TEI family ff episode 12 (a message inside)


Hey guys, welcome to TEI family ff episode 12. So without much blabbering, I’m gonna start d episode.
RECAP: Kunj tells d three magical words to Twinkle. Twinkle n Kunj go back home.
Episode 12
Next day morning
It’s 10 o’clock n our Twinkle is still sleeping. Leela comes to wake her up.
L: Twinkle, u’re still sleeping? Wake up puttar. Mahi will b coming for her pag-phera. Get up!!
T: maa, di knows dat I wake up late. So there’s nothing to hide.
L: offo, Mahi knows but Yuvraj n Kunj don’t know na. They will b coming to drop Mahi. Wat will I say, dat Twinkle us still snoring!!
T: maa, I nvr snore, n ya..
Suddenly Twinkle realises dat Kunj is also coming.
T: (pretending) maa, u’re right. I shud get up early. Otherwise I’ll hv a bad impression on jiju.
L: cmon, now get ready fast. It’s already 10 n Mahi will come at 11. Don’t b late, ok.
T: ok maa.

Twinkle runs to her washroom to hv a bath. After her bath, she comes out wearing a bathrobe n opens her wardrobe. She’s confused regarding her dress, as usual. But today, her confusion was much more than other days. After all, her life has changed now. She had love in her life. Which girl will not want to look her best in front of her love. Finally, she chooses a pink long skirt wid black border n a pink top. She hears car sound n gets happy. She goes down happily. She sees Mahi, Uv n Kunj. She runs n hugs Mahi.
T: di, I missed u do much.
M: I missed u too, Twinkle.
They break d hug n Mahi n Uv take Leela n Rt’s blessings by touching their feet. Mahi hugs Leela, followed by Rt. They all go inside n Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand n takes her to d garden.
T: Kunj, wat r u doing? Someone will see.
K: no one will see. All r busy wid bhai n bhabhi. No one will disturb us.
He holds Twinkle’s hand.

K: u know I missed u a lot. The entire night was like a year for me. I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking abt u. N when, finally, I fell asleep, I saw u in my dreams.
T: wat did u see in your dream?
K: I saw dat, I’m sleeping on OUR bed n u hv jst come out from d washroom. Your wet hair, your beauty, vermilion on your forehead, mangalsutra in your neck, everything jst so perfect. U’re drying your hair n water droplets r falling on my face. I get up from bed n back hug u n then v come close n..
T: bass! Rest u tell afterwards.(shy)
K: No no!! Listen wat happened after dat.
T: Kunj plzz!
K: after dat..my alarm clock broke my dream.

Twinkle bursts out laughing n so does Kunj. Then they both go inside.
M: where were u Twinkle?
T: wo..I had to make an important phone call.
Y: n Kunj, wat abt u?
K: I..ha..I was talking to my frnd on call.
Y: ok maa n Papa, now we’ll take a leave.
Uv n Kunj say goodbye to all n leave. Twinkle takes Mahi to her room. Twinkle n Mahi start their girly talks.
T: diiiiiiiii!! Now tell me everything, wat happened?? Between u n jiju..(teasing Mahi)
M: shut up Twinkle! N..first u tell me, wats going on??
T: wats going on!?
M: between u n Kunj?
T: me n Kunj..wat do u mean Di?
M: don’t act smart, ok. I saw u n Kunj in d garden..
T: Di!!(shocked n surprised)

Mahi starts hitting her wid d pillow.
M: u cheat, u didn’t tell me anything. I share all my secrets wud u, I told only u abt Yuvraj. But u.. u didn’t tell me abt your n Kunj’s scene.
T: I’m sorry Di. Plzz leave me..ah!! Di it’s hurting.
M: u deserve dis. U didn’t tell me na, now pay for it.
Finally d pillow gets torn n d feathers r all around d room. Twinkle n Mahi fall on d bed n r continuously laughing.
M: so tell me, when should I talk to evry1?
T: noo, di. Plzz dont tell 2 any1. Atleast now don’t. (Nautanki, footage khati h)
M: ok!!
T: really!!
M: ya, if u don’t want, then I’ll not talk 2 any1.
T: di..wat I was thinking dat..it’s ok..a responsibility will b completed..n if u’re insisting, then how can I say no..(arey, when did Mahi insist)
M: ohh, if I’m insisting..
Leela comes to their room.
L: Twinkle..Mahi..lunch is..(she is shocked to see the condition of the room) Wat is dis? Wat hv u both done to d room!!
M: maa, we jst had a pillow fight.
L: oh my god!! U both..grow up..n Mahi, u’re married now. Is dis your age to do pillow fighting. N u Twinkle, when will u grow up?
T: I didn’t do anything maa. Mahi di started it.
M: maa, don’t listen to her. Wat were u telling?
L: oh ya, I forgot. I came to call u for lunch. Lunch is ready.
M: ok maa, u go, we’re coming.
L: ok, come fast.
Leela goes n twihi clean themselves n go down for lunch. Twihi r coming down d stairs n r talking or I shud say, whispering.
M: Twinkle, I think I shud talk now.
T: I don’t know Di, I’m really vry nervous.
M: offo, don’t b nervous. I’ll handle everything. I’ll take u wid me, to Sarna house, at any cost.(she hits Twinkle shoulder wid her shoulder)
T: di!!

Leela n Rt notice dis.
L: wat happened? Wat whispering is going on between sisters?
T: no no..nothing.
Rt: Twinkle, y do I feel dat something’s cooking in your mind?
T: no Papa. My mind is not a gas stove.
L: ok now stop it. N hv lunch.
Twinkle n Mahi sit facing each other (on opposite chairs). Twinkle gestures Mahi to tell. Mahi gestures her to hv patience. Twinkle makes a tensed face. The screen freezes on Twinkle’s tensed face.

PRECAP: Mahi to talk to Leela n Rt.

Guys, I hv a news for u all. For some ppl it’s good n for some, it’s bad. So, d news is, I’m gonna end dis ff soon. I don’t know, but I’m jst not getting much ideas. Si y drag it unnecessarily. Y to waste your time n mine as well. N there’s another reason too. I’m gonna add Twinj in another ff, so Twinj will b busy there. If u want to read my posts, u can go to Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi telly updates page n read KRPKAB Devakshi ff. Sorry guys. N I want to thank all those who comment..Kruti, Sidmin, Sameera, Ria, Sayeeda, Meeta, Bhumika12, Romaisha, Angita, Aamu, baby n Purnima.agrawal30. Thanx for your support guys..atleast ab to comment krna, warna phir ff khatam ho gya, to hum dost bhi nhi ban payenge..

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  1. Nice epi

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome cute epi….loved it….bt yr plzzz don’t end this….Amazing ff…

  3. Mahi

    Noooo aru plllssss don’t do this with me don’t stop ur ff so early atlist do a silver jubilee yar

  4. Kruti

    Amazing epi aarti

  5. Cute epi…pls dont snd this…its really good one as it lightens my mood

  6. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Ya mahi is right atleast do a silver jubilee.
    Dont end ur ff. I luv ur ff i was waiting for it. Plsssssssssssssssssssssss dont ur ff

  7. Angita

    Plssssssss don’t end it yaar pls
    I dunno whether you’re elder or younger but for your sissy pls don’t end it
    Episode was so so so cute….funny….amazing and everything
    One question who’ve had a pillow fight until cotton comes out???
    I haven’t done and am afraid as well hehe

  8. Fan

    Plzz dont end ur ff..i generally dont comment coz iam very busy…plz do continue at least till 25 episodes..

  9. Jiya_Ani

    Aww..aaru di ..I wish you at least continue it 10 epis more and then pakka devakshi wala main bhi padhungi..
    And sho shorry 4 not commenting ….
    U once told me about this ff when I asked you in a devakshi ff..haina…him toh tabhi dost ban gye…and do tell the name if that ff and yes one more thing… Give Twinj and Devakshi both equal importance in that ff plz


  10. dreamer..arundhati

    Aruu what a coincidence…my names short form is also aru…wonderful epi…cute. ..ctd soon

  11. SidMin

    Aaru I am angry with you how can you think the news of ending this ff is a good news its a very bad news for me but yes I agree to the point that an ff should not be dragged all the best for your other ff’s and Loved the episode 🙂 Love you and now I am not angry on you coz I will miss your ff

  12. Baby

    aaru no pls dont end dis ff of urs yr plsssssss yr d trck is osm n we r loving it d episode r fab pls dont end it sooo soon yr i luv ur ff n its nt at all gud news fr any1 its jst a bad news pls dont end it pls i srsly luv ur ff yr n u 2 pls aaru osm episode twinj scenes n twhi scenes all were amazing luvd it

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