TEI- A fanfiction (Episode-1)


Hi all! Thank you so much for you lovely comments and encouragement. I hope you all like the first epsiode. Aakanksha, i am sorry i was replying to everybody from the last comment but i was busy i had to go. Later i had but it didn’t get posted i guess. I am sorry.

Episode 1-

A voice is heard-‘Maa! I am getting late. I love you bye.’ Leela’s face is shown saying ‘Arre puttar, Atleast have your food and then go.’ But the girl without listening to her runs out of the house.
Leela – Yeh ladki bhi na.
The girl is shown coming out of the house. First her beige colour heels, then her skinny black jeans, then her white formal shit and then finally her face. She is Twinkle Taneja, modern yet so pure girl, who is going towards her car when she suddenly realizes that she forgot the car keys.
Twinkle- Oho babaji! You know I am already late.
Twinkle- Maa! Maa, please car key le aao. Fast Maa!
Leela- (coming towards twinkle along with keys) ye le puttar. Take your keys.
Twinkle- (opening the car door) Maa babaji bhi na! He knows I am getting late still—
Leela- You forgot the car keys and now blaming babaji. Ye bhadiya hai. Pehle khud bhul jao phir babaji par saara blame daal do.
Twinkle- Okay leave it. Bye.
Twinkle plants a kiss on Leela’s cheeks, starts the car and leaves. Twinkle was on her way to office when suddenly her car loses its balance. She stops the car, comes out and sees that the tyre got punctured.

Twinkle- Oh babaji! What do you want? What have I done that you are taking revenge? I am so so so late and dead. Today such a big client is coming.
At that time, a car was coming her way which stopped infront of her and Kunj ,a dashing, hot looking guy comes out.
Kunj- Twinkle what are you doing here? You know right we have to reach office in next 15 minutes anyhow or else Sanaya(Their boss) will fire both of us. And still you are doing time pass here?
Twinkle- You think I am doing time pass here? Can’t you see the punctured tyre? And I don’t know about you but Sanaya will surely fire me. (very softly) Waise bhi tum uske favourite ho.
Kunj- (Even if he heard it) What did you say, that last line?
Twinkle- Nothing. I am waiting for a cab so that I can reach office. Please stop wasting time.
Kunj-(looks at the punctured tyre) Come we will go together.
Twinkle- (Very happily) With you? (composing herself) I mean you sure?
Kunj nods, both sit in the car and leaves.

I was so happy when twinkle agreed to come along with me. She looks so beautiful today. Not only today, but everyday she is the best. I can’t take my eyes off her. When she said that I am Sanaya’s favourite, I could feel a bit of jealously. Jealous to see me with someone else or maybe I am just imagining things. But one thing which I know for sure is that I love her a lot. Even if she doesn’t I will always stay by her side and be with her in her ups and downs .

I was so happy when Kunj asked me to come along with him. He is just so cute and innocent. I could see how much he cares for me. So much care that he can’t leave me alone in the middle of the road to wait for a cab. Or maybe I am over thinking. I Love him so much. I will always support him no matter if the love is one sided or not.
Twinkle and Kunj reach their office. There was a board which stated: A.I.D- Apex Interior Designers. This was the place where they worked. Yes, they both were interior designers in a high name brand company.
They both enter the office together and seeing them together, their friends smirked at them. They both had a big smile but still headed towards their respective cabin which was next to each other. However, Kunj was stopped by Sanaya, hot, smart girl and their boss.
Sanaya- Kunj, come to my cabin now. I need to discuss few things about today’s meeting with the client.
Twinkle doesn’t like Sanaya and her being more close to Kunj. When sanaya calls only Kunj, she fumes.
Kunj- Only me, not Twinkle? I mean even she Is a part of it right?
Sanaya- (looking at twinkle) Oh you are here? I thought you are late as usual. Anyway, even you come.
Sanaya leaves. Kunj looks at Twinkle’s Upset face and thinks-‘Twinkle please don’t be upset. You Don’t look good like this and i can’t see you like this as well.’

The screen freezes.

Thank you so much for the support. I hope you all like it. If yes, please do comment.

Credit to: Joshika

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  13. I love TEI so much, I started reading some TEI ff but I started reading yours first because it’s only one episode and I love it so much. I can’t wait till the next episode. By the way I am writing a ff, if you would comment and give me some ideas http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=destiny+vs+love+%28Thapki+pyaar+ki%29 it’s called Destiny vs love. But still your story is amazing!!!

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