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Kunj leaves the room and goes downstairs. He looks around to see still half the work remaining, including light works and decorations. He takes a deep breathe and murmurs to himself- Chal lag ja kunj beta. Bahut kaam karna hai. (Get ready kunj. You have to do alot of work.)

It’s evening. Kunj is working and most of the work is done. On the other side, twinkle wakes up. She finds herself in yuvraj’s room. She thinks- Oh shit! I slept. I should go and help kunj. (hits her head) How idiot i am, i slept and pushed all the burden on him. (looks at the time) It is already 6pm.
She tries to get up but fails.She takes the help of the side-table and gets up with great difficulty. As she gets up, a moan escapes from her mouth. Even though the swelling was now comparatively very less, She winces in pain but still finds her way out of the room. She with the help of nearby things reaches near the stairs.
Kunj had almost completed everything. The house was looking really pretty, classy and elegant As twinkle reaches the first step of the staircase, she fumbles a bit but Kunj’s eyes fell on her. He rushed towards her and held her, one arm around her waist and the other holding her hand.
Kunj-(angrily) Twinkle! I told you not to come down but no, you toh have decided to not obey a single thing i say.
Twinkle- But kunj, i just wanted to see if the work is done or not. We have to leave for home as well na–
Yuvraj, chinki and Anita enter from behind.
Kunj- Hmm i know but you could have called me. If you would have slipped then what would have happened to me. Have you ever thought of that?
Twinkle eyes him lovingly while yuvraj speaks.
Yuvraj- (mocking)Haan kunj continue, what would have happened to you?
Anita and chinki-(grinning)Yes yes say na kunj
Kunj-(realizes what he said) I m me mea meant that tomorrow is yours and chinki’s engagement. If she would have fallen then i would have to move her wheelchair everywhere tomorrow and work so much.
Anita-(teasing manner)But leela is also coming, so she would have taken care of her. Why are you so tensed kunj?
Twinkle and Kunj are too embarrassed.
Kunj-( stammers) I can’t let aunty work so much that’s why. (speaks in one breathe) Acha ok bye we will leave. We have to go home.
Kunj holds twinkle and rushes towards door.
Anita- Arre kunj twinkle wait!
Anita, yuvraj and chinki go towards twinj.
Anita- All jokes aside, kunj and twinkle thank you so much! Thanks for handling everything. I can’t even express how grateful i am to you guys. You both helped me as if you both are my own kids.
Yuvraj and chinki nod in agreement.
Twinkle- No aunty! Not all all. You are elder to us. And just now you called us your kid, so how can a mother thank her own kid?
Kunj- Exactly aunty! You are like our mother and yuvraj and chinki our sibling. It was our duty and responsibility to help.
Twinkle- And plus i don’t deserve any credit, all the work is done by this duffer kunj. (hitting his head) I never knew he could do so much work alone.
All laugh while kunj gives an annoyed look.
Anita once again thanks them and invites them for the engagement. Twinkle and kunj then leave for home. Kunj slowly brings twinkle to the car and makes her sit. He goes to the driver seat and starts the car. They leave.
On the way back,
Twinkle- Kunj!
Twinkle- Thank you!
Kunj- For what now?
Twinkle- For doing the work properly, even on my behalf.
Kunj- Oh wow! Miracle! Twinkle taneja the great is thanking me.
Twinkle- Kunj! Haww why are you saying like this. I am seriously thankful to you.
Kunj- Acha so who was saying that In yuvraj’s house, (imitating twinkle)Oh all the work is done by this DUFFER kunj! I never knew he could do it.
Twinkle- You felt bad about it? I am sorry.
Kunj- It’s okay.
Twinkle – But kunj you have to accept that you are duffer.
Kunj- Me and duffer? You mean seriously me? Kunj sarna is a duffer?
Twinkle- Yes you Kunj sarna is duffer.
Kunj- Then you you you Siyappa queen.
Twinkle- When did i do siyappa? Haww how mean!
Kunj- What siyappa? Badi bholi bann rahi hai, look at your leg. Siyappa of the day.
Twinkle- And you are Sadu, duffer sarna.
Both look at each other with narrow eyes and turn their faces. Kunj faces in front while twinkle looks out of the window.

Kunj-(thinks) Huh calls me duffer. First of all i did so much work, took care of her and still she calls me duffer. But anyway all this aside, i hope she is fine and not too injured. I can’t see her in pain. Totally siyappa queen but MY SIYAPPA QUEEN.

Twinkle-(thinks) Haww Calls me Siyappa queen! I didn’t purposely sprain my leg na the too. Anyway, he is too sweet. He took so much care of me. Duffer and sadu sarna but MY CUTEST SARNA.

Kunj drops Twinkle to home. He asks twinkle to rest so that she could walk properly the next day at engagement. Leela takes Twinkle to room. Kunj goes to home and since he was too tired, sleeps on the bed thinking about twinkle.

Next day,
Everybody was rushing here and there in luthra mansion. Anita is shouting at people to take care of food and drinks. Yuvraj enters not yet dressed for his engagement.
Yuvraj- Uff maa, why are you shouting? Just relax, they will handle it properly.
Anita-(facing towards the food counter) What they will handle? The guest will come in sometime and nothing is proper. I so hope kunj and twinkle come early today. I only trust those two lovely kids. (looks at yuvraj) Oh my god yuvi! You are not yet ready? Fast go get ready. Chinki and her parents will come anytime. Come on baby get ready go go go.
Yuvraj- Mom relax i will change. I am going, you also get ready.

Twinkle is in her room. Her sprain is completely gone and she can walk properly. She comes out of bathroom in a robe and goes towards the cupboard. She takes out the lehenga which she had shopped with chinki the other day. It was an orange and dark pink colour lehenga. She wears it and matches it will diamond earrings and necklace. She wears silver heels along with it and was looking absolutely stunning and breathtaking. She curls her hair and leaves it open. She rushes downstairs where leela was waiting for her.
Leela- Oh puttar! You are looking so pretty. I hope you find a nice guy there. (winks)
Twinkle- Maa–
Leela- Okay sorry sorry. Just kidding. Let’s leave.
They leave for luthra mansion.

On the other side,
Kunj is wearing red and black colour simple sherwani. He is looking hot and handsome. All family members compliment kunj for his looks as they leave for luthra mansion.

Sarna’s and taneja’s reach luthra mansion where anita is all ready but still tensed. Twinkle searches for kunj. Manohar, leela, usha, bebe and anita talk while twinkle greets the elders and goes towards the food counter to check the arrangements for anita’s sake. Kunj was parking the car and hence enters a bit late. His eyes were searching for twinkle as he meets anita and leela. However, anita sends him yo yuvraj’s room to see whether he is ready or not.

Chinki and her family enters and Anita excuses herself to greet them. The singh’s(chinki’s family) enter and make themselves comfortable. Chinki was looking really pretty in her blue shade lehenga. She was made to sit on one of the singhasan on stage. Twinkle stands beside her. She spots Sanaya present there too but ignores.

Anita calls out for yuvraj. Yuvraj wearing a blue and white colour sherwani comes downstair accompanied by kunj. Twinkle’s and Kunj’s eyes meet and both were reluctant to break the stare. Kunj was mesmerized by Twinkle’s beauty while twinkle was fascinated by Kunj’s simple yet sobber look. Kunj makes yuvraj sit on the singhasan beside chinki’s and stands beside him. Twinkle and kunj gaze at each other.
Anita comes on stage to announce the commencement of the ring ceremony. Twinkle passes the ring to chinki and kunj passes the ring to yuvraj. Both yuvraj and chinki exchange their rings and have a broad smile on their face. They take the blessings of their elders.

Anita- Okay so now that the ring ceremony is over, it’s time for dance. And those of you who are hungry, the food counter is open. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy as these lovely kids perform a special romantic couple dance. Woohoo!
Everybody claps.
Kunj was moving towards twinkle to pair up with her but Sanaya comes in between and pairs herself with kunj. Twinkle fumes in jealously and anger. Some other random person dances with twinkle. Both the couples dance on a romantic number. Twinkle dances looking at kunj and sanaya and is full of anger. Kunj looks at twinkle’s upset face and realizes her hatred for Sanaya and how jealous she if feeling seeing them together.
The couples switch their partners and now twinkle and kunj dance together. Twinkle was really upset and was not looking at kunj.
Kunj-(while dancing) Twinkle’
Kunj-(cutely) You are looking really very beautiful.
Twinkle-Huh! Liar, go and tell this to your Sanaya, your darling not me.
Kunj- But–
Twinkle leaves Kunj and goes towards yuvraj and chinki. She brings them on stage and others leave the stage as they dance. Everybody claps for their dance.

Twinkle is angry, jealous and upset all together. She is sitting behind the staircase and eating ice cream. Kunj searches for her and finds her there.
Kunj-Twinkle what are you doing here? I was searching for you everywhere.
Twinkle- Why were you searching for me? Go and find your dear Sanaya na. Go– (stuffs spoonful of ice-cream inside her mouth)
Kunj sits down beside her and tastes the ice cream from twinkle’s bowl.
Twinkle- Why don’t you go? Your darling Sanaya will make you have ice cream too.
Kunj- My darling will surely make me eat ice cream but that darling is not Sanaya.
Twinkle- (surprised) Then who is it?
Kunj- MY darling is You. (plants a kiss on twinkle’s cheeks)

Twinkle is astonished. The screen freezes.

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