Hey guys, this is d last episode of my ff. I hv many things to say, but after d episode. So, let’s take a look at d summary of d ff.

Sarna house is shown n Twinj n Yuhi r sitting n watching a marriage DVD. While watching d DVD, they remember how they fell in love n got married. Flashback starts. Chinki-raghav n cherry-tara r getting married n twihi hv come to attend d wedding. Twinkle as Chinki’s frnd n Mahi as Tara’s frnd. As cherry is Yunj’s brother, so they r also there. Yunj see twihi 4 d first time n r flat. At first twihi think of yunj as flirts, but later they bcm frnds. One day, Uv calls Mahi n tells her dat he’s going to meet a girl 4 his n dat girl’s marriage alliance, at a park. Mahi is shocked n she starts crying. Twinkle says dat, she shud go there to stop Uv n confess her feelings for him.

Mahi goes there n confesses her feelings n then, she comes to know dat d lady sitting wid Uv was actually Anita, his mom. Yuhi’s engagement is fixed n Twinj come close during their engagement. Yuhi’s marriage is after some days n they r not allowed to meet each other, so Twinj help them meet, but without breaking d ritual. In this process, Twinj begin to realise their feelings. On Yuhi’s sangeet night, Twinj hv their “almost love confession” (remember). Next day is Yuhi’s marriage. Everything happens vry beautifully n peacefully. Mahi goes to her in-laws house leaving d Taneja family in tears. Mahi n Yuvi’s post wedding rituals r conducted n all hv a great time. Twinkle misses Mahi. She gets Kunj’s call n Kunj asks her 2 come outside her house, in 5 mins. Twinkle goes out n Kunj asks her 2 sit in his car n he takes her 2 a nearby garden n proposes her. Next day, Mahi comes home for her pag-phera n she comes to know abt Kunj n Twinkle being in love. She tells Twinkle, dat she’ll talk to Leela n Rt. Mahi talks to Leela n Rt n they agree. Tanejas go to Sarna house as it’s Mahi’s muh-dikhayi. After d function, they tell Sarnas about they thinking of Kunj n Twinkle’s alliance. But, there is a misunderstanding, as Kunj had told Bebe in d morning dat he doesn’t want to marry any girl. He said dis to escape from Bebe n Usha, who were adamant on finding a girl for Kunj. N hearing dis, our siyappa queen Twinkle started her drama. After a lot of melodrama, the confusion was cleared. Kunj n his family agreed for their marriage, but Twinkle said no. Wanna know y?? Read further..

Episode 15
K: wat happened Twinkle?? Y r u not ready for marriage??
M: Twinkle, hv u lost your mind..
L: Twinkle puttar, it’s not the time to joke.
T: I’m not joking maa.
Rt: then wat is dis Twinkle??
T: y is everyone shouting at me?? He didn’t even propose me for marriage. How will I say yes until he proposes me!!😔😔 All r only shouting at me.
All hit their head wid their hand. Kunj comes to Twinkle n sits on his knees in front of her.
K: miss Twinkle Taneja, would u like to spend rest of your life wid me. Would u like to become Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna??
T: yes..I would love to.
Yuvi comes to Kunj n whispers in his ears
Y: where’s d ring Kunj??
K: oh no..bhai, I don’t hv d ring. Wat do I do now??
Mahi comes n asks them wat happened. Yuvi tells her everything. She thinks something n then she looks at Kunj’s hand n says idea. Mahi whispers something in Kunj’s ears.
K: wow bhabhi, u’re d besttttt.
Mahi n Yuvi smile. Kunj takes out one of his rings n slides it in Twinkle’s finger. Twinkle smiles brightly. Twinj take blessings of their elders n after 1 month, they get married. A big fat Indian wedding.
Flashback ends. (Remember guys, from episode 1 the story is going as a flashback. Finally, today d flashback has ended.)

Twinj n Yuhi r sitting on d sofa. Two kids come.
Kids: mom, dad.. emergency!!
Twinj n Yuhi: now why they fought??
Kunal: dadi does not need any reason to fight. She always gets started wid her Anita Sarna dialogue n then she’s jst unstoppable.
Y: (speaks slowly so dat only Twinj n Mahi can hear) my son knows my mom very well.
Twinj giggle n Mahi, controlling her giggle, asks him to shut up.
Pooja: dadu is also no less. Y does he always need to give some answer to badi dadi.
Kunal: everyone has d right to say, u can’t stop chhote dadu from speaking.
Pooja: so wat, Anita Sarna..Pooh’s badi dadi..y won’t she hv attitude. Duffer.
Kunal: no no, it’s all dadi’s fault.
Pooja: no, it’s dadu’s fault.

They start quarreling. Their quarrel becomes louder.
M: shut up both of u. Is dis a time to fight. First your Dada dadi n now u both. Y do u all hv a habit to fight late night!! Go to your rooms n sleep. Otherwise in d morning, u’re two minutes extra sleep will not end.

Kunal n pooja go to their rooms.
T: di, look at our children. They’re supporting each other’s grandparent instead of their own.
M: it’s bcz we elders always stay together n we too support each other.
T: dats true.
M: dis is d power if joint family. We’re lucky to hv a joint family.
T: hmm.
Twinj n Yuhi hv a group hug.
…………………………………………..THE END ………………………………………………………….

So here ends my first ever attempt in writing ffs. It was really vry spcl for me. It was my first ff. I started it wid lots of excitement n craze for Twinj. It would not hv been possible without u all..my TU friends. A spcl mention for Aakanksha Singh, who helped me in posting my ff. I’ll always remember her. N u all also, I’ll not mention names, coz if I miss anyone, he/she will feel bad n I don’t want dat. So, bye to TEI page of TU. Now, I’m a regular visitor n an author on d krpkab page of TU. Bye bye..😘😘


  1. Shakti

    Beautiful story it was…

    I’ll miss it…

    As I read almost each & every story & love the stories…. so ending of any story is a bit sad for me.

  2. Romaisha

    |Registered Member

    Heyy yaar! I was really a very big fan of your story so its super shocking you ended it so quickly but still u filled these 15 episodes with lots of thrills and romance, etc…
    I will miss you badly
    Thanks for sharing the story with us:)
    Bye di
    Love you! ❤❤

  3. Kruti

    |Registered Member

    Thank u aarti for such a lovely Twinj ki love story…….I throughly enjoyed reading each nd every bit of it…..the whole was an amazing one
    Once again thank u

  4. Meeta

    |Registered Member

    you ended so soon.
    abhi toh century complete karni thi
    koi naa
    well i love this FF. no villian. A happy one types.
    do come up with season 2

    • Aaru


      Thanx Meeta..century, not my cup of tea. No villain concept was a most wanted wish of mine, so I fulfilled it myself😃😉..season 2, not on cards..

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