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Kunj was extremely elated. He starts the car and drives back home. He had a very broad smile on his face.

Twinkle was going upstairs but was stopped by Leela.
Leela- Oh twinkle! You came back? Come let’s have dinner.
Twinkle- No need Maa. I had a lot of food in the mall. I can’t have more. You go and eat it.
Leela- Atleast have little bit.
Twinkle- Maa if i have little bit also na then my stomach will blast. You go and have food properly. I will go to my room.
Leela- Okay puttar!
Twinkle runs upstairs. She closes the Door behind her. She opens a picture of kunj on her phone and starts talking to it.
Twinkle- Oh god Kunj! I don’t know how that happened. It was so sudden. But it was the best thing that happened today. I can’t wait for the day when i will confess my love to you.
She kisses the picture and keeps the phone near her heart.

On the other side, Kunj reaches home and goes inside.
Usha- Kunj you are here. Come let’s have food.
Kunj was lost in his own thoughts. He was smiling continously. Usha and bebe sees this.
Usha- Kunj! Kunj–
There was no response from kunj. Usha shakes him.
Kunj- H ha haan maa were you saying something?
Usha- (sarcastically)No. Bebe did i say something?
Bebe- No usharani.(teasing manner) Kunj she just asked you to join us for dinner but it’s okay. I think usha, his stomach is already full. Can you not see the smile on his face?
Kunj was embarrassed. Usha and bebe laugh.
Kunj- Bebe what are you saying? I am not getting it–
Bebe- Stop haan! I know very well the reason for this smile. Who is the girl?
Usha- Yes kunj, who is she?
Kunj runs towards his room embarrassed while usha and bebe laugh hard.
Bebe- Usha i just hope kunj keeps smiling like this only.
Usha- I hope whoever the girl is, she always keeps him happy.
They both Leave.
Kunj is in his room thinking about twinkle.
Kunj- I just want to tell you Twinkle how much i love you. I desperately need you. You are my strength and you are my weakness. As soon as yuvraj’s and chinki’s wedding gets over, i will try to express my love to you. Oh god even five days is such a long time. (thinks) Should i message her? After the kiss, she just left. But wait, what will i text her? Will it not be awkward for her?

Kunj was too confused but he texts her anway.
Message: Kunj: Hey!
Twinkle was too happy to recieve a text from him. She too was waiting for it.
Message: Twinkle: Hi!
As soon as Kunj got a reply, he was too delighted and excited. He wanted to continue the chat but as he had no other topic to talk about, he started talking about yuvraj’s wedding.
Message: Kunj: So yuvraj’s wedding is in five days and all other ceremonies in between, i guess we should help him.
Message: Twinkle: Hmm. I agree. How will they handle it alone? Yes we should help them. But we don’t have time. Office only gets over by 5pm and day after tomorrow is there engagement.
Message: Kunj: Yes true but why don’t we take leave for 5days from office.
Message: Twinkle: But i don’t think Sanaya will give me leave after everything that happened today.
Twinkle is upset again thinking about what happened and how Sanaya scolded her. She is interrupted as she gets Kunj’s call. She picks it up.
Twinkle- Hello kunj. Why did you call? We were anyway chatting.
Kunj- Because as soon as i got that message, i knew you will be upset. Twinkle you promised me that you won’t feel bad about it. You promised me you will keep smiling right?
Twinkle- Kunj how do you know?(thinks- he knows me so well) Okay i won’t. But you also remember your promise. You won’t blame yourself.
Kunj – Ya ya i remember. Now give a Twinkle Taneja smile fast fast fast.
Twinkle starts laughing and kunj feels really happy.
Kunj- Now sleep, i will take the leave permission from Sanaya for both of us till marriage and tomorrow we will go and help out yuvraj and chinki in all the arrangements. Good night.
Twinkle- Good night.
They cut the call and twinkle goes to sleep with a smile on her face. Kunj calls Sanaya, takes leave permission for both of them with great difficulty and he too Goes to sleep.

Next morning,
Twinkle and kunj comes down ready in their respective houses for breakfast.
Sarna mansion:
Kunj and all other members are having breakfast when suddenly yuvraj comes there.
Yuvraj- Namaste uncle, aunty and bebe.(takes blessings from all three)
Kunj- Oh yuvi you here?
Yuvraj- Actually i came here to invite all of you all. (handing over the invitation to bebe)This is the invitation for all the ceremonies and wedding. I am sorry i didn’t give this to you all earlier but i didn’t have time. Please do come.
Bebe- Ji puttar. We will definitely come. You are like my son.
Usha and Manohar- Exactly, no need to say sorry.
Kunj- You only told me yesterday thay we are a part of your family and today you came to give invitation. Wow! Anyway, join us for breakfast.
Yuvraj-(laughs a bit) Haha yeah. No no too much work is remaining. I will take a leave.
Kunj- I will help you. Wait even i am coming.
Yuvraj- But office?
Kunj- I have taken leave so that i can help you. Even twinkle will join us.Come let’s go.
They leave.
Taneja mansion:
Chinki comes there with invitation. She tells the same thing to leela. They have conversation for few minutes then twinkle and chinki too leave for luthra mansion.

The engagement was to take place in luthra mansion. Everybody were running here and there. Anita is shown who is really tensed.
Anita-Arre why is nothing started yet? I want everything to be perfect. The engagement is tomorrow and you all lazy people have not done anything properly. This my one and only son’s wedding. I want this to be grand.
Yuvraj, kunj and chinki, twinkle enter at the same time. Twinkle and kunj share an eye lock. They remember how twinkle kissed kunj on cheeks yesterday. Twinkle blushes while kunj looks at her and keeps smiling. They hear Anita.
Twinkle- Aunty why are you taking so much tension? When we are here, there is nothing to fear. You go and rest. And you two, chinki and yuvi, too go and take rest. We, i mean me and kunj will handle everything.
Kunj- Yes aunty she is right. You all go and rest. We will do all the arrangements properly. And plus the dulha’s and dulhan’s face should glow tomorrow. (bride’s and groom’s face should glow tomorrow)
Yuvraj and chinki protest but are forced to go. Anita too thanks twinj and leaves.
Twinkle- (looks around)Oh my god so much work is left. Twinkle taneja, josh me toh bol dia aunty sab hum kar lenge par ab hosh me aa, kaise hoga itna saara? (You told anita aunty that you will handle everything but now how will you do it?)
Kunj- (hits twinkle’s nose with one finger) Ye choti si Naak pe leke ghoomti hai tu tension.Don’t worry. We will work together and everything will be completed i promise. (You carry all your tension on this small nose of yours)
Twinkle- Kunj stop all this. Let’s start.
They both start with the work. Twinkle helps the workers with decorations and kunj helps in the arrangements of table, chairs and other things.
Kunj was in between sneaking a look at Twinkle who was busy doing her work with so much determination.

Twinkle was running all around the luthra mansion to decorate it. She while going towards the basket of flowers, twisted her leg.
Twinkle-(shouts) Aaaa!
Kunj turns to find twinkle on floor holding her leg. He runs towards her.
Kunj- What happened twinkle?
Twinkle holds her leg with one hand while the fingers of the other hand unintentionally entwines with Kunj’s hand.
Twinkle- Kunj it is hurting alot! (she has tears in her eyes)
Anita followed by yuvraj and chinki come downstairs listening to the chaos. They see twinkle in that state.
Anita- How did this happen twinkle beta?
Worker- Twinkle madam was coming to take the flower basket but her leg twisted.
Yuvraj- Oh god! Twinkle who asked you to do so much work? Now see.
Chinki- Wait yuvi! Kunj take her to yuvi’s room fast.
Anita- Yes take her fast.
Yuvraj- I will get the spray ointment.

Kunj picks twinkle up, their fingers were still entwined. They go to yuvraj’s room. Kunj keeps twinkle on bed. Their faces were really close, so close that they could smell each other’s breathe. As kunj pulled back to attend twinkle’s leg, they both saw their fingers entwined. They slowly seperate. Kunj sits at the end of the bed and keeps twinkle’s leg on him. He looks at the swelling with teary eyes but doesn’t utter a single word. Yuvraj gets the spray. Kunj applies it on twinkle’s leg. Everybody except kunj asks twinkle to rest and take care as they leave the room. Kunj and twinkle were alone in the room. Kunj keeps twinkle’s leg gently on the bed and gets up to leave but is stopped by twinkle.
Twinkle- Kunj–
Kunj- Hmm
Twinkle- Won’t you say anything to me?
Kunj doesn’t respond.
Twinkle- Kunj why are you quiet?
Kunj- (turns towards twinkle, teary eyes, raising his voice after each line) What was the need to run around? What was the need to rush towards the basket? Workers were there to work right? Then why were you doing the work? Trying to act smart hah?
Twinkle- (has tears in her eyes too) Kunj what are you saying? I was just doing the work–
Kunj-(calms himself,goes towards twinkle and cups her face) Can you not take care of yourself? Don’t you know i can’t see you in even such a small pain? Twinkle dare you do anymore work get that straight into your head. I will handle everything.
Twinkle- But–
Kunj- And if you try to say anything more, i won’t talk to you. Just keep quiet and rest.

Kunj kisses twinkle on her forehead. He holds twinkle’s hand, looks at her straight into her eyes, nods and leaves the room. Twinkle looks at him as he leaves.

The screen freezes.

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