She pulls kunj inside and the closes the door behind her.

Kunj- Oh thank god! Where were you? I have been finding you for so long! Look twinkle, i am sorry for whatever happened. I know i shouldn’t have said that. It was so sudden and i wasn’t able to control. I have loved you since a very long time. I don’t mind if you say no and reject me. I would still love you the same. Your happiness is completely my happiness. I just want you to be happy. But please don’t break the little friendship we have. If you say no or love someone else, i totally understand. I know i am not the right guy–

Kunj is interrupted as twinkle’s lips meets his. Kunj is hell shocked. It was a short kiss. Twinkle breaks the kiss and speaks.

Twinkle- How much do you speak? Will you let me speak now? Now you put a full stop and listen to what i have to say.
Kunj sarna, you are the perfect guy every girl desires for since childhood. Nobody can be more cute than you are. You care for everybody so much. How can i not adore you? You are absolutely the right guy for me and no i don’t love anybody else. You are so innocent. I mean some times you irritate me alot by calling me Siyappa queen but now i have started loving that as well. Yes, I LOVE YOU TOO. And i can’t live without you. You the best thing that happened to me. I love you alot.

Kunj is overjoyed. He is unable to control his emotions. He hugs twinkle tightly as if to never let go of her. Twinkle responds to the hug. They both wanted the moment to freeze there itself. Kunj slowly breaks the hug and looks straight into twinkle’s eyes. He holds twinkle’s waist from both the side and pull her close to him. Twinkle blushes.
Kunj- Correction twinkle taneja, not siyappa queen, MY SIYAPPA QUEEN!
He pulls her more close. Twinkle’s hand are on his chest now.
Twinkle- K ku kunj–
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Umm we should go down–
Kunj- Wait for sometime. It feels so good with having you in my arms. It feels heaven. Two more minutes please.
Twinkle smiles. Kunj pulls her more closer. He kisses twinkle on her forehead, then cheeks, followed by neck. Twinkle blushes and moves her hand to his neck. She caresses his hair. He slowly bents forward for a kiss and their lips meet. Kunj deepens the kiss as much as he could and holds twinkle firmly by her waist. Twinkle keeps caressing his hair. They both break the kiss to breath. Kunj stares at twinkle. Meanwhile, twinkle keeps her head on his chest and clutches the back of his shirt. Kunj caresses twinkle’s hair and back.
Twinkle- Kunj!
Kunj- Hmm
Twinkle- Can i ask you something?
Kunj- You don’t need my permission to ask me. You are free to do so.
Twinkle- Kunj promise me you will never leave me. I love you alot. I will die–
Kunj- Shh! Never say that again. I promise i will never leave you. I will be there for you through your ups and downs. I love you.
Twinkle breaks the hug.
Twinkle- Now let’s go down. Maa will be desperate by now to know what happened.
Kunj- What do you mean?
Twinkle- I mean maa knows about us. She wanted me to meet a guy for my marriage and that’s why she was asking me to come along with her when we both were behind the stairs. And i told her everything about us.
Kunj- Aunty knows? She likes me?
Twinkle- Like? Naahhh. She loves you but–
Kunj- but?
Twinkle- but not more than how much i do. (winks)
Kunj gives a quick peck on her lips.
Twinkle- Kunj! Now stop making out and let’s go.
Kunj- You don’t say
Twinkle- What do you mean?
Kunj- Don’t act so innocent. You were the first to kiss me.(teasing manner)I didn’t know you were so fast.
Twinkle- Haww kunj! (angrily) Now go, i won’t ever kiss you.
Kunj- Arre sorry sorry! I was just kidding. (makes cute puppy face) sorry!
Twinkle looks at his puppy face and herself gives a peck on his lips.
Twinkle- Now bas happy? Lots of kisses for the day.
Kunj- I can’t get off it. I can’t get off you. I love you twinkle. But wait oh! Even yuvi must be waiting.
Twinkle- yes so let’s go.
They hold each other’s hand and kunj opens the door to leave.
Twinkle- Oh btw, i love you too.
Both eye each other lovingly.

The Screen freezes on their entwined fingers.


Hey guys! First of all how are you all? I know it’s been alot of days since i have posted but i am extremely sorry for it. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I know not many of you all wait for my fan fiction but somewhere i try my best to entertain you all. I don’t have many supporters but i still love each and everyone of you all. I am late because my 11th has started. I have school till 1 and then till 8, i have classes. Even to watch TEI, i have to watch the repeat telecast at 11.30pm. I am so exhausted after studying the whole day that i have no time so please i hope you all understand. Keep loving me and supporting me. I will try my best to upload as soon as possible. And if you don’t like my ff or hate it, please feel free to comment. Because opinions are always welcomed. ??

Keep commenting and encouraging me!

Credit to: Joshika

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