TEI family ff episode 14


Hello guys, finally I’m back wid another episode of TEI family ff. I’m sorry, I made u all wait for so many days. Plzz forgive me if possible. Ok, do without wasting much time, let’s begin wid d episode.
RECAP: Mahi talks to Leela n Rt abt Twinkle n Kunj’s relationship. Leela n Rt agree. They decide to talk to Sarna family, abt Twinj, in d evening.

Episode 14

Sarna house
The house is beautifully decorated as it’s Mahi’s muh-dikhayi. Sarna family is greeting all d guests. Kunj is waiting for d Tanejas. Actually he’s waiting only for Twinkle. The Tanejas arrive. Kunj is lost in Twinkle’s beauty. Twinkle is wearing a pink lehenga n cream long kurti.
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Twinkle n Mahi notice dis. Twinkle blushes n Mahi smiles seeing her blush. Mahi touches elders’ feet n goes Uv. She tells Uv abt all d matter of Twinj. Uv was abt to go to Kunj, but Mahi tells him not to do so. She tells something in his ears n then both show thumbs up to each other. Mahi’s muh-dikhayi ritual starts. All d ladies praise Mahi n give her gifts. Seeing everyone busy in d ritual, Kunj goes near Twinkle.
K: hey, Twinkle.. I wanted to talk to u.
T: I also want to tell something.
K: ok, but first listen to me.
T: no, first u listen to me.
K: Twinkle, it’s important.
T: but, mine is urgent.
K: arey, but..
T: Kunj, ladies first na..so let me say first.
K: ok, say.
T: wo..
Jst then Leela calls Twinkle.
L: Twinkle, come here puttar.
T: yes maa, coming. I’ll talk to you later Kunj.
T: wat happened ma??
L: talk to Kunj later, first help Mahi in keeping these gifts. Mahi will handover d gifts to u n u keep them on dis side table.
T: ok maa.

After sometime, d ritual is completed n d guests leave. Mahi signals Leela n Rt to talk to Sarna family elders. Leela goes near Bebe.
L: Bebe, I wanted to talk to u.
B: yes Leela ji, plzz say.
L: actually, I wanted to talk to all of u. Can we sit n talk?
U: yes, ofcourse Leela ji.
They all sit on d sofa.
L: wat hv u all thought abt Kunj’s marriage. Have u found some girl for him.
U: no, we have not found any girl yet.
L: oh, in dat case, I can suggest u a life partner for Kunj.
A: but Leela ji, Kunj does not want to marry any girl.
Twinkle is shocked n so r Mahi, Leela n Rt. Twinkle looks at Kunj.
K: no no. It’s not like dat..
A: arey, wat not like dat. Today morning only u told na dat u don’t want to marry anyone.

Twinkle feels betrayed n could not control herself. She goes to Kunj.
T: how could u do this to me, Kunj!! I trusted u so much n u broke my trust.
K: Twinkle, listen to me..
T: no. Now u listen to me. U don’t want to marry anyone ha.. Then why did u make so big big promises.
She gets teary eyed. All others were not understanding.
M: wat r u doing Twinkle, stop it.
T: no di, he did so many promises. I love u..I’ll always be with u..I’ll spend my entire life with u..I’ll marry u..now wat happened haa!!
B: wat r u saying Twinkle!!
U: wat us dis Kunj!! U love Twinkle??
A: Kunj, u hid dis from us!!
K: arey, plzz do dis KBC later..Twinkle, listen to me..
T: no, I won’t..dat day, I listened to u, n made a mistake..u told dat u’ll marry me n now, u don’t to marry anyone. Y did u do dis to me?? Tell me..
Twinkle sits on d sofa n cries covering her face.
B: Kunj, wat Twinkle is telling..u love her!!
K: yes Bebe. I love Twinkle.
A: from when is your love story going on Kunj??
K: from bhai n bhabhi’s wedding day. Dat day I told Twinkle abt my feelings.
U: y did u hide dis from us Kunj??

Before Kunj could say anything, Twinkle speaks up..
T: coz he didn’t want to marry me. The thought dat u all will ask him to marry me, so he thought better not tell u all. Right Kunj..
Kunj hits his head wid his hand.
K: arey, siyappa queen, will u listen to me??
T: no, now wat will u explain ha..I know, u jst don’t want to make commitment n..
Kunj finally keeps his hand on her mouth n does not let her speak.
K: now listen to me. Today, in d morning, maa, taiji n Bebe were giving me options of girls for marriage. I cud not find excuses to reject those, so I said dat I don’t want to marry any girl..but it was all jst to escape those proposals. Do u still don’t believe me??
Twinkle does not say anything.
K: say something..
Uv comes to Kunj.
Uv: first remove your hand, then only she’ll be able to speak na..
K: oh ya..sorry

Kunj removes his hand.
T: u couldn’t tell all dis earlier..stupid, I was shouting like mad n u didn’t tell dis..
K: I told u almost 10 times, listen to me Twinkle, listen to me..but no..u being siyappa queen, had to create a siyappa..
T: oh ya, sorry..
All laugh at Twinkle’s childishness.
K: Twinkle, I love you n I want to marry u..only u..
T: I’m sorry Kunj, I didn’t trust u. I’m really very sorry. Plzz forgive me.
K: it’s ok, plzz dont say sorry.
B: so now r u ready for marriage??
K: yes Bebe..we r ready for marriage..
T: no Bebe..I’m not ready for marriage..
K: wat!!

PRECAP: y did Twinkle say no..last episode..

Guys, I hope d episode was funny n u all enjoyed it. Plzz tell your reviews through comments. N get ready for d last episode. I’ll try not to make u all wait much..bye??

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  1. Ria

    Hey Aaru,
    It’s really sad to know that you’re ending this ff. Hope you come back soon with another ff. Anyways, the episode was awesome as usual. I loved it. Do post soon.

    1. Aaru

      Thank u so much Ria..N I’ll try to post asap..

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi….loved it…

    1. Aaru

      Thanx puru..

  3. Nice episode☺☺ really enjoyed it to the core??

    1. Aaru

      Thank u Shefali..

  4. Shatakshi

    It was Amazing Aru

    1. Aaru

      Aww..u’re dp is so cute..anyways thank u..

  5. Jiya_Ani

    Aaru di..not so soon yaar….chalo koi no be back soon…

    Love you ??

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Lovely..love u too..is dis Disha Patani in your dp??

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Yup..she is

  6. dreamer...arundhati

    Aaru superb epi..luved it

    1. Aaru

      Thank u so much dear..

  7. Meeta

    Last epi kyo?
    Inna achha u write.
    Don’t end Na.

    1. Aaru

      Sorry Babu..but I’ll hv to end it..Thanx for appreciating my post..

  8. Ranabulbul

    Superb loved it

    Post soon
    And came with new ff also

    1. Aaru

      Thank u bulbul..u hv awesome hair??

  9. Roshini125

    Sry fr nt cmnting it’s nice wait fr next

    1. Aaru

      It’s ok Roshini..N thanx for commenting..

  10. Kruti

    Amazing epi aaru…..sad that ur ending it…but eagerly waiting for d nxt one

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Kruti..N I’ll try to end your wait soon..

  11. Baby

    di dont end naaa plssss
    well di d episode srsly she is r gr8 siyappa queen hhahahahehhehe
    meri toh hassi ruk hi nhi rhi thi she was jst speaking n speaking n
    d dialouge d promises kunj made wen twinkle was saying it was imagining it oh goodness it was looking so hell funny di thnks so mch fr making me laugh n d episode really amazign wowow beautiful luvd it di c u soon wid ur last bt nt d last episode of dis ff
    luv u di u r amazing fabulous adorably ryts smthing………………….excited very mch excited fr d precap………………..

    1. Aaru

      Oh my God!! Itni tareef..thank u so much Baby..u’re a darling!!?? When u ppl say dat u had a good laugh reading my episode, I feel great satisfaction..

  12. Aaru

    Oh my God!! Itni tareef..thank u so much Baby..u’re a darling!! When u ppl say dat u had a good laugh reading my episode, I feel great satisfaction..

  13. Awesome aaru……:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Sanu..??

  14. SidMin

    Loved it and please don’t end your ff Please try to continue πŸ™‚
    Loved the way Twinkle without listening to Kunj started shouting and crying Loved it πŸ™‚
    Post soon πŸ™‚

    1. Aaru

      Thank u so much SidMin, but sorry I’ll hv to end it..??

  15. aaru…it was really funny…
    tw is always bg wid her siyappas…
    n bechara kunj gas 2listen…loved it…n i thnk tw is doing another siyappa saying no..post nxt asap

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for commenting..N maybe it’s a new siyappa, exclusively by our siyappa queen Twinkle??

  16. Romaisha

    Heyyyaar… Don’t end .. Im enjoying ur ff!
    And yah seeing twinkle talk without kunj speak was funny ??
    Too good..
    Post soon..love u ❀

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Romaisha..N Twinkle is like dat only..she’ll talk n talk n talk..but not listen to anyone..

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