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Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry to d power of infinity. I’m really sorry for not posting d episode for almost a month. But u all will not hv to wait, after some days. As Tashan-e-ishq is ending in September, my ff will also end after completing it’s 15 episodes. Sorry everyone, but I’ve already lost interest in TEI after Sid’s exit, n after d show ends, I won’t b able to get ideas, so I won’t be able to write. But, I promise u all dat till my ff continues, I will try my best to entertain u all. So let’s hv a recap of d previous episode, coz most of u must hv forgot d previous episodes story, even I forgot!!
RECAP: Mahi comes to know abt Twinkle n Kunj being in love. She decides to talk to d elders. Twinkle is super tensed.

Episode 13
Sarna house
Bebe, Usha n Anita r sitting in d hall n planning 4 Mahi’s muh-dikhayi. Kunj was passing through them.
K: hey, Bebe darling!! Wats up!!
B: oye khoteyo!! When will u grow up.
K: what will v do after growing up, Bebe. So better be a kid.
B: after growing up, u’ll bcm responsible n then u’ll b getting married.
K: wat Bebe!!
U: yes Bebe, I was thinking abt Mrs Raheja’s daughter. We can consider her for Kunj, right??
K:(shocked) no no..I don’t want to get married to her.
A: ok, if not her, then my frnd Mrs Bhullar’s daughter, wat abt her?? Shes really gorgeous n beautiful.
K: plzz i dont wanna marry her.
U: but y Kunj?? Wats wrong in her??

K: nothing..but I jst can’t marry her.
B: ok, so dat girl who came in Yuvraj’s wedding.. wats her name..umm
A: nisha..
K: I don’t want to marry her too..
U: but y Kunj, tell d reason atleast..
K: (thinks) now how do I tell u, dat i cant marry them bcz I want to marry Twinkle.. it’s better I run away for now..
K: I just don’t want to marry any1
Saying dis, he runs away from there n d ladies hv a great laugh.
Taneja house
All r having there lunch. Mahi gains some courage n says
M: maa, papa..
L: yes beta..
M: now I’m to married..
L: yes
M: so wats next??
L: wat wats next, now u’ll be in your in laws house n fulfill your duties of a wife n a daughter in-law.
M: ya, but..
L: but what Mahi!?
M: wat hv u thought abt Twinkle..
L: y, wat has happened to Twinkle??

M: no no..nothing has happened to her, but wat abt her future plans..
L: oh, future plans..
Twinkle looks at Leela expecting dat she’ll talk abt Twinkle marriage.
L: she wants to bcm an interior designer, so she’ll b doing dat.
Twinkle hits her head wid her hand.
M: yeah, dats great..but, wat abt her marriage??
L: oh, ok. But Twinkle always says dat she’ll not marry so early.
Twinkle thinks, it’s all my fault. Who told me to always say dat it’s too early to get married. Now ill hv to bear d consequences.
M: but maa, Twinkle is stupid, she does not know anything. U can take right decision. Right Twinkle??
T: yes maa n u only say na dat parents always think of their children’s happiness. So watever u think is right for me.
L: no Twinkle, I can’t force u .
T: but maa, u nvr force me. U make me understand. N today, I’ve realised dat u were always right.

M: yes maa, now Twinkle has also agreed. I think u shud think of Twinkle’s marriage.
L: ok, I’ll think abt it.
M: maa, I know a boy, who’ll be perfect 4 Twinkle.
L: really, who..(suddenly Leela’s phone rings) we’ll talk abt it later..
M: but maa..
Mahi hits Twinkle wid her hand.
T: di, wat r u doing??
M: who told u to always show tantrums..dis is too early for marriage (mimics Twinkle)
T: di plzz..I didn’t know, at dat time, dat I’ll fall 4 Kunj. Otherwise, I wud hv married him immediately..
M: but now, how will I talk to mom. I’m even more nervous than u.
T: di plzz..u’re making me nervous too..
M: ok, calm down. Let’s go to our room n then we’ll think wat to do next.ok.
As they turn, they find Leela n Rt standing behind them. They looked angry n shocked.
Rt: wat is all dis?? Twinkle n Kunj..N Mahi, u knew abt all dis??
M: Papa..umm.. actually..
L: we’re asking sth..(loudly)

T: (she says in one breath) maa, I luv Kunj. Kunj luvs me. We want to get married. Di wanted to talk to u abt dis, during lunch. But b4 di cud say anything, u went to attend your call n….
L: (angry face) I i wud hv known it earlier then I wud hv..(happy face) got u n Mahi married on d same day.
Twinkle n Mahi r surprised. Twinkle hugs Leela n Rt.
T: thank u so much maa n papa.
Rt: so, today evening, after Mahi’s muh-dikhayi, we’ll talk to Manohar ji n Usha ji.
T: luv u papa.
Four of them hug.

PRECAP: d most hilarious episode ever. N d second last too.

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  1. Meeta

    Waiting for the hilarious epi.
    This 1 was soo good.
    I can’t help but smile like idiots, while walking on road n bumped into a school child. Dumb me.

    1. Aaru

      OMG really!! U bumped into a child!! Haha..anyways thank u so much for commenting..

  2. Awesome… Aaru

    1. Aaru

      Thank u Sanu..

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Nice epi Dear
    Really eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Aaru

      Thank u Sidmin-daamini..I hope your wait ends soon!!

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi….eagerly waiting for next part….plzzzz post asap….

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      Thanks puru..hope u don’t mind me calling u puru!! I’ll try to post as soon as possible..

      1. Purnima.agrawal30

        loved the name…puru….

  5. Baby

    oh god yr
    srsly was missing u aaru n hv a broad big wala showing my all d teeths wala smile
    so cute epsidoe
    pls post nxt asap n pls dont end it if psbl bcz yr u no yr pls dont leave us ur sisters lyk dis
    luv u dear

    1. Aaru

      Thank u so much Baby..I’m glad I cud bring a smile on your face..n u called me sister, dats soo sweet of u!! I’m so sorry but I will hv to end it..but we can still be in contact in TU chat, if u miss my writing, u can read my ff on Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi page, KRPKAB Devakshi ff..

  6. Romaisha

    “And.kunj runs away from Bebe and Usha”???? that part was actually funny and brought a huge smile on my face. 😀
    Twinkle and mahi’s nervousness was portrayed well.. I enjoyed it yaar .. Too good.. This episode was too awesome!! And oh wow.. Precap seems interesting and hilarious… Though we don’t have any idea what it’s gonna happen ????
    See i really like ur ff so please don’t disappear again nah .. I usually miss ur ff at times .. So pleashhh post soon??
    Mat jao nah !!
    Post next one soon nah
    Love u ?

    1. Aaru

      Aww Roma, thank u for your appreciation..n dat Kunj running away was indeed funny!! I was also laughing while writing it..I’ll hv to end it yaar, n I’d also like to be in touch wid u all, if u miss me, go to Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi page n read my ff KRPKAB Devakshi ff..I hv also included Twinj in it..

  7. Kruti

    Amazing epi aarti……sad that ur ending it

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    Lovely epi

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    Loved the episode I was waiting for your ff for a long time its one of my favourites so Just Loved it 🙂 Post the next part soon 🙂

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